Silent Incursion


Naruko, Kioko, Michiko, Ossei

Date: September 3, 2014


Lead by Kioko… Naruko, Michiko, and Ossei are sent on a mission to muscle "Silence" operatives out from a small village.

"Silent Incursion"

Village in the Land of Lightning

The rise of the Silence had put much of the villages on edge both large and small. Many of the villages decided not to offer up their hidden secrets and instead opted to bolster their defenses, mitigate damages, and figure out just who in the world they were dealing with. The problem was that the Silence had influence, not just from the Ex-Anbu class shinobi they raved about but also those of the lesser type. Every now and then the lackeys were sent out to infiltrate villages on the outskirts and impose their will upon them. While the plan wasn't to entirely make living in those villages visible, there was a plan try and turn these villages against their home shinobi. A measure of "silent" requirement.

Within the Land of Fire, a group of Kumoshinobi- lead by an senior member of the Uzushiogakure. Was tasked with the objective of figuring out who the conspirator was, and either flush them out of the village or capture them. The mission came with some risk, though intelligence assured that there weren't going to be super high ranking criminals at that particular location. Within that group with the young Uzumaki known as Naruko, making her way through the lingering mountain paths, scroll in hand as she examined the mission specifications. "Sounds easy enough…Just find a few people and take them home right?"

"Pretty much, yeah," Kioko woud reply to Naruko as they move toward the village. "Try not to get any of the civilians hurt." The Kamizuru woman shows a slight smirk as they move, though perhaps seeming annoyed with something not in this area. These Uzuashiogakure people keep sending her on "simple" missions then somehow managing to turn them into higher ranking ones while she's not looking! "They can be anyone, so be on your guard. I've got a few… meaner tactics we can use if we get ideas of who at least one or two of them are to flush out the rest, but we'll have to sort of take it by the case as we get in there and observe."

Ossei was along with Naruko and Kioko, although he'd mostly kept quiet himself. He was there more as an observer than a straight up shinobi. His ability to fight questionable. However everyone in Kumo has been impressed with his observation ability and thus, he was included. Quietly, he touched those pouches with seals to them, eyes narrowing in concentration as he ran through what he had and what he might need to use. Hopefully this wasn't going to be.. too painful. Holding his hand up, he'd glance at it. Then again.. he could help that too, couldn't he?

"Perhaps it won't be as hard as I thought it would be. Ossei-kun you said you are good with chakra right? Maybe we can just pluck out the strongest ones," Naruko suggested, following closely behind Kioko while keeping an eye out for anything that may or may not look suspicious. In the distance the village could be seen, a pretty traditional village sitting up along the rocky paths with planed out into something a little more habitable. It was a smaller village, Perhaps about ten or so families at a most occupying the area. Nothing seemed to be out of the ordinary, even a few citizens could be seen working along the slops, helping tame some of the vegetation. One of the farms paused as he noticed them coming from afar, before giving a weary wave and continuing to his plow.

"If one of you can pick them out without causing a fuss, that would be ideal," Kioko says with a nod. As they approach the village, she emits a low 'hmm' then allows a small swarm of bees and wasps to exit the pore in the back of her neck. Once they've exited, they would scatter out to move around the village and inspect for anything unusual. "Look for the basic stuff along with your better clues. Something as simple as a battle scar or a tattoo could mark the people we're looking for." With that she'd produce a trio of pieces of candy in a hand that she raises, offering one to each of them before popping the last one in her mouth, giving them first choice to show they're not poisoned or tainted. "Let's move."

Ossei comes out of his musing, glancing at the others. he'd smile briefly, a small nod was given. "I can certainly try of course! Unfortunately, it will be hard to tell rather they are just fighters, farmers who are tough, or militant as we're seeking.. It is possible to be low ebb on chakra.. to pretend to be weak.. just.. use it up so you are low and maintain that low amount." Ossei shook his head slightly. "I'll do my best. To see what I can try to figure out and let you guys know."

From where they were there was nothing out of the ordinary. A normal village doing normal things, there was even a heavy wiff of fresh poultry being stewed from a chimney in the distance, and while Naruko began to look around, all she could think about was the delicious food being cooked in the distance. "Ugh…I'm so hungry. You think we can stop for a bite somewhere while we are here? You know, to fit in a little more?" Naruko asks curiously as they continue to move right along.

Finally one of the men working the blow motions over to them, large and burly, though his express appeared to be worn and tired. " Hey, shinobi right? Is everything okay? Need something?"

"That sounds like a good idea," Kioko says with a nod. "You two get something to eat. I'll catch up in a moment. I just want to check something out." Looking over at the man who approaches, she'd smile and says, "Oh, everything's fine. We're just passing through town to town, doing our civic duty to make sure you're all alright. With all the trouble looming in the world today, we wouldn't want you all to think we were going to let your safety go unchecked."

Ossei would keep alert of his surroundings, but didn't really pick out anything of importance. Simply moving with the two ladies as they'd approach the town. Pushing his glasses up, he'd peer at the man curiously a moment, before shrugging and moving on. Glancing at Kioko he'd nod then smile lightly to Naruko wit a hand motion. "Shall we?" He'd lead the way to a restaurant to pick up some food stuff for them to snack on. Yep.. the oblivious sensor!

It was a good idea, or at least Naruko thought so. Gently reaching out to take Ossei by the hand, she took that hand motion and actually began to take the lead, tugging him along towards the open doors of the resutrant. The resturant itself was more home style rather than the traditional bar like setting. There was only a few tables spread about while the kitchen remained in the same room. A single woman hummed along, stirring a pot over a fire. "Ohhh, guests? What can I do for you?!" The woman asks, not just to the shinobi, but two other men who also joined at a table. Wordless at first.

For Kioko things may have been a little more weird. "Is that so? Protecting us, from what yourself?" The man asks curiously spitting a grain from his lips. He eyes both Ossei and Naruko as they walk away before turning his attention to Kioko. "We actually do have a problem here. You want to come along with me? I don't want to attract too much attention,"

Kioko smirks slightly at that, looking the large man up and down and taking a step closer. "I don't know. Do you feel like you need protecting from me?" she asks with a grin before nodding to his next question. "Alright. Lead the way then," she says then would start following the man toward whatever it is he's talking about, a few of her insects that are moving around inconspicuously shifting toward that area.

Ossei startled as Naruko grabbed his hand and pulled him forward. he'd go with her quickly enough, falling in step as they'd move within. He noted the two men, then would nod to the one who greeted them. "Some food please. My friend and I are hungry from the trip." He'd smile lightly and make his way to a table, pulling out the chair to enable Naruko to sit, before settling himself. He mused contemplatively and would set a seal under the table.. just in case.. ready for that activation if needed.

"You are so chivalrous, Ossei-kun! You really do take after the men here in Kumo don't you?" Naruko asks as she takes a seat in the offered chair, arms neatly crossed at her center while she flashes a grin to the woman at the kitchen. "How about just two bowls of your best grub? I'm absolutely dying for something home cooked,"

The woman at the kitchen held her lip, perhaps a bit nerved but not enough to tip off the shinobi infront of her, instead she gulps and merely nods, cheesing out a half smile. "Oh yes of course, coming right up." With that she began to prepare their meal. One of the men began to reach into his inner pocket, pulling out an uncorked canister that is rolled over to the shinobi, smoke began to fuse out but only little by little. The intent was to catch them completely off guard.

On Kioko's and Michiko's side, the man giving them the run around sweat dropped by merely shook his head. "Don't ask too many questions right now, just come right along, this won't take long," his words began to slip out, more negative than before. He did eventually lead them towards a home at however, tapping thrice along the side of the door before thrusting it open. "Please, come into my humble abode," The man suggests, allowing the two kunoichi to enter first. "Please take your shoes off at the door,"

Ossei stiffen a little. To those who were shinobi, it was a laughable tell. What wasn't known however was that the seal he had planted on the table was primed. Ossei suddenly shifted, as the smoke was swirling low to flip the table Naruko and he was at towards the two men. The table crashing into their own, set off the twin seals, bolts of lightning seeking to stun the men as Ossei would kick the gassy scroll out into the street. "Naruko-san.. We're under attack. I advise preparing yourself."

Michiko follows after Kioko, hesitant. She glances over at the guy indicating that she should enter the building and just stays where she is for now. "I'd rather not go inside, thank you. I think fresh air might be a bit better for me at the moment…" She then steps back, obviously not wanting to go into the reaches of two other bandit-esque beings that she senses.

Michiko follows after Kioko, hesitant. She glances over at the guy indicating that she should enter the building and just stays where she is for now. "I'd rather not go inside, thank you. I think fresh air might be a bit better for me at the moment…" She then steps back, obviously not wanting to go into the reaches of two other bandit-esque beings that she senses. (re for Kioko)

Glancing back at Michiko, Kioko would take note of her words and give a subtle wink. "I'll come on in. Just let me friend take a moment to catch her breath," she says as she looks back to the man, smiling as she steps inside and kicks off her boots. Meanwhile, a number of the bees and wasps would start to make their way back toward that house. The moment she steps into the house, Kioko would turn her head in a whipping back and forth motion, firing a jet of honey from her mouth with intent to cover both men waiting inside for her and stick them to the walls before they can act.

The canister was kicked out into the streets diminishing the surprise attack which was set for both Naruko and Ossei. "Whoa…a trap really?" Naruko exclaims as she rolls away from her seat, quickly forming a hand seal to summon a pair of clones at each of her side. Ossei's quick reaction wasn't quite enough to subdue them, but it did drive them from their seat and force them on the defensive. "Get the net! We need more prisoners!" One man shouts as the other gets into a pouch yet again, then tossing a large coiled net, attempting to capture them both all at once. Of course after Naruko had her clones speed over so that they may explode upon them.

Kioko and Michiko were a lot more successful, easily able to see through the trap. The man at the door merely grunted, nearing forward to almost about push Michiko in before Kioko suddenly takes charge voluntarily. One of the men along the wall was splattered against the ceiling, unable to move. However the last peeled from his hiding spot, with a dagger in hand he attempts to give both Michiko and Kioko a quick double stab, while attempting to run passed them. The man, originally at the door, merely began to step back, petrified but the sudden escalation of events.

Ossei's eyes narrowed as the men moved away, that net being pulled had him draw his own thing. A single seal. A seal vs a net. He threw it into the net, ahead of himself and Naruko, for the seal to go off, the sudden stone barrier dropping it like.. well.. a rock. Ossei pulled another two seals. "Prisoners? Dear me, Sir. We're not prisoners. We're here to stop you." First one, then two more seals were launched outward, the ground rippling with sudden spikes to disrupt both men as those spikes had sparks of lightning, much akin to a cloud, flicker about them, zapping both of the men.

Michiko poofs when she's stabbed in the stomach, the person there apparently having been a clone this entire time! Or she was really sneaky… Regardless, she managed to avoid the attack, and quickly retaliates with a barrage of fire bullets. The first two waves are aimed at the guy trying to escape while the last is aimed at the guy stuck to the wall of the house. "Kamizuru-san, I think these are the only three nearby," she says, making sure the two are on the same page.

Sidestepping the strike of the blade, Kioko would smirk slightly as the man charges head on into a wall of fire. If that weren't enough, some of her enhanced strength comes out as she brings a fist back and aims a punch directly at the back of his head before spinning to backhand the man trapped in honey directly in the temple, attempting quick incapacitation so he can't escape the house. She then would step and stomp on the attempted escapee's spine hard with a kick. Then there's big man who led them here, who seems to be frozen in fear. "Are you with them or just doing as you're told? You better talk up fast. I'm not nice when I'm lied to."

Finally things were looking up for both Naruko and Ossei. Thanks to the massive rock barrier between them and the net…There wasn't a whole lot they could do to make it any more effective. Instead they were forced to submit, locked down by the rapid counter attack from Naruko and Ossei. The clones came racing in, capturing them into proximity explosions which followed through with the moving earth and storm of electricity bearing down upon them. The sudden eruption of attacks was enough to put them down almost instantly. While they were dead, this was the perfect time to tie them up and bring them in for questioning.

"That…worked out so much better than I had thought…" Naruko expresses, gasping briefly before taking that same net that was thrown at them. "You really are getting better at throwing things. Help me with this net? Ossei-kun? We need to tie up 'our' prisoners," Naruko mocked. "Perhaps tell Michiko-chan and Kioko-san that we have what we came for…"

Michiko and Kioko also had quite a bit of luck, the last shinobi was caught in a massive torrent of raining fire bullets, enough to catch him into a suppression with Kioko finishing the job. He could only squirm in pain, unable to move around with a foot in his back.

"No no! I promise there was nothing we could do about it! Those idiots have been keeping the whole village hostage! They were waiting for shinobi to show up but it looks like they bit off more than they can chew. We are so grateful!" The main quickly begins to explain, honesty at it's finest.

Ossei chuckled lightly and walked forward, a tap to the earth barrier had it vanish, the paper fluttering in the sudden loose net, for Ossei to catch and put away. Much as the same of the first, the other earth seal would get tapped, restoring the flooring as Ossei picked up the net. "Of course Naruko-san. I'm happy to be of assistance. I do, afterall, have the greatest teaching me how to throw, do I not?" He would smile warmly towards Naruko as he worked with her to tie up the two guys.

Michiko peers at the man who just admitted basically everything. "All right, then… Kamizuru-san, do you think we should let him go?" she wonders idly, threatening the man to stay where he is with a handy kunai knife. It's nowhere near him or any vital points, but maybe the fact that it's there will make him think twice about trying to escape. "And thank you for that bit of information."

"Uh huh," Kioko says, squinting her eyes as she leans up to look the big man dead in the eyes. "Ah, sure, why not. We can be a little forgiving in this trying times." Then she'd smirk slightly and go to yank both of their new prisoners up, pulling one from his honey cocoon then starts to drag him by the other one. "I don't suppose you've got a wagon we can borrow to haul these jerks away as repayment for your trying to get us killed, do you? I'll have it back to you as soon as I drop them back off at the village."

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