So Cthulu, Metabee, and a Tanuki walk into a Bar...!?!


Onimitsu, Tsun, Fulgur (as Kushin), Satsukiyami

Date: November 11, 2011


In an effort to teach his team the fine art of the ways of the Ame Nin, Satsukiyami takes them as far as the Land of Grass in pursuit of the B-Ranked Criminal Kushin.

"So Cthulu, Metabee, and a Tanuki walk into a Bar…!?!"

Land of Grass - Unknown Bar

Valley of Grass [Land of Grass]

The vally of grass is just that. A vast area of green can be seen. Tall trees
provide shade all around the large body of water that seems to rest in the middle of the
valley. The water itself is a bit murky. A few mossy boulders sit jutting out over the
shore of the water. Almost at any given time large herds of game that pass by stop here to
quinch their thirst. Though, sadly this also draws a lot of bloodshed and death among the
food chain. A few scattered bones can be seen here and there. In a tree just over the water
is a large rope that hangs down below. Seems someone had made camp here and decided to have
a bit of fun. Setting up camp here also provides a breath taking view of the rocky areas
that rise in the distance.


Kushin was a confident sort of guy. He walked around without a care in the world
despite having a bounty on his head. Only problem is, anyone that has ever come to face him
have died horrible deaths. Death by bees may sound weak, but that's only to those that have
never suffered such a fate. Since his attack against the Fire Daimyo, he's been laying low,
so to speak. He hasn't tried to attack anyone except when they've managed to push his
This day, he found himself heading towards the Land of Grass. It was a pretty
neutral area and seemed to be calming down from the fall out that happened around here with
all those people going to war over some bastard kid or something. He couldn't remember all
the details and didn't really care. For now, he was looking for a drink. His place of
choice? A bar.
The cool breeze that came in when another entered is of course rather expected. A
head looks up from the bar, a pair of blue eyes focus in on the blindfolded man. The
bartender's brow would raise in a welcoming manner, and a smile goes across his face as he
picks up one of the mugs nearby, a blue cloth running along the rim.
"How are you sir, how may I help you?" says Satsukiyami, shifted into the form of
a middle-aged local man he had taken the place of. He was being quite courteous, he knew
how to find information out and it's why he brought a couple of his charges with him on
this little personal hunting trip. He was teaching how to be successful at infiltration.
The thing is…can't teach anything when the target just ambled in.
"Ice cold water?"

A bar. One out of Ten things in life that acted as the bane of his existence.
Suprisingly enough though without having -anything- to do with what they served. With that
in mind the only way the Onimitsu could even imagine entering the bar WITHOUT being coerced
or physically thrown into it, was as another person. Specifically, a more feminine persona
carefully sculpted over many a months until finally he reached disturbing perfection.
Now he, SHE, bearing Onimitsu typical casual clothed likeness EXCEPT the mask and
bangs brushed over to cover part of her face, follows in a few minutes after Kushin and immediatly proceeds to plop down at the farthest end of the bar. His, HER
expression kept seemingly relaxed as she lazily scans the surroundings. "Hmmm….. Your
crowd is looking.. kinda light here bar keep. Gotta bit of a bad season?", Onimitsu asks
sleepily after honing his-er-HER eye on the man once said man is within hearing range.

Tsun is not hiding? Why, because she was rather lazy and didn't feel like holding
up a henge to make herself older even though she already does it on a normal basis. In
truth, she was doing this all to spite Satsukiyami's plan without completely ruining the
mission. So she just stands a little bit of a distance away from the bar, not change in her
get up except for wearing black pants instead of the skirt. She looked like any regular old
teen just loitering around, chewing bubblegum.
There was something else some may not notice though. That eye that is usually
hidden behind her bangs? Well it wasn't open at all, not like it really had any sort of
purpose seeing as the bangs were thick enough to the point that she generally could not see
out of it! Though it was never shut, she watched Kushin walk by, not having a care in the
world, she wondered why he wasn't dead yet.
"Huh." The free eye follows the man along, her hand shifting in her pocket as she
was half tempted to kill him on the spot for being so dumb but, she sort of had orders so
she kept her cool. In a dark upper cornre of the bar, small crystals would gather and form
into an eyeball. Everything within could be seen, now to observe her "Sensei's" plan.

"Cold sake mm? Now that's an odd order, most like it so hot their lips scald."
Satsukiyami humors him, and even cracks a joke? Where was this odd charisma coming
from? He leans down behind the bar, taking up the small bottle. He notices the mark still
watching, so he doesn't add anything at all to the bottle. He brings the whole thing out,
putting it on the bar with two saucers!? He gives a grin, and points across the bar towards

What is Satsu doing!? Easy, he's now about to give a crash course.
"Be nice to the locals and they are definitely nice to you…"
He also glances towards Tsun, dropping hints to Kushin to clearly make a move on
her. The tactic was easy, be the buddy.

"Yeah, well I'm a different kind of guy." Kushin offers. "So, cold sake, yep." He
states. "I don't want my lips burned today. Maybe next time." He chuckles and begins to
look around a bit. Some interesting people around here, if by interesting, it means none.
"Well, this place is quiet." He was growing bored quickly. When the bottle and saucers were
pulled out, he lofted a brow to Satsu saying, "Well, you gonna pour it or what?" He didn't
seem to care much for the others around here.

If Onimitsu had the time, gull, and few shots of the heavy stuff already
circulating through his system, either Satsukiyami, Himself, or both would be lying a pool
of blood at the foot of the stranger. Because really, he did -not- sign up for playing
the… "O right…" She whispers softly, eyes widen in brief disconcerting suprise at her
pecarious position in the grand scheme of things. Then she looks down, tugs at the collar
of an already loosely held together Kimono, then peers nervously into the space. Already
rose colored cheeks growing darker a shade before Onimitsu is able to snap back into
character with a sigh of malcontent.
"*groans*… I don't have time for this.." Onimitsu whispers just audibly enough
for his voice to carry before with intentional laxiness, He/She rises and shashays over to
stand next to Kynshin. "Why don't you allow me to do it sir since this bar keep obviously
isn't really paying proper attention to his customers? Isn't that right?", She asks while
barely supressing a note of fear in her voice from being uncomfortable close to the hive,
and as she leans onto the counter. One arm rested against it while the other limb's hand
(closest to Kynshin) rests against her hips; providing ample view of what lied beneath the
top portion of her kimono should any dare to peek at the still sleepy eyed looking woman.

Tsun's brows furrow, trying to get a read on what Satsukiyami was doing, with the
gesturing of his hand to the disguised Onimitsu. Then Onimitsu goes to pour the sake,
apparently they were continuing whatever act they had going. Tsun just smirks, then some
thought hits her with Onimitsu's act. She didn't actually ever see him change, in fact now
she was having second doubts on if Onimitsu was actually male.
Aaaaand now Tsun is officially distracted, and what the heck ever /was/ under that
mask. He was so freaking protective last time she tried. "He wouldn't just show his true
face so easily after all that hiding though… would he?" Tsun wondered why this idea even
hit her in the first place.
'Gotcha thinkin' Tsun-chan?'
"Ah yeah, it would be you wouldn't it." 'Total hotty though, I have these senses
when beautiful women are my presense. I've never felt that with Onimitsu but, maybe.
Eheheheh, you should become friends with that one right? RIGHT?!' Tsun's real eye just
glares ahead, doing her best to ignore the voice.

Time to spring it.
"Eh?…Calm down, we're a casual place here. I don't know who you are, but please,
some respect around the local ladies. They have enough trouble as is with rough travelers.
Don't spoil your sake with a bad attitude."
Satsukiyami's own attitude cracks out, it's a planned one. He wanted just enough
of it to slip out to incite the mark into identifying himself. Then again, the giant bee
hive was enough. He's wanting to show you do not strike without knowing for certain it's
the mark.

Kushin lofted a brow and looked to Onimitsu and his eyes lit up. A grin spread
from ear to ear as his focus was drawn to the beauty that was before him. Take note, his
eyes were not focused on the face of said beauty or is it beauties? It's all in the eye of
the beholder, after all or maybe hands. He reached foward to greet them 'properly'. It's
only when the voice that belonged to them registered that he looked up to the one they
belonged to. "You'd do that for m e?" He asked, his smile still maintained on his features.
He then looked to the barkeep and back to Onimitsu. "Yeah, that guy isn't doing a good job,
is he?" He asks, thumb pointing at him. "I don't know why he's a barkeep here if he doesn't
know how to pour drinks." He reached for the sake that was poured for him and drank it
Setting the cup down on the counter, he pushed it forward saying, "Another," then
looked to the barkeep once more. "I'm calm…er, than usual. And this local lady here
introduce her and her friends to me. As far as I'm concerned, that was open season."

Onimitsu only nods and smiles softly in reply as he, She reached over to grab the
bottle. Throughout it all the disguised 'genin' never lets her eye wander away from
carefully giving the Kamizuri a good look over. Nor is a single drop allowed to hit the
counter, though during the refill a drop does fall free. Seconds away from impact one thin
finger with a slightly filed nail intercepts it before drawing the droplet to Onimitsu's
lips for a tentive lick with eyes closed. Then a moment after, a sigh of relief. "… He
isn't, but.. he certianly does have a good stock it seems… Mmmm..", he shudders, more out
of fear of the affects of a just a simple drop than out of pleasure. ".. And, between you
and me--" Onimitsu leans in close to whisper into Kushin's closest ear should both he
and/or his 'friends' allow it. "--It might be because your so unfamiliar and seem.. *peers
down*.. stiff." She pulls back, smiling slyly. "Maybe you needlittle 'ol Hinata-san to help
loosen you up?"
'Tsun-chan move the eye over them, we need to inspect their tactics. Especially
Onimitsu's! She seems to be handling things really well.' "No and he." 'Come on Tsun-chan!'
"I swear to, I don't… I don't even know. I'm going to kill the *bleep* out of you
whenever I find out how." 'Nah… you lovely dovey dove me Tsun-chan, you know it
ehehehehehe besides, my eye I was just asking to be nice!' The eye would shift, focusing
only on Onimitsu from above. 'Oh also, you should be worried about that.'
"Huh?" Tsun would look forward with her normal eye, the third eye fizzling out of
focus, her brain not being able to handle both well. A little kid just standing terrified
in front of her, a kid who happened to run by during her outburst. "Oh…" Tsun frowns and
then shoos him away with her hand, "Stop being dumb kid I was talking to myself."
Now the kid was worried for /her/ suicidal. "Um… my mommy's a psych-"
"Shut up and go." With that, Tsun brushes the kid off and walks away, though the
kid follows until the girl slips through the bar's doors. No gourd, no forehead protector,
the only issue was her apparent age. The first thing Tsun takes in are Onimitsu's advances.
'WOOHOOHOOHOO! Let Hinata-san loosen us up too Tsun-chan!'

Satsukiyami looks up only to see the awkwardness in action. Oh he just stops,
staring. Too good to pass up…he just clears his throat and steps back. What is going on
though beneath the bar? His feet are flattening out…spreading, fluidly flowing up and
beneath the bar infront of where Kushin is sitting.
He's silent for now. Because if he spoke, he'd laugh.

Kushin watched the quick reflexes of Onimitsu and lofted a brow. She was that
fast, eh? He didn't hesitate to treat himself to the sake drop that was on her finger only
to have it pointed out that he was a bit stiff. He looked down and then back up, "Oh that?
No, I was just stung." He jokes about his bees as he picks up his cup to enjoy the next
drink. Soon enough, he takes the bottle for himself and drinks out of it. "So, why don't we
take this party to an inn? I can book a room for the both of us." He offers as smoothly as
he can. He's not one for smooth talk. He likes action, but heck, he thought he'd give it a
shot anyhow.
His attention is momentarily redirected to the one that steps inside, though he
doesn't care. Not his job to tend to kids. He lifted the bottle to his lips and began to
drink of its contents again.

Onimitsu smile falters for a second, his thoughts more or less a jumbled mess of
plans and growing fears over just how 'far' he would actually have to go to bag this
missing nin! That, and a bit of guiltiness attempting to claw its way up to the surface;
but is quickly pushed back down and locked away. "A party with just the two of us? At an
Inn? Hmmmm… Well, I would love to, but--" At the sound of the front doors opening,
Onimitsu instantly snaps his attention towards the door all wide-eyed and alert for a few
moments, then visibly relaxed with a light sigh released. "--I just can't leave my precious
Imouto all alone", Onimitsu continues apologetically before going over to stand behind
Tsun, fall to a kneel, and (most likely at the great risk of having his arms ripped off
even WITH Tsun's main weapon being M.I.A) hesitantly at first hug Tsun around the mid-
section with her chin proped over the younger girl's chin. IF Onimitsu even makes it that
far, she'd command polietly all droopy eyed, "Now that you here Imouto, why don't you
introduce yourself to the nice man over there who offered us a place to stay for the
night.. Okay?"
Of course if Onimitsu isn't succesful then.. well.. fate will take its course. >.>

"You're… not being serious are you?" Tsun says as Hinata comes to embrace her ice
block of a younger sister. "You're serious." Tsun does not hug back, she just sort of
stands there, Shukaku's giggling in the back of her mind causing a bit of annoyance. The
girl's cheeks get a bit red as she starts to literally steam. Though a smirk crosses her
face, Shukaku's advice originally disregarded but, it would be great to mess with Oni
When asked to introduce herself she simply says, "Kiki-chan." She smiles and then
whispers audibly though still rather close to Onimutsi's ear., "You can go play with him.
Everyone seems to enjoy it, I can wait for my turn." She then nuzzles into her sister,
giggling and peeks for a moment to man. "I'm sure you'll like her, she's really fun."
Tsun's eyes slowly shift to make eye contact with Onimitsu, shifting her head so that her
face is out of view and just glares.
During this time the already frigid girl becomes colder, a sign to let go without
Tsun going on to the next step of actually ripping 'her sisters'" arms off.

The thing with a guise, if it is left too long, eventually cracks do show.
Satsukiyami is not solid from the knees down right now, and he knows it's a matter of time.
He shoots a look to Tsun with those cold blue eyes. The irises start going black as he
bring his hand up to rub at his eyes as if he's tired. He is, it's not his natural form,
and this unnatural transformation was always annoying to hold.
The Rain Shinobi speaks up, "Sir, may I have your name for the tab so I can ring
you up for the sake?"
He waits…

Kushin nodded. A party with just the two of them. He took a swig from the bottle
of sake in his hand again awaiting a reply. He thought he was getting close before Onimitsu
walked off and joined her sister. His pants instantly deflated. "Uhh…" He started. "You
and your sister?" He questioned and lifted his hand to scratch his head lightly. "Kushin
does not approve." He remarked and began to rise from his seat, though the sake hit him
hard as he rose. "Whoa. Hehe." He beat his chest with his fist and a belched loudly. "All
better!" He drank down the last of the sake before setting the bottle back down on the
counter and tossing Satsukiyami the money for the bottle. "So, Kiki is your name, yes? I've
got a lesson to teach you and…that lesson is not taking lessons from her." He points at
Onimitsu. "Needless to say…I am disappoint." Hoisting up his hive on his back, he began
to proceed toward the door. "Well, it was nice, people! But, I must be off."

Onimitsu wasn't sure rather to laugh or cry hysterical. So, he would do both
internally while externally give Tsun the brightest smile she could muster for a supposedly
perpetually half-asleep woman and one last quick, awkward squeeze before letting go and
rising once more with barely supressed shivering dogging the 'genin's' every move.
"Kushin?", Onimitsu whispers softly with a grin, and for the briefest of instances almost
releases his disguise to outright attempt to FINALLY get the killing and/or maiming
started, but stops himself just seconds shorts. He was a swordsman… BUT he was the medic
of the team…
He mentally weighed his options…
Drifted to the act on the swordsman persona at the behest of the spirits within Yoshimitsu
calling out for blood…
Then back at the medical ninja side whose all No Bee stings equals no Giant Needles filled
with the antidote later!…
"Hmmmmmmmmmm…. Option C." He states with a voice gradually growing more
masculine before casually strutting over to the windows yet close enough to assist Tsun
should she need it. Who (or would it be whom) by the way should HOPEFULLY quickly pick up
that the green light was given take Kushin out now that he gave away his name.
Hopefully… e.e

Of course if she doesn't and IF there's enough time, then Onimitsu would yell at
her to, "Do SOMETHING!?!"

Kushin actually gets flipped off as he passes by, by the tiny teen. Tsun stares at
Onimitsu even longer, "Y-why… what? /That's/ what we were waiting for? There's a freakin
BEE-HIVE on his back. If it wasn't him he deserved to die for looking exactly like Kushin.
Gah!" When Onimitsu yells at Tsun to do something, she does something. She complains more,
she thought this whole time they were looking for some way to silently cut his throat or
Tsun… leaves the bar.
"He looks stupid, you guys can handle him." An obviously irritated girl leaves.
'NOOOO HINATA-CHAAAAN' Sobbing continues in the back of Tsun's mind, Shukaku mourning over
the loss of his beloved. Tsun's expression goes flat. "I hate… everyone and everything
right now."
It's about that time, the moment the name is heard, that each window seems to go
warbly…blurry. As if something is blocking every single exit. There is…Satsukiyami. A
piece of his legs have moved over each window and a larger piece swells over the door in a
thin wall. The box has been made.
"I'm so sorry sir…your payment is insufficient."
Satsukiyami rises above the bar, his torso suspended only by three tendrils that
crawl across the wood like tails. His form shifts visibly to everyone…going from old man
to young and pale in an instant. There's no poof, just a complete change of color and
"I finally tracked you down. These two bystanders are just in the way….they'll
make due."
Satsukiyami is diverting attention from Tsun and Onimitsu only for an instant.
From his torso, a tendril would lash out in attempt to ensnare Kushin by the throat and
pull him back to stretch out over the bar. The next instant? A brutal stab through the top
of the chest.
Satsu's mannerism is rather creepy, a little grin is on his lips the whole time as
he hovers.

Kushin couldn't believe his ears. Did he just hear a man. No, another man. There
were two in this room? Sure, there were other patrons, but that /one/. He turned to look at
Onimitsu as he tracked the voice down to her. "…." He was silent. "I am still
disappoint." He remarked. There's no telling what connotation that had. He could be
disappointed in a lot of things. Like, being flipped the birdy. He'd pat Tsun on the head
saying, "That's not niiiuuhmm…" He saw the area begin to change. Why were the windows all
blurry? He didn't think he drank that hard.
As things began to take shape or change shape, the bartender's voice rang behind
him and he looked upon the face of cthulhu…"I paid my--" He started, but got his hive
active and summoned his bees to block the tendrils that sought to choke him out and impale
him. When the thicket cleared, he was focused on Satsu now and his little crew here. "So,
let me get this straight. You're some kind of water thing, that one is a man…so what does
that make the uncouth girl there?" He pointed back to Onimitsu and Tsun respectively. He
was gathering his strength in this moment of casual conversation.

"A whole lot of things…" Onimitsu starts to say but trails off as smoke begins
to rise from his feet on up. In the wake of its disappation into the atmosphere, pieces of
the former chunnin's true body reveal themselves until finally in place of a one eye,
floozy(?) stands a giant.. bug? Well, more like samurai/stag beetle hybrid toting an
already raised katana. "That this one prays none of us will have to face." He continues a
bit hoarsely.
"Now…" The tighter Onimitsu's grip becomes the more steadily the red aura begins
to flicker into view around his blade. It intensity in pressure being briefly matched by
the surge of chakra pulled through sheer will alone out of the swordsman. "You disgusting,
drunken, shame of man. Come in quietly in pieces or come with us screaming… and in
pieces." He tacks on at the end lamely with a sweatdrop.
Somewhere in the back of his mind he briefly notes the changes wrought by Satsu's
encampment of the building entraping them all… but he does his best to block out such
worrying thoughts since they only were leading to a much grimmer place with the additional
reminder of just 'who' were being trapped in side a very small box. ..;
As Tsun steps out the door, she reaches her hand out to the right in the distance
her giant, snow white gourd would rattle before speeding her way. On its way it slams into
Psychiatrist Son, doing good to knock him out. "Oh? That's a nice bonus." Tsun doesn't
check up on the boy at all, she just turns around and looks looks at the bar from the
outside. Being sneaky and quietly taking out the enemy was not something she could really
pride herself on but, Tsun could easily get impatient.
Especially when something is whining to you the whole time. "Two minutes." Tsun
grumbles to herself, "That's what they'll get." During this time, Shukaku's power begins to
bubble within, miss gloomy mcgloomerson just loomin' an' gloomin' outside while this

With the bar completely sealed in, the point was obvious. Do not destroy the bar.
Best way to do that…make it quick and don't involve Tsun. Satsukiyami knows she'd be
watching outside. The problem, there wasn't a lot of water to work with in here. Not a big
problem, he has a fix for it later. Immediately Satsukiyami lurches forward, the tendrils
growing out into legs as he is fully back to normal. He repeats his actions…a tendril
pair launching out to snag Kushin by the torso or throat and this time he would be lifted
up and slammed into the ground…right onto his wasp nest if it can be helped!

Kushin was so distracted with Onimitsu changing back into his former self, he
completely forgot about his watery friend. "What the fu--!" He was cut off when a tendril
wrapped around him and was subsequently spiked on the ground. His hive was resilient,
however and angered. He broke away, having his bees disperse to clear the tendril from his
body before he points at Satsukiyami and then whips around to aim his finger at Onimitsu.
"How can you call me disgusting? You changed yourself into a woman and tricked me!
Although, I admit, you were a looker while it lasted. It comes as no surprise that beneath
that exterior, she was a guy with a sharp thing that stabs people. The deception…it hurts
so much." He sniffled.
Dialogue aside, his bees, wasps and hornets were at the ready. He glanced back
towards Satsu and nodded his head towards him to send the buzzing insects towards him and
sting him numerous times.

Onimitsu eye narrowed dangerously to slits. "… You can not honestly be serious."
He states flatly. Overcome with… well, he didn't know what to call the new feeling
twisting his gut around so closely like a guilt trip. But, it did serve to aggravate him to
the point that Onimitsu through caution to the wind and attacked in admist hastily summoned
clones, a penetrating punch to the back of Kunshin's skull after the clones disappear, then
finally a straight forward disembowling slash across the mark's gut as he rotated around
him and lept away to for a bit of distance.

Tsun was outside, having a wonderful time. Nothing's changed, feet were still sore,
still wondering what Onimitsu really was, boy was still knocked out. Was he bleeding? Tsun
was about to glance but, "Meh. Probably not." Tsun continues to wait, crystallizing the air
around her. "Maybe I should give one minute instead…."

As Satsukiyami is swarmed and stung, the half-bodied Ame nin throws his arms up in
pain. A few tendrils suddenly lurch upward, spinning about against the bees in attempt to
knock them away. It was a distraction…as a moment later the body Satsu was defending
liquifies. Satsukiyami reforms on one of the tendrils near Kushin, directly to his right.
"I…do not like bugs."
An instant later, from Satsu's mouth shoots a single tendril out, slamming it's
pointed end into the side of Kushin if he does not get away from it. At the same
time…Satsukiyami's tendrils begin to net around the room, creating literally a web along
the floor of shifting water that seems to avoid where Onimitsu stands, but it's clear that
the body is no longer the true worry now…it's the fact two have formed on both sides of
the room, counting the one that is spitting a spiked tendril at Kushin.
The one not attacking looks to Kushin.
It was a signal…as Satsukiyami forms handseals with the body that's not
assaulting Kushin. Suddenly most of the tendrils arch upward and explode in a mist….
Satsu was giving Onimitsu a beautiful opening, if Kushin cannot see through the
Hidden Mist Technique.

Kushin replaced himself with a table in the area and placed himself closer to the
door, though he couldn't quite escape. Not that he couldn't try. With this guy taking all
sides of the room, he focuses on the both of them, but loses sight when the area fills with
mist. He grumbles and decides to send some of the bees out to track down the sources so
that he can see. Until then, he maintained himself and focused his chakra to utilize in
Onimitsu was gradually starting to 'dislike' this entire mission. Especially when,
though tatically sound in a one vs many scenario, Satsukiyami invokes the hidden mist
technique within the bar; distorting everything and everyone until barely a foot can be
seen with any clarity.
"…. uuugh….. Wait, didn't Kyoumen-san just…", He trails off with a plan
slowly starting to form within his mind. It, wasn't exactly a brilliant one. Nor was it
entirely a smart one considering HE was the medic of the team; but after careful
consideration of a few key details about his teammates (namely the fact that one is
practically a walking fortress and the other isn't exactly human. ._.;), Onimitsu carries
through it with gusto!
The plan exactly: A spining charge to the front door while destroying
every bit of furniture and obstacle within his path using just body and blade. Sadly for
those silly bees dumb enough to be caught up within his charge, a wild slash of Yoshimitsu
MIGHT put a quick end to them and hopefully their master once if and when he reaches him.

The Kyoumens know their attack didn't go through the target. The thing is, in the
mist he is at home. When he feels his student go for the blind rush, Satsuki knows already
what to do. The one who's still only half formed would lurch his body a bit, it's clear he
was the offensive body. The tendril spilling shape would turn to the direction that Kushin
was standing, and then lurch back before holding a seal.
"Violent Water Wave!"
Instantly, he spews forward from his mouth a slice of water. What the other was
doing? Manipulating the tendrils of course with hand movements…from behind comes two long
whips to try and beat Kushin into a more defensive posture…he's got plans.

Sadly, the bee met a tragic end, severed in two with a wild slice of a blade. Yet,
it gathered enough information to inform Kushin of the attack that was coming against him.
His attempt to dodge it, however fell short and he was slashed, leaving a deep cut in him.
He muttered some curses as he lifted his hand to cover the wound while also wondering when
the next wave of attacks were to come in. It was communicated to him that more attacks were
coming and he was met with a blast of sharp water that sent him back and against the wall.
The bees came in and finished off the protection process by protecting him on either side
from the water tendrils.
He then commanded them to take the opportunity to trace them back to the source
while he sent out more bees to attack the room in whole. He wasn't able to determine where
anyone was, but his bees certainly could. Two thousand bees fill the room and seek out
their targets and subsequent destruction.
There is not even the briefest of hesitation in Onimitsu's maniac spinning. All
that matters is to keep moving and allow both instinct and momenteum to guide. Thus, he
leaps away without halting his rotation, randomly altering the direction of his next leap
with every spinning leap and in the process disorienting the bees to the point that just
simply can't keep up.
"Hmmm… *peers at the Yoshimitsu*… it wasn't enough, but its a--" Onimitsu eyes
widen after once again being struck with a moment of brilliance… Sorta. "Satsu-san! Take
out the hive!" He calls out without averting his senses from his enemy, and knowing full
well doing so was a bad idea. And yet, maybe that as well was part of the plan? e.e
Whatever the case may be, Onimitsu dares not think on it a moment longer before
charging back into the mist and transforming into a whirlwind of destruction. Slowly, but
surely with his madening path of destruction clear out more room…. even if regretably his
mad spining around sent him on a collision course of one of the Satsu just as well as
Kushin! x_X

Satsukiyami's body that was first swarmed sinks back, but the one that is at first
sliced through by Onimitsu is immediately splattered into many drops. An instant
later…it's forming back up as if nothing happened. The one who sank defensively soon re-
emerges from another tendril, stepping out of it as if he was climbing out of a hole in the
ground. The one that reforms actually fully reforms. Two Satsukiyami stand there as he just
raises one arm and the mist vanishes.
Both Satsuki stare right at Kushin, and one looks back at another before looking
back to him again.
"I should try to avoid damage," but the other interjects, "True, but we should
also end this quickly. Finishing blow?"
"Yes, that'll do…"
The buzzing filling the air was one thing, but what happens next is rather
shocking. One Satsu grabs the other, and spins. He flings himself full force at
Kushin…and at almost point blank the second body explodes outward in a writhing mass of
tendrils, each grabbing and trying to ensnare and constrict Kushin into submission.
The Satsukiyami that stands and isn't fighting just looks to Onimitsu.
"Go ahead, cleave in half. You cannot hurt me with a blade."

He then draws his hands up, beginning to form handseals…

Two thousand bees swarmed about the room, each of them sending Kushin a great deal
of information about his environment. He was able to see through them, but none of it kept
him from suffering. Besides, he was already tormented from the alcohol that was working its
way through his system. With the additional slices against his form, the straps that held
up his bee hive were cut and the whole of it dropped to the ground where the remainder of
the bees, hornets, and wasps exited and attempted to attack anything and everything in
sight, sensing that he was about to be down for the count. With the last of the water
attacks blasting him, he'd take his place on the ground, face down in the water that filled
the room. Kushin has b
When the Satsukiyami that was thrown meets Kushin, it is almost immediate.
Tendrils lashing out, snapping bones. Tendrils wrapping around limbs, dislocating and
pulling limb from limb. Tendrils impaling, stabbing through a body which soon is
unrecognizable. Satsuki just watches as his other half literally shows a more bloody side
as the spine is ripped free, along with the head. It's what Satsu wanted. As the bloody
remnants are dropping in a heap on the floor, Satsuki's own water body rinses off the
spine. The flesh of the head remains intact…and as two Satsukiyami become one again, the
'trophy' is actually pushed inside of his chest.
"Safe keeping…"
Satsu looks to Onimitsu curiously, before nodding.
"Let's get this head back to Kirigakure. We did good, nothing destroyed except a
few tables."

Onimitsu didn't QUITE catch all that happened last, since, ya know, he's really,
really, REALLY dizzy now after all that spinning around and crashing he was doing. @.@ He
DID however thankfully catch enough to realize that the heavy scent of blood in the air and
the earlier sounds of something being torn asunder meant the target was dead. Or dead-ish.
He sniffs the air (that is after crashing into the door, rebounding, then falling flat on
his back -hard-) and nods to himself. "… Too much blood loss. Defiently Dead…", Is
stated apathetically before the former chunnin relunctantly forces hiimself back to his
feet and turns back to face Satsu. "Next time, if.. there is one. Can you keep more pieces
of a target viable for study?"
Belatedly as they take off down the road, Onimitsu calls back, "Tsun-san, time to
head back!"

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