Sinking Feelings


Aishio, Kogarashi, Sarasa, Sei

Date: February 25, 2014


The Genin set out on a team mission. A sinkhole is filling up with flood water, and many civilians are trapped inside. It’s the Genin’s duty to retrieve them all safely.

"Sinking Feelings"

Shoreline sinkhole

There was trouble in the land of water. Not that there wasn't always trouble, but this was more specific. A few genin, the first few came across would get lassoed by a kiri jounin. "Goto the costal road. There's a sinkhole. People are stuck in it and the tide is coming in. Get them out. Immediately!!" The jounin headed on, to the administration building to work on getting more assistance for those caught.

Sei would immediately take off at the command. He'd look to the others as they'd meet up initially at the gate of Kiri. He couldn't say anything, but he was mentally preparing himself for this difficulty. Something.. kind of mundane. He almost missed having a seven swordman around. Once the others showed they were ready, he'd move, heading off for that location described at a run equal to what the others could do.

Sarasa takes a few moments to gather some relevant equipment. Then, she converges with her teammates at their meeting point. Sarasa is already keeping a sharp eye out, as if she expects something or someone. Once they're all there, she rubs her hands together. Maybe for warmth, or maybe because of nerves. She says, "We need to assume there's no one coming to save the situation, even though we were promised as much. In other words, we should act as if we're the sole shinobi then and in the future." Her tone is quiet. She's delivering this statement calmly, not nervously.

Mundane? Nonsense! The moment the new was given Aishio perked up.

"Awesome!" Shouted the small girl as she flicked her bangs aside trying to tuck them away, her eyes showing wild excitement, "Hero time." The bangs instantly fall back into place, when her hand dropped masking that wild look. Her head rolled left and right and she ran off… after the others since, well, they seemed to know what was going on and Aishio only paid attention to the part when the sinkhole was mentioned, not so much location.

"Hey hey, hold up." Sliding up behind the two she peers up ahead. "You know, now that I think about it. I dunno a thing about sink holes. Uhhh… eh, wing it." Mindless confidence overshadowing fear… for now.

Moving with the others, Kogarashi shakes his head as he runs along with the others, "Not sure I can be of help but I'm going to do what I can." He nods his head, "I grabbed some rope as I was passing by." He holds it up and then slings it to his shoulder as he rushes over toward the sink hole, "You think this is simply a sinkhole?"

Sei moved with the others as they talked. Hmm.. rope. Good point. A sudden flurry of darkness, which if looked at closely was actually a LOT of spiders leaping from Sei, would rush ahead of them. While the others brought rope.. he had his own. Once they got to the sinkhole, they'd see it is a large depression in the ground, the water from the sea lapping into the hole, filling it slowly with each wave.. they were coming faster. Sei looked up at his brood. They were working, but short term they needed to get those on the bottom. Clicking his tongue, Sei pointed at Aishio, who seemed the lightest, mimed tying a rope around her and pointed at Koga, then Sarasa. He'd direct them to a tree that looked stable, figuring on anchoring the rope there to lower the shinobi to get the people.(re)

Moving with the others, Kogarashi shakes his head as he runs along with the others, "Not sure I can be of help but I'm going to do what I can." He nods his head, "I grabbed some rope as I was passing by." He holds it up and then slings it to his shoulder as he rushes over toward the sink hole, "You think this is simply a sinkhole?"(re)

When they reach the sinkhole, Sarasa just stands there looking over the mess. She takes the time to examine the whole thing. Then she'd uncoil the rope, a very long rope, and starts knotting it into practiced loops. She'd go over to Kogarashi and say, "I've seen these before. The best advantage is having someone up top. Do you think you could hold one end and lower me down?" She would give him the end of the rope, and wait perhaps for him to find a place to brace himself before she does anything.

Aishio glances over to Kogarashi, looking over the rope and listening to question of simplicity, "Eeeeh, could be super giant Konoha worms." Aishio shrugs casually. "Pretty sure I heard about that… or maybe it was snakes, slugs? What?" Aishio cuts her self ramble at the sound of Sei's clicking. The Hozuki observes the motions, squinting at him lips pursed. "Oooooh! Yeah sure but…" Aishio peers at the other two who seem to be putting something together. "Whelp… two's better huh?" Aishio goes over to Sei, reaching for the rope.

Sei hisses in frustration at Koga and Sarasa. Nodding to Aishio, he'd work with her, a seperate set of his brood hooking silk between him and the tree he had pointed out to the others. Secured, he'd run the rope around it, setting up an anchor of sorts. Yes, the Okumo that worked with silk all the time? Reeeaaaalllyyy good with ropes. Once done, he'd motion for Aishio to tie her rope around herself then go. His brood continued in the trees, finishing the rest of that pulley system he'd envisioned.

Looking at Sarasa, he nods, "Yes, but I'm better placed down below. I have some abilities with the wind. I can deflect falling objects more easily. However, we will do what is necessary." He nods his head and helps to tie off the rope, "I think we'd be faster if we simply tie off the rope and then start helping to get people up it from down below." Kogarashi then looks over the mess and hmms, "Thing is, what caused it and is it over?" He even then looks to Sei and shakes his head, "I don't like this one bit." He states and then starts to help lowering people down.

Sarasa considers her own abilities. She can turn parts of her body into water—great, she can make things even more slippery and treacherous. She almost wishes she had that arachnid ability, and that one seems to be hissing at her. She looks to Sei for a moment before turning her attention back and lowering herself down into the sinkhole carefully. She doesn't want the first thing victims to see is her slipping and tumbling end over end down to them. Not exactly confidence inspiring. As soon as she gets to the bottom, she says, "No crowding! You and you grab onto the loops and tighten them around your arm." She doesn't know quite how many people Kogarashi can pull up, but the people quickly comply, for obvious reasons. She waves to Kogarashi. Get their butts outta there!

Aishio would begin to work with the work, tightly tying it about herself. "Okay." Aishio looks over what Sei set up, acting as if she were approving it. "Yep yep, looks about right." She clears her throat and then looks into the hole. "Eeeeeh." It was only at this moment, that this whole thing seemed a bit, dangerous. Though she couldn't let this other girl show her up, so she makes her way down. "Hey okay, don't be jerks. I'm picking who goes up, so no pushing." Aishio calls this out before she's in range. Though, Aishio's plan wasn't all that thought out. She gestures for people to come towards her arms held out. "Come on."

Helping to lower Sarasa down, he moves over to watch her once the rope goes slack, keeping a hand on the rope. He watches for a long time before finally nodding and then moving back over to try to pull up and ove rthe branch and pull as hard as he can. He starts backing up where he can, pulling as he can and then gurnts…he is having one hell of a time pulling that group up. He isn't some high ranking genin or anything. He's new and he pulls as best as he can, growling and grunting as he tries to dig in. It is slow going.

Sei would grit his teeth, taking up the slack as he lowered Sarasa down. Of course, they immediately loaded up the rope, so much like Koga, he wasn't moving them anyways. Grunting, he'd tie off the rope to the tree, locking it in place. With that done, the spiders would begin, trees from further inland bent over in a series of rope holds, they'd latch onto the ropes that the shinobi had, the spiders heading down them and into the sinkhole. Hey, at least no one was drowning, right? The spiders attached silk to the ropes and leaped for the civilians.. who immediately started screaming and fighting off the spiders. Guess the shinobi need to step in?

Sarasa stares at the spiders in horror. Ahhhh! Wait, she shouldn't be screaming. Down below with the civilians she says clearly, "These spiders belong to the shinobi rescue society! They're here to help strengthen the ropes." That's what they're doing, right? Sarasa speaks in a carrying voice, but one that is calm, and almost makes her sound adult-like. Despite the rising water, she doesn't seem panicked. But right under the surface she might be freaking out…possibly. And she'd start maneuvering the civilians, into evacuation lines, assisting the ones in a more desperate state to the front.

"Really?" Aishio looks very disappointed in the crew. "Stuck down here, about to get all drowned and this is what ge-" Aishio just gives off a quick nervous laugh. "Yep, what she said. You gotta work with these things if you wanna get outta here." She's been bitten by these sort of spiders enough to be a little uneased but, it's good to know they were around to help this time. "Okay." Aishio reaches out for two people, just grabbing them, a bit of shifting witihin her sleeves and for some reason, the shirt didn't look too big for her, at least in the sleeve area and it becomes evident as to why as she easily lifts the two. "Kay." Since the spiders were attempting to do the rest of the work, she'd make sure everyone else was secure. Not really having much input to help these people handle the spiders… stop being so lame, you know?

Looking at the situation, he starts pulling where he can but he isn't really doing anything more than pulling as he looks down, "Let the spiders do their work!" He calls out and then whips out his blade after wrapping the rope around one arm. He would then start using the Katana as leverage against the earth to pull himself along and look back, "Come on people!"

That's when it all seemed to come together. The people below would (with protest!) allow the spiders to tie them in with silk. No one got bit. It'd be like Sei was biting them, afterall.. but try to explain that to a non-shinobi? Either way, between Koga's pulling and the rest of the webbing that Sei had set up with his brood, they'd start freeing people. It was a bit sloppy initially, but as soon as people got pulled up, they'd help on the ropes to pull others up. It resulted in the genin managing to save everyone. Wet. Dirty. Worn, probably a few bruises. But everyone was alive….

… and Sei got away completely clean.

Sarasa actually does very little physically. But she goes around, helping the struggling ones, encouraging people whose strength is about to get out. Basically being everyone's cheerleader and support. Eventually she finds her way out. Unlike Sei who is pristine a few people recoil in horror at the sight of Sarasa. Having run all over the place, splashing through the muddy water, she now looks like a sculpture made out of mud, kind of stumbling around like a swamp monster would. She's going among the villagers, saying the most idiotic things cheerfully, like, "Way to stay alive!" and, "Might wanna take a different kind of bath, huh?" …so weird.

Aishio may of got a little too into it, the first safe and cautious retrieval of a person was way too slow for her. "Come on come on." Tearing through her chakra reserves now as she had multiple people just latch onto her before dragging herself up with chakra boosted limbs. "Speeeeedin' it up, gogogo, if my arms fall off it's gonna be your fault!" Down and back up, "Jeez lose weight." The people eager to avoid the spiders and instead go to Aishio were changing their minds. The entire time Aishio semed to be having a harder and harder time, making her rescue look unsafe while… also insulting anyone who was remotely overweight.

"How much time you think we have left?" She asks on her most recent trip back up, doubling over and panting as the water continues to creep.

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