Slither - Trek in the Ruins


Naru, Fudo

Date: June 23, 2013


Fudo and Naru go out to finish their request from Odagu, slipping into an ancient ruins to collect an artifact.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Slither - Trek in the Ruins"

Unknown - Ancient Ruins

The duo of shinobi was lead off deeper among the unknown paths of the Land of Fire, disappearing within the forestry and avoiding the paths carved out through the villages. Both Fudo and Narusegawa followed closely behind Odagu who managed to slip through the ground ramping forward at high speeds. The only way to keep up with him was following his chakra signature with their Sharingan, for his body easily managed to meld with the enviorment about him. They traveled for about half a day, morning until the late afternoon which eventually lead them towards a grand set of ruins, wide and extravagant, covered with grass, moss, and vines… Aged with time which appeared to be close to eternity. " This is the place…" Narusegawa spoke softly, while Odagu nodded with his slithering head.

"The Relic we need is deep within thesssse ruinsss…We have tried to acquire it but a unique sssseal blocksss snakesss from being able to accesssss it… You both have the Sssharingan, you will be able to sssee the chakra paths of thessse ruinsss and find what you need… Please do becareful though, a lot of livesss were lossst here," With that said Odagu began to burrow down into the ground beneath them, no questions to be answered… It was going to be up to Fudo and Narusegawa to figure it out.

The ruins itself were wide, a mix between a village made of rock with an open town center…

Following a snake through the area for half a day was a strange and unique experience. Fudo actually took many mental notes about stealth and his ability to perceive. He used the whole experience as training for his eyes in order to help him detect better as well as get ideas for his own movements later. Still, eventually it was time to actually get to the task at hand as Odagu would explain the situation. They were to use their eyes to lead them more, and they should be able to pass this barrier as they were humans. "Hmm" Fudo would state as he considered that. "I assume that the Hawk…" he'd ask, but Odagu was already gone.

Narusegawa was also surprised that Odagu disappeared so quickly, perhaps he didn't want to attract any attention… "Well I suppose that is that then. Would you like to take the lead Fudo? I'd rather you get in a bit of trouble rather than myself," She answered up wit ha smirk, pointing forward to what appeared to be temple a little ways forward. It aws one of the larger stone structures, while it's interior was shrouded with darkness. Narusegawa beckoned Fudo to move along with her, not standing at his back but rather side by side while her sharingan scanned over the area, she began to somewhat lead the way towards the ominous temple which appeared to be completely devoid of life. The temple itself was empty, a few rocks here and their for resting and sitting but there were also a view corridors which lead into opposing rooms. The last interesting part of the temple was a spiral stonned staircase which burrowed down into the earth below…It appeared to be the most obvious place to go to next. Both of them could see traces of chakra…remains of the past.

"Oddly enough, i'm rarely asked to go first. But that may be because of the Hyuuga that generally are with me." Fudo would say as he'd stride forward, glancing around for anything out of place. Aside from residual chakra however, it was a ruin. Anything being out of place was something he'd have to guess at unless it was truly strange. As they would approach the stair case, Fudo would gaze down it a bit before steppign down the stairs first. She had after all asked for him to lead, even if it was in jest.

"Well you can learn hmm? I find it interesting that you haven't hesitated this far though, though I know I shouldn't be that surprised," Narusegawa spoke up as they finally began their descent into the darkness, it was a little unnerving traveling in absolute darkness but there they was… Down within the depths of the temple which took several minutes to get to the bottom. Once they reached the end however the earth opened up into yet another corridor, lit by a pair of torches… "Someone must be here… It is unusual for torches to just be settled about…" Narusegawa commented. Looking forward the Duo of Uchiha could notice a vibrant green base of chakra covering the mouth of the corridor… a barrier of some sort. "This is the place….After we pass through that barrier it might be hell on earth and we will be at the mercy of whatever is in this place. Are you sure you want to continue? Diving deep into the unknown?" Narusegawa asked one more time… she wanted confirmation…

"I haven't had much time to hesitate for awhile now, Naru-sama." Fudo would say, giving her a title that Satomi wished would so easily flow from his lips for her. "That does remind me, I no longer have a team. It may be for the best though… I have other obligations to keep me busy now any how." he'd hint at it all a bit as they pressed forward. The lit torches was very strange. There shouldn't be any other human here right? Would the Hawk caln need to use torches? "A barrier…" he'd say as he peered his eyes at the chakra that was near by. "…I wouldn't have come if I hadn't decided already. I am not an indecisive person, as you should know by now." Fudo stated with just a slight nod. "What ever hell awaits us… hasn't seen anything yet."

"This dark cavern makes you have thoughts of your team? You aren't getting fearful on me now are you?" She teased him with a sly smirk but only meant well, her head turned slightly," I wasn't aware that you left /her/ team but I will say that I'm glad that you aren't. She is too controling; she'd rather control your destiny rather than giving you the wings to fly where you fly," A brief hint of irritation seeped from Naru's tone but finally she pushed forward, her body moved straight through the chakra barrier that remained infront of them. On the other side the tavern glew with an ominous energy, a faint purple hue weaved about the cracks of the walls and showering the area like a mysterious mist. Both Naru and Fudo could feel a certain pull at their mind…Ever now and then the chakra mixed and meshed with theirs only to make them slightly light headed. It wasn't genjutus…but it was uncomfortable. " Perhaps…the hawks are no longer here…aren't they in high places?"
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"My team… or at least when i was with the, was always in dark places, figuratively or other wise." Fudo would state. Though as he listened to Naru speak about Satomi, he was a bit surprised. "I certainly won't miss being groped every five seconds… nor being called an international boy toy…" Fudo still had no idea what Satomi was talking about half the time, but it was no matter right now. The strange mist like chakra would start to flow over them and cause things to get a bit hazy. "They… should be…" Fudo would say slightly groggily before shaking his head a bit. "I don't know… if we should stay…" he'd try to communicate the possible danger of the mist.

"Everyone has their own way of doing things… Satomi just happens to have methods I don't appreciate, however that is a different situation," Narusegawa pointed out, though not wanting to focus too much on the situation. She smirked and continued to move forward through the cavern. It didn't take a lot of time for them to find the source of the alamaring Chakra. The cavern opened up into a wide spacious room, a pretty traditional cave with a vibrant violet orb settled in a centerpiece. The glowing orb was also intwined with a copper serpent. After further investigation the room appeared to be a tomb. Various burial coffins scattered about the area, sealed shut with what appeared to be nuts and bolts… "I didn't think it was going to be this easy.." Naru whispered softly, peering intently at the relic up ahead. it was seeping with dangerous chakra…Though for some reason it didn't do anything els to them…

"It won't be…" Fudo stated as he looked at the object. "…it never is." Fudo may not have been a shinobi for very long, but he knew too good to be true when he saw it. While this area was apparently too dangerous for the snakes, Fudo has noticed quite a few things. "No guards, no attackers, no other life forms. It was left alone… waiting to be plucked. The snake tribe was telling us how dangerous it was for them to move to this point. And yet nothing." Fudo also wondered why the coffins were bolted shut, as if to keep what ever was in them… inside of the coffins.

The situation was alarming to the older Uchiha as well. Bolted down coffins appearing as though they were met to be shut.. /for good/ and an ominous relic seeping with violent chakra. "Well I don't think anything will happen until we remove the relic from it's place. I don't see anything that is revealed to be a trap. Nothing that will kill us instantly though…." She huffed and took a step forward, moving ahead of Fudo her gentle touch nervously shook, while reaching out for the relic. As she touched the relic the glowing chakra flickered faintly. It swirrled and hummed throughout the room until the dense fog flickered out of existence, returning the relic into a dud like state. The room itself began to dim with a lack of illumination and with a slight nudge the relic was disloged from the alter, picked up into Naru's hands until she offered a nod to Fudo. " Easier than I thought….Though i didn't expect that chakra to fade away…maybe it has something to do with the alter… maybe it was just keeping the barrier from disspitating…"

Fudo would look at the changes of lighting and… the chakra emanations. The object as well. What here was making it glow? Fudo would move over to the inert object and put his hand on it as well. "IT is strange that it would be powered by nothing at all… maybe this altar has some sort of… connection to something. Or maybe even seals of some sort?" Fudo would guess.

Suddenly there was another shift in chakra, bursting out from the bolted coffins which flipped their leads and revealed the dark presences inside. The chakra itself began to manifest from each of the coffins until they merged into a single being. What happened before their eyes appeared to be a very sudden make up of a being creation. Their sharingan took notice to the creation of a chakra network, flesh and then eventually flesh and skin of a tall masculine figure shrouded in a cloak of darkness. Nothing else was visible other than his bulky bald figure. "What…the raine…?" Narusegawa curses under her breath, clutching tightly to the relic in hand while the figure began to make way towards the exit, blocking the only way out as he dug his heels into the ground. His muscles flexed and he puffed out his chest, in haling a mass of chakra until bursting it otu from his lips at one time, resulting in a horrendous screech which shook the cavern and came at both Fudo and Naru like blades of sound. "Look out!" Naru exclaimed, her body instantly shifting her stance into a barrel roll, clutching the relic to her chest to make sure it didn't fall out of her grasp. "We need to get rid of him… fast!"

The strange, dark chakra that coalesced in to a being of pure power would be… certainly interesting to Fudo. Even a little shocking. "That's new…." he'd say in a tone that seemed to be devoid of shock, but his eyes were looking at all of this hard, trying to understand it. Fudo was certain stirred by this, and even surprised, but he was not one to be shaken in to helplessness. He had been down that road… and gotten through it already. As it seemed to be gathering more chakra, Fudo would back pedal a bit, noting it blocked their escape route. As naru warned to look out, Fudo rotated around the pedestal, bracing against the back of it as the attack would shake, rattle, and impact his cover. "YEs… yes… we should get rid of this thing… I agree." Fudo would comment. "I don't think Genjutsu is going to do the trick either… is he solid?"

Fudo's question would be met with action as she reached her hand out towards the figure and single offhandedly began to forge a spear of lightning from the edge of her finger tips. Clutching tightly to the relic with her free hand suddenly she exclaims. "Lightining Release! Forged Lightning Spear!" From her finger tips extends the spear of lightning which then extends out into the manifestation before them. It slams into him, head on for that matter, racking and scattering with electricity. The forged attack didn't even put a dent into him though , if anything it only enraged the screaming spirit as he leaped forward, balling up a massive fist and slamming it into the terrain to knock them off balance…as well as rattling the foundation of the cavern. rocks became slabs as they fell from the ceiling above, gradually making way towards the entrance….Were they being blocked out?

That answered that question. Ninjutsu was out, Genjutsu was unlikely, and Taijutsu was too risky. The chakra entity was starting to destroy the area and trap them inside, or perhaps it was just reckless. Either way it was a very bad situation. Fudo was certain Naru was fast enough to get away on her own, so he had to think of something to improve both of their chances. Forming hand seals, Fudo would create a basic clone of himself that would run out towards the entity, trying to run past and around it. He would remove two fuuma shuriken from his back after forming more hand seals and exhaling his chakra filled gas from his lungs back in to the crypt itself, standing and rotating around the pedestal he was behind in order to throw the Fuuma Shuriken up the spiral stair case, using the line to guide it to the top before yanking the line down and anchoring the shuriken. "Naru… I am hoping that monster only reacts to chakra. If I am right, the mist should muddy our chakra signature a bit, and i have two lines ready for us to rappel out of here. If i'm wrong…. i hope we have a plan B…"

Fudo's answer to the situation was more correct than he knew. It was true that this sentient beast…Strong and powerful was quite allured to one thing…. Chakra. While the clones Fudo put out where basic at the least, they did attract the attention of the manifestation. The large hulking figure chased after them. His wide fists slamming and smashing into the ground quaking the terrain with each movement while attempting to kill off the clones sweeping in his direction. " You are right. Let's go!" Naru exclaims to Fudo, she pushed him to him go ahead and rappel forward while she took her part of the lining as well. With a slight boost of chakra she literally sling shot forward like a bolt of electricity springing into the entrance almost instantly.

"Come on Fudo-kun!" Naru exclaims , waiting for him to rush back towards her as well to rappel forward. Once he had done so she set down the relic and went through various hand seals, ending on tiger and incants… " Katon! Goukakyuu no Jutsu!" From her lips wisps a tormenting sphere of fire chakra, slamming into the entrance of the burial ground. The massive explosion causes debris to fall from the ceiling, blockading the the burial ground for a swift exit out of the chamber. " We should get moving…before that /thing/ decides to break through the rocks…"

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