Simple Delivery


Uyeda, Jirou

Date: July 3, 2013


The Kobayashi twins just perform an odd job they'd picked up from a bar mate.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Simple Delivery"

Fuuma's Alleyways

As it turns out, spending most of your evenings at a bar isn't entirely a bad thing. Sometimes, it can put you in just the right place to overhear a man spilling his woes into his drink. At just the right time that they're willing to take another drink and take advantage of an open ear. Uyeda couldn't help but be sympathetic at his tale of how he needed to get his cargo from his warehouse to his buyer tomorrow but couldn't risk it since the guards he'd hired had mysteriously disappeared. So, naturally, he offered his own and his good, strong friend's services to help the poor guy out — and he'd only have to pay up after the delivery was made!
"Thank whatever higher power people worship these days," says Uyeda as he walks through the alleys of Fuuma that were becoming increasingly familiar. "And thank them for booze and bars, Frosty. Thank them long and hard. Because if this hadn't come along, I was starting to think we might have had to start selling your body for funds." He paused at a dead end alley that branched off, looking to the right. Upside down trashcan in the middle, a stack of wooden crates at the end of it. This is the one they were supposed to be at. He started walking down it.

Jirou snorts, walking beside him. "We'd of had to sell mine. You give yours away freely, who wants cheap goods?" Chuckling slightly, Jirou would keep looking about, paying attention to their surroundings, using that other sense to scope for potential issues as they'd head for that target. "As for bars.. they're ok. Personally I think there should be a little more classy places." He'd shrug slightly as he walked. "Maybe some class to go with the booze."

Uyeda flashes his brother a grin, hand rising up to clap him on the back. "Exactly. And the Kobayashi twins only sell the highest quality of goods. I'm glad you understand, because you actually have a date for tomorrow night." Immediately, he points into the alleyway. "Over this way," he said, jogging away from his brother over into the alleyway. He stepped around the turned over trash can towards the stack of wooden crates. Without preamble, he began taking them down and moving them aside. "Come give me a hand, frosty."

Jirou raised a brow, eyeing Uyeda, before shaking his head and would stroll after his brother. Musing, he'd use a clone, one of those ice ones to casually shift that trash can and if nothing else was dealing with it, move it off to the side, out of the way. He'd continue on to where Uyeda was at, helping him with clearing the location that the cargo was suppose to be at, so they could do this mission they were going to be paid for.

"As for the class," says Uyeda, finally addressing it as the piles of crates quickly dwindles. "If you need a little to go with your drinks, then raise a pinkie or something. Or." He stands up, kicking aside two crates, revealing a box with a blanket wrapped over it. "Use the money we get from this little public service to go to one of the casinos. They're got private sectors that'll suit your tastes, so long as you don't mind the undertones of human misery." He reached down, grabbing the box by the sides and tugging it out. It was heavy, scraping against the ground. Metal. "It's in the walls," he explained. "Too hard to get out…"

Pondering for a moment, Jirou would eye the box. Focusing for himself, he'd pull out a bottle of water to pour it at the edge of the box and the hole. He'd force the water to enter in to the space behind the box. Once the water was in there, he'd cause it to push outward, turning into ice as it'd stretch out, forcing the box out as best as he could. Stepping back, Jirou gave a small nod then. "Alright. So, that should do it. We just need to bring this to where ever you said it was going and onward to pinkie raising drinks inside casinos." Pondering, he'd eye the chest a moment. "So who's gonna carry it?"

Uyeda looked to his brother at that last question, shifting his jaw slightly. "For the pinky raising casino days," he says, moving over to the blanket covered crate. The answer was obvious as soon as the question was asked. He was the physically stronger of the pair. Bending down, he shifted it to the side to get a grip under it. Whatever was inside of it slid to the side closer to the ground. He made a small sound at that, quickly firming his grip and picking it up. "Always lift with your back, frosty," he murmurs in absent joke.
"Let's get this gone, then." He turns around, heading back out of the alleyway. "This thing is heavy, and I'm not looking to take my time on this trip." Walking with purpose, his stride lengthened to allow for ground eating he starts off. "We're bringing this to a warehouse, actually. We've got to go back onto the main road, the one with the casinos, and then turn back into the alleys. It's not too far from that one place where we had that incident, actually."

Jirou nods lightly, musing as he did. "You wimp." Not like he was offering, at all, to take the chest from his brother. He'd walk with him, giving a small nod and stepping a bit faster to get ahead so he could part the way for his brother. No sense in making him have to slow down, with the heavy crate! Watching for any potential issues, he'd listen for any specific guidance his brother might give carrying it, while watching for those who might want it. No sense in not being prepared. Just in case.

Uyeda scoffs at being called a wimp. "I hope you enjoy your date tomorrow night. I'm sure he'll love your shining personality." By then, however, they'd nearly made it out of the alleyways without any issue — without even seeing another person. A lucky turn, hopefully. Either way, it wasn't very long before they made the street itself and Uyeda took a left turn, starting down it, the multiple storied casinos already visible in the distance. Looking at them, he didn't notice the people that looked at him (at what he held) and immediately shied away from him. A couple of people spit at the couple's feet.

Jirou frowned as they were avoided or spat at. Shaking his head slightly, Jirou glanced over at Uyeda. "oh come on. We both know that isn't going to happen. I don't do guys. Guess you'll just have to henge and take my place. Since we both know you don't mind." One of the particular people that would spit at them got his attention, he'd watch the person, studying them for a long moment, before moving on. He's going to come back and find out what's going on. For now, however, he was going to guard his brother. Joking aside, this was a serious job and he treated it seriously.

"What're you talking about? I'm only good for free use, remember?" The smirk Uyeda sent to Jirou melted into a razor glance as a stone slammed into the side of the metal crate he was holding. "What…?" He frowned as a shout came his way, calling him a sandwich. Sandwiches, they'd said. The both of them. Soon, people were gathering, and another stone was thrown at him, which he ducked with a curse. A pair of stones and what looked to be a half eaten apple were tossed at Jirou. Quickly, this was beginning to turn into a mob.
"Frosty… Time to cut out." He started running ahead.

Glancing about at the hostile actions, Jirou would give a nod and run with him. Heading forward, Jirou would catch up with Uyeda and with a snap decision, throw up that cloud of smoke that had Uyeda and Jirou running ahead. Of course what actually happen was Jirou made two clones, henging one into a copy of Uyeda, while they'd duck into an alley and watch the clones take off full tilt, suddenly going much faster.. as there was less weight.

Uyeda lets out a little grunt as a stone catches his outer hand, smashing against a finger. As if this metal box being heavier than Jirou's conscience after… As if this metal box being heavy as pizza wasn't enough, the damaged finger made it just that little bit harder to keep his grip on the thing as he ran. He cursed again as what might've been a tomato smashed into the side of his face. He'd probably have that in his hair for weeks. But he just kept running. Running and considering whether or not murdering a whole crowd of people would draw too much attention to him.

And then his vision was obscured by smoke and he got snatched up by hood at his neck. He didn't fight it. He may not have been in tune enough to have acted with his brother yet, but he was synched well enough to avoid messing things up. So he simply took in a few heavy breaths, watched the people run by, and took a look around. "Right then… Gotta love Fuuma."

As it turned out, they actually weren't all that far away from the alley they were going to turn down in the first place. These alleyways would connect to those ones, though it'd take a bit of time and a bit of rerouting. In the end, though, the trip was made and without further incident. The package was delivered, the brothers were paid, and they were left to try to figure out what the deuce had just happened on their own.

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