Some Disassembly Required


Ikari, Nobuo, Nobunaga, Zankuro, Isura

Date: August 27, 2014


A rogue toy-maker has decided to take it upon himself to sell the children of Konoha death traps in disguise. Whether or not it is for some greater purpose than to cause random destruction is unknown, but it is this team's job to capture the man to find out.

"Some Disassembly Required"

Konohagakure - Office within the Hokage Lookout

It is late at night when Team 12 and help is called in for their mission briefing at an office in the Hokage Lookout. As each member of the team that could make it arrive, the first thing they'd notice in the office is an older man behind a desk and…Ikari at one of the chairs mostly asleep. There's a faint snore coming from her which wakes her up, "Why'd we gotta get up this eaaarly?" She pouts some but grins at the others with a wave, "Hiya!" The man reaches up to rub at the bridge of his nose. "Ikari-chan, please be quiet and try to stay awake…I will begin the briefing when everyone takes their seats…" Once everyone has been seated he stands up and turns to look out the window.
"At oh-two hundred hours three days ago, a fireball was launched at the eastern wall of the village. No major structural damage was reported by the architects, but repairs were requested anyway to ensure the integrity of the wall. The cause? A child playing with this…" He turns and opens a drawer, putting a simple clock-work dragon toy. "The boy has been interrogated, but it is obvious that it was not his intent. That is our first reported instance of the toy maker. At oh-three hundred hours yesterday, another mishap was reported created by this device…" He retrieves another clock work toy, this one an archer with his bow drawn at the ready but without an arrow. "A little girl was attempting to offer this as a gift to a boy in her class, but when the instructor attempted to confiscate it the arrow discharged and punctured his neck. There was some poison on the tip, but nothing that the medical shinobi couldn't handle…everyone involved was brought in for interrogation and the reports all lead us to believe that the same toy maker is involved…He arrives in the village under the alias of Inori Boton…his credentials had some…irregularities to them, but nothing that brought immediate suspicion upon him…"

Why a member of Team Phoenix was being called in was beyond Nobuo, but he wasn't going to complain too much about it. The way he walked in, his hands in his pockets and the sour look on his face, said enough about his disposition on the matter. Needless to say, he wasn't overly enthused about the prospect of dealing with something so late at night, but whatever. Duty calls? Of course it just meant that Team 12 wasn't as awesome as Team Phoenix, which was an inevitable truth. He settled into a chair, and offered Ikari a brief wink, though didn't call attention to her since she'd already been scolded by the older man for not being quiet. He kind of wondered why Ikari was involved, but ok. "So it's jutsu infested toys, then? Interesting."

"How could I forget to register a team name?" Nobunaga facepalms as he arrives at the base of the Hokage's Lookout. He's gathered his team, finally having tracked down Zankuro. It is quite late but Nobunaga is used to it. Missions can come at anytime. As he works his way up the office he brainstorms for a valid code name his team could go by. He arrives shortly after Nobuo. He bows slightly after entering the office and finds a seat. Getting comfortable Nobunaga would wait for the briefing putting all team name related thoughts on hold for now.
"Oh well that's neat." Nobunaga comments looking at the dragon themed toy. 'Team Dragon Flame?' he thought for a moment. He quickly relished the thought though and refocused on the briefing. When the archer toy is mentioned Nobunaga sits up in his seat. It is becoming painfully clear of the growing threat this Inori Boton is presenting.

Zankuro has done the unthinkable. Not onloy has he managed to arrive at the appointed meeting place without causing or having come from some sort of comical incident, but also been rather calm and quiet throughout it all. An obvious sign that the end of times is near! Regardless, he is about, sticking towards the back of the group mostly, and just observing the proceedings quietly. Too quiet. Maybe he's a — "That's nutso." He murmurs.

Napping thats what Isura would be in the middle of doing before the mission requestion came in. Balled up in a tree the messenger bird would land onto his face. Freaking him out he would flail and fall from the tree quick reflexes allowed him to catch himself and landing softly with a sigh before reading the messages. He let it fly before burning it and taking off for hokage mansion.
Walking through the door he would wave to everyone inside and then he spotted Zankuro walking over to him he would extend his hand out and smile "its been awhile friend." He would for the time being stand there with crossed arms waiting to get this thing started

"Aw, do ya want me to be quiet or do ya want me awake? Cause it's one or th'other at this hour…" Ikari grumbles in protest, but after the 'you better listen to your elders' look the older man gives her she stays quiet and fights to stay awake. Her sleepy eyes turn to Zankuro out of all of the people in the room. She hadn't met this person before but she liked him! Especially his very pretty shirt, she'd have to ask him where he got them from, they'd make great pajamas for her. The man looks over the three shinobi and the student before him, "I assume that it is clear that he must be stopped. But we are afraid of the children being frightened or used as hostages if he is confronted directly…that is why Ikari-chan is here…" Ikari blinks when her part is mentioned and she leans in and waits for him to go on.
"As much as it might…pain me to say…" He shudders a moment before he shakes his head, "There are not many other children as advanced in their training at our disposal. Her age is also a factor in that very few would expect a five year old is capable of defending themselves in any way except for running away crying…we feel that it would be best if she were used in any direct confrontation with the man, perhaps acompanied by one of you posing as her parent looking to purchase one of the toys for her…your jobs are to form a plan of capturing the man with as little alarm as possible and certainly -no- innocents harmed…Escape will not be tolerated and if at all possible we would like the toys to be brought back for further study. He usually registers with the gate guards just before the academy releases the students…if there are no further questions, you all will gather there and wait for his arrival." He calmly gazes over them, waiting to see if there are any questions that need answering.

Ahh, that was why Ikari was there. Nobuo nodded his understanding of the young Akimichi's part in all of this. Indeed it was rather smart if he said so himself. "One of the others will have to act the parent part. I'm much too young for such a job," he says, glancing at the other shinobi in the group, trying to discern which one of them could even remotely fit the bill. Eventually he just shrugged and sat back in the seat. The guy showed up when the kids got out of school. He sold his little gadgets of hidden pain, and the kids took them home to play with. Well, there was one thing for certain, he didn't much care for the people he was selling his gadgets to. "I would suggest that I remain in play along his potential escape route in case he tries to run. I can grab him with a shadow to stop him if need be."

Nobunaga looks between Zankuro and Isura before sighing. "Looks like Yasuki-san couldn't make it. Figures it is a little late for him." The idea of using Ikari seemed solid. Nobunaga knows very well how advanced the Akimichi is for her age. He doesn't protest and he knows right away who will have to play the parent. "Man…I feel old." he chuckles lightly. He looks to Nobuo and nods "Oh a Nara. Yeah then that sounds like a good idea." Nobunaga turns around now and looks to Isura and Zankuro. "Did you two hear that? We want him captured AS WELL AS HIS TOYS. So…be careful with your jutsu." Nobunaga smiles and give them a thumbs up. Turning back to the man briefing them Nobunaga nods "I guess I'll pose as Ikari-chan's parent." He says winking to Ikari. "We kinda look alike." he adds.

Zankuro peers at Isura in surprise at first before accepting the handshake with a nod. "Not feel'n so moody for once, Asura-san?" He whispers as his gaze wonders back over all that have been assembled. He does a double take on Ikari. Did she just ninja sneak her way in? Nope! But he still maintains the surprised look as if she did before smiling toothily at the girl. Afterwards, its back to observation/break down mode!
"You are old, Noble-sensei." Zankuro chuckles, or starts to at least but chokes instead thanks to Nobunaga's question throwing him off. "Yeah.. gonna be a tall order there, bosh." He admits sheepishly.
"Oh ho! What time is it, gramps?" Zankuro asks abruptly.

Isura shakes his head before whispering back "nope I gotten stronger," smiling his huge smile he would shift towards Nobu and sighed. "Well the muscle of the team is here and thats all you should need. Crap we have to capture him…thats gonna be a pain in the ass but i think i can manage. I need to show you my growth from last mission." Nodding his head he would smirk as he stroke his chin thought about how hom and Zankuro were going to do this.

"Do I getta -keep- th'toy?" Ikari asks the man curiously, which gets a dull look cast on her. "No. All toys will be taken for study.You will get a -small- portion of the reward given for completing the mission with the others and written praise that will bring you closer to graduating to Genin." The Akimichi hmms in thought before she bobs her head, "Those sound just as good." She looks at Zankuro and giggles when he looks at her and grins, "Akimichi Ikari! Nice t'meetcha." Her bouncing attention is on Nobunaga next, "Hmm, yeah I could see it if ya ate as much as th'Akimichi did! Alrighty, you can be my temporary Papa." The man rolls his eyes, but goes on to answer Zankuro, "Just past 3 AM. I suggest everyone heads to bed and use the ample time to make preparations. Remember, capturing the target is priority, but you should listen to Amaro-san and be careful."
After being given a file of Bontan that includes a sketch and basic information, everyone would be set on their way out of the office and the rest of the night passes into day without incidence. Time seems to fly until it is time for everyone to gather at the marketplace. Ikari for once doesn't have the purple crosses on her cheeks, and instead of her usual attire she is actually in a bright green sun dress with her poofy red hair done in pig tails. She wanted to go the extra mile and make herself hold as little resemblence of a shinobi student in training as possible. "So you're gonna be my Papa…" She looks up at Nobunaga curiously, then over at the others, "What're th'others gonna be doin'?" While she waits on the answer she turns to look down the beginning of the street, standing on her tip toes to keep an eye out for the man.

With everything settled, Nobuo would set off from the meeting and head home to get himself some sleep. It was imperative that he be fully rested when it came time for catching this crazy toymaker. He was putting the kids in danger and that just wasn't kosher. Of course he sat up for a while, thoroughly studying the file until he knew it inside and out, upside down and sideways. Ask him a question he'll give you the correct answer. That's what you get when you deal with the Nara of Team Phoenix! When it was time to get the mission going, he stepped out of the shadows to approach the others, glancing around them briefly. "I think I'll be staying out of sight for the most part. If he makes a break for it, I'm going to try and capture him, but hopefully you two can subdue him and that won't be necessary. Don't worry if you don't see me, I'll be around."

"I'm not /that/ old. 17 is the new 12." Nobunaga states with a smirk. "I know it is Zank, but I have faith in you and Isura-san." Nobunaga then looks to Isura. He can tell their last mission had quite the impact on the Uchiha. He doesn't say anything to him and just smiles. Maybe they'll be ok this time without Yasuki…maybe. Nobunaga chuckles at the thought of him eating even half as much as an Akimichi. He bows his head respectfully "Thank you for the honor Ikari-chan. I'll be the best temporary Papa you ever had." Nobunaga comes to a stand after all that is said and done. "Ok see you guys soon." He pauses for a moment. "Oh Zankuro, Isura when you have time. Think of a cool codename for our team to go by. I'll ask Yasuki to do the same."
Arriving in the marketplace with Ikari Nobunaga also modified his attire to make himself appear to be nothing more than a humble villager out with his daughter. He still of course bore his scarf but everything else about was rather plan an inconspicuous. Nobuo had the right idea. "That's fine. Try to remain close by just in case. But out of sight is perfect." He then looks to Ikari and swallows hard once. "Well you and I will engage the target. Nobuo-san will be nearby to assist." Nobunaga sweatdrops as he prepares to voice what Isura and Zankuro will be doing. "Isura-san and Zankuro-san are to cover the escape routes and gradually close in. Given their…fiery nature I've asked them, if the moment arrives, to cut off Bontan's path. With a barrier of fire." Nobunaga shudders. "I trust they can manage that without burning down the village."

Zankuro chuckles. "Don't quite seem that way to me, man." Zankuro admits and elbows Isura in the side if he can. The rest he takes in with little more than a smirk back at Nobunaga for the age comment, a sweatdrop followed swiftly by a mental promise to pep Ikari up later, and a "Hmm" as they left given the ending note was about thinking of a team name…
Zankuro is, in a word, terrible at stealth in the traditional sense, so he chose to hide in plain sight. "Get your grill'n here! Step right up for some finely grilled assortment of every imaginable meat possible!… Wait, ever LEGAL imaginable meat possible, and all at a discount," He calls out, hawking his borrowed wares from the corner he was to cover. Supposed to cover. He's pretty sure that was the plan, right? He and Isura were to be on stand by and bur—redirect the target from key positions?
'That reminds me, where is Isura…?' Zankuro thought, as he looked about.

Mid-day Isura would just be on the roof tops walking keeping an eye out for Ikari and Nobu. He would make sure to note Zankuro position as well as his hiding spot. from it. He would have a pull of chakra to use when the time comes for his sake he wishes he doesnt have to though. The market was blooming and his sharingan would be up to check everyone chakra levels Isura was trying to stop the this thing before it has a chance to take off.

"Sounds good…" Ikari looks over at Zankuro's cover and licks her lips as her stomach rumbles. Great, she was having to suppress her clan's naturally large appetite, suddenly she would've prefered to have been paired up over there with him rather than being the kid decoy of the mission. "I think I see somebody over there…C'mon Papa, let's hurry before th'line gets too long!" She reaches up to take Nobunaga's hand and rushes up with a handful of other children who notice the toy maker's cart rolling in. He's a lanky younger man, looking to be in his earlier twenties, and he sports jovial blue eyes and a thick but well kept beard. "Now now, there's enough for everyone. Just pick out what you'd like and give me the ryo for it, remember there's only one set price of five ryo.."
Ikari bounces on both feet as she waits for the other kids, trying to look as excited as possible. Thankfully her and Nobunaga only ended up being third in line thanks to Ikari's hustle, so there won't be many toy death traps to round up after the capture is complete. The girl in front picks out a simple doll with a fancy blue lace dress and large yellow amulet. Within the amulet looks to be a seal of some sort, but it is difficult to identify precisely what it is. The boy that's next picks out a wooden snake with gleaming black eyes. Once it's Ikari and Nobunaga's turn she leans in close to see what toys are still there. "I can pick any I want right?" Botan smiles and nods, "That's right little lady…now let's see…I keep plenty of dolls with me, or perhaps something like a nice fuzzy bear would be nice for you…"

"Huh? Over wh-" and Nobunaga is dragged away by Ikari or rather is unusually strong daughter. As he and Ikari get in line Nobunaga's takes in the toy maker as well as his bundle of toys. It's a shame some of these had to be death traps. They looked rather cool and innovative. His attention gets snagged by the doll adorned with a large yellow amulet. Nobunaga notices what looks to be a seal but he can't make it out precisely. When Ikari's turn came up Nobunaga trusted Zankuro, Isura, and Nobuo to be in position. He plays along for now trying to discern more from Botan. "Any for just five ryo my my that's quite the deal. Well go ahead dear pick any you want." He looks over all the toys namely those that Botan suggested. "You have quite the collection. I don't think she'll be able to make up her mind." Nobunaga chuckles "Did you make all these yourself?" he asks.

Ikari's stomach isn't the only one that voices its desires. Zankuro was practically crying on the inside! But he was a professional (more or less), so there would be no caving in to idle desires. Yet. But one little morsel or two wouldn't be so bad now would it? As distracted as Zankuro between desire and drumbing up more business, the Sarutobi does what he can to keep an eye on the decoy teams progress. "And things just got more complicated~~" He says at first to himself after seeing two other kids pick up their gifts, but ends up singsonging near the end after his gaze belated falls on his latest customer. "What?" The kid asks. Zankuro just… sweatdrops.

Isura would moved closer to the decoy squad just because the guy was giving out toys and what not. However he too was getting hungry so he went to his pouch and pulled out jerky slipping a nice juciy piece into his mouth. "Well what do we have here?" Isura eyes would be locked on the group for the moment.

Ikari hmms to herself in thought as she looks over all over the toys and she eventually settles on what looks to be a stuffed hedgehog. "That one please." Botan would retrieve the hedgehog and offer it to Ikari before he looks at Nobunaga a little warily. "I know that some children might not be able to afford most well made toys, and knowing what it's like to grow up without a toy to your name…well it is a sad childhood…consider it my charity…I do make them myself, but it really isn't anything spectacular…" He looks down at Ikari and kneels down to her eye level, "So how old are you little lady? Why…you must be twice my age at least…" He casts his eyes around him, unable to keep his gaze on Ikari for too long.
"Noo silly! I'm five! Maybe almost five and a half!" Ikari giggles and looks up at Nobunaga. Thank y'Papa." She then hugs his legs affectionately. Botan hmms to himself but forces a smile, "Five and a half huh? And…how old are you?.." His gaze turns up to Nobunaga and his eyes take on a sharp tone that he was able to suppress when speaking to the small child.

More and more people are going in and out, and Nobuo does his best to keep on top of it all. Of course he's also trying to keep a wary eye on the toy maker. There's something distinctly different about the way the man reacts towards Nobunaga and Ikari than how he reacted with the other patrons of his portable toy shop. He doesn't stare, though, as he quietly begins storing Chakra up in preparation for having to do something. Better prepared than caught unawares, as it were. They had a job to do, and he aimed to make sure it was done properly.

"Wow. How kind of you sir. That's really thoughtful." Nobunaga says handing the man five ryo. "That does sound a bit depressing. Every kid needs a good toy." The Amaro shakes his head "Nonsense these are wonderful creations." Then Nobunaga pats Ikari on the head in response to her thanks "Anything for you." He can't help but smile a bit at the ploy he and Ikari are putting on. Her choice of toy however did concern Nobunaga a bit. 'Great…I wonder what this one does?' he thinks to himself. Nobunaga tries to keep an innocent tone when Botan inquires about his age. Nobunaga wanted say that he was only 17 but that's not father material. The sharpness of his tone is noted but it's too early to give away anything yet. "More than twice her age I can tell you that." He laughs hiding the sadness of the fact what he said was true. 'I am old.' "Are these toys…safe? I mean no small detachable pieces to choke on or anything like that right? You know kids will find away these days." He asks of Botan.

Isura would crept closer to them as it appears that they found their man. Removing his habds from his pockets he watched and waited. "Well this guy looks troublesome…urgh why?" Isura would look and signal to Zankuro before reseting himself to act at a moments notice.

Botan chuckles dryly at Nobunaga's answer, before he glances at Ikari and then the other children in the line, "I'm sorry, I'm going to be taking a small break after these two, why don't the rest of you wander around the market for a little bit until I'm ready to open again?" The kids all aw in disappointment but they all wander off to different locations. He looks back at Nobunaga, "That is…a strange question to ask…But I suppose any good parent would wonder the same. The toys I make are likely not meant for toddlers…they are the most likely to find those small bits and pieces…but as long as my customers aren't too -curious- then they will be fine…if they aren't…" He glances casually to Ikari while she's preoccupied with gently brushing the hedgehog's head and giving it a hug. "Then I suppose even I can't guarantee their safety now can I?" He makes sure to make eye contact to ensure Nobunaga understands what he's trying to imply over the child's head. There does seem to be something about him, as if he was taking Nobuo's route and focusing himself for something.
Ikari looks up at Nobunaga questioningly, trying to read him for some guidance about what to do.

Nobuo gets the sense that something is going on. With the toy maker having sent the other children away that had been waiting, which seemed highly unusual, he guessed that there was something bad about to happen. He couldn't break his cover, but he did make sure that both of his hands were unoccupied so that, at a moments notice, he was ready to spring into action with whatever handsigns he needed to use.

Nobunaga blinks once Botan states that they are the last two. His answer is also equally disturbing and cryptic. "Oh that's too bad. Hopefully you won't be too long?" He must be getting ready to make his move Nobunaga thought. Nobunaga would kneel down to Ikari and smile "Hey there that's a neat toy you got. Why don't you go show the other kids who bought toys what you have there? You guys can play together while have a nice chat with this guy." Nobunaga was implying Ikari should find the boy and girl before them who purchased a doll and spike and confiscate their toys. But then again Ikari might not get that. So he'd whisper it to her to make sure. Since Botan was making his way towards Nobuo it seems like the time has come to converge on this toy maker. He'd rise and sigh while adjusting his scarf giving Nobuo the heads-up. Nobunaga approaches Botan now "Say I didn't catch your name." Nobunaga offers a hand. "No wait. I think I've heard of you." Nobunaga smiles. "You're the same guy that sold that archer to that one kid…and that very life-like dragon to the other? That was you…right Botan-san?"

Zankuro darn near burns himself twice over just trying to rest against the grill after the sudden rush of customers. Heck, he had it in him by this point to shoo off the next one to arrive, but catches himself mid-glare. "Gomen, I'll just be in a moment kid." He says, only for the kid to glare back at him all menacingly like, sending a shiver up the Sarutobi's spine. "Shesh," He mutters underbreath as he turned about to flip the squids. His attention is only partly on his work. The rest returned to the mission at hand; such as trying to over hear the conversation. He ain't close enough to catch much without some shouting involved, but he /did/ have a bad feeling…

Ikari would lean in to listen to Nobunaga whispering to her and bobs her head. "Ok. I think they went thissa way." Ikari waddles off at a fast pace to catch up to the boy and girl. "What'd you guys get? I gotta hedge hog." She holds up the hedgehog and lets the other two kids show their toys off while she waits for a good opportunity to snatch them away. She seems to find an opportunity and grabs them both out of their hands. She starts to run for her life as the two upset children start to chase after her for their stolen toys, "I'm sorry! I'm sorry! You'll get your ryo back I promise but I need these!"
Botan on the other hand would look between Nobunaga and Nobuo since they are blocking his original escape route, "So you've heard of my work have you? It is flattering that I'm getting some recognition…do you two know what else I could be known for…? One girl electrecuted to death, a boy strangled, and a round little girl who got impaled by an innocent looking hedgehog…if you've gotten to see my pieces, you should know that there is at least one way for its owner to…carelessly activate it…but…if I so happened to…say…activate the alternate trigger…" He happens to catch Ikari running away with the toys, "Well, it seems your daughter might get the blunt of it all…might mean a little less notariety, but I'm sure it will do plenty to shake the village. Now you two could fight me, or you could let me walk away from this…you'd be free to get the toys away from the child, I wouldn't have to worry about defending myself or activating them myself…it's a win win."

So there was an alternate plan in play, eh? Nobuo turned to face the man now, watching him curiously as he did so. Perhaps his drawing his chakra in had indicated to the man that there was something off, but he'd been aware of that possibility. He also didn't like getting caught with his pants down, as it were. "An interesting offer, but I cannot accept it on the grounds that your escape would put other people in jeopardy. Not here, of course, but elsewhere to be sure." His hands were now clasped behind his back, but he had already made several hand signs as he was turning. Now his hands were just holding his focus as a long shadow stretched out, snaking its way around the people that were meandering about the area. Would the man notice it? Maybe, maybe not. Nobuo was simply hoping for the latter, and hoping to catch the man before he could activate whatever danger switch he'd implanted in those toys of his. He really hoped this worked.

Once Ikari snagged the toys Nobunaga sighs. That one parameter out the way. Seeing as Botan just revealed what the toys can do Nobunaga needed nothing else from the man except his unconditional surrender. However Ikari is moving around with a collection of death traps. That didn't sit well with Nobunaga. "I'd have to agree with my colleague here. So I have another proposition. You could just surrender? Save everyone the trouble." Once he saw Nobuo's shadow sneaking towards him, Nobunaga resolved to leave it to him and head towards Ikari. "Hey Ikari-chan! Drop the toys now!"

Zankuro doesn't see Nobou make his move, but the outcry from Nobunaga is enough of a warning to spring into action! A good thing too since the last guy was an Akimichi that cleaned him out mostly anyways, leaving poor Zankuro with some restless natives. "Excuse me! Pardon me. Wide load coming through." Zankuro says as he brushed/tumbled past passerbyers on his way to Ikari. "Don't drop'em!" During the last few feet of rushing. If he's in time — (Which he really, really, REALLY hoped) — the toys would get sealed up no questions ask and no hard feelings. Maybe. Mostly. Sort of? Either way, he is/was on the case!

Isura would just allow Zankuro to search the man the reason being while he stayed in hiding. He would stay hidden searching the area with his eyes. So far though everything would be going smoothly and he hopped to keep it that way too. If all goes as plan he would have nothing to do Isura thought. But things could stay change the mission wasnt in the books yet.

Ikari blinks when Nobunaga comes running at her, "Did we win?" She is about to drop the toys like she's told, but Zankuro rushing over to her distracts her. She offers the toys to him to let him seal them up to keep them from harming anyone. She has to turn around immediately and try to gently push back the other kids with an enlarged hand, "Sorry! Some've th'stuff this guy sells ain't safe! We'll make sure th'Hokage's office sends y'both back your ryo!" She gets the kids' names then lets them run off. She looks back at Nobunaga and over at the man's toy cart that is still full of potential danger, "So were they all dangerous?…Some've them is cute…"
Botan is far too late in noticing Nobuo's shadow creeping towards his own, and before he can make a dash for it, the shadows are melded together. He grimaces a little as he ends up getting his arms put back behind his head in a motion of surrender. "Ugh…what'd you do to me?..What's going to happen to me?"

Nobuo stands still where he is, his hands up behind his head to keep the toy makers in the same position. He is careful not to release his hold of the man just yet. "You'll be taken in and questioned, and you won't like it. Some nice people got hurt because of you. That doesn't go over well here." He glances in Isura's direction and jerks his head towards the toy maker. "Isura-san, come search him and take all of his belongings from him. Then tie him up so we can take him in. Let's get this one in the books."

Nobunaga sighs in relief when Zankuro shows up. He then looks back to Nobuo seeing that his shadow imitation was successful. "Well…it seems like we got him so I guess you did well. After you seal those up Zankuro get the ones in the cart too." Nobunaga looks to Ikari and smiles. "Good job. Continue to clear a parameter until Zankuro has all the toys sealed." Nobunaga makes his way back to Botan to check the man for the trigger he spoke of. "Good job Nobuo-san." Nobunaga would look to Isura and let him do the searching instead. Meanwhile he'd just stare at Botan "What a shame. You could've used your talents for a much better purpose. I actually kind of liked some of your toys." he shrugs "Oh well."

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