Slave Driver


Etsu, Arekushi, Ryo

Date: May 23, 2014


It's a rainy day in Konoha, but that doesn't stop a certain Aburame from running some training on Genin in the weather within Toshiba Forest. Along with Ryo and Arekushi, the three get to know one another while one quickly establishes themselves as a slave driver.

"Slave Driver"

Toshiba Forest

Rain falls upon the village of Konoha this early morning. What would ordinarily be a bright day is turned mildly grey by thick rainclouds blotting out the sky, but every so often, a dose of sun shines down upon the village in a wonderful display as it breaks through the cloud, causing the rain to sparkle prior to being covered once more. This has placed a halt on some activities, but some children find themselves dressed in their best rain clothes and running about splashing through the puddles that have built up around their homes or along the paths that wind through the village.
Shinobi never cease to be shinobi in these times, however and they are ever vigilant and prepared for dangers or tasks that require their help. Etsu, has just taken some genin through some training in adverse weather conditions. It's only a shower, but for them it felt torrential. Learning how to fight in these conditions meant they could better serve the village and increase their success rates in missions. They'd been awakened early for this task and now it was time for them to head home to get some rest. She wouldn't be doing any of that. Besides, there were always insects to look for in these conditions.

Ryo had naturally enjoyed the outdoors and even the rain. It was part of nature. So, as he walked down the path his attention was diverted from Etsu and the genin running away from her. It had been a while since Ryo had been a genin. Those times seemed so much simpler to him. He waves at Etsu as he finally noticed her. "Becoming a slave driver huh?" he asks with a smile.

Arekushi, known to be a hard worker, had decided he would not rest, as he watched the other genin run home, he stayed in the rain, looked at the sky and decided he would probly go find a quiet place to practice some more before going home, the rain didn't bother him, in fact he liked rainy days because the street where calm and he had the outside mostly for himself.

"Slave driver?" Etsu repeated the question aloud as if confused. "No… I am creating a fine crop of genin. I could find ways to make them my slaves. They could search for insects… all the time. If they didn't bring back any at the end of the day, they would receive punishment for their ineptitude. Insects are not hard to find." She explained. "Or they could work for me for no pay and become exterminators. Their life would be full of misery trying to figure out how to exterminate invasive insects like yellow hornets," she described dryly.

Ryo soon finds out his sarcasm was lost on Etsu. As she continues to over describe the joked upon concept, Ryo looks around. He notices some guy standing there out of the corner of his eye. "You know Etsu, you scare me. Not just cause you use words like ineptitude, though thats a good start. I think its more because you seem to have thought long and hard about enslaving poor Genin."
He then points to Arekushi. "Hello. How are you doing?" he asks. He did not seem to know the boy although they seemed similar in age. "I am Uchiha Ryo. You are?" he asks.

Arekushi takes a second to realize that he is being talked to, stop and puts his hand to block the rain and take a look at who is talking to him, and then respond in a confused voice. "Hi, i am Senju Arekushi, nice to meet you."

"Anybody is worthy of becoming a slave for me. Genin are just the easiest application, but the stronger they are the more effective they can be," Etsu described to Ryo as he diverted his attention to the boy in the area. "…Take for example this kid. I could use him. In fact, I think I will," she began to approach him and scrutinize him. "Senju Arekushi," she began. "You should come work for me." Straight to the point.

"heuh wha.. what?" Arekushi barely articulate as he gets even more confused and start to wonder what the Chuunin were discussing about. He gets a hold of himself and then proceed to give a more meaningfull response. "Huh work for you? I was gonna go train a bit more". He pause for a moment. "What kind of work are we talking about?" He then ask secretly wondering if he can maybe suck up some more training advice from the Aburame Chuunin while doing the work. Who knows he may even get paid for it he then thinks.

"You could train…or you could work for me," Etsu stated once more. "The kind of work that I am talking about involves complete and full submission to me. You will do all of my bidding and in exchange, I may be gracious enough to allow you time for training." She folded her arms. "But my work will be like training. You'll do all of my missions for me while I relax in Kadomai. I may even consider getting a home there. I have enough to do that." She paced about, sloshing through the wet grass as she did so. The rain didn't appear to show any signs of letting up.
"Do you know how hard you must run to escape aggressive insects? The level of endurance it takes to make /them/ think you're not worth their time anymore?"

", i am not really an insect person." he says while scratching his head."And it just seem like you just want to use me, i'm not sure anymore." he finishes with, now thinking that he might not be a winner in that deal.

"Nonsense. I am here to make you great." Etsu brushed her finger across her shades to clear the water drops that clung to them. "I don't understand why people aren't insect worthy. Insects give us everything and we don't appreciate them at all. I think you should learn to appreciate them by working for me…" She went silent and proceeded to rub her hands together in a greedy fashion. "What if…I used my chuunin rank against you? What will you do then?"

"Well" he said before realising he had nothing to respond to that. In the most defeated voice he then continued. "What do you want me to do?" Hoping she was not lying about the training part.

Etsu lofted a brow at Arekushi. "I don't want you to do anything. I was just curious of how long it would take me to break you. I think you should work on increasing your endurance to these sorts of things. All of that aside, I think we can train later. If we stay out here any longer, you're likely to catch a cold. That won't be good for your body or training. We should head out of here and wait for the rain to pass."

Arekushi shoulder drop in relief. "Oh, good… I guess i did surrender a bit fast, but i was just being respectful toward you as a Chuunin" As he tries to talk his way out of his failure. " Ya i guess we should head out, i am getting kind of cold."

Etsu nodded. "Until next time. For now, I must depart for home," she sniffled. "Hm." She lifted a hand in the air as she began to leave the area. "Do you want me to escort you back to your home?" She inquired before she completely left the area.

Areku responded. "I'll be fine." He slightly shrugged. "but i think we are going the same way so if you want we can walk together for a while." He then added in a friendly voice.

Etsu simply nodded and gestured for Arekushi to follow along as they walked down the path headed out of the forest. The rain was still pouring just as it was earlier. It's possible that it might not even let up today, but today is a nice day to just enjoy a nice shower.

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