Spare Time - Ninja in the Shadows



Date: August 1, 2012


Aburei indulges in his "second profession".

"Spare Time - Ninja in the Shadows"

A rural village

Aburei watches while his small patient chokes down his bitter concoction. "Go on, you can do it. You'll feel a lot better once it's all gone."

The boy tips the last of the brew into his mouth and screws up his face, then finally manages to swallow. "Bleh! That was nasty!" >.<

Aburei chuckles and hands the boy some water to wash it down. "The yuckier the medicine, the better the cure, they say." Being a trained medic, Aburei knows better than to think that's strictly true, but the kid doesn't need a lecture on herbology. Aburei glances back at the door of the bedroom. "You can stop peeking and come in now." ;)

The door slides open and a troupe of village kids tumble in. "Hey, we missed ya Mori-kun!" "You gotta get better soon so we can play with a full team!" "Medic-san, how soon can Mori-chan come out?" "He isn't gonna die is he?" :o

Aburei laughs. "He'll be fine in a day or two. He just needs rest and a few smiles. Any ideas for helping him out?"

Aburei is bowled backward slightly by the unanimously shouted response. "SING!" :D

Aburei tips back forward. "Okay, okay. Let's see…ah, I don't think I've done this one for you guys yet." Aburei scrunches his face into an impression of a grizzled outlaw and leers comically at his audience, then growls out his song.

If yew become a robber, or a crook of any sort,
It don't matter if your home is well-protected as a fort,
Late at night ye'll get a feelin', an' it chills ye to the bone,
'Cos a ninja's in the shadders when y'think that ye're alone.

Yew kin tell yerself yew ain't afraid, ye laugh at danger dread,
An' search yer room, an' then decide that it was in yer head.
It nivver does ye any good, 'cos deep inside ye know
That a ninja's in the shadders an' he ain't about to go.

Ye'll nivver get a wink o' sleep, ye'll pace about yer room,
Ye'll curse the day when yew were born, sink deeper inta gloom,
It's a torture o' the conscience, it'll haunt ye 'till yer death,
When a ninja's in the shadders come steal away yer breath.

Go to the guards, confess yer deed, and do yer penance now,
T'live an outlaw is a thing yer conscience won't allow,
But if ye give up what ye stole, an' promise crime to cease,
Then the ninja in the shadders goes away and gives yer peace.

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