Soul of Iron - Amendments


Takeshi, Onimitsu

Date: January 23, 2012


Onimitsu desire to find out more about the Yoshimitsu's kind after being taken over at the hospital is derailed momentarily by the need to make ammends with a certian Kaguya Elder. As things turn out however, the former chuunin finds himself gaining another ally in the search.

"Soul of Iron - Amendments"

Takeshi's Dojo - Kirigakure

Kaguya Village [Kirigakure]
This area smells very strongly of blood and views of ivory, each building in this district made by the Kaguya that owns it and out of their own bone. At the far west end of the village there is one house that is double the size of any other which could presumably belong to the head of the Kaguya Clan. Among the buildings are small resturants and shops, all made of the same bone material as the other buildings, though the merchandise is not necessarily such.

Takeshi was at home, leisurely enjoying his tea in the dojo as he watched the statue in the far corner reflect the candle light around it. The home was strangely quiet, a fact that would wash over anyone who entered it. It was strange, usually it was so lively, but today it was not, there was a chill to the air. Maybe it's because everyone is gone, but it could also be because of the natural air here since the old man retired. Everyone seems to have gone on with their life, leaving him here, alone.

Onimitsu knew it was a long time comming for the continuation of his confrontation with Takeshi. Even so, he hesitated to actually go through it. Even after going so far as to 'waltz' (or sneak perhaps depending on just how unwelcome visitors to the Kaguya village were) into the Kaguya village on the hunt for Takeshi's retirement home, only to stop just short of knocking on the door or calling out to him. A sense of foreboding overtaking him for a brief instance before with a heavy sigh he turned to walk away. A scent on the air gave him pause. The tea perhaps or the candle being the source possibly?
Regardless of which, he followed them back to their source, but quickly scrambles back around the corner upon spotting Takeshi.

Takeshi sips quietly at the tea as Onimitsu walks into the dojo. He doesn't turn to meet the man because the elder seems fairly focused on the candle light near the statue. "You know. I tend to like this statue, it reflects light and is a wonderful addition to my dojo. It seems that once you quit, you realize just how many missions your family goes on without you. What brings you here Onimitsu? And don't you owe me an explanation for our little spar last time?" He isn't angry, just curious.

Onimitsu remains silent. His heart having stopped dead in its tracks just from the realization that Takeshi, despite retiring and advance age, /still/ hadn't quite lost his touch. Not that, in hindsight, he hadn't already expected as much.
Eventually, Onimitsu does find the heart to speak again, but not exactly enough courage to break from his flimsy cover just yet. "… This one wished to know how you were holding up… Ojii-sama." He chuckled nervously, shaking masked covered face weakily. "… And to apologize for that.. spar from before." He added me solenly, eyes turned up towards the sky now..

Takeshi shrugs at him as he sips at his tea, "The spar was your idea right? I might have went a little harder than I should have, but I got the feeling you would have hated me for being easy on you in that instance. Was I wrong?" There's only the sound of tea drinking before the older man continues, "I'm doing fine. Same as usual. I retired, though you probably already heard about that. It's fun, but I find myself needing a hobby. I was considering reopening this school."
Onimitsu nods at first, then sweatdrop and answered verbally, "Y-yes.. and no. To the second this one means, for hate does not come easy to me.. thus, this one appreciates your refusal to hold back." He smiles, and only now steps out past his hiding place to stare off at the statue Takeshi mentioned earlier. "… And this one is aware.. though if you are retired.. would reopening a school be really such a good idea?"

Takeshi nods at Onimitsu silently, "Of course it is. Retired doesn't mean i'm going to stop training and just fade into nothingness. I still have to keep getting better, because being retired just means that I'm the designated defender of Kirigakure. Our home is my responsibility why you all run around on your missions." He sips at the tea, "But you did say you would explain that spar."
"… This one is afraid, that running around on missions will.. no longer be his responsibility soon either." Onimtisu admitted mysteriously without averting his gaze from the statue. After a deep breath he went on to say after a nervous, half-hearted chuckle, "You are correct……. The reason behind that spar, truthfully in hindsight the /only/ one.. was to test this one's resolve against a 'controlled' odds against… Unfortunatly--" He gripped the handle of the blade at this side, unseathing it partway with a depressed sigh, "--We were interrupted.. as we will again and again until certian issues are taken care of.."

Takeshi nods silently as he finishes off his tea, "What issues Onimitsu? I've been around a long time and got to know you over the years. You've always been someone dedicated to a goal and once dedicated to that goal, someone that not even a train could stop. You've changed, your eyes seem more out of focus and it feels like your aura, your chi, is split in five directions. This is unlike you, it's like you have a desire to be five people at once to please five different people. What changed you?"
Onimitsu head whipped around to face Takeshi, suprise evident in his oddly colored eyes before he averted his gaze after listening to the rest of Takeshi's speech. A shudder passing through him soon after just from realizing just how 'on the nose' Takeshi's statement had been. "… Duty… My duty, the responsibilities of both my past and present returning requires many sacrifices.. too many perhaps.. but." He sighed heavily, shaking his head moroesly. ".. They are necessary.. for even without this one remains, but a hollow man.. at the very least through sacrifice this one can retain some purpose."

Takeshi sips at his tea, "Sacrifices? Past? Well, I guess I understand, but you shouldn't be so hard up about it. You just have to fufill all your duties. Tell me if I can help you with any of them."

Onimitsu had to incline his head into the crook of his thumb and index finger as he thought over Takeshi's words. If he were a weaker man, he might've without a doubt immediatly turned to laying thing out on the table right then and there just to feel a little more at ease with himself… but, as tired as he was of the burden on his shoulders, Onimitsu refused to cave in that far just yet.
"Information regarding Unique swords.. living swords specifically would be one way.. another is keeping an eye out for my niece.. NOT to engage, just… if you hear anything about her--" He pauses to shuffle around in his sleeves before pulling out a paper shuriken that flew with suprising accuracy and range towards Takeshi; holding all the information he would need on Kunimitsu barring possibly starting point for looking for her. "--those two would be of a great boon… other than this… If you truly intend to reopen this dojo and… should you allow for more than just your kinsman to train under you, this one would like to test his metal against you from time to time.. Only, that is, to re-affirm this one's resolve.. as well as finding weak points within thine's spirit beyond being divided… Will this suffice?"

Takeshi nods, "I can do that for you. I'll watch out for her. She's in good hands."
Then he picks up the shuriken and stuffs in a pocket before continuing, the tea cup sat silently on the ground, "Living swords? I'm afraid I don't know anything about living swords. There may be books downstairs, i'll see what I can find, but off the top of my head, if there were such a thing, it certainly wouldn't be something I'd know about or that would be presented in the open. Let me do some digging though. Odds are the Odori family has been around long enough to have something on them somewhere, even if it's just a what if situation in a book."
He stands now and turns to face Onimitsu, "I think I shall and you are always welcome here. You act like you just met me Onimitsu, why wouldn't you be welcome in my home?" He bends over to take the teacup and nods at him, "Well, you have your duties. Go attend to them and come see me whenever you like. If I hear anything, i'll send a messenger." and with that he steps down out of the dojo towards the main house.

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