Sleeping Power


Ruri, Kichiro

Date: November 10, 2010


Ruri and Kichiro have a discussion about friends, and about power.

"Sleeping Power"

Main Street - Kusagakure

Ruri is not too terribly interested in most of the fights. She only really came to support Kara in her own matches. Not that it looked like Kara needed much support. Err… Moral support that is. Other types of support… Yeah. Definitely. Coughcough. Kara seemed a bit shaken up by what she had done to her opponent in that last match, with that incredibly loud weapon that Pharaoh had used. It had been devastating alright, but the barriers kept that Akimichi from dying. Still… That level of power from Kara was… Unprecedented to Ruri. She had no idea her team mate was capable of such destruction, or even that she had a third Puppet.
Many thoughts are running through Ruri's mind as she wanders Kusagakure, heading down a street with numerous flower beds scattered about in well-tended 'islands' of stones surrounding the beds themselves. It seems Kusagakure likes to appeal to the senses. Ruri is mostly just annoyed by the number of BEES in this place. Seriously, she's surprised that most people she sees aren't covered head-to-toe in bee stings. But the bees keep to themselves, and so do the people. Weird.

Kichiro creeps along on all fours, watching the various wildlife.. and watching you watch the wildlife.. the bees specifically. "you know.. the bees really won't sting without a reason." He gallops to catch up to you before skidding into a tumble, then rolling to his feet in a smooth motion. "Bees can only sting once.. and that costs them their lives. They aren't going to do that for just anyone… oohh.. I wonder where the hive is.." As he stands and talks to you he slowly tilts to the side as if he can't stay standing straight.

Ruri stops and turns when she hears a familiar voice start talking right nearby. "…Yeah, well, I've spent just about my entire life in the desert. Sorry for not knowing the habits of every bug under the sun." Though honestly, she HAS studied on a lot of subjects not immediately relevant to the Land of Wind. "And why are you telling me this anyway? I don't care what bees do or don't do. You act like I was cringing at the sight of them or something." She rolls her left eye and then turns away to start walking again, but pauses after a few steps, checking to see if Kichiro is coming with.
"…So what brings you to Kusagakure?" she asks in an attempt to make sure he knows she's waiting on him to either continue the conversation or walk with her. "Looking to fight like everyone else?"

As you walk forward Kichiro finally tips over and ends up on his hands, walking inverted he follows you allong easily. "Nah.. I wouldn't turn down one probably, but I didn't come here for the sole reason of head punching. I just wanted to explore.. experience.. only being a genin kinda restricts my travel oporunities." He moves as quickly on his hands ans many people do on their feet.

Ruri does not seem to notice Kichiro's odd manner of travel. Maybe she's just not fazed by it, or maybe she's just trying to ignore it. "Yeah, I know what you mean. It's a big world out there. Or out here. Whichever. But we've got so many problems right at home that as much as broadening our horizons might appeal, we have a responsibility to those who are depending on us to see them safely through all the trouble being heaped on our Village."
She walks silently for a few seconds before going, "Heh. I sound like my sister. Responsibility this, duty that. Ah, well. I'd offer to help you see how strong you are — I need some more practice at evading myself — but we can fight any time before the tournament ends. Right now… I'm just taking in the sights. And worrying about Kara-chan." She frowns slightly. "She is probably the second strongest person on our team right now. I used to think that was me, but after seeing what she can do in her match… I'm not so sure about my own progress."

Kichiro ahs.. "well, I'm proud to say I'm the strongest member on my team… of course thats mostly because I'm the only person on my team.. but yeah, I know what you mean.. watching Imota's meteoric rise in strength make's me a little well.. a bit shamed of what I've managed to accomplish… It's like I've been moving backwards." He cartwheels to his feet and proceeds to walk backwards beside you to illustrate his point.

Ruri nods grimly. "I don't even know when she got all this power. It's like it just came out of nowhere. Or like she was holding back all this time… Only showing us a fraction of her true capabilities, so we would underestimate her." She scowls now. "That's not a thought I like. Because I consider Kara to be a friend. If she was deceiving us all this time, what else might she be hiding? Still, best not to jump to conclusions. Maybe this is new for her too. I dunno'. Guess I'd be better off talking to her about it than wondering behind her back."
She glances at Kichiro briefly. "And unless you really have been training in reverse, I'm willing to wager you're plenty stronger than last time I saw you do anything."

Kichiro trips while walking backwards and tumbles back to a handstand, his pace not changing one step. "well. I hardly think she was hiding anything from you.. but.. well.. despite our differences, Kara and I play some of the same game.. the same cards.. And friends or not, thats just how we play the game."

Ruri considers Kichiro's words. "Cards… Game… Yeah. Yeah, I think I can see that. She just handles trust differently. From what I know of her, she seems outgoing and friendly… But there's no one THAT outgoing or friendly. Not for real. She probably has trust issues, and so she just tries to be nice to everyone instead of exposing her true feelings." Hmm. Maybe she'll have to talk with Kara outside of a mission one of these days.
"Beside that, it's not like I'm the pinnacle of honesty myself. I keep a lot of things from a lot of people." She goes silent for awhile as she continues to walk. Then she stops and turns towards the Kemonoken. "Thanks, Kichiro-san. I appreciate you listening to me, and giving your thoughts on the matter. An outside perspective can really help to clear things up sometimes."

Kichiro chuckles as he continues along, walking on his hands beside you. "just don't go around telling people.. it'd ruin my mystique if they knew i wasn't some goofy nutball" he cartwheels again, laughing, before flopping to the ground with a dull thud and an oof. "ouch.. who put that ground there?"

Smirking a bit, the one-eyed young woman looks at Kichiro as he falls on the ground. "Your secret's safe with me, if mine is with you. I don't want Kara to know I was doubting her. Even if I wound up determining she's trustworthy, for a moment I doubted her. And I don't want her to think I don't trust her. She has saved my life more than once. I'm not going to repay that debt with suspicion."
Ruri then sighs and puts her hands in her pockets. "I'm going to go find her and talk to her now. She looked like she needed someone to talk to after that match. Thanks again."

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