Training with the Hokage


Hashiramako, Kuroji, Kitai

Date: March 26th, 2010


Kuroji and Kitai get a little training from the Hokage.

"Training with the Hokage"

Konoha Lake

Winter, cold. Atleast…colder. The leaves were turned slightly in some spots, however other than that there is little difference than the tempature change. The cool fifties. Kitai was standing near the waters edge in the abandoned place of relaxation, Konohagakure lake. He was on vacation from the hospital for a few more days, and then he would return to duty. However, even now he still had responsibilities to do while on vacation, however they were over for the day.
Chaotic purple eyes seem to start down at his reflection in the water with a moot look on his face. There was little that seems appealing about the tone on his face, and the dark clothing he always wears does not seem to prove him to be much nicer. Hands resting at his sides he feels a strong breeze as it throws back his "Scarf" into the wind, the raggedy material seeing much confrontation it appears. Despite its look, he insists on keeping it.

Two large bags of rice rested on Hashiramako's shoulders, her arms bent at the elbows supporting the heavy bags as she walked down the path. Most of the village knew about the monks that were visiting and working on a Sand Mandala in the Academy. However, not very many were aware that they were camped at the Fishing Pond. As she walked by the lake, she did see Kitai, but respecting his time off, continued walking with the bags of rice, a gift to the monks outside the monetary donation that they were getting for the mandala.

Barefeet press against the still cold soil, wrappings only covering the ankle and heal. Though the figure doesn't seem to notice as silent foot steps hit the ground. His black long coat, wrapping around his form and the strong breeze causing it to flap behind him slightly. A small smile on his face as he nears the lake, the cool breeze against his face causing his hair to rustle. Kuroji had finished for the day, Academy Students and Genin on what would be his normal free time, then Clan Obligations on top of everything, making this a much needed and rare break for him. As he moves he slowly removes his hands out of his pockets and interlocks them behind his head, staring up at the sky.

His progress was not moving as swiftly as before with the extra taskings he had taking on, between the Academy and the team. He let out a small sigh, trying to review a few things in his head before he made it to the lake, looking between Kitai, someone he was unfamilar with and then… The Hokage carrying rice? He blinked behind his blue tinted shades, the image of the Hokage reflecting in them as he tilted his head a little bit to the right then the left. "Oro?" is all that escaped his lips, before he shook his head, looked, and confirmed it was the Hokage, His hands move down and he offers a small two fingered wave, "Greetings Hokage-Sama!" he says in his carefree relaxed tone, smiling at her, his head tilted oddly to the right.

As if staring into a lake that was slowly begining to heat up, something seems to spark in his eyes. His fists clench and a low growl escapes his lips. It was impossible to tell what was going through Kitai's mind at the moment however it was obvious it was likely nothing good. Despite the feelings within him, upon hearing someone yell out "Hokage-sama" he snaps to attention for a moment before turning to see a man in a black cloak, then the Hokage moving with bags of rice.
Kitai turns around, his finger moving to tuck down the clothe away from his neck as he watches her carry two bags of rice. "Hm….going camping?" is asked. He heard something of a rumor abou monks being in Konohagakure however he dismissed it, keeping only his facility in mind. He seems to watch her for the moment before his eyes switch to Kuroji.

Hearing someone call her name, Hashi stopped and turned, nodding her head slightly to Kuroji. "Greetings Kuroji-san." She said casually, standing there, holding the bags on her shoulders as if they weighed nothing. "How are you this afternoon? Enjoying a little time off from the Academy?" she asked with a gentle smile before lifting her head in response to Kitai. "Hmmm, camping. That would be nice. Escape from the office and the village a few days. Sadly, now is not the time for that." She stated. "I'm delivering a gift of rice to the monks staying at the fishing pond. I felt they may appreciate it." She said casually. "Enjoying your vacation? I hope it has been restful. I imagine we'll be called to action soon." She said, looking away and in the vague direction of the distant coast as if she was thinking for a moment. "Let's enjoy peace while we have it."

Kuroji tilts his head to his right then to the left and rubs his goatee slowly. "Well I really don't consider it too much as time off. I have a few students who are having a hard time with the Replacement Technqiue, so I argreed to come in early if they would and help them with it, but I have to return to the clan in not too long and take care of certain obligations, Hokage-Sama." he says with a smile, looking rather happy. "I do rather enjoy the assignment though, I like to teach the Academy Students what I can, Hokage-Sama" he says with a smile as he moves towards the Hokage, noting the other Shinobi is looking at him now, his hands slipping inside his black long coat, as he asks, "Do you need any help with those Hokage-Sama?" tilting his head a bit to the right. Kuroji was known for the most part, not for his abilities for simply being the most friendly and outgoing Aburame, which easily sets him apart from others in his clan.

Kitai listens to Hashiramako "I see. Thats rather nice of you." is said. He pauses when she asks if he is enjoying his vacation a small smirk forming on his lips, "Yes, quite a bit. But ive still duties as you know, even when on vacation. That is however to be expected. Life without paperwork would be incomplete.." he chuckles a some before a serious sets in. He closes his eyes and sighs out nodding. "Unfortunatly…that seems to be the case. However…when the time comes we will have the upper hand I believe."

Hashi nodded to Kuroji, "Well, when things slow down a bit up in the office, I'll head down and check on you and the students. I know you're doing a great service and believe me, it's appreciated. However, that doesn't tell me how your training is going. Are you still being challenged to grow or have things slowed down?" she asked, knowing how sometimes life and growth comes in spurts. She just nodded to Kitai, it was good to build good relations with strangers, something it seems many of her shinobi had forgotten of late. "I think I have the weight of this under control Kuroji-san. Thanks for offering though."

Kuroji stopped and looked up at the sky rubbing his goatee slowly, "Well, Hokage-Sama." he says slowly, the same voice he uses when he normally has done something wrong, which is playful and carefre in spirit, "You gave me the assignment of teaching the Academy Students, which I accepted, as it was a great honor to be trusted with the youth of the Village, one I take great pride in, but in regards to your announcement, you stated to work with the Students and the Genin, so I have formed, somehwhat of a, Team, you could say, I have taken Haru and Taji under my wing and have been devoting, what was alot of my free time, towards their training, thus my training has slowed down, though I attempt to make up for it when I have a chance, I still believe I am growing well, though as you stated they are the Furute of Konoha and the Land of Fire and as of right now, since things are a bit chaotic and many of the Jounin are busy, I would rather they grow
and become mission capable then myself growing to levels that I can achive later, Hokage-Sama." he says slowly with a small nod, his hands moving back and interlocking behind his head, awaiting th Hokage's response. "Perhaps I am being to selfless, in my services… but I don't want any of the youths to… well end up like Tesuro, because they felt neglected, Hokage-Same." he says, softly, a smile still on his face as he nods.

Kitai seems to still watch Kuroji, even more intently when he mentions Haru's name. He remains quiet however when he was done talking he looks to the Hokage, "I am prepared for what may come. However…polotics only gets us so far. If you wish, Ill go as a represenitive and express your wishes. You know Id much rather talk than fight." with a slight breathe out he looks to Kuroji, "I apologize for interjecting, however…While you are tasked with the Academy students and helping them grow, to not train yourself is ludicrous. You are charged with the youth of this village, and to stop your training means your skills will become dull. It is up to people like you to infact to learn new ways for them to use the techniques. And as far as the missions go, Genin need leaders. And as you said, the Jounin are busy. Indeed, that is true, we are. Which would mean you needing to lead more missions. So, that being stated…would it not bring more good to
keep in shape and improve so that you can better lead them?" is asked.

Hashi nodded, "I can understand and respect that Kajuro. Yes, Taji and the other students are the leaders of tomorrow. However, you are Konoha of today and tomorrow. We need you strong and growing as well. A teacher doesn't stop learning, just because he has students. He sets the example for his students as he teaches them. However, don't feel bad. To be honest, I don't train nearly as much as I should theoretically, as I have to care for Konoha and help it grow strong just as you do. So, yes, I can relate." She smiled.
The kage then nodded to Kitai, "You are right, however you are on vacation during this busy time." She smirked. "How are your skills holding up?" she asked, carefully setting down the bags of rice. "Let's see, can you handle something as simple as this?" she asked as she suddenly flickered behind Kitai and gave him a light push, however as she pushed him, the root of a tree rose up from the ground by his feet, threatening to trip him.

Kuroji's head fell a bit as he nodded, "I have neglected to consider that, I have been so caught up on making sure the Students and Genin where growing I have not been dedicating myself to my training, as much as I should have been, for that I apoligize." he says offering them bot a small bow, looking up at both of them, their image reflecting in his blue tinted shades as the Hokage attempts to trip the unnamed Shinobi, at that point Kuroji confirms in his mind that the other Shinobi must be atleast a Jounin. He stands back and watches, knowing that more then likely that he is not close to being on par with either of them and does not want to interfer.

Kitai listens to the Kage and nods, "Ah…my skills." he chuckles, "Well you know im not one for fighting." is offered. However when she appears behind him and pushes him forward, his eyes move down as he stumbles forward, a hand extending outward as he flips and turns mid air landing his finger pointed at Hashiramako, "Really?" is asked with a smirk. "Well then…" he forms a seal with the other hand and lightning arcs on his finger before it is sent for the Kage. He glances back to Kuroji, "Ive been waiting for several minutes to be welcomed. I suppose my title falls on deaf ears. My name is Amida Kitai, The establisher and head of Konohagakure Medical corps. Pleased to meet you, friend." he looks back to the Kage.

As the lightning arched towards her, the Kage did a quick backflip onto the lake behind her. Her hands forming through a series of seals as she stood on the water. The moisture rising up around her and then flying towards Kitai. Of course, these were just small weak balls of water, it would feel at worse like a brief heavy rain, but no lasting damage would be done. Her eyes would also spy Kuroji, just watching and she'd nod. Deciding not to leave the younger shinobi out of the fun, sent a spray of water at him as well.

Kuroji blinks realizing that in the conversation with the Kage and the correction on his training he neglected to introduce himself to the Shinobi, as he states his title, Kuroji winces slightly behind his shades, "I apoligze, Kitai-Sama, I neglected to introduce myself properly, please forgive my rudness." he says offering him a small bow, "Aburame Kuroji, Ninjutsu Instructor at the Ninja Academy." as he was coming up the spray of water came towards him and he blinked for a moment as the attack came at him, his hand moving to form seals, though the water ball hits him and knocks him back causing him to blink for a bit, a small "Oro?" escaping his lips as he looks a bit confused.

Kitai watches the ball come for him and he chuckles a bit, tilting out of the way. He looks to Kuroji, "Kuroji is it?" is asked. "I see. Well…dont just stand there. Take motivation, Abruame. You wouldnt want to deny the Hokage some fun, would you?" is asked. Kitai rolls his shoulder, shifting his headband. "Right. Lets heat things up." he runs for the Hokage and moves his hand out to let fire explode from his body in a flare. Lasting damage, indeed. However, it was the Hokage, afterall.

As Kitai raced towards her, brandishing his ball of fire, the Kage nodded, then in flurry of seals disappeared and reappeared on the shore. However, where she had been standing needles of water suddenly shot up towards the medic. As the needles flew, she glanced over at Kuroji, "Felt you could use a little training as well." She said casually, pulling a wooden needle from a pocket and throwing it at the boy. The strike would have been on target, but the needle was blunted and shouldn't peg him too hard should it hit.

Kuroji watches and was told to join in, they where using Ninjutsu and he knew his Ninjutsu, though he was not on the same level as the Kage and the Jounin, not at all, they where using fairly simple Jutsus with so much ease, he might as well be using his higher ranking Jutsus. Silently he ponders his as he raises his arms up and his swarm slowly moves from his sleeves, "Roger Kitai-Sama." he says slowly as his swarm starts to circle around him in a criss cross pattern. Then the needle flies towards him and he brings his Kikaichus up in a attempt to block the attack, however his swarm is too slow for the Kage's attacks and the blunt needle strikes him in the chest, causing him to stumble back a bit. He quickly runs through possible attacks in his head before, nodding slowly, if one was watching they would notice a influx of his swarm actually burrowing into the ground and vanishing. He brings his hand up and his Kikaichus slowly form into a small
ball which he tosses towards the Kage, it flying through the air towards her, if it was to hit, first she would feel the force of the Impact before the sudden influx of insects would attempt to bite and suck her chakra out.

Kitai watches as the Kage disappears, and just as he moves to turn he see's needles of water. Each hit on target, his chest being pricked rather well before he finds them falling and blood with them. He grunts out and flashes away towards the land, forming a seal he shoots two fire darts for Hashiramako and nods, "Thats more like it." a small grin forming on his lips.

As the bugs came, Hashi dove and rolled to the side, springing back on her feet as the fire dart sailed towards her. She leaned to the side knowing if she missed it would be narrow, but that wasn't to be her luck. The fire grazed her arm. She grimaced and went to fall into a roll, the second dart hitting her sandal. "You know Kitai, you really need to cool out." She said, forming a series of seals, thick woody vines sprang from the ground and began wrapping around him. If they managed to hold, she knew they wouldn't hold long, so with a series of seals, she created another ball of water to rise up out of the lake and poise itself over his head before suddenly, just crashing down onto him. She then looked over to Kuroji and grinned, "You're pretty good with the ninjutsu." She commented.

Kuroji nodded slowly, "Thank you Hokage-Sama." he said slowly, as he raised his hand his swarm coming back towards him, regrouping and resuming the criss cross pattern around him. No attack came at Kuroji, he figured since he had not established himself as a threat, the smile on his lips tugged, who was he to deney the Hokage some fun, slowly his hand raised and he formed another small ball of Kikaichus as tossed it towards the Hokage, though as it shot towards her, it suddenly broke apart and the swarm started to move chaoticly as if they wher confused, then suddenly the real attack would come, a group of larger Kikaichu's would shoot out of the groun, bringing up dirt and rock attempting to englulf the Kage and bite in a attempt to suck her chakra, then the earth would cave in, creating a pit trap, similar to that of a antlion, if the Kage was not able to move out of the way in time, she would fall into his trap where Kikaichu awaited her,
attempting to engulf her, to drain her chakra and keep her trapped in the trap.

Kitai looks down as she forms seals, More specifically when vines begin to grow from the ground. Its then that he flashes out of sight in a mere step, and when the ball of water comes he simply tilts his body. He looks as Kuroji begins to go crazy with the bugs, a small smirk forming on his lips. He forms seals and begins to focus chakra. He suspects the attacks that Kuroji used may be a stun in a way, however he doubts she will be caught. Once his chakra was gathered he forms seals and extends a finger. A ball of lightning forms and is shot out for her, movin around uncontrably, making it hard to track.

As the Kage stood, casually, she felt the earth begin to tremble under her feet. She glanced down, to see the little insects burrowing up under her feet. "Dang it." She said and went to leap out of the way. It was, perhaps a little too late for the initial attack, but as the ground gave way under her, she was cleared of the hole that had been created. A wry grin pulled across her lips, despite being attacked by the ball of lightning that did strike her relatively firmly as she landed. The two were working well as a team whether it was intended or not. When she landed, she breathed in deeply and nodded, deep within her, consciously willing her stamina to convert into chakra.
It only took a few moments to have enough, and then she grinned, forming the seals as she set out a link to both of her opponents. She knew holding the link would be a challenge, but that was going to be her challenge.

Kuroji mehs slightly under breath as the second attack misses, it was the Kage after all, not too much could be expected from him as he was simply a Chuunin. His hand quickly came up and brought the second half of his swarm back towards him as he called back the various larger Kikaichus back underground. He did not feel the Genjutsu link being established, as he took a step back, his mind working even faster now as he tries to come up with a new strategy, he doubts she will fall for that again, he brings his hands up and tries to forms a few seals, a sudden gust of wind would move towards the Kage, in a attempt to throw her off balance.

Kitai was also not able to tell of a Genjutsu link being made. He forms a seal and begins to focus his chakra, gathering it this time. He watches Hashiramako closely for a moment before he bursts for her, forming a seal he would block Kuroji's view of her and his hand as a strand of Dark chakra would flow out from his hand to rip chakra harmlessly from her body. He winks at her and chuckles polietly.

As Hashi continued to study her opponents, she nodded, she didn't quite convert enough chakra just yet for what she had up her sleeve. She could Kitai focusing inwardly as well. She decided to strike it out though, just to see what he would do. She watched him closely, and knew he'd soon find himself falling into absolute darkness. He would be able to hear. He would smell. He would feel the cold winter wind on his skin. However, he would not see a thing if she was indeed successful. If Kuroji would like to have some fun with Kitai, perhaps now would be the time.

Kuroji was simply looking between the Kage and the Jounin, trying to find the best plan of attack, he element of surprise was gone with his last attack and he really didn't dare go higher in jutsus since it was simply a spar. He takes a few steps back since he is being ignored and decided to focus a bit more chakra into his system, his eyes moving between the two.

Kitai was linked by the kage, and with her attack coming in, it was as if someone shut off the lights. He blinks as he begins to trace things back. When did she form the link of the Genjutsu? At which point did she influence her will on him. His teeth grit and his stance changes, and his chakra noteably becomes fluent. His legs spread and his knees bend, his palms extending out and forward as he breathes out listening to things around him. "Hashiramako-chan, you are aware what the dark does to a man such as myself, correct?" is asked. His lips form a smirk. "Kuroji…my apologies. But you've found yourself in the middle of a fun game. Do try not to get hit." its then, his hands burst into seals. Quickly after this his chakra surges to his hands and balls begin to form. Black Chakra orbs. His facial features seem to darken as his eyes close and he shoots in the general direction of where he last saw Hashiramako, bombarding the area with his quick
release technique.

Hearing the jounin's words, Hashi chuckled as she leapt out of the way of the attack. "By the way Kitai. If you hit Kuroji-san. I'll be greatly disappointed." She said, moving quickly and quietly after her words were spoken, she stopped standing still and silent as she could, She was not quite perfectly downwind from Kitai, as he may guess that. But a little to the left of it. Far enough that unless it was another massive blast, she shouldn't be hit. She did however, take a moment to work on focusing her chakra, ensuring she was ready to react if needed. She hoped to enjoy this game of cat and mouse.

Kuroji was staying out of it for the most part, but then the Jounin says to try not and get hit then the attack comes flying towards him, he brings his hands up and his swarm forms a jar around him. He looks betwen both of them, not sure what to do, so he decided to attack Kitai now, he closes his eyes before he raises his hand, hoping that he will not be expecting his attacks, the same situation as before with the Kage, suddenly Kikaichus will shoot out of the ground, bits of dirt and rock shooting up with them as they attempting to bite and drain Kitai's chakra, before the ground would give out below him, forming a pit trap similar to that of a Antlions, where hungry Kikaichus lie and wait, if he fell into it, they would attempt to engulf him and drain his chakra while trapping him.

Kitai apprently misses Hashiramako and he follows her words, "Is that so? It seems you mistrust my judgement. Im perfectly alright with harming him, however we are both quite aware that I also heal any wounds I make." is said. When he feels the ground shaking under him, becoming softer his head tilts. Was it Hashiramako or Kuroji? Either way he flips out of the way, and then flashes out of sight before landing in the middle of the pond. A soft sigh escapes him and he mutters. There were several actions he could take. But was it really worth the chakra in a simple spar?

The game of cat and mouse continued as the Kage continued to train the Jounin. He was on the lake, free from any attacks she might throw of earth or even her famed Tree jutsu that literally helped build the foundation of their village. She spied one of several large trees that was scattered on the grassy beach and walked towards it, just incase she needed the protection. As she walked, her hands formed out the seals of her water needle technique. Whether or not the jounin could feel the very faint shifts under his feet, Hashi wasn't sure, but how would he defend against it or what his next action would be.

Kuroji watching him move towards the water after simply dodging his attacks it seems with little effort, looks towards the Kage as she does her attacks. His hand moves up as the Kikaichus return back to the ground leaving the Antlion Trap, he takes a few steps back and takes up a defensive posture, looking between the two, waiting for now, to see what happens next. As the Kade does a simple attack, he decided perhaps it would be a good time to switch from his Insects back to wind, he forms a few quick hand seals, and attempts to attack both the Kage and the Jounin, with a large gust of wind in hopes of throwing them both off balance.

Kitai was…in a dark hole. A dark hole which he could not climb out of. Panic began to insue the young Jounin, and his body is struck with needles and then hit with a wave of wind causing him to become unbalanced and unable to move for the moment. Through it all, his seal began to flicker red on and off slowly as his breathing began to pick up.
Kitai breathed in quite a bit of air before he released it and his mind began to turn. He made a promise to use his seal only in dire situations, but it slowly began to overcome him as in the past. Growling out in frustration he nods, "As you wish then." is said with a grunt.
There was little to do, other than increase his ability to sense out the Hokage and the Chuunin. Being as it now seemed to be two versus one, he would make sure to keep on par with them both. First the water around him ripples, and then a dark chakra begins to seep up around his figure as his seal begins to unravel and trail up and down his arm. His hair detorts and changes to the color of black ash, his gloves being removed and stuffed into his pockets show that his nails grow into long claws, a loud growl escaping his mouth as he looks up to the sky, as if a wolf howling at the moon the darkness drives his, his teeth forming into fangs long enough to nearly portrude from his mouth. His eyes begin to dye a black, the chakra seeping into them as his pupils turn into slits colored a yellowish gold. Lastly he hunches over and brings his hands into an X motion before tossing them out as huge waves of water are shot out from the dark chakra caused by
his transformation. In a tensed savage voice he begins to walk to the shore, "Come out and play, little mice.."

As Hashi watched the Jounin on the water, she felt a slight shift in the air. She glanced her eyes towards Kuroji as a tree rose up from the ground between her and the boy. The Kage smirked a moment, before her eyes narrowed, the look was a warning, to be careful. She knew there were many in the village when they reached down within depths of themselves often came out stronger than she could muster. It wasn't her desire to injure the jounin either. She joined her hands together in a series of seals, the trees around the lake seeming to turn towards Kitai before suddenly shooting out sharp needles of wood at him.

Kuroji decided that it was time to step out, he called back his swarm as he extended his arms. It had been a challenging spar and he had to go alot harder and deeper then the other two, though he did not feel personally that he performed well, despite Kitai's note on his Ninjutsu. He took a few steps back to allow his body to settle as he watched the end between the Jounin and the Kage, it seemed like it was getting a bit out of his league. His hand moved up and rubbed his goatee slowly as he watched, the Kage's attacks reflecting in his blue tinted shades as the cool breeze caused his black long coat to rusle slightly.

Kitai continues to walk, he moves out of the way of the second senbon, as he was flashing with each step, however the first hit him in the shoulder causing him to simply be stabbed in the shoulder. He laughs loudly shaking his head. There was a sigh after that and he forces his seal back in place, quickly retoring to his normal form. "Hokage-sama, while im enjoying know full well of my situation. Being as there are monks close by, and a Chuunin the area..perhaps we can continue this somewhere else at a later date. Id much rather, keep myself in control, than not. If you would please release me from the Genjutsu. As always, you've won." is said aloud. It was the first time, in a very long time he was unable to break out of a genjutsu. "You know…I can break out of even Jounin Uchiha's genjutsu…but yours has certainly trumped me here."

Hashi watched as Kuroji backed down and nodded, "You did very well." She stated, "You managed to hit me once at least." She grinned widely. She then looked over to Kitai and nodded, the lights slowly coming back on for him. "Don't feel so threatened. You did very well. However, did you see anything you needed to work on?" she asked, lifting an eyebrow. She knew, deep down, she was not the strongest ninja in the village. However, she had some pretty unique skills and those skills combined tended to put the tide into her favor. She used all her jutsu styles, together to pull out the max potential. "Yes, we have monks. Thanks for reminding me. I still need to deliver this rice. Thank you for the work out, I rarely get a chance to stretch like that." She said with a smile, turning towards the discarded bags of rice.

Kuroji simply offered both the Kage and Kitai a small bow, "It was a pleasure Hokage-Sama and Kitai-Sama." he says slowly before offering them both a bit of a thumbs up. A smile still of his face as he stretches a little bit. He smiles softly as the wind runs across his face, tilting his head up towards the sky as he brings his hands up and interlocks his fingers behind his head, "However, I also need to be going, need to go check on the Genin and get ready to teach my class in the morning." he says softly with a smile, as he throws a quick two fingered wave and smiles, "Be Well Hokage-Sama and Kitai-Sama, hope to see you both soon." is all he says as he turns, his voice as cheerfyl and carefree as ever, the smile still on his face.

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