First Promotion Exams - So Close, Yet So Far: Keiji vs. Eremi


Keiji, Eremi

Date: January 17, 2012


Resting up after a few fights, Eremi had decided to go out once again to search for another competitor only to be found first, by Keiji. Little time had passed before the fighting instantly ensued. During most of the fight it had seemed as if Eremi was finally going to reclaim his scroll, only to make a slip up and poor judgement in attack and be easily countered, twice.

"First Promotion Exams - So Close, Yet So Far: Keiji vs. Eremi"

West Shiren Caverns

Quite possibly one of the more dangerous areas of the Shiren Caverns with the narrow walkways, stalagmites and columns that jut up in all places. Managing to get passed any of that, there is a small and open area barely visible by the light that trickles in through a small hole in the ceiling above. This is exactly the spot where Eremi figured he might be the safest, while he recuperates from previous fights and prepares himself for the next.
Currently, the teen was getting himself ready to go out once again and grab a scroll. He started off by checking his gear, making sure it was all there and accounted for, then went to his boots and strapped them in place. Finally, he ended it off by rewrapping his bandages around his arms and down to his hands. With everything now complete, Eremi made his approach out of this secluded resting spot.

Keiji was pondering his next move as he moved through the caverns. He had come upon this part of the cavern and seemed slightly weary about the narrow opening. It made it very hard to manuever away from attacks should there be an attacker. It also made it very hard to possibly escape if there was no other entrance. The boy moved quickly through the narrow walkways until he made his way to the opening. He glances around and spots the boy tieing his shoes.
There is no immediate attack on Keiji's part. He remains silent though he makes a coughing noise to alert the other of his presence. He draws his hand outwards, but does not take a fighting stance yet. The boy began to build his own chakra. He had both his scrolls for the moment, now it was about preservation. The boy he looked at was from Konohana. They had entered enough to really make teams out of their genin. Keiji would not forget that. He had picked off one from that country already. It was more than likely only a matter of time before this guy's team showed up. They were probably out scouting.

Barely able to take more then two steps, Eremi hears the soft, yet unmistakable sound of another coughing relatively close. It put him on his guard as he peered in the direction of the noise only to see a boy, quite possibly younger then him and dressed in the fashion one would expect of those that lived in the desert. Quickly his eyes drifted toward the forehead protector and recognized it as a member of Suna. His first thoughts were of the girl during his first fight, from the same village. If this boy was the same caliber, he would be in some trouble.
"Hello. I'm afraid if you are looking for a scroll, I've already lost mine to someone else." Eremi slowly patted his pockets and around his person to prove this to be true. There was silence from him afterwards, thinking on more to say as he simply eyed the other wondering if he would be believed. "My name is Satonezu Eremi, from Konoha." Extending a thumb he pointed to himself, "Though if you have any scrolls then I'm afraid we must fight."
He wasn't going to take any chances, he couldn't. The exams were important to him and he promised others back home he would give it his all. So he began to focus, but it didn't take long. All at once his muscles began to ache in response as they intensified from the burst of chakra opening up.

At first there was relief. Then as Keiji realized a fight was not going to be avoided, he nodded his head and took a stance. He remains silent, although for a moment he closes his eyes and his body begins to change. A tail forms on his back. It is that of a scorpion. Though his voice does not speak, the boy wears a smile on his face. 'I will have to end this quick before other shinobi from his village show up. They do out number us.' he thought to himself. With that, he extended his hand and motioned for the boy to begin his assault.
The dark pupils of Keiji glanced over the boy's form. He was trying to anticipate his moves. Would he charge directly in or would he try some ninjutsu trick? Would he be as weak as the last one from his village that Keiji faced or was he the real deal? Half a dozen questions raced through the boy's mind as the fight was about to commence.

Keiji was surprised at the speed this boy moved. He was launched into the air and then kicked again. As he hit the ground, his body felt a wave of pain rush through it. He growled and closed his eyes for a moment. 'Damn that hurt.' he thought to himself. Soon there was more pain as his body began to sprout four arms. He placed them down against the ground, almost as if they were natural to him. He then glanced at the boy before rushing forward an attacking him with his pincered finger.
As he rushed forward, his mind was focused on the battle, not even the pain but winning. This was about his pride in his home land. He was unsure just how this boy had landed such a shot. It seemed slightly odd that this was the first time he had sprouted his arms. Was the Sasoriendai protecting him? It was not something he would dwell on for the moment.

This was a new experience for Eremi, moving with such ease after opening the first of the chakra gates. As if with each use he simply grew more and more practiced with it. Unlocking the ability to tap into it further. At this point his speed was incredible, faster then he's ever reached. The moment he reached the ground after knocking Keiji away with his kicks, he was off again. Not leaving anything to chance, he wanted to make sure to keep the upper hand.
Something he wasn't sure if he was going to be able to do when noticing the silent scorpion-esque child growing four additional arms after getting up off the ground. Surely this meant bad news for Eremi, but when the other charged at him with a sharp, glistening pincer the teen simply let loose in a series of back flips to avoid the attack. The second his foot hit the ground, it dug in deep, using it to push off again and charge at the other in a flying kick. Quickly disappearing afterwards in a blur of motion only to reappear with another series of kicks.

Keiji saw the boy come forth after planting his feet. The speed was hard to keep up with, but Keiji lunged out with his finger just in time to take out a serious chunk of the boy's leg before planting his feet and ducking around the other series of kicks. As the boy hit the ground, Keiji moved down towards his ankle. He was aiming for the pressure point there in order to cause him enough pain to stop in his tracks. He then would strike with his other hand a pincered slash for the boy's chest or back area, which ever ended up in his way.
For a few moments, Keiji had pondered the retreat. Something seemed off about this boy. He was on his level or at least seemed to be for the moment. There was no way Keiji was going to lose willingly. His dark pupils stared at the boy as he attacked him. At the moment he had only wished they had the ability to see the future.

Flying toward the half-scorpion with his dynamic entry, Eremi briefly winced in pain from a series of random twitches within his muscles. Something he hadn't normally felt while using the gate, but it seems to be a side effect that only now has chosen to rear its ugly head. Unfortunately though, it came at the worse time as it unintentionally might have been the cause of the half-scorpion being able to counter his attack, digging the pincer deep into his leg.
Screaming, the teen crashed into the ground, wishing to reach for the wound in response, but quickly noticed the half-scorpion wasn't finished and still coming strong. Aiming to finish Eremi off with an attack to the ankle, he rolled away then pushed himself up off the ground and into the air with just his hands.
While giving himself some distance, he spun around and peered at the other intensely. "You, like everyone else so far. Is quite skilled, but I can't give up. Not yet! Not now!." Using his good leg to keep the pressure up, he landed on the ground, but wasted no time running back into the scorpion. Once the gap was closed he leaped upwards and began a continuous spin of kicking motions.

Keiji planted his feet and tried bend beneath the kick. It knocked him back onto his butt. Thinking quickly, he rolled to his side and used his tail to prevent him from rolling too far. This time he stuck Eremi's other leg with his pincer. The boy then stood up and readied himself for combat again. As he takes his stance he finally speaks. "Leaf Shinobi, I am Keiji of the Shippodoku clan. Your speed is something I envy. This battle was close, though I think with that last blow, I am the victor. You should tend to your wounds. I will be attempting to tend to my own."
After speaking the words, Keiji grimaced and placed an elbow to his side, where he had taken a shot to the ribs. This was not his most glorious fight, but he was still holding his scrolls. The boy then began to sink into the earth. He had hoped that the boy would not continue to pursue him, though if he did, things might end up worse off for both of them.

Attacking once, only to get countered a second time within the fight, Eremi could only scream once again at the amount of pain it inflicted. He wanted to continue, he was so close to getting a scroll back, but he was too weak to move at this point. The wounds he suffered added with the muscles tearing from the opening of a gate was too much to bare and prevented him from doing more then falling to the ground.
He fell in a heap and laid on his back peering up at the light that was pushing through the ceiling. When the other spoke, he wasn't even able to be sure it was Keiji that said those words. After a while of resting, the teen slowly lifted his head to peer where the other was and saw nothing else there. Once again, he was alone and without a scroll. He's fought so many so far, he was starting to lose faith if he'd ever get to the tournaments or even make it alive out of the caves. Though for now, he simply rested, waiting until he could once again move his limbs.

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