Soul of Iron - The Mission


Onimitsu, Fuuta

Date: January 5, 2012


During Onimitsu recovery, Fuuta arrives to heal through his… prescence. Inexplicably awakening another soul both within and without Onimitsu. A mission for both is handed down from this otherwordly being albiet a vague one… for the time being.

"Soul of Iron - The Mission"

Kirigakure Hospital Room

"Ho-how long has he been li-like that sir?"
"Hm? Oh, Minoto my boy! What the heck are you doing here lagging about!?"
"A-ah-ah, Iwasjustcuriousaboutsensei! *deep bows!*"
"…mmHmmm… well, whatever. As you can see old oni-bakas been like that ever since he got in."
"….Wait, that would mean hes been like that for a week!?!"
Back and forth an a salt and peppered hair medic nin went at it with a dark haired student of the same art in front of Onimitsu’s ward room door. Despite the argument neither of the two disturb the object of their curiosity. The man known to all within the hospital as no other than the awkward, armor-toting, and bland samurai/ninja called Onimitsu. Still fully armored despite resting in a meditative seated stance on the only bed left in the room, with his back to the door and sword unsheathed in his lap. A sickly green aura overlaps his form, and has been unwaveringly stayed in place since his mysterious and wordless return. Any attempts prior to trying to stir the former chunnin has failed, thus the need quite possibly to try and enlist the aid of the more aggressive shin obi within the Land of Water….

"Ore Sanjou!" boom the door to the medical center is kicked open. "Today I'll be healing the hopeless today with my greatness." Yes that was the gist of why Fuuta has shown up to the hospital. He felt he should share his uplifting nature with the sickly and recovering helping them make a full recovery and replenish their hope with their greatness. After all who wants to die without having known Yoko Fuutama? The young chuunin waltzes through the hallways looking for the right patient to bless with his greatness. Fuuta oversees the back and forth outside of a ward. Fuuta inclines his head and grins "Well looks like I've found my patient in dire need." he sneaks around and enters the ward. Once in before he even identifies the patient Fuuta commences with his 'healing' "Ore Sanjou! I'm here! The great Yoko Fuutama! Fret not I'll be healing you know with my mere presence. Death will not be taking you today, so long as you keep me in your heart. Death knows its place when confronted with the great Yoko FUUUUUUUTAMA!"

The aura around Onimitsu flickered in response to Fuuta's distant present. Then once again when he managed to sneak inside. Aside from this and the sudden silence on the conversing duo just outside the ward, nothing else would happen. At least, not for a few moments more…
"Yoko, Fuuta…. Of all that these ones expected, you were not." Two unfamiliar voices echoed from Onimitsu form as the aura strength renewed. "…Even so, you'd suffice….. Tell us, what is the purpose." The voices that were yet were not Onimitsu except in undertone, asked of the chuunin without the body of the armored man even moving a muscle. Upon closer inspection should Fuuta dear to risk, it would become clear at this point that the aura was there more for just a light show, but instead was heavily concentrated in parts where both armor and wielder were damaged the most. Seemingly regenerating him…

Fuuta played dumb but he was aware of the aura and in fact cautious of it. "I know I know I'm a sight for sore eyes." he folds his arms and laughs wholeheartedly. "Well then let the healing commence." he moves over to a wall and leans on it. "So my friend….I've come to aid your recovery with my mere presence. Why for then are you in need of such charity?" that was Fuuta's way of asking Oni 'What the heck happened?' he wasn't the most delicate with words but his care was genuine he thought of Onimitsu, creepy as he was, as a friend. The first friend he's made in Kirigakure actually. -That aura….his voice. The duality of such. There's a separate entity present.- he thinks. Fuuta smiles at Onimitsu "You got in over your head eeh? Should've called me. There is no back up like Fuuta's back up." he boasts..
Onimitsu is, as before, slow to respond to Fuuta in way. But when he does it is not with any sudden form of clarity in the usual Onimitsu making its return to the surface. If anything the other voice.. voices in actuality start to become pronounced once he talks again with a harder edge, "Charity is not what we seek. Clarity only in our question.. now answer truthfully and without deflection… what is the's purpose? What does the seek ultimately as the candle of life burns slowly yet quickly away? We ask this again, we expect clarity… speak to us this truth…" The aura seems to flare up with every word spoken, then dulls again as it is concentrated once more in restoring the oni. Flesh mended and armor seemingly growing back in much the same manner…

Fuuta's eyes narrow hoping he could dance around Onimitsu's question. The young man remains silent for a bit then leans up off the wall. He wanders over to the door and peers making sure the arguing individuals outside wouldn't intrude upon them. He turns back "What an odd question. Coming from you….eh the both of you." Fuuta has a slight smirk on his face. He turns "To be inquired such a deep question why I can't help but wonder if there is an agenda hidden in that sinister aura of yours." Fuuta returns to the wall and leans on it again. "My candle doesn't burn for thee. I my motives my desires are mine and mine own. I would not question you of yours and I expect the same. Should you deduce them well then I commend you. But since such isn't likely I'm afraid I'll have to leave you with your quandary." Fuuta winks. "That by the way was the truth. A query now for your thought, either of you may answer. Have I aroused some interest or fascination from within?"

As luck would have it the duo had run off appearantly as soon as they heard the change in Onimitsu tone. An obvious warning sign to start calling in a certian old man as well as put back up on standby…
In the meantime, Onimitsu, or at least, whatever it was that seemed to be speaking through the armor-toting man chuckled a harsh, mirthlessly laugh with his head snapped back. "Still the dances like a fly in its youth around these ones words! These ones applaud the, but the be more wary…" He trails off into an awkward silence without his head moving back into standard position. "Of the partner the dances with." Is stated, and with an audible pop his head is snapped into position before being rotated around like a puppet on a string towards Fuuta. His body in turn of course shifts as well just as suddenly should the need arise to prevent the armored man froms snapping his neck. Baleful violet toned eyes stare out from the helmet..
"The has proven cunning, resourceful, and.. Hah! Boistrious!… These these one admits are what drew the's attention.. though another would've sufficed." The light in Onimitsu eye dimmed with that admission, but no would not loose their maliciousness along with it. "Now the ask something simple, and we hope the be more wary this time… why does the as seen?"

Fuuta chuckles "Well played well played I didn't give you enough credit." he sighs and rubs the back of his head "Ever heard of the Yoko clan?" he grins wickedly "Of course not. But I've said too much already. My tongue is sealed." he says making a zipping gesture across his lips. Fuuta stands straight up seemingly unbothered by the antics. He sighs "Fact is I don't like sharing too much about myself." he glances around the room. "But I'll humor you." Fuuta spins on his foot and displays himself rather majestically "What you see is what you get." he bows and turns back around. "I'm not so hard to figure out. But that's part of the fun." Fuuta's eyes glint with anticipation. "Are we having fun?" he asks with a bit of a deep tone.

If it were possible for an eye to frown, Onimitsu definetly pulled it off after listening to Yoko speak his piece. "As much as one beyond this one.. *groans*.. these ones have heard of the Manji Clan I suspect." They admitted dryly and gave a short mirthless laugh with their eye shut before reopening them to stare at Fuuta intently. "…. These one.. these one find you, a rather entertaining being… for a living one… But, still.. Your refusal to answer the true answers is.. infuriating." They stated, and with their last phrase emitted the aura around Onimitsu intisified.
"Nonetheless, the shall serve these ones purpose… that is.. should the not fear the consequences of failure."
Fuuta shrugs "It's like that sometimes. Things without a purpose just don't exist." he comments. This aura and chakra was intense. During their scuffle Fuuta did get the feeling that this Onimitsu was holding back. The young chuunin sighs as if he goes over some thought in his head. "Well now this is an interesting talk." he comments reaching into his pouch. "To think I'd be speaking with an Oni I say things just keep getting peculiar around me. But ah I never grow tired." he adds. The chuunin peers over to the actual body now. "After your purpose is done then what?"

Onimitsu eye along with the aura seem to dim after one last burst of energy is put into restoring both man and armor as one. "…Heh.."
Another flicker in the intangible cloak, then it truly did begin to fade all together. "… Perception.. Always perpection with the living… REgarDLess… WHen PUrpose fuFFIled.. reWArd foR thE ASsiSTance… FoR NoW.. WE muST ReST… FoLLow THese.. THis hoST.. In SEARCH.. seARch for.. OrGIns oF AlL thINgs… spI..SPir…" The rest of Onimitsu's words trail away as suddenly as the double tone in his voice started to become more noticeable as it fell away. Before the mysterious prescence left him completely, the armored man starts to move. First to take up the sword in his lap, also tinged all this time with the same aura, then to slowly push himself off the bed and start to step forward. A gauntled hand is raised shakily to point towards Fuuta's forehead, then is dropped abruptly as ONimitsu head went limp.
"…Uh.. uuugh….. what — *ding!* — Ah-OW!", Onimitsu cried out, unaware of the simple fact that he was wearing armor when he rapidly brought his hand up to try and rub his noggin.
The effort at least proved useful in distracting him from the floor and see Fuuta standing before him. "…Who?….. *headshakes negatively*…. Where are we?"

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