Of Samurai and Goat-Ogres - So We Meet Again...


Kenishida, Rise (emitter)

Date: May 8, 2014


Ever since being rescued by the one known as Kuroyari Kenishida, Genju the Goat-Ogre has kept an eye on the boy to try and discover how he ticks. In time he has enough with watching and challenges the boy outright; only to later join sides with him upon discovering what he sought after during an encounter with his fellow Goat-Ogre.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Of Samurai and Goat-Ogres - So We Meet Again…"

Jagged Narrow Path [Land of Lightning]

The narrow path continues up the mountain for some distance, sharp rocks and narrow paths up steep slopes, all dangerous. The distant roar of water can be heard as one of the few water flows in the area is nearby. To the west, the dangerous trail continues downwards into the distance, boulders and the side of the mountain concealing its exit.
To the north, the path continues upwards, on and on towards the distant peak of the mountain. It is not quite as dangerous as before, and is nothing more then a steep and narrow path, actually covered with dirt and not rocks.
To the east of that trail, the sound of rushing water can be heard, and faint mist is floating down the trail from that direction. It is an easy walk in that direction, it is very rare because it is level, no longer an upward climb. In that direction lies another mountain, the peak rising up just short of the on to the north.

A month has passed since the initial resurgance of the Yagi Oni. During that time Kumogakure has not stood idly by while the goat's went about making a mess of things. As a result, the business of goat meat has been booming until recently. The knowledge has been much to the relief of all but the most keen lovers of goat meat or the trading of such. That aside, with no storms on the horizon for once and no mission expected, Kenishida is free to spend the day as he wished. However, no matter how he chose to do so, the feeling of being watched would continue to follow the Kuroyari no matter where he went! A troubling start to an otherwise good morning, but perhaps not too bad. The feeling wouldn't feel malignant at all. Just weird, if anything.

Moving through the land the feeling of eyes being on him increased as he sighed and peaked over his shoulder the feeling wouldn't go away. He moved swiftly along until moving into a straight up sprint trying his best to out run the gaze until he stumbled and fell face forward onto the ground, laying there he rolled over and rested on his back only speaking to himself or so it would seem "what is this feeling…its strange however familiar at the same time?" however the case may be though it for sure a feel he believes he have felt before.

There's a moment where Kenishida might feel disappointment mixed in with the feelings of being whatched before it fades all together. Then, and without warning except a brief downpour of pebbles, the Kuroyari would find himself either running or trying to hold up a boulder falling from higher up in the cliffside! Then again, there was the option of slicing through the ten meter tall boulder all together. But does he dare?

A shady figure appears above him, blocking out the sun he would try and catch it however it failed and ultimatlly got him stuck underneath it, struggling for about 10-15min he would struggle and get his way out. "*panting* well well this was good thing I was wearing amour or else that could've killed me." Stuggling to stand he would charge up his anger and released it onto the side of the boulder it allowed it to sway slightly but nothing more. "What the rendezvous is throwing rocks!?" is asked as he stood there gazing about before shifting it back to the boulder before him. "Should've sliced it in half…"

"Why didn't he just slice through it?"
"No matter… On to phase two."
Kenishida would be given plenty of time to catch his breath and move on about his way as before without the inkling feeling of being watched again. However, at some point during his trek he would once again 'feel' it again, only this time, if he turns his attention to the steep slope along the mountainside, he'd see the small shady figure again; standing there (or perhaps crouched) as if awaiting something. Now might be his only chance to get a good look at the figure by climbing up the cliff side, but to does he he dare try? Does he dare trust the motives of his unknown adversary to be noble enough cause? Or does he look back to the most recent incident, and see nothing but a coward trying to take advantage of him again?
Regardless of the Kuroyari's choices, the figure seems patient enough to wait for the boy to make his move first…

The figure was there and that's all he needed to push himself towards the mountain by now it was nothing more then his will power that pushed him forward now as he wanted to ask the figure the tryst he do that for. As he started to climb up the mountain side it started to rain down rocks, sighing he would use his speed and skills to avoid each and every one of the rocks before reaching the top. Once reaching the top he could see a familiar looking Yagi Oni…"was it you doing all that messed up stuff to me?!"

"First of all, my name at >you<, its Genju. Gen-ju. Ya got it?!" The oversized goat counters, then turns his nose up to Kenishida. "And yeah, so, what if I did, hmm!?" Genju challenges the swordsman. "Ya think just because ya saved me that one time, that I was just gonna let your team beating up my herd slide!?" He exclaims, stomping his fore hoof for the added emphasis.

Kenishida laughed as he notice the goat from before, "Sup buddy, sure if you really want to fight we can." Stabbing his sword into the ground Kenishida would remove the sheath from his back before pointing it towards him. "Well let's see what you got and this time I promise not to hurt ya too bad." winking he would shift about before spinning the sheath around his wrist before gripping it tightly with both hands.

Genju snorts and glares heavily at Kenishida. Bad enough the swordsman bruised his ego in the past by protecting him, but to disrespect him further by not even using his sword was going a step too far! "Cocky talk from a windless bag of air!" Genju tries to make good on his words by charging forth and nail the Kuroyari in the gut with enough force to even dent the armor if it connects fully, not to mention wind the boy if it lands. As soon as he lands, the goat tries to take him off his feet by ramming him off his feet!

Genju snorts and glares heavily at Kenishida. Bad enough the swordsman bruised his ego in the past by protecting him, but to disrespect him further by not even using his sword was going a step too far! "Cocky talk from a windless bag of air!" Genju tries to make good on his words by charging forth and nail the Kuroyari in the gut with enough force to even dent the armor if it connects fully, not to mention wind the boy if it lands. As soon as he lands, the goat tries to take him off his feet by ramming him off his feet!
The ram was stopped by sure strength, the last one however was blocked with full force using nothing more then his hands "see what I mean I have gotten stronger since the last time our paths crossed." Kenishida moved forward towards to goat and struck it with a swift strike with his fist to the neck before he swung his head around attacking it with a headbutt before allowing space between the two to be granted.

The Yagi-Oni still kept on trying to force its way forward despite being thwarted twice. "Che!" He gives ground grudgingly to dodge the punch aimed for his neck, but the head butt connects all the same. Surprised by how strong the head butt was, there's a lull in combat for a second from Genju sizing Kenishida up once more. "Mnnahh! My Nanny hits harder than you!" He calls out. Then rears up on his hind legs and slams his feet into the ground. The earth trembles beneath their feet before a spray of rocks erupts beneath Kenishida's feet. Genju follows up the attack with a second column of erupting stone, then a third!

The first strikes make it through the well defend gaurd of Kenishida before he knocked away the second, lastly the third connected before he slide back wincing in pain. "Ouch ouch…fine fine I'll show you something cool" using his sheath he would dashed forward and strike with the with a swift and blinding strike hopefully it would knock the goat off balance before following up with a painfully powerful strike.

Kenishida succeeds, after a fashion, though he doesn't drop Genju outright. The Yagi-oni stubbornly stays standing on shaky legs and lets out a heated snort. "That.. was cool… but I… I got something better…" Genju stomps his feet—hooves into the ground, raising a giant column of earth behind Kenishida. Then he rushes at him. When the moment is right, he spins about and donkey kicks Kenishida into the tower, smashing him through it or the tower itself should he miss. Genju follows it up with leap sky high and try and stomp down Kenishida for good measure.

The donkey kick to the chest dented the armour as well as took the breath from him. His reflexes and strength save him from the stomp attack that follows, but the force jolts his injury, causing him to close his left eye for a moment. As it slowly opened a slight golden glow could be seen in it as he dashed forward and struck with powerful and graceful slash two of them this time they would put him down or at least Kenishida would try to. "You're good but fear not Genju-san we can spar like this any time…however from this moment on we're going to be friends forever and I hope I can count on you when I need to you know." Smirking he would stand there before the lite jolt of energy fade from his body.

Genju eyes widen for a half a second before he rebounds off the sheath and skids to a stop along the ground a few meters away. There's admiration in those eyes without a doubt, and even more so as Kenishida goes on the attack with graceful slash. Genju could tell just by the feel of the wind of each swftly evaded slash that there was plenty of power behind those strokes as well.
"Hmph! As if I need a weakling like—" He starts back heatedly, but then a cry for help interrupts him. Too curious, or perhaps even too impulsive for his own good, Genju dashes to the edge of cliff and peers back down at the trail Kenishida was originally on. A haggered looking fellow and another come running from around the bend, crying out still for help or complaining about their livelihood being ruined by mauraders.
"Guess my bros. couldn't wait till I got back." Genju scoffs.
"What's going on Genju?" Kenishida would be holding the sheath tightly before walking over to his blade sticking in the ground, picking it up he would resheath the blade off after cleaning it before shifting his weight once more towards Genju. A slight look of kindness graced his face as he peers over the edge of the cliff as well he would return the blade to its noraml resting place before he added the finishing touches to his gear. "Well besides your brother being in trouble perhaps I can be of service."
"Mnaah. You may be a sharp swordsman, but your pretty dull on the uptake." Genju points out and sweatdropped. Her snorts soon after and gives the disappearing duo from before one last look before bounding down the steep side of the cliff without the slightest of problems or ease. "I'm warning ya now, Samurai-san. Don't mess with my brothers and me, or you'll be sorry!" Genju threatens once he reaches the bottom before taking off back down the path the travelers from earlier came from. Should Kenishida manage to keep up with the Yagi-oni, he'd eventually come across one of the wider sections of the mountain trail, complete with its own wrecked cart filled with goods and two even larger Yagi-oni either sorting through the spilled goods or keeping a watch out for any new comers.

The goat was fast but then again it was a cliff side and it was a goat vs a samurai in full gear, however the dangers was serious the factor of the matter is that Kenishida really cares about Genju as he moved he made his way to the clear and notice a goat stare down. "Hey guys what's going on here?" Is asked as he shifted goat to goat until it finally rested on Genju.

All three Yagi-Oni turn to the newcomer, though its only the larger two that yell out in unision, "Begone human!" before returning their attention to Genju. "Don't tell us that THAT pathetic thing was what was holding you up all this time?" One of the larger duo asks. The other seems to laugh at the mocking tone behind it. "No! That's just some runt from Kumogakure that probably stumbled on those other you and Sanju chased off." Genju replied admantly. "Two?" The one that spoke before replies. "Don'tcha rember Shinju? There was that third one too, but you bunted him over the cliff a while ago." Shinju "mnaahs" and nods in a sagely manner. That's when someone calls out for help from over the cliff edge behind all three Yagi-Oni. Genju pays it some mind, but the other two ignore the noise.

"Whoa whoa whoa easy now," before he could get word in edge wise he was unable to notice the earth wall being built before him nor was he able to speed his way in however pulling his sword from it hilts he took a couple calming breath. Before slashing the wall straight down the center before steping through "well now that was rude of you…perhaps we can talk privately then." Smirking he would flip the blade of the sword around to the blunt side so if the goat so choses to strike he could defend and attack without killing it. "I was just trying to protect your guys cause I kinda like you guys…it'll be nice if we can work together for no more people have to be hurt you know…"
As soon as Shinji spots movement from the Samurai in the direction of the crier, the oversized goat slams his hoof in the ground, erecting an earthwall between samurai and victim. All three Yagi-oni stare in surprise at the swordsman strength. However, Sanju recovers quickly and manages to leap in front of the samurai before he can proceed to far pass where the now crumbling earth wall stood.
"Protect us? From what!? Yourself? HAH! Just cuz ya broke through a little hill, doesn't mean you stand a chance against us." Shinji nods in agreement and leaps behind Kenishida, meaning to pin the boy behind the two Yagi-Oni. Three, counting Genju, though he seems more at a loss for words than actually threatening violence.
Shaking his head the young samurai looked at their tatics before flicking his blade and using it to see behind him, "ah I see how it is…very well whenever you're ready to taste the ground please leap forward. Genju I trusted you and only tried to help…however it appears my help isn't needed…" Shaking his head he would be ready and as calm as the wind focusing all his energy in being ready to defend himself if need be.

Sanju and Shinji both laugh at Kenishida's jest. But when Shinji looks towards Genju and sees the guilty look in the younger billy's eyes, the Yagi-oni laughs even louder. "This just keeps getting better and better. Little horn Genju really did get rescued by a human, and still tries to call himself one of us?!" Shinju scoffs. "Forget him brother. First we need to deal with this uppity insect." Sanju says. Shinji grudingly concedes the point with a nod before lowering himself down and kicking at the dirt. Both brothers then charge from each side, intending to smash the samurai between their heads!

They both assulted and using both shealth and sword he firmly blocked the first one and was unable to block the second strike from behind as he tensed up slightly he spoke softly to those around him he would tap the goat in front of his with the hilt as he firmly brought the sword down onto the back of it threatning to use sure will and strength to bring that beast down so that only one of them would stand in his wake. Gripping the hilt of the blade Kenishida anger would rise "stop picking on Genju or you will face my wrath…"

It was only for a moment, but for an instance, Sanju allowed fear into his heart and retreated a step. As a result, Kenishida gets the room to he needs to not only stun the billy with a hilt strike, but force it bow painfully into the earth. "Brother!?" Shinji calls out before glaring balefully at Kenishida. The billy doesn't make the same mistake as his slowly recovering brother. Instead, Shinji tries to press further, then knock both weapon and wielder into the air with a pillar of earth from beneath. Sanju follows the attack up by leaping high, then try to smash Kenishida back into the earth with a double hoof stomp!
Crashing into the ground he would struggle to get back onto his feet, before a little blood could appear from the top of his head and drip onto the ground. Kenishida would grab the hilt of the blade tightly before shifting around and stunning the Goat once more…(I need to take their team attacks off the table or else this is going to be bad for me…and I'll be unable to protect anyone…" Sighing as he as he assult him once more with pure power before shifting and tightening his defenses… "you…"

What they lacked in brains, the brothers more than made up for it in physical prowess. Kenishida would learn this the hard way when Shinji evaded his attempt at stunning him with a nimble leap back, and Sanju followed up from behind by crushing him into the ground, grinding him under hoof. They laugh and jeer at the fallen samurai, but soon that proves not enough for Shinji. Shinji charges for the downed samurai with the intent to smash the boy's head in. A troublesome rock rising abrutply in his path causes the Yagi-oni to trip over his own legs and crash into his brother, freeing Kenishida.
While the brothers work to entangle themselves, a scowling Genju approaches with the guy who was crying for help sitting nervously on his back. He stares down at Kenishida for a short while before snorting and motioning to the brothers. "I may not like you all that much cuz you seem crazier than a snake… but I'm not gonna just let them getting away with bullying me cuz I'm a runt." The scowl softens on that note, and transforms into a righteous grin after his gaze becomes directed upon his fellow Yagi-oni.
"Now lets kick their sorry butts!!"

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