Snakes, mushrooms, bones ... a new mission in Sunagakure!


Goh, Watanabe Itami, Imota

Date: March 1st, 2010


Goh hires Sunagakure for some guidance in the desert.

"Snakes, mushrooms, bones … a new mission in Sunagakure!"

Sunagakure Desert

It seems that quite a lot of Genin are either busy or just.. lazy? Who knows. Regardless, Goh had found it surprisingly hard to round up the necessary nin to do this mission. He was still trying to garner up a reputation, it seemed! Striding along the entrance of the village, the ex-Jounin makes his way out. Complete with his large scroll fastened about his waist, the teen lifts a hand to scour the sandy plains.
"Thanks again for this, Itami." Goh says, speaking over to the Council Member. "..this is seriously petty work for a Council Member, but I appreciate it. Just need to find some exotic vegies, after all." Attention also goes to Imota, giving him a wave. "..and thanks to the only genin who showed up! I hope you'll get some valuable experience for sure, yep." A big toothy grin. "So. Where should we start looking? Anyone know?" The day is early, with the sun not very high yet. As a result, it's still coolish.

Itami had recruited Imota for this mission and in turn she had him come along with her. Hands clasped behind her back, she nodded to Goh's thanks by saying, "It was nothing at all. We should start looking just off to the east. Vegetation usually grows in areas that are cool, but gather enough sunlight to be able to thrive. There are rock formations and various crevices where you might be able to find something." She offers. "Or we could just go back into the village." She chuckles. "But nothing beats freshly picked."

It seemed that Imota had yet again found his way into meeting with Watanabe Itami, this time under the constraints of a mission to which even until now had been extremely unknown to him. This was truly a weird case indeed. To have something or work someone he had not the chance to do his homework on, had been something that would keep his mind racing. When Goh and Itami would see the small Sasaki clan's men, they would not see a ninja on edge, but rather, a stoic expressionless kid, his eyes attentive, yet his own manner a bit on the duller side for even a child his age.
Imota Sokai would make his appearance just as Goh had been making his own briefing of the case at hand. "Pickling of vegetables. This I take it being beyond the normal techniques associated with the brining of cucumbers or protien consumables such as eggs and various pork made goods." He would be seen kneeling at Itami's side as he would then come to a stand, and a salute, appologizing with, "Sorry I am late Itami-taicho. I hope my delay has not interfered with the mission." He would remain at salute until the woman had called to his attention. "Sasaki Imota Sokai, reporting for duty.", would also be mentioned, in the most monotonous of tone of voices, one which go may akin to some very programmed, all most drone like.

"Oi oi!" Goh chimes in, shaking his head at the notion of going back to the village. "I didn't travel all the way to do the desert to get store-bought vegies. I'm looking for the real things. Fresh and lovely." A big grin as he steps out, heading eastward. "I dunno if we'll find any sand beasts or monsters around here, but.. it'll sure be nice to stretch my legs a bit."
With Imota being so serious and factual, the blonde blinks a bit in surprise.. shocked at such a profund response. "Y…Yeah. That's right. Way beyond the normal techniques!" … "…if that's what you said." Heh. "Anyways, eastwards. If there's any chance for life there, then we get our pickled vegetables! Hi ho!"
And just like that, he marches away.

Itami chuckles. "Alright, well fresh vegetables it is. Although, that which grows in the wild is rarely edible. It depends on what kind of plant it is, but I understand." She then looks back over her shoulder and says, "It is alright, Imota-san. The delay has not interferred too much although I would have prefered that you were here as early as Goh-san and I were. Yet, you are here and that is what matters at the moment. Let us continue east and see what vegetables we may find." With that she continues after Goh as he begins his marching.
"Beasts and monsters are present for any land. You may find them, you may not. It depends. The animals are all migratory and usually travel to places where it is cool and sustainable of life, here. Usually that is the east. No need for worries, however. I believe we will be fine. It all depends on how far we are to travel."

"We'll travel as far as we need to." Goh replies to Imota with a big grin. "The Kazekage was pretty adament that we wouldn't find anything around here. Least that's what I think he was." Shrugging, the ex-Konoha nin leads the way across the sand dunes. "I'm pretty keen to prove him wrong. Maybe even pickle a rock." He mutters that last part, before glancing to the left and right. "…it's so vast, and all looks the same. How can you guys tell where we're going?" Only minutes have passed, but already they're right in the thick of it! "..there are no land-marks. Just moving hills of sand. Any tips from the Suna ninja?" Eyes go down to Imota, then over to Itami.

Standing at ease after being addressed by both nin, Imota would listen and nod, as he would here what the actuals were to the mission. "Although the climate of our current living place does not convey such growth and wildlife as that of the more cooler climatic nations, probability does convey that such rare edibles do exist. I think we may just have to put this probability to work, shall we, Itami-dono?" He would look to Goh, and then say, "Yes. So much non-humanoid life left over after being tools in the great war. Many being summons abandoned in war when their summoners were killed. Some never quite left." He would look to the land around as Goh would ask of the way in which they knew where they were going. He would then say, "One way includes the directions of the setting and rising of the sun. If one can track such, then we will immediatley know where west and east remain. And with those directions alone, we can always tell the others." He would gather after a moment, a map and say, "I think this may be useful to you Goh-san in the near future."

Itami hums. "Then we must be careful. The deeper we go, the more dangerous things become." She advises in a simple tone of voice. "We probably won't find anything, though. Not much grows in the desert, especially vegetables or whatever it is you're looking for. You might find /something/, but it'd be a rare find and that would take us further away from the village." She lifts her hand to her scarf and strokes it gently. She also nods to Imota's deduction in regards to the season.
"I nearly forgot about that, Imota-san, but yes, the season does generally dictate growth here very strictly. A map will do us well. Perhaps a path should be traced along it so that we may know how to return to a safety point in the case that we should get lost. And…" She hums wondering if she's forgetting anything. "Oh yes. To determine where we are going, we usually use the sun as a reference. There are also other various ways like tracing a path as I mentioned before…." Reaching into her cloak, she pulls out sturdy sticks to place into the sand, "Markers." She smirks. "I have not run into any summons, but they can be a danger around here. Best to…keep an eye out. There are also natural dangers, but yet again, it depends on how far we go."

"Abandoned summons, huh?" Goh tilts his head a little bit, looking to Imota in a curious way. "For a Genin, you sure do have lots of knowledge! But don't worry about that. When it comes to summons, I'm actually not too shabby myself. Back home, some people knew me as Goh the Salamander. Haha!" Hearing the advice, the blonde nods a little bit. "That's easier said than done, I think. The sun can be difficult to track. Clouds and stuff. But I'll leave it to your hands."
With Itami marking where they're going, Goh speaks some more. "I guess we'll go for a bit, but we certainly won't stay out here for the night. I do heat much better than I do cold. Tracking where we've been is a good idea, for sure. Hmm. We may not run into anything. I'm sorta hoping we won't crash into any Bounty Hunters." Itami of course, would know about those.
Minutes fade into hours as the trio make their way eastward, crossing many dunes and hills. As the sun begins to rise to its maximum height, they are fortunate enough to gain some shade in the form of clouds. Not long after they reach their destination. Some hills with enough shade for plants to grow! Not many, but there are some cacti around, coupled with some rare looking mushrooms. "..woah! We must be here!" What Goh hasn't seen though are the corpses of four bodies. The corpses don't seem to have died of natural means though. Or if they have, it would have been a while ago. For all that's left are bones and equipment. "Wooo! A cactus and some shroomies down the bottom! What a score!"

At Itami's acknowledgement, Imota would nod, and do nothing else as they would go along the path. He would still however be seen taking out his note scroll and drawing various things he would see in nature, as he would then look to the blond guy who's upbeat nature would be taken down, along side a quick sketch of him. He would then say, "It would be rare yes, to see such, but the Jounin have been encouraging us to act despite probablity, so mine thought or understood I am sure." To the comment of the clouds in the sky interfering, Imota would nod, and say, "Seasonal also. Being that it is fall, the sun won't be staying out as long as well, so our time of daylight may be limited."
Imota had been careful about this, and would be quiet, knowing well that Goh and Itami knew what this would mean. Desert nights were as cold as desert days were hot. He had been not to keen on doing anything in the cold, for cold had been hard to shelter from just as well as the sun had been in the day. They wpuld have to make haste, but the hours seemed to creep upon them quite quickly. It was already midday. But hope in the form of an oasis would seem to be spotted by the blond ninja they had accompanied. Imota would follow along, as he would remain scouting while the others would look to what had been the quality of the plants in the area. But before hand Imota would have stared, and tried to figure out what happened with those bones. Time was hard to tell with how long they had been there. The desert sun could have bleached the carcaces of these people in only days, and with them being 4, the number could translate as a four man cell. Imota was cautious, and processing.

Itami glanced into the sky to see where the clouds were. Clouds were nearly non existent in the desert. She simply nods and chuckles saying, "Indeed…." She says as she kneels and sticks one of the sticks into the ground and twists it so that it'll be embedded deep enough to stand. Rising back up she says, "Bounty hunters may be around, but where we're going even they don't tread unless there's a very good reason for being there. Well, self serving reason." She shrugs and continues along east, marking points of importance. Mostly various mile markers. The closer east they get, the less markers she'd need due to the nature of the area. When they arrive, she slips the few markers she has left back into her cloak and says, "Be careful. I am not familiar with those…shrooms. Perhaps we should have Hibari-san check over them for you just in case? I wouldn't want you to pickle any poisons…" She pauses and then chuckles at the little funny she made.
Itami didn't notice the corpses in the area nor the equipment that was present as she was distracted with what kind of mushrooms these were. They were fairly odd to her, but on top of that, she didn't know anything about these shrooms or vegetables. "This area is odd… Perhaps because I am not used to the green around here. It may not be much, but it is something. Even cactus are rare…" She hums.

The four man squad, or at least group, reveal quite a bit upon closer inspection. You can clearly see that the bones have undergone severe blunt trauma. There are fractured limbs, dented skulls, broken ribs and cracked bones. Also, there are lacerations, revealing some sort of sharp attack. But for the attacks to hit so hard… it must have been truly something to alter the bone structure so severely.
"Aww, Itami, you worry too much." Goh replies with a chuckle. "Maybe we just got a lucky break!" Jogging over to the small gathering of plants, Goh bends down to peer at the mushrooms carefully. "Hm…" Fingering them a little, the blonde will proceed to study the vegetables. With an idle glance to the side, as if looking for more, he spots the skeletons! "…woah. Check out the bones." Standing up, he furrows his brow. "Think they ate some of the mushrooms?"

Seeing what had definitely been evidence of a struggle, this group had seemed to go through the ringer. Imota's normally dull faced and expressionless, would have eyes widened slightly as he would look to the two who had been scouting for food. He had been with very strong ninja. This was apparant. But the best fights were usually those that could be avoided. And no offense to Itami at all, but Imota, didn't really get or support the concept of luck. Not in the least bit "Itami-taicho. Salamander san. This group, has been attacked very badly. This oasis seems the only one for miles, and may be cause for caution. Possible spot for a well placed ambush. Probability of conflict set a 85.395. Orders?" He would look to Goh, knowing well that the two would notice this and act, and remain emotionless and calm, waiting.

"Only trying to be careful. You are our guest after all. What would it look like if Imota-san and I came back with you sickly? Not good." Itami grins. "But I'll let up on my worries a little. Perhaps, it is just a lucky break." She shrugs and goes to find a seat as Goh has fun only to hear something about bones. "Eh?" She proceeds over to the area and observes the bones, only glancing over her shoulder to hear Imota's assessment. Hmm.
"These bones have been out here for sometime…. But yes, I agree that they have seen signs of battle. But they look as if they were caught off guard. Who could cause this kind of damage except without being unprepared. Dents in the skull?" She questions and looks around. "We'll be on alert. I know not who dwells these parts. Perhaps Shippodoku, but I have never known them to attack for no reason. Perhaps apprehend, but something like this…" She hums and begins to ready herself. "Goh-san, do you wish to continue searching for vegetables? At this point, we are in possible danger, but it is your decision after all. I just advise, as your contracted protection, that we leave before we are greeted with trouble."

"Ambush?" Goh queries, lifting a brow. "…I think who-ever was planning the ambush got their tails handed to them! Haha. Did you guys wana search through the equipment?" A keen suggestion, nodding to the two Sunagakure ninja. "…You might get a better idea as to who they were by having a rifle through their backpack. If not, no biggie. I'm just gonna take some samples and we'll be off back to the village." Goh himself returns to the mushrooms, beginning to take samples. Just as he said he would.
Itami or Imota, whichever will opt to search through the bag, if any even do, will find pretty standard ninja equipment. Ninja, shuriken, some food supplies. Some scrolls for writing. It's clear though that these aren't Sunagakure ninja. The supplies hint at perhaps rogue ninja.
"…What the!" A sudden cry from Goh will reveal the blonde taking a step back in surprise. The very cactus that he was trimming suddenly falls away. Likewise, the mushrooms just fall apart.. almost as if they were made of shredded paper. "..I think we're in trouble." He intones, feeling the very sand quake below him. Some sort of earthquake?
Perhaps twenty meters to their right, maybe more, an epic snake erupts from the sand! A sandy-brown colour across its scales, the huge snake, which itself must be at least ten feet across the diameter of its belly and easily fifty feet long, flies up high into the air and then lands on the ground with an epic thud, loud enough to make the ground quake some more.
"…Yeah. Definitely in trouble! Itami, is this the Shippodoku you mentioned?" More likely, it's one of those abandoned summons that Imota was talking about. And judging by the way it set that trap, it's hungry. Well, you can also probably tell that due to its large fangs.
It's clear now that the other bodies, now corpses, fell prey to this false-sancturary. Food in the desert is hard to resist, after all.

Hearing Itami's note to remain on alert, Imota would remain so, and acknowledge the order with a nod. He would then listen to Goh's words and correct him slightly with, "By ambush, rather, I mean an attack on this position rather than these people being the attackers." Imota would have probably been the one to look through the baggs, and noting no signs of any Hitai Ite of the kind, he would gather the same. Rogue nin, not in line to any village. But soon, Imota's suspicions would be confirm as the like began to happen, Goh's shout heard as the ground would shake and before long, a giant snake seeming to come from out of no where. To Goh's question, Imota would then say, "Hmm…these would not be the Shippodoku at all, Goh. This is rather the largest crotalus cerastes (poisonous desert snake), I have ever seen." Though this would be said with nor personality, fear, or even the hint of shock, it would still be obvious that Imota was not expecting this.

Itami nods. "I'll search the bags. Never know what could be inside of them…" She says and begins to check through the bags to see what's inside. She doesn't see much besides what were general ninja tools and food staples that would keep them as they traveled the desert. Folding the flaps back on the bags, she leaves them be for the time being and begins to bring herself to a stand. As she does so Goh makes mention to 'trouble' and she winces saying, "What ki—," cut off by the shaking of the sands. "What in the…."
From nowhere, a giant snake shoots up from the ground and lands, causing the earth to rumble once more. Yup. Too far out. How fantastic. "No, this isn't a Shippodoku. This…is a snake!" She states the obvious, but also the truth. "Yes, what Imota-san said also. Well! It's time to move out!" She makes a move to grab the bags that had the tools within them. It seemed to be hungry, so maybe the food inside would serve as a temporary distraction for them to escape. Rummaging through the sacks, she begins to pull out the various food inside and slings the rest, which would be the tools, on her back to use for later. With all the food in her arms, she tosses them in the air and generates a gust of wind to push them all foward towards the snake in hopes that the food would keep it at bay. "You two go ahead! I'll try and keep it distracted!"

"Oh, right. Of course." Goh replies, crouching down a little bit. "Well.. snakes are quick. And something this big will be able to get you in one hit." Sucking in a breath, he curses lightly to himself.
"..sorry guys. You all gave me warning that this would happen, and I ignored it. Damn." But not much else can be said, since the snake launches into attack! It seems to completely ignore the food thrown at it by Itami, as that could have also been part of the trap it set.
The tail is the first to wrap around, hoping to slam Imota down into the sand before he really gets a foot off to flee. At the same time, the snake rears on the other end, going for a bite right at Itami. "But, Itami… You'll be eaten for sure!" Leaping up into the air, Goh proceeds to spit out a ball of fire, performing a quick seal as he goes. Maybe that should distract? Who knows.
Also, the clouds begin to peel away, leaving nothing but the bright blue and hot, hot sun.

The snakes rampage was now in full bloom as it seemed that the three ninja had been caught in what had been a definite trap. One convienently made bu what had been definitely a hungry summoned creature. Poor Itami's efforts to word it off went void. A good idea sure, but so far ineffective. Imota would then be moving with Goh, in response to Itami's orders, only for Goh to see the boy smashed down into the earth with the most bone shattering tail slam ever. Imota would seem dead, only for a few seconds before a large cloud would explode under the tell. A clone? Yes!! A Clone!! Imota had escaped. In fact, appearing airborne, Imota would be say, "A slight miscalculation on your part, snake san." As he would handseal, and in a swipe of his hand, a flurry of high speed wind, laced with chakra, would blast into the animals head, at the same time, only being a diversion, as two kunai would be aimed, one for each eye, all the time gathering chakra for further efforts.

Itami grumbles. "That was fairly ineffective…" She mumbled to herself. As Imota is targeted, Itami begins to make a motion to go and assist him, but he managed to escape the snake on his own. That's good, but this also nearly distracted her from the strike aimed her way. All she managed was fangs before she dove out of the way and rolled in the sand. When she rolled onto her feet, she began to focus her chakra so that she may prepare for her next attack. "I…forgot about your status Goh-san! But I would have been fine! I assure you!"

Unable to keep up with three attacks all at once, the snake is hit hard by the high speed wind technique! It reels under the pressure, although managed to slither out of the way from the kunai thrown by Imota and the fireball that Goh shot. It wouldn't be much of a predator if it couldn't fend off attacks, after all. Even after missing out on Itami, it reels up to try once again.
"Damn.. that creeper is fast!" It's tail comes up and around, hoping to take a tight grasp of Imota whilst he's still in the air. Goh himself manages to land on the sand, and is already performing seals for his next move. "Yooosshhhh…! Here we go!" His fist coming alive with flame, Goh will proceed to charge at the snake, hoping to smack that face with his flaming fist! Unfortunately it's a direct attack though, and as such, the snake sees it coming and avoids it effortlessly. In the same movement, he once again tries to swallow Itami entirely, biting at her with those razor sharp fangs. Omnom! Things not going well so far.

It seemed that the snake had been a whole lot smarter and faster than Imota could have planned. Even while his wind attack had seemed to do well against his reptilian foe, the kunai, simple tools, would be no match, something that the kid would regret once he had been entrapped by the strong constricting tail of the monstrous snake. The grasp was strong enough to sapp the breathe of the boy from his longs, as deep inhales would began. Imota's mind raced as he would try to figure out how he could get out of this scrape but even at this point, his talents in ninjutsu had not been enough. Well he better think fast, cause otherwise, this snake had it in for him.

Apparently, Itami couldn't utilize her speed versus that of the snake as it managed to strike at her and grab her up into it's maw. If it had the intent to swallow her it was certainly getting there. She was now inside the thing's mouth! Well, luckily she managed to evade getting stricken by those fangs! Now that she was inside, what was she to do? Well, she had an idea of what she could do inside this thing, but the smell of it's insides was rather putrid and she wasn't sure could stand being inside while listening to it breathe in and out only further passing around the smell, let alone the humidity. This is one situation she never imagined herself being in. Making the necessary handseals, once she finishes, the winds outside begin to unsettle and increase in speed, kicking up the sand in the area. Soon enough, it'd seem as if a sand storm would be raging in the area as the winds whip around and cut nearly everthing in their path, but their main focus is the snake in which continuous blades begin to rain down on the reptile.

"Imota!" Goh cries, watching as the Genin is squeezed. Meanwhile, poor Goh ends up face-first in the send, a result of missing his target entirely. Standing back up, he whirls around to face the snake, pondering his next move. The snake had eaten Itami and was squeezing Imota down to size. Ugh. "Time to end this right now!" He cries, focussing some chakra. "I'll summon my own creature and put an end to this." Biting his thumb to draw some blood, Goh flicks through the seals. He's about to slam a hand down to the ground, before… a gust of wind pushes him over. "Oof!" Falling to the sand again, Goh can only watch.
The storm comes in very quick. So quick that it catches even the desert snake off guard! Looking about, it takes only seconds before lethal slices make their way into the beast. Gashes strong enough to make large holes for Itami to crawl out of. As it falls over in a heap, dead, the tail will also loosen around Imota. Seems that deadly technique did the trick, that's for sure.
"Imota! Oi, Imota! You alright?!" Goh calls out, ensuring the Genin was fine as he climbs to his feet.

Struggling, it seemed that Imota had been slowly losing air, in the clutches of a behemoth of a snake. He would feel and be tossed to and fro courtesy of the snakes movement, even while he had been wrapped. It seemed that things would soon turn even more desperate, as Itami would be swallowed whole. "Itami-taicho!!!", would be screamed by the normally cool headed boy, in an expression of fear to which none hardly ever saw. Things would soon go quiet only momentarily as the an explosive blast of wind, in the equivalence of a storm, would seem to blast through, just before the younger genin would have fallen unconcious. Imota, along with snake parts and organs would be sent flying, as the taile would loosen the boy, just in time to let him breath.
Landing, Imota, hearing the concerned Goh's screams, would utter in that monotonous tone, "Yes…I live. Though looks like I can't say the same for snake san."

It took some time, but Itami would be seen reaching out through the opening, grasping onto the skin of the snake and pulling herself out of the beast, exiting out from one of the gashes that the giant snake sustained. Her clothes were slightly drenched with the reptile's blood and some other choice things that she didn't want to figure out. Once she was free, she'd sling her arms in a natural reaction to remove the bits of meat and clots of blood that were on her bandages. She's definitely going to the bath house after this. Looking around, she'd see that both Imota and Goh were alright, or somewhat alright. The shout Imota offered did not pass her, but it was muffled a little when she was within the snake. Yet, for it to be that strong, even to hear it from inside was something. "Is everyone alright…?" She asks. "…I told you I'd be fine." She chuckles.
Sliding down from the top of the beast, she'd land on the ground and goes to see if Imota was alright since he was on the ground.

"I dunno what the heck that was," Goh gasps, getting over to Imota with a toothy grin. "But some pretty nice moves there. You did well to hang in there." A brief chuckle escapes his lips. "Must have been Itami's technique? I guess that's the power of a Council Member for you. I didn't know she could summon.. like.. major death storms. Remind me not to get on her bad side, eh?" Turning about to one of the huge gashes, the blonde watches as Itami emerges. It's a bit gross, really.
"Yo! Nice one, Itami! Way to end it all stylishly and stuff." With a chuckle, he beckons. "..anyways. I think we should head back before anything else.. yknow, happens. We'll go looking for more vegies another day!" He seems quite keen on that, but… surely he's not? Who knows. "Back to the village!" And just like that, he marches away. Quite matter-of-factly. "Back west we go."

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