Silk and Triad Ilk


Nariko, Jaken, Malik, Yagyu

Date: October 30, 2016


A Silkwork Factory was overtaken by a Triad and needed some help in 'getting production back up and running.' So, a mercenary team was hired out to go take care of business with a bit of watchful eyes in the form of a Suna shinobi and his falcon companion. The plan is executed and there's rumors of the Kaijukage that has risen from the sands to exact its rage!

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Silk and Triad Ilk"

Toshi Sagan

"Alright, so peep this. We have a new job. I thought we were fired last time, but as it turns out, we weren't! I got scared for a bit because we weren't the ones that took out the scorpion, but then I realized that wasn't part of the job description! So, we did that," Yagyu nods. "So, now we have to clear out a silk worm factory. There's a place in here that's been taken over by some roughnecks, so we have to take them out and make sure they stay out," she described.
"To my knowledge, they're a well known Triad, which means nobody wants to be the one to say they get their hands dirty in this stuff or if we're being real, they probably made a move that nobody liked, so they want us to take care of it. Silk produces good profits," she grinned.
"So, the rules! We go in, take out the bad guys and try not to destroy the product in the process. A little loss is fine, but it can't exceed a certain amount. Y'all ready to scope this place?"

Grim nods "I was concerned that they had took our payday cheque as well. Just throwing around dangerous world rending power with reckless abandon.." then he remembers where he is "No offense meant" he adds before pulling the hat over his face to avoid making any eye contact. "So it's a takeover mission? not a smash and grab?" he asks making sure that the rules of engagement were clear. He was already as ready as he could get, the thought of doing another job that pays was all he needed to get pumped. "Ready" he growls.

Having recieved a mask from a friend, years ago, that she miraculously took with her to the Land of Wind, was the Yotsuki known as Nariko. She had received word from Yagyu to meet her in a mysterious place, well mysterious to her at least and brought her mask along for the ride. As she strolled up to the meeting area, she put it on, did a model pose and looked around. "Alright, what do you think? Am I fabulous or what?" She was smiling behind her mask and chuckling to herself. "You can call me.." she made a dramatic pause. "Moriko the Great!" She moved in order to point her hand up into the air. "But in all serious, sounds good." She didn't want people thinking that Kumo was coming to invade and made necessary precautions to hide her identity. "I am ready to go boss!"

Hayato Malik was also present for this particular job. His hood was already up and his mask was firmly attached to his lower face, leaving only those green orbs visible in the shadowy darkness of his hood. He was invited to join this operation by Yagyu and such there were no markings on him that designated him a Suna shinobi. Though he is aware that busting up this group would be for the greater good of Suna..and the fact that he doesn't have to pay taxes on the pay from this job. He says to Yagyu. "Ready. Sinbad and I will do a perimeter check, see how many guards are on the outside that we might have to deal with." Already in the sky, Sinbad silently flew over the facility, reporting back to Malik what he finds.

"Right. All we have to do is get rid of the rabble and give the factory back to the people that originally owned it," Yagyu nodded. "Seems pretty straight forward. I figure we'll have an opportunity to get a better read on the situation once we're inside." Yagyu finishes up and takes a look at Nariko, now to be known as Moriko the Great. "You came prepared, I see. That's good, that's really good. I think we should all be fine from here out. Bird-Guy already knows what's up. Scouting the area will be good, let us know what kind of people we have around here. There's lots of folks in these parts, bunch of workers and civilians, mostly."
Just outside the factory area, there are a few scouts. They're wandering around, but it doesn't appear they have any weapons on them. Just some brawlers, it appears. Workers are carrying on performing their usual duties of processing the silk.

Grim stifles a laugh "Moriko the Great?" looking a the Kumo Kunoichi in her rather terrifying Oni mask. Before looking back at Yagyu, mission leader, "I could try to get some eyes on the inside, if we could get one of them; I'd need to borrow their clothes" he says without going in too many details. "It'd be easier to get in if someone just unlocked all the doors first, or even setup a diversion." he was trying to attempt a 0 loss of product for maximum profit.

Nariko looks to Grim and nod. "Yes, if you have a problem with it, take it up with the elders." She huffed and raised her chin up like a snooty fox. "Anyway. Onward my comrades!" She points into the air as they move on. When Yagyu gives direction she nods. "Just so you know, I'm not so great at the scouting thing." She considers something for a moment. "But I can look really good as a tree." Or something else. She looked around and considered changing her appearnce and mental facepalm, why didn't she think about that instead of her mask. "Anyway, let me know how I can help."

Malik walks up to Grim and stares at him for a moment, checking him out and then he nods to himself. He takes his collapsed bow from the small of his back and there is a small faint sound as it extends into a compound longbow. "I'll be right back." He turns and runs up the side of the building, his feet sticking to the surface like glue. The group hears the faint *thwack* of the bow string, followed by a *smack* sound and someone moaning. About three minutes later, Malik comes from around the corner of the building, dragging one of those thugs. They're unconcious and inside of a net. He deposits him in front of Grim and then kneels. "Grim Shady, this guy is around your size, right? I tried to get one that was closest to you." A light chuckle is heard from him when Nariko talks about being a tree. "I figure while Grim infiltrates the inside, the rest of us can take out the perimeter guards quietly. Once he gets us a way in, we can hit these guys before they even realize what they're dealing with." He looks at Yagyu. "What do you think, Boss?"

"Getting some eyes on the inside would make this easier, that's true. Okay, If that's the case, we already have a few to work with. We don't need all of them though, so the rest can just get slept." Speaking of slept, Yagyu watched as Malik took initiative and struck down one of the guards and dragged him back over to the group. "That's one part of the plan done. We have one body that Grim can take the face of. The rest ain't needed. The comrades will move forward, but first, we need to get rid of the others. I can imitate one of these punks into an alley on the side and dump him among the crates. Moriko, whatever you have that will take out the last guy, use it. Once we're finished with that, Grim will enter the factory ahead of us and we'll follow behind."
Yagyu moved off away from the group and found a good place to work with from within the alley to extend her shadow from. Once the guard was within range, she connected it to him and forced his walk towards her and proceeded to knock him out. Once he was down, she hid his body as intended. Only one left and the factory was free to enter.

Grim seems wounded by Nariko's accusation "I didn't have a problem with it, I just wanted make sure I heard you right. In case someone asks" he says. Before almost face planting at the antics of Moriko the Great, this was the best group ever and they hadn't even done a single thing yet. In the past it was ride or die seriousness, but this was different, and it was better. While they wait around while Bird-guy gets them a stooge and drops them in front of him "Any size would have been fine, You just have to suck it in sometimes.." he says playing coy before grabbing the net "Too bad he can't tell us a few things first" before dragging it behind a rock careless hitting every rock and even getting hung at one point before just muscling it. "Noo peeking! I'm shy" he says wagging a finger a them. It was a couple minutes before Grim comes back in the outfit of the triad but he still has the straw hat obscuring his face. A different voice rings out from beneath the hat being slightly higher but more gruff then his usual. "Just remember, friendly fire hurts.." he says removing the hat, his face appearing as someone other than Jaken himself. "So what do we need?" he asks with a hand on his hip looking at them.

Nariko covers her mask with her hands when Grim says 'No peeking', but seperates her fingers in order to determine when she could look. When Yagyu gives her orders she drops her hands and salutes. "Alrighty!" She smiled behind her mask and crawled into a bush. She wiggled her way so she's laying on the ground and looks towards that one guy that is left. She smiles and flashes a coin to get his eyes to look at her, without realizing it. Once the eyes lock, she makes the guy think that there are ghosts and spirits flying around him to bring him to his knees. From the bush, once the guy is down, she would extend her arm out with a thumbs up.

Malik nods once to indicate that he understood Yagyu's plan. "Got it." However, he was curious as to what Grim was actually going to do. When he drags the unconcious guy behind a rock, he turns his back, not wating to see another dude naked or anything. When he turns back, he is visibly shaken. The resemblance is just uncanny. He does a quiet slow clap. "Nice. Very nice." He whispers. With his part of the job done for the moment. He comments, "When I was on the roof earlier, I spotted a skylight. If Grim can unlock the doors so you guys can get in, I can come in from the roof. If we hit them all at once, from all sides, the disorientation will allow us to get more of them, and then there is less of a chance for us to get hurt." If the boss signs off on Malik's plan, he'll just walk back up the side of the building and wait for the signal to breech.

Yagyu watched Moriko get to work taking out the last mook. From her perspective, it looked like the guy just suddenly had a mental breakdown. Some of the factory workers looked up from their work to see what was going on, but otherwise did nothing. They still had production to take care of. The Nara lifted her hand and gave a thumbs up in recogntion as she makes her way back over to the group. "That was good work, Moriko! I'm seriously—Wayment. Hold up, hold up. That disguise…is way better than I expected. Like, there's you and then there's this guy and you somehow come out deadringer? I'm impressed, man," she smiled, taking note of Grim's appearance. "What kind of makeup do you use?" She chuckled to herself.
"Anyhow, we just need to go in and wreck stuff. This is where Grim comes in. We'll leave it to him to go inside and get comfy with the people inside."

Grim nods "A little trick I picked up in the desert. It's just a little stage makeup, I usually just use it for sunscreen" he says trying to pass it off as something simple before waltzing simply up to the front entrance and enters the door and is gone for awhile before coming back out, handing them a crude but accurately displayed map. "This room right here, is a boiler room. Minor patrols nothing significant" that leads into one of two rooms "Both are processing rooms, several civilian workers in each, and several triad overseers". then he points "finally is the shipping and processing, I wasn't allowed in that room this guy wasn't allowed past that point. But alot of materials was going in and there were very pungent odors escaping" before thinking for a moment "Most of the weaponry I saw was limited to batons but many had hand-axes" he says before getting the baton from one of the disposed goons. "I'll go back in, and give you the signal" he says giving them a noticeable hand and discernible hand signal. "Got it? Good" he says before running a thumb long his jawline before turning to head back into the factory for the assault.

Nariko slithers her way back out of the bushes and then blushes at Yagyu's compliments. "Awww, it was nothing." She giggles and waves at her. Then when Grim begins to go over the plans she gets all serious. She leans in close to get a good idea of what is happening and overhear the plans. "Alright. Let's go get this stuff!" She gives a fist pump when they break. She gets ready, watching for the signal to be given to crack some skulls, I mean, scare the life out these people.

Malik is perched on the side of the wall, listening to Grim's report. He gives Nariko an odd look. All she did was look at that guy and he just keeled over. He makes a mental note. Don't thread that chick off. He silently paces along the wall, his arms crossed over his chest as he listens to the rest of the group. When Grim gives the layout and target locations, he commits them to memory. He also makes sure to commit Grim's new face to memory as well. Wouldn't want to put an arrow in the guy by mistake. Once everything was all laid out, he made a mental note to ask Grim later how the cocoon he's able to copy someone so completely. At any rate, he says, "Sounds like we're all set. I'll move in when the signal is given." He looks up to see Sinbad still flying around above the facility. The last thing the group would notice is his eyes shifting to a yellow color and take on the same look as that of a falcon. He salutes loosely. "You can count on me, Boss. Moving into position now." And then he does just exactly that. He takes a crystal tipped arrow from his quiver, and then rope from his pack. He fires the arrow from his bow into the top of the roof. Then he ties a knot at the end of the rope. He was ready. All he needed was the word to move now.

Yagyu considered picking up some stage makeup to cover up with. It would be good when she intends to travel around these parts, but she has to admit, she needs better clothes for the environment, but money has been a little tight lately. But focus! Grim has come back to share what he found!
"Got it," she repeated in affirmation. The chosen handsignal was perfect. What's not to love about a disgruntled mook who's angry at everything? Time to get in position! Once in place, she waited until Grim got good and ready to 'express his anger'. Once the signal went up, factory workers and Triad mooks alike looked confused. They knew this guy was upset before, but they didn't know he was this upset. They didn't think much of it as some of them felt similarly about the circumstances they were in, but they weren't ready to put it out there like their comrade did. "Let's get this party started~," Yagyu muttered to herself as she entered inside and began to launch her attacks. She hated to use this skill, but it was effective. She led her shadow forward and began to restrain and choke some guards until they were unconscious. No need to take 'em into death, after all.
Boilers sat and continued their work in processing these silk cocoons. Sure, there were Triad members beginning to drop around them, but that wasn't any of their business. Besides, they still had a quota to meet, even if it wasn't going to their usual suppliers and further, they weren't about to be the ones responsible for worming off the Triad on their end.

"What is that?!" Grim says pointing a legitimate commotion and as his 'fellow' goons run past him, he batons them in the back of the skull, it was certainly hard enough for some of them to crumple in an instant, alive or dead he didn't take any time t take measure, they got paid all the same as long as the merchandise was unharmed. "Oh no! Something must have gotten them!" he says acting suprised all the while continuing to subvert any effects of the enemy sounding any alarms or blocking off access. This must be what it's like to be one of those Anbu guys like in the stories. ~Wait Focus~ he regains himself clubbing another goon as they flee past him.

Nariko would walk like a stealthy, yet clumsy shinobi. She smiled behind her mask and tilted her head. "I got surprise for you." She looks at the one coming towards her, and causes the man to imagine his worst nightmare with her mask floating around inside. She smiles and charges lightning around her hand before punching him square in the face. She blinks for a moment and if anyone looked, she would just shrug. "He was running at me. I got scared." She feigned innonce. She smiled and then moved back outside to stop any other bad guys from running out, and you know, be careful if a civilian came running out. For those, she would guide to a safe area off to the side where hey could either continue running back to the village or stay and wait for the all clear.

Being one of those Anbu guys from the stories, Malik was ready when the signal started. Using his bow, he knocked out the skylight window and dove in, head first. His legs were wrapped around the piece of rope that he secured earler and while he was falling, he was also firing arrows. These arrows weren't anything special. They were the old school, razor sharp varitey and anyone he saw with either an axe or baton, sans Grim, was a target. With laser like focus, Malik's arm blurred as he pelted Triad members on the way down. Once the rope reaches it's length, he sits up and cuts the very end, releasing himself. A forward flip has him landing in a crouch and he already has another arrow at the ready as he searches for new targets. He grins to himself behind the mask as he comments, "Like shooting fish in a barrel."

Okay, now it's just getting weird and maybe just a bit more than uncomfortable, but work must continue! All around the workers watched as Triad members dropped like flies, except for one. That one guy who was mad at everything. Maybe he was just waiting for the moment to take out all his comrades. No skin off the worker's backs, though. Boiler room: Clear.
"Alright, time to hit the wash and bleach rooms," she states. She looks to Grim and nods his way to give him the go ahead to proceed to one of the two rooms. "Bird-Guy, it's you and me from here. Moriko the Great has decided to do us the honor and great service of making sure no one escapes. Ride or die," she snickered. "I'll leave this next room to you, though. I'll stay out here and keep an eye on things, make sure that the Boiler Room stays secure. With Grim on hand to give you access, you can sweep these rooms in no time."
With the next room target selected, things could keep going as intended or at least, close to intended. Not everything was going to go exactly as planned, but no mission ever does. Just as she finishes up, a worker comes from the opposite direction and saw the damage that had been done here. They didn't quite know what to think of the situation other than to, well, let it be known. "Well…shoot," Yagyu grumbled to herself. Now she has to go into this other room, but honestly, she doesn't think she'll be quick enough to stop the worker from notifying and spreading the news. "I think we've finally got our work cut out for us," she states as she moves off to try and perform some damage control.

Grim nods at Yagyu before moving to the door and waiting for Malik to get into position, before opening the door he gives a 4 finger count down before opening the door and shouting "The Kaijukage is attacking! Get Down!" before spinning around bringing the end of the baton into the skull of the guy controlling access to the door before flailing his arms around like it was just a panic and draw as much attention to him as possible as he moves into the room giving bird-guy a captive audience in which to dazzle with his feat of archery.. and hopefully not archery of the feet. Grimace

Malik walks up next to Yagyu and then nods once. "You got it, Boss. I feel sorry for anyone trying to get past Moriko the Great." He then crouches slightly, arrow already notched as he inclines his head to Grim and whispers. "On your count, Grim Shady." Once Grim counts it down and opens the door, doing his thing in the process. After a second, Malik takes off at a sprint, hitting his knees as he goes through the door and sliding the next few feet firing two quick shots and each of the Triad members across the room. He ends his movment by executing a forward roll, popping back up to his feet. He nods faintly and then extends his fist towards Grim. "And that's how we do it in the desert."

The Kaijukage!? Aaiyeeeeeee!!! The workers duck and cover, their wails going into the air as they try to figure out how to defend themselves from the wrath of the monster! Clearly, the shock of the destructful beast was more serious than a guy who had just been clubbed over the head. Of course, these wails manage to draw the attention of other workers as the name 'kaijukage' seeps through the walls and mutters begin to fill the place. It /must/ be coming if the others are afraid, right? Some workers decide that's enough for them in the Boiler Room and begin to run out of the building, starting a slow trickle that begins to build up.
Yagyu finds herself fighting against distance to catch the worker. Just as he stops within and begins to speak, she closes in and casts her shadow forward to stop him and force his way back out of the room. Not that the damage hasn't already been done, but his swift exit leaves confusion behind.
She pushes him away and moves forward into the room to try and close the door behind her, but a couple of Triad members came out and knocked her away and out of the room. Now she had to face these guys. Not that she couldn't, but it's going to be rough. With some quick thinking she cast a genjutsu, giving the image of brutal betrayal to one of the two mooks before her. To the second, she moved to use her shadow to trap him, but he avoided it, linking the disappearance of the worker and her shadow together. He drives forward with his weapon raised to bring down against her.
Other Triad members proceed to file out of the room to add to their numbers and warn the boss about what's going on here. Their production is under attack and needs to be stopped.

After dealing with the carnage from their room, Grim was walking back out into the boiler hearing the commotion there and seeing Yagyu in the middle of a group of Triad "Bird-guy.. You have one of those bang-pow things right? Get it ready.. I'm going to get her out.. just remember.. not the face alright?" he says with a plead before pulling his baton and running out with the rest of the Triad members, as comes up behind the Nara, he grabs a hold of her and flings her safety.. as safe as being hurled into the air can be, before he hits the ground covering his ears and burying his face to the ground trying to seal his eyes shut. "Kaijukage is attacking!" he shouts as a reason for his behaviour.

Malik nods at Grim. "I get you what you're laying down, Grim Shady." After Grim runs into the other room and grabs Yagyu, Malik only waits until the moment that they both cover their eyes and ears before he fires into the group of Triad. The arrow lands and then there is a bright light and a deafening noise as the flash bang arrow does it's job. Then he moves into the room and fires twice, aiming for two of the men closest to where Grim and Yagyu were. He smirks a little under his mask. The Kaijukage. That story that Grim told around the campfire that one time. He couldn't believe that it was actually working. As he moves to a different location, he already has another arrow at the ready.

Yagyu gathered up her shadow over her body to protect against the hatchet that was to bear down on her. Honestly? If that thing hit, she'd probably have needed a hospital visit soon and the thought still lagged in her mind as the weapon struck against her skin and left a dull ache in its wake. "Son of a…hmmmph, that friggin' hurt!" She shouted. Before she could retaliate, she found herself up in the air by a goon. "I don't even know you like that! You got me twisted picking me up like this, I will choke your eyes to sleep! Think I'm playaaah!" She rambled as she was tossed away and out of the group. When the goon mentioned the Kaijukage attacking, it quickly clicked that this was not one of the Triad. "Oh, my bad," is all she had to say on that issue.
Workers were now beginning to truly flee their stations and crowding up as they funneled through the exit, making the fight a bit harder to handle. There wasn't any Kaijukage attacking! And even if there was, they'd be the ones to put it down!
Bright flashes and booms disoriented any who were caught in their radiuses. Ears were ringing, eyes were unseeing and one unlucky sap of a Triad mook was still suffering under the effects of a genjutsu in which he was being savagely harmed by his own comrades. Thankfully, the flash-bang managed to take him out of his illusion and he retaliated by taking his baton and returning the beating he received to the nearest goon. Clearly, he had been betrayed.
The noise of the boiler room was more or less absorbed by the other parts of the factory, but soom Triads managed to find their way into packing and shipping where they warned of the events that were taking place at the front end. Big Bad begins to assemble the remainder of his fighters and proceeds to move his forces ahead towards the Boiler Room.
Yagyu, now back on her feet, takes control of a goon and begins to imitate him around the area, using him as her proxy for fighting. He was bulkier and more suited for weapon combat, so why not take advantage of it.

Grim slowly raises to his feet even with his eyes and ears covered there was still a ringing his ears.. "What?!" he shouts thinking someone was saying something to him. Before pulling the baton back out and starts swings on all the random goons around him shouting all shorts of random things "My mother was a saint!" he thwacks a guy "What?! No I don't think my sister is your type" he thwacks another.. none of this was actually said but it does make for a more believable collection of events. There are several more swings some of which miss from the erratic moments of the disoriented goons, and also because he too was a little disoriented.

Malik chuckles at Grim's antics and Yagyu's reactions, but he puts it out of his mind for the time being. This room was filling up with guys, and it was forcing him to backpedal to stay out of melee combat, which was NOT his specialty. He withdaws one of his crystal arrows and draws back on his bow farther, putting extra torque and when he releases the arrow, it is moving at a much faster velocity than normal, which is why it goes through one guy and into another one that's standing behind him. He shifts slightly and fires another arrow, when this one impacts, it spreads a net over his target, putting him out of the fight. He makes a comment. "Guys, Kaijukage or not. These Triad keep coming, and I don't have infinite arrows. We need to make a move soon."

The Big Bad kicked open the door to the packing and shipping area and marched straight into the Boiler Room along with the remainder of his goons. By now, the majority of the workers have left, leaving only a number of Triads remaining. "Who is responsible for this!?" He demands to know, hatchets in hand. The answer comes to him as he watches some of his own goons attacking his men. Was this a setup?! "I knew it!" He drew his conclusion. "It was only a matter of time before I figured it out. If the snitches don't start talking, I'll begin chopping!"
Yagyu safely managed to beat back the goons near her, but using her shadow that extensively could be exhausting. Still, puppeting a mook with a baton and having him copy everything she was doing was just too good to pass up and was worth some of the energy spent on it.
Very few among the Triad members speak up and of those few, they try to defend the accusations by the boss by saying no one is responsible. This only led to further frustration by the boss and he responded by digging his hatchet into one of the talkers. This just turned ugly. Amidst the confusion, the Triad members begin to take initiative to attack one another, so they wouldn't be seen as the traitor in their group.
Terrible as this situation is, it's advantageous, but they need to put an end to it. "Let's take these guys out and get this over with!" Yagyu calls out.

Grim finds himself in the middle of a free-for-all and it's too hot for him, making eye contact with several of his attacks he points over their shoulders "Look out!" he says and whether they look for not he disappears from their immediate senses, no sight, no sound, not even a whiff of the man that just standing there. Genjutsu was strain to maintain with his less than nominal chakra control, so it exhausts him as he approaches the outer-rim of the combat zone finding himself in the eye of the big-bad "I am tired of being pushed around by the boot lickers!" he shouts holding his baton skyward and swinging on the big-bad in an attempt to continue playing on the unrest, and also because he can't change back until he has a while to put his face back on. "Don't bend over for the yes man! Get what your owed!" he shouts.

Malik looks confused at what's in front of him. Nobody has noticed the guy standing in the corner with the bow. This is a good thing for him. He tries to make himself appear small as possible while hiding behind one of the boilers in the boiler room. He peeks out to see nothing but pandamonium and pugilistic violence. But he does also note the arrival of Big Bad. He nods a little to himself as Grim takes him on. It was time to give his merc buddy some assistance. He withdraws one of his arrow and moves it to the mask that covers his face, as he simulates kissing it. Yagyu had already yelled that they needed to get this over with. That was alright with him. He notches the arrow and takes aim. He takes note of everything in the room and then calculates trajectory angles and the position of his target. All this happens in his mind's eye in the fraction of a second before he releases his arrow. The arrow pings off one boiler, moving upwards, it pings off a pipe and then it pings off the wall behind Big Bad and is then aimed at the small of his back. He smirks underneath his mask. Trick shots were his specialty.

Many Triad members roared in agreement, deciding to take their frustrations out against the Boss along with Grim. How do they know that /he/ wasn't the one responsible for all this? He could have just been trying to destroy all of them so he'd have a shot at getting further! So much confusion, so much unrest. Though the Boss managed to block Grim's strike, he couldn't defend himself against all the others drawing in and launching their attacks with fists, clubs, and hatchets. Still, he wasn't the Boss for nothing. He dished the damage right back, taking many of the blows and returning with greater strength.
Meanwhile, Yagyu sees that the body she's working with is beginning to strain, so she drops him and he falls to the ground, too tired to move. So, she moves in closer to try and narrow down some numbers by gathering a number together and choking them. Pings of noise bounce around the room as an arrow makes its round and flies straight for the Boss. As more drive forward, he clears them out, whittling their numbers down up until he takes that arrow to the small of his back. His body locks up and he's unable to move, leaving the group to push him down and continue their attacks.
Before long, the numbers are down to a few who, after regaining some sense of themselves, look at the carnage left behind and start to flee out of the factory. Thankfully, Moriko the Great and Sinbad were still present to give them the surprise of their lives as they left.
"These Triads are no joke. I didn't expect all of this," she states while looking at the blood that was she here. "But, I don't have time to think about all of that. We cleared out the factory and the silk can return to production in the right hands, but first, some cleanup…"

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