Slither - A Deal Made


Naru, Hinotori, Soren (emitter)

Date: October 16, 2013


After defeating the possessed snakes and destroying the artifact, Naru then seals a contract with Hakuja Sennin of the White Snake Clan

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Slither - A Deal Made"

Ryuuchi Cave

The deed have been done…. Somehow both Uchiha Narusegawa and Hinotori managed to break the artifact, fight off the swarms of snakes piling within the moon lit radiant cafe, and subdue the massive snake who challenged them, for now safe and resting under Naru's powerful genjutsu. A soft sigh had escaped her lips, a sweat drop trickling down her cheek as she peered upon the extraordinarily huge white snake who coiled into existence after the artifact had been destroyed… The grand boss snake wearing a head dress of long loose hair and a pipe swelled from his lips.

" You must be…Hakuja-Sennin?" Narusegawa questioned the snake, pulling herself upon from the alter while waving for Hinotori to join along her side. " I bet you haven't seen a snake as large as this before have you? Hino-kun? Make usre to mind your manners…" Naru went on to speak, her sharingan finally begining to fade to her sunset depths. "I'm sorry about the relic Hakuja-sama… Unfortunately it seemed like the only way to break the Hawk's genjutsu hold was to remove the source of chakra… fighting thousands of snakes and one big one wasn't something we signed up for…."

Breathing hard and sweat rolling down his face, having had to use one of his S-Rank techniques to aid in destroying the relic, this did take a bit out of him. His Sharingan still powered until he is able to catch his breath, as he calms down and looks to his cousin and the snakes around them, Hinotori's vigilence is still showing as he keeps a fighting stance until things fully calmed. Taking in a deep breath Hinotori allows his Sharingan to fade into the soft honey recess of his eyes. Though now as the giant white snake appears smoking a pipe and has hair. HAIR! REALLY, IT HAS HAIR!!

Hinotori blinks a few times and moves over to Naru as she calls him. Yeah, she knows her cousin all to pledge well and knows he was on the verge of asking something very stupid. "You see him!?" he exclaims and then he quickly bows, "Hi. Hakuja-Sennin." he says looking back up to the grand white snake. "I will do my best." he says as he looks over to Naru. He then goes quiet.

The grand serpent lifted his head, peering down at the two… humans beneath him, his tongue darting out to taste their scent. His gaze falls on Hinotori, as a small puff comes from his pipe. "Yes, mammal, she sees me." he says, his gaze returning to Naru. "Hmmm… It is… unfortuante… but acceptable…" he hisses. The coils of his form relax for a moment, as he leaned down closer to the two of them, the sound of his scales grinding against each other echoing through the area. "Still… an agreement must be met… and honored. But first… tell me… where is Odagu?" he asks leaning in, as his attention shifts, reaching into his coils, and retrieving a large, heavy looking scroll, his tail shifting, and sliding out a brush from within his coils aswell.

IT was hard to make out Odagu with all the snakes which littered the cave and each crevice of the walling, she incline dher head though and flickered her sharingan, breathing taking in the presences until she nodded softly at the scurrying just a few yards away from her. The modereately small snake, as black as Obsidian flicked his forked tongue and took position slightly infront of Naru, his head inclined upwards staring upon Hakuja-Sennin with his beady eyes. " Ffor give me master…. I could not sense either such a trap remained within our relic," Odagu pleaded, more so to show his own concern rather than natural submission… Narusegawa inclined her head to. " It appears as though they truly didn't want you to have it… But hopefully the relic can be rebuilt…at least you don't have to worry about it falling into the wrong hands. Odagu-kun was also a big help in tracking it down, we wouldn't have been able to get close to it without his help, right Hino?" She peered at Hinotori, a light grin forming upon her lips. Of course she could see the monstrous white snake sittting before them

Hinotori is still staring and well he isn't trying to but Hakuja-Sennin is massive, how the hell does he move through this cave system? But this is serious and he allows himself to calm down and as he looks to Naru as her and Hakuja speaks, getting the pearl and escorting it here was quite a task. Still he does know that his actions will reflect on Naru which means mask. When Odagu moves forward and apologizes Hinotori looks to the smaller snake, he didn't see this as his fault, none of them saw the trap, even with Mangekyou, they weren't able to see it. Though when Naru remarks about Odagu being a great help, he catches Naru's gaze on him with her mischevious grin, and he knows she heard him and seen his expression. "Yea, Odagu-kun has been a great valuable help which made me fight harder seeing as this very important for both you and my cousin." he says with a bow of his head, but he quickly looks back at Hakuja.

Hakuga-sennin lifts his head, nodding to Oduga, before lifting his gaze to Naru's. "And when the means are readily available, it shall be rebuilt… but for the time being…" he says, unrolling the scroll, the brush in his tail stroking against the paper a few times. He sets the scroll onto the ground infront of him, unfurling it for Naru. "As agreed…" he says, setting the massive paintbrush next to the scroll. "It is all well Odagu-kun. All will be made right eventually." He grinned a bit, glancing towards Hinotori. "I am glad that Odagu has been a help. I can only hope he will continue to be a help, for quite some time." he says, with a nod, his tail coming up, and stroking his bear for a moment. Yes, that would work wonderfully.

"That I will be the liason between the white snake clan…and our realm," Narusegawa spoke softly, moving closer to carefully look over the unfurling of the scroll, she watches the massive paint brush, hoping to the heavens that she wouldn't need to wield such an item herself, she then brought her finger tips to her lips, and bit down hard enough to draw blood for the scroll. " I will also help train Odagu-kun… and do what I can to help the clan whenever the need arises," She clarified, reaching out with her palm, smearing the blood contract upon the scroll with a stinging grimance. After she planted her palm however she pulled back and bowed her head to Hakuja, she was sure to make herself extremely respectful. "I truly do appreciate this opprotunity…Hinotori-kun is right, this task has been extremely important for all of us,"

Quirking a brow at Hakuja and Naru, Hinotori keeps quiet allowing himself to just watch, this is something that Naru has been questing for, for a long time and now to see her succeed and go well beyond where he has, is truly amazing. As she bites down into her finger to sign the contract, he sees that she has come into her abilities. Smiling and bowing his head, "Yes, and I'm just happy Naru-chan, that you asked me along on this adventure. Been a long time since you and I have had one and so I'm extremely honored by this." he bows his head to his cousin. "Do you still need me or will you be completing whatever else you need to do her alone?" he asks, though looking to Naru and Hakuja.

Hakuja-sennin raised his head, nodding. "And the contract is struck. Simply sign your name, and your adventure will reach it's conclusion." He bowed his head to Naru, and smiled. His gaze fell upon Hinotori. "You are free to stay should you wish." before looking back towards Naru. His tail motions towars the handsigns drawn into the upper section of the scroll. "These are the handsigns for the White Snake summoning technique. Learn them well, for they will be your connection to our clan. Take care, Naru-kun, and Hinotori-san, on your travels." he says with a slight bow of his head.
<Weather> Fluffy white clouds are dotted about the sky, dimming the light of the sun. The air is reasonably warm, despite occasional winds blowing from the north.

Naru was happy to know that Hakuja-sennin was acceptable of Hinotori's presence, especially since he was the very reason she had been able to get this far, she smiled lightly and nodded in return, her eyes gazing down upon the set of hand seals necessary to summon from the clan, it was complex but not at all problematic, they knew very well just how strong of a shinobi Naru remained to be. Bowing her head once mor eshe began to sign her name with a rush, "Uchi..ha.. Naru..segaaw.." Naru muttered quietly under her breath with each stroke, finalizing with a simple nod. " It has been a pleasure, Hakuja-sennin… We will probably stay here a bit longer, it will be a long journey back to the Land of Fire

Hinotori looked to them both he smiles a little bit and nods his head in approval. This has been totally worth it, though it does get him thinking about what it is he needs to do, a bit lost in his own thoughts as things are going on around him. The Embodiment of Fire Taijutsu just stands there as Naru signs her name on the scroll. He only comes out of it when Naru talks to him, "Oh….sorry." he bows his head as he apologizes. "So we will leave in a few days time." he states. "Well I can leave here and be outside while your doing whatever last things you need to do before we go, I wouldn't mind finding a place to train while I wait."

Hakuja nodded his head. "Stay as long as you need. You are both welcome in our realm for as long as you need. And this will give Naru the chance to practice the technique under our guidance, should she desire it." he says, nodding, and stroking his beard again.

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