Once Upon A Time - Sleuth Charming


Saito Jon, Nagayama Amaya (not actually present; posed by Jon)

Date: August 09, 2011


For the RP Challenge: Once Upon A Time. A certain lawman comes across a crime scene with a beautiful damsel as the victim. But is all hope really lost?

"Once Upon A Time - Sleuth Charming"

The Woods

Jon brushes aside the low-hanging pine branches with his arm as his mount carries him through the forest. "Man, we sure get some out-of-the-way assignments. What kind of operation do you think those dwarves run out here?" Scruvo flaps from branch to branch above. "You always 'ave t'be suspicious of everybody, Jonny-boy? My money's on th'blinkin' 'ag bein' th'baddie, like th'liddle chaps say." Jon shrugs. "It's my job to be suspicious. I agree the old woman is suspicious too, but those guys were out for her blood. Best-case, they're a would-be vigilante lynch mob, but there's a lot of even worse reasons for that sort of violence. Could've been a deal gone bad. Anyway, keep your guard up, no telling what we'll find when we get there."
Soon Jon arrives at a cottage in the woods, built for the diminutive height of its residents. "Well, at least we know this place is definitely connected with them, nobody else would make a hideout like this," Jon murmurs. "Get ready, we're going in." Jon crouches to the side of the door, then reaches over and carefully pushes it open. Scruvo darts in and swoops around the room before settling in the rafters. "All clear, c'mon in!" Jon follows and inspects the room. Just as the dwarves claimed, there lay a still form on the floor, amidst the clutter of a hurried mass exit. It doesn't take an expert sleuth to spot a bright red apple with a single bite taken out of it near the fallen girl. Jon puts on a heavy glove and carefully picks up the fruit. "Looks like this is the murder weapon," he muses. "So far the dwarves' story holds water…"
Jon blinks and peers. "Hey, wait a sec…the inside of the apple hasn't turned brown at all. This is no ordinary poison, it's an enchanted apple." Jon feels the girl's pulse. "It's faint, but she's not dead. There's a cure for this condition, let me see…" Scruvo hops excitedly back and forth. "Oo, oo! Is it mouth-t'mouth resuscitation?" :D Jon finds a page in his police manual. "No, just a regular kiss." "Aw, c'mon, why can't it — wait, wot? Really?"
Jon carefully rolls the girl onto her back and cradles her head in his arm. Her hair is as white as snow with two protrusions like cat ears, her lips are full and red as roses, and…well, let's just say she's very well-built, in more ways than one. Jon chuckles faintly as he leans down. "Guess this job does have some perks…"

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