Spare Time - Turning Monk


Naru, Ryo

Date: July 24, 2012


Naru learns that Ryo cares for a Bonsai Tree in his spare time. She also gets her birthday gift.

"Spare Time - Turning Monk"

Ryo's House

Uchiha Village [Konohagakure]
The respected members of the Uchiha Clan can all be seen within this section of the village. This strong bloodline reside in simple apartments and small houses like most of the village but tend to stay in the same location. Members walking around in this narrow path of the village are mostly of the Uchiha descent but it is not unusual to find a member from another clan wandering around. Although not private, Uchiha devote most of their private time here. This section contains a few grocery shops, a weapon shop and news stands. Further along pathways lead to a small forested area and a pond.
Since most of the village police consist of Uchiha members it is really common to see groups of police officers wandering around in the streets to and from the entrance. Children running around can do so in peace under the watchful eyes of their elders. The houses are somewhat more modern then the majority of the village on the outside displaying the wealth of members of this clan.

It is fairly early in the morning across the Village Hidden in the leaves. Like usual most people are not out. There is a certain quiet across the village. Even the training grounds seem vacant of at least one daily inhabitant. Thats because Ryo is at home today. The boy is dressed in his usual attire and sitting at a counter with… with a plant.
He seems to be arranging items around a growing bonzai tree. First he places a large upright rock just under the green portion of the tree. Then he moves it to the side. Finally he takes the rock out and places it on the counter. He then takes a few tiny stone tiles and places them into the ground beneath the tree. He then looks at it for a moment or too as if trying to find perfection.

Naru soon enough came knocking on Ryo's door, his parents answered and ushered her the way to where Ryo was, she didn't look the same, perhaps a little taller, long locks of hair, jewelry and adorned in a long black and red battle dress, her eyes also carried the sharingan, the soft pale tone that Hinotori was known for walking around with, she seemed to be a little more mature, at least in how she carried herself. "Ryo-kun?" Naru asked for him quietly attempting to slightly pull his attention without much distraction, she stayed away at the door way, curious abut just what he may have been doing with the small tree. She smiled a little bit, interesting to see that when it came to the both of them , training wasn't necessarily everything.
Ryo turned away from his tree as he heard his name. "Hey Naru. How's it going?" he asked. He then glanced back towards his Bonzai tree. He figured she might want some form of explanation. "My father picked the tree up for me a while back. It provides me a form of focused meditation. You know the type where you are calm and elsewhere but still doing something… It's different."
The boy then moves from his seat. "Come take a look." He then glances over the new attire. He was not sure what to think of it. It seemed darker. Maybe it was just a fashion choice the boy told himself. He did not want to read too much into it.

" I thought the rumors were just a joke but it really doesn seem like you are a monk, Ryo-kun," Naru teased him lightly, though she took a closer look at the banzai tree, she wasn't exactly sure what she was taking a look at, she took a seat and peered at it, even her eyes could tell a clue of what was going on, " I never understood how this works, I've seen a few of these trees but im guessing you don't plant them into the ground and let them grow?" She tilted her head to the side, " What am I suppose to do now hmm? You want to guide me through this? Just a little bit?"
There is a small chuckle from the boy as she mentioned him really being a monk. "I find in life if all I do are chaotic actions, then I lose sight of my humanity. While I am not as dedicated as a monk, I do believe it could be a noble proffession." Of course it was not the worst thing the boy had ever been called. There were twin girls in Sunagakure that once mistook him for an extremely old man. In their defense, he was wearing a hood.
"Sure, I will take you over the concepts of the Banzai Tree. While there are many different meanings, the one I find most interesting is that the tree is a symbol of life. More specifically my life." Ryo takes his finger and points over the trunk of the tree. "There are no blemishes to the base of the tree. That means that I come from a strong foundation." He then moves his hand up the tree. "The sprouts have been pruned off. This helps the tree grow larger but also means I have no children."

"No kids? Didn't you mention that you wished to have a family of your own to protect one day?" She arched an eyebrow at Ryo, a little confused as to the meaning of his tree, though it seemed interesting at the least, " What about me? I understand a little of what you mean but I really have no idea where to start when it comes to cutting one myself, hmm or do you already have one of me?" She asked him, being more curious as her eyes shifted to that bald head of his. " You know the monk thing wouldn't be so much as an issue if you sprouted a hair or three," though she smiled, after all she wasn't really insulting him.

"One day a family would be nice, but this is current. Not what I hope for. I suppose I could have let if branch off per friend but most trees only have one or two branch offs. It seemed more fit for children." He then glanced around at the little area. "I do not have one for you, but I can pick you up one the next time I see one that fits. You should know though they do take a good deal of work. You never really plant them, but repot them as they get larger. The area around the Banzai must be taken care of too. It is like setting a scene. Some put rocks in to signify mountains or water to signify ponds and streams. I have even seen some that put little people in. The only problem is that if you cannot care for it someone else should. A dead Banzai tree is bad karma."

"Bad Karma hmm?" It mad sense, at least in a superficial sense, but even then, things as of lately had been unreal, and in a world where one could blow fire from their bowels, perhaps things wasn't so off, " I wouldn't have the time then, though perhaps you could help me if i evr decide t oget a banzai tree, but you know me, I prefer playing the flute to pass my time if i need to,"it was then she reached back, pulling out a long black wooden hinge case, after she had opened it she reveals a long sparkling pure silver flute, it was rather majestic looking, it wasn't even used here. "I got this for my birthday, a few days ago, and i haven't been able to even play it just yet.."
Ryo nodded his head as Naru talked about not having time. A light flicked on in the boy's head as she mentioned her birthday and showed the new flute. "That does remind me. I did get you something. Wait here and I will go get it." Then without wasting time, the boy hurried towards the door and moved into his home.
Only a few minutes later Ryo returned. He was smiling as he looked at Naru. "I am never really sure what to get girls. Swords are shiny and can even be pretty but they seem to be a boy thing. So I got you a compromise." Ryo then pulled a small box out from his pocket. It was no bigger then a long jewelry box. He then put it down on the table beside her.
When she opened it, she would find a hair piece in the form of a dragon with emerald eyes. When the head was pulled out, it revealed turned a small, delicate dagger hidden within the body.
"I sure hope no one has gotten you one of these yet." Ryo stated.

Naru beamed brightly as she looked at Ryo, as she opened the present and fiddled around with it for the moment, she smirked a little bit and grinned at him. " Beautiful and resourceful, do you know me that well now, Ryo-kun?" Her smiled was genuine, and soon she simply woven the hair peice within her hair, she smiled at Ryo and placed a hand on his shoulder. "Despite all that we have been through, I still… I'm not sure how to explain this…" She grinned for a moment and simply leaned in, if he wasn't too cautious around her she planned a light kiss against the bald Uchiha's forehead. " You are sweet, when you want to be," With that she turned her attention back to the Banzai tree, making sure to dispell any kind of oddness. " Thanks, Ryo-kun,"
Ryo nodded his head and did not really blush when kissed on the forehead. "Your welcome. I know we have our differences, but it does not mean I do not care about you. I think thats why we frustrate each other so much. Besides, I would rather get you something like that and know that you were able to use it to be safe than to get you a plant and know it does not help you when your out there." The boy then placed the rock next to the tree. "I am thinking on the next one, I will put a pond in. What do you think?"

"Right I agree with you, which is way I tend to be rather hard on you sometimes… But i just want you to know that I respect you… i still do," She smiled at him while turning back to the banzai tree, arching an eyebrow briefly as she thought quietly about the manner. " Hmm A river, though this is somewhat a reflection of yourself right? Why not add the mountain? It can be protective and strong, guards the tree from the intense sunlight, and offers light all the same… Or at least thats what I'm thinking…?"

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