Spare Time - Hunting in the Blood Marsh


Aoitsuke, Tsiro

Date: July 24, 2012


Aoi learns what Tsiro does in his spare time. This hunt ends up a little different than normal.

"Spare Time - Hunting in the Blood Marsh"

Blood Marsh

Blood Marsh - Within the Mists [Kirigakure]
A forboding soupy mist tinted with a light red hue surrounds the outskirts of the Blood Marsh, clinging exasperatingly close and rising a few feet above ground level; masking the sucking mud and moss covered marsh floor, tall reeds grow almost chokingly amidst cryptomeria japonica cypress trees..the ground seems to slant torwards deeper into the marsh, giving way to the rancid algae covered swampwater surrounding sparse tree knobs poking out of the murky water. On many of the trees claw marks can be seen; from someone or something, aswell as tiny blood red mushrooms that only seem to grow on one side. The canopy created by the cypress trees creates a darkened shade over the entire area, sunlight unable to shine through. Strange wildlife can be heard throughout the area, the squaking of large birds and even the occasional deathscream of some unlucky creature are not uncommon.
The mist of the Blood Marsh is thick today. The red hue seems to taint every shadow that can be seen. In the distance there are the sounds of a few birds chirping. That is until the noise is cut off by the sound of a large snap. Then the marsh draws silent and nothing can be heard. It is so quiet that you could hear a pin drop.
The shadow figure of Tsiro can be seen walking on a branch. Eventually he emerges from the mist and looks around. "One of those birds must have thought they were safe in the trees. Sounds almost like a snake got em." He then turns around to look back at someone else. "You know, you really did not strike me as the hunting type…"

"I prefer to have my food delivered to me, but hunting people, now thats a different story," Aoi was close behind Tsiro, nested along one of the branches while her chakra poured down into her feet. She was keeping herself quiet, mostly just curious as to what Tsiro did in his spare time , hunting beasts wasn't her thing but of coruse she was dealing with a Kaguya, not the most elegant of people though sometimes they were.

"Sometimes its good to learn something new…" Despite the hunting trip Aoi was still dressed elegantly though wearing a blood silk kimono to camo with the enviorment.
Tsiro nodded his head. He had figured that curosity got the best of her. "Fair enough." The boy then glanced about the area. He was looking for signs. "There you go Aoi. You see that mark on the tree?" he asked. He also pointed to a bald spot where the bark had been scraped off. "Thats something with claws. From the height, I would have to say its a bear. Not sure what its doing in the Marsh. I think we will go after it." The boy then knelt down on the log he was standing on. "Hunting in the marsh takes some skill. Mud makes for easy prints, but if there is a lot of water, it can cover them or fill them in as well."

"We can also walk on top of it if need be right?" Aoi asked with a slightly arched eyebrow, though takign a glance at the markings why a bear would be hanging out in the marsh was beyond here, it wasn't the best place to get fresh food, maybe even mauled by an alligator. " What do you do with the animal once you capture it. Kill it? Or Simply leave it be? And also what sort of techniques? It seems like it might be a little cheating if I was to smash this marsh witha tons of tons of water," She smirked faintly at that comment, being a shinobi certainly made things a whole lot easier… They were the few amongst the many.
Tsiro laughed as he was asked the type of techniques. "I think for this one, ranged techniques. I am pretty sure it is sick to be this far out in the marsh. Every so often they make their way lightly into the marsh after prey and then leave." He then points to a couple of branches that have been snapped and lie on the ground. "Yeah. I think it fell over there. It was either bit by a venomous snake or its diseased. I'll use ranged techniques on it and then burn the body. The last thing we need is the marsh getting some kind of epidemic among all the massive beasts out here."
The boy moves slowly in the direction where the broken branches are and then past them. He continues to look for more signs. "Normally I use hand to hand techniques. I have killed a few pythons and a gator before. Nothing like the thrill of battle with a massive creature, yourself and a bone dagger."

"I suppose that is true…The challenge is what makes a hunt a hunt," Or at least Aoitsuki assumed, though as they moved along slowly, Aoi simply paid attention to the surroundings and just what it was Tsiro was trying to show her, sickness and diease, burning the bodies… it seemed like the sport was about hunting the animal in general regardless of the cicumstances. " Did you play tag a lot when you were yougner? Tsiro-kun?" Aoi couldn't help but to ask, just a little curious on just what this hobby may have sprung from. " Burning it would be for the beast… especially if venom or poison is involved.
Tsiro shook his head. "I was rather violent in school. Those kids that I could catch ended up bruised. The ones that I could not catch got lucky. Most did not want to interact with me much less play tag." He sighed a bit as he figured where she was heading with the line of questioning. "As I got older I realized most Kaguya were glorified animals. Animals that could talk but not do much more than fight. I spent a lot of time out in the wilderness. Guess if your going to be an animal, might as well learn how they behave, you know?" He then stopped. "The bear is close." he stated as he pointed to a ripped apart fish. It looked recently killed. "Luckily when that dropped, it landed on the plant. We never would have seen that in the water."

"I see… Well i spent most of my childhood traveling the lands, I never really got a chance to play with others, though I'm still greatful for that," Pausing briefly she tilted her head to the side at the ripped apart fish, bitting her lower lip and finally looking onwards, focusing on the task at hand, surprisingly enough Aoi kept herself quiet, slipped back closely behind Tsiro to not draw too much attention. " So we know its close by but what will be your move…Will you setup traps? or will you tackle this beast head on…?"
Tsiro points to a tree. "Move up there. I will move to the other side. Then when we are both in place, continue to hit it with needles until it drops. Just remember, do not get too close or it might be able to attack and infect you. Also, once we start making noise, be careful of the other creatures around here. If the bigger ones hear the commotion, they may come looking if they are hungry." the boy states before walking up a limb and moving into place. He crouches on the limb as he spots the creature.
The bear itself seems to be resting against a tree although every now and again it swings its clawed paw at the air. Its almost like its trying to swing at an illusion or some form of genjutsu…

Aoitsuki nodded to his comment, keeping her eyes on the bear from afar as she moved p along the tree, she kept a high position and evne the chakra about her form began to pool and manipulate, the wind picked up showing that she was begining to focus on her manipulation. " Water began to pull up into needle like substances, and finally crystalizing into Ice, whatever tsiro was to give the signal she would be ready, pelting the Bear with ice shards to send it stumble down in a fit of rage… And with the high guard it was going to be difficult to catch her.

Tsiro nodded his head once Aoi was in position. Then he gave the signal. It only took a bone shards from himself and an ice needle or two from her to drop the bear. These two after all were trained shinobi. The bear never stood a chance, especially being messed up with the sickness or venom. "Stay here." Tsiro states to Aoi before dropping from the limb. He pulls out a match and proceeds to set the bear's fur on fire. After a few moments the body is blazing up nicely. "Alright, lets get out of here." he states to Aoi."

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