Slither - An Intricate Trap


Naru, Hinotori

Date: August 7, 2013


Hinotori and Naru bring back the relic from the Hawk Enclave, only to accidentally spring a trap within the heart of the Snake Clan.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Slither - An Intricate Trap"

Ryuchi Cave

It was a long trip onto the path of the unknown. It was hard to say where the duo of Uchiha were going. All they knew was they disappeared deep within the forests of Konoha, eventually turning into a tropical and jungle like climate… It then continued on and on, losing themselves within the vegetation with no end in sight. They weren't completely blind however, in front of them slithering through the jungle was a honorable snake known as Odagu, perhaps as large as a small dog and as long as a human adult. it sped the way towards te location of the cave they were to deliver the orb to… An orb snug along Naru's waist safely within a pouch. "How are you holding up?" Naru couldn't help but to ask Hinotori as they moved through the jungle.

This is a journey he's never been on but the fact that Naru came to him to ask his help was more then he could ever want. It's been a while since they done something together like this and honestly Hinotori didn't really care. He was just happy to be hanging with his cousin on this journey. With having done a lot of the border patrols around Konoha, Hinotori has never come out this far before except maybe once with Fuyu-sama. The cool thing about this is that they are being led by a large snake which Hinotori spent a bit of time just trying to talk to the snake. As they travel, the orb at Naru's waist. "I'm doing alright." he says to her. "So we have to make sure we get that orb to wherever we are going?" he asks making sure he understood what they had to do.

Odagu didn't say much, if anything he was way too focused on attempting to get the two shinobi to where they needed to go. " Pretty much, it's very easy actually just drop off the orb and see what we need to do next," Naru responded back, to Hinotori. After a few more miles suddenly the trio broke into a dead stop. Before them was a massive behemoth of a cave, wide mouthed, ominous, dark and completely covered with moss and vegetation. "Weeee areeee heeeereeee," Odagu hissed moved forward, Narusegawa turned to Hinotori and nodded, gradually motioning into the cave, her hand reaching down into her pouch clutching the orb by her side.

Hinotori is able to keep up pace, and honestly it's a bit refreshing. Though he has to wonder how this is wondering whats the next part of their journey. As Naru explains to him what they have to do, Hinotori nods, "Sounds easy enough." he smiles as he looks to her though form time to time, he does poke her in the side. He laughs a little to himself as he watches the snake, it is a very big snake, and from the looks of it, possibly could swallow him. A bit of a creepy shiver hits him suddenly, but Hinotori doesn't stop. But once they arive at the cannon entrance, Hinotori looks to the snake and listens. Glancing to Naru, he begins going in with her. "Hope we don't' get eaten."


It was a long way into the depths of the cave, and just like their journey to the jungle itself it seemed to take an incredibly long time to reach the opening they were looking for. Odagu lead them through the cracks of the cave, slipping through with only the slither of his tongue, guiding them with heat detection among the shroud of complete darkness. Even with the Sharingan they wouldn't be able to see much in this absolute darkness. The path they were going through was a shrouded labyrinth but soon enough light began to seep through the cracks of the tall ceiling, glowing down into the cave depths. Finally shadows became visible, smaller slithering forms of snakes visible along the floor and walls which lead out into a grand opening, an enclave within the cave. "Thissss issss theeeee placeeeee," Odagu hissed quietly under his breath, his head inclined forward to a clearing within the mass of snakes, a single larger and tormenting snake could seen slithering around from the rear, circling around what appeared to be an alter in the center of the room… Naru inclined a nod to Hinotori and stepped forward.

Well he can mark off long walks in dark places off his bucket list, the Jounin male Uchiha thinks to himself. Glancing at Naru, as they enter into the cave, getting one more glimpse of her before darkness takes them. He could've activated his sharingan, but this was for Naru and he didn't know if that would upset the summons of the Snakes she was trying to obtain. Having not managed to tell Naru that he's managed to activate his full Sharingan, he would allow it to be a surprise for her. But those thoughts soon fade as his attention goes moer to their surroundings, wanting to make sure they were fine. But as they come to where they need to be, Hino is taking great care to not step on any snakes at all, that would just be bad. ANd as they reach their location, his eyes meet Naru and he nods back to her moving forward in step with his cousin. His eyes scanning everything including that 'OH SNARE THATS A BIG PLOY SNAKE!!!!!!!!' he's startled a little but reigns himself in. He gulps a little but keeps his calm.

"Are you ssssurpisssed HUMAN?" The giant snake exclaims, flashing it's wide fangs as it opens it's wide maw to speak. The slithering beast slipped forward to get a closer look at the pair of Uchiha, gazing down at them while the tip of it's long tongue nipped the air to sense their presence. " You have traveled a long way… Did you bring it? Did you bring the relic? The beast asks, glowing beady eyes staring down at the both of them. Odagu then slithered forward incling a head to both Hinotori and Naru. " This is one of our elder siblings, Hodaru. He is one of the oldessst sssnakesss in Ryuchi Caveeee otheeer than Hakuja Sennin-sama…" Odagu informed only to turn Naru's attention. She then nodded to Hodaru. "We have brought the relic as requested… Though it was difficult in order to obtain, " Naru explained, only for Hodaru to scoff and flick his tongue towards an indention in the alter. " It should have been easy! The barrier was only against snakes. ANY human could have done this task, now pleasse, place the relic onto the alter!" Upon those commands Naru simply sweat dropped and moved forward, offering a slight smile to Hinotori, obviously she was feeling a little uneasy but she went along with it, planting the relic onto the alter…

How could Hinotori not be surprised, but then again, two humans in a cave with snakes. If things go bad, it could go really bad, but still Hinotori just smirks a little bit. Though his eyes does watch the rest of their surroundings, this is Naru's mission so he has to be mindful of what he says and does. But when Hodaru asks if they brought the relic and Udagu explains Hinotori just watches, then glances over to Naru as she fills in how difficult it was for her to get the relic. But Hodaru's snappy retort causes Hinotori to become a bit more alert then he already is. Sharing a glance with Naru as she turns to look at him, the older Uchiha moves a bit closer to his cousin as she went along with what was asked of her.

After the relic was placed on the alter Naru began to take a sit back, an ominous glow began to emit from the sphere itself, illuminating witha vicious violet energy. It seemed to come in waves of visible chakra until expanding out into small glimpses of sparking light, all of those before it would appear to be almost tranceas they watched this glow… " This relic…is an old resource we had since the war with the hawks, it is the source of much of our sennin's chakra which helps protect this cavern… " The massive beast explains, coiling itself along the base of the alter in order to get a better look at the spectacle before them. His eyes glew darkly, taking in the powerful presence before them which only continued to grow in magnitude. The snake's voice paused, while his eyes which were beady at first had suddenly formed into a massive slit, vicious and aggressively the beast began to spin and twirl the bulk of his heavy uncoiled form at the two Uchiha before them, attempting to suddenly smash them under his weight while a loud hiss exploded from his voice… Some of the other snakes also began to instantly become riled up, wisping about the cave ground and gradually moving closer towards the duo of Uchiha… suddenly with the intent to kill…

As the relic is placed on the alter, Hinotori looks around as the erie glow from the relic emenates around the cavern. At first HInotori didn't let it bother him much, but when the snakes themselves begin getting riled up and then the elder of these snakes eye suddenly goes to large slits and he tries to crush them Hinotori hops back a few steps, "Uhhh….Naru-chan?" he asks as he quickly activates his Sharingan as he prepares to defend himself. But it's not only the large snake he sees getting agitated, it's the smaller ones which are now encircling them both now. "Your call cousin." he says to Naru as Hinotori brings up one hand getting ready to unleash hell all around him.

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