Sparring Sickness


Abel, Taji, Tsukiko, Midoru

Date: October 16, 2010


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"Sparring Sickness"

Land of Fire: The Waterfall

Abel would be sitting on the edge of working on his breathing as it seem that it use to get the better of him until bubbles started to rise from the water and he would be attacked by another Abel dodging the first punch but taking the knee to the stomach he would be knocked back for a moment until he would attack with an upper cut. Having it blocked he would take a powerful punch to the face and slide back take a stance his clone would do the same as their eyes where locked on one another. "Tsk..your better then you was yesterday.."

Taji approaches the waterfall pool with his normal backpack and… a second bag in hand. He pauses as he spies Abel here. A momentary frown crosses his lips then he shrugs and waves, "Hey, Abel-san!" He gestures as he approaches, not wanting to startle a potentially combative ninja training. Bad idea, that, startling ninja and all.

Just as he was getting ready to block the attack he would hear his name and look towards Taji he would take the punch to the face which knocks him to the ground. With his clone looking on he would laugh as he started to stand, holding his jaw he would wave to Taji to join him. "Oh hey Taji what brings you here?" is asked as he cracked his neck and looked at his clone. "Nice punch." Abel clone would nods as he looked at Taji as well.

Taji shrugs and drops the second bag then unslings his pack and puts it on top of the smaller bag. "Not much. Wasn't expecting to see you out here. You… training then?" He asks as he eyes the pair of Abel's here. "You really shouldn't punch yourself that hard, um, you'll both feel it in the end, right?"

Shaking his head he would look at Taji and laugh, "Na the real one feels everything…that sucks in the long run of training but in the end I learn twice as much and twice as fast…Besides its nothing to what Kirin and Hiroshi do to me in our spar." Showing Taji two scars he got on his leg from his spar with Kirin and then showed his a hand print that he got from Hiroshi from the last time they spared on his chest, laughing he would look at you and place his hands into his pocket. "Um..would you like to join me in a spar?" is asked as he kicked up a rock and using the same leg and speed skipped it across the water.

Taji blings, eyes going wide, "What the hell?!" He stammers out, "Sparring isn't supposed to be life or death. What the hell is wrong with people in this village!?" He says, clearly aggitated, "You aren't supposed to be trying to kill your friends. You aren't supposed to be throwing things around that could leave someone unable to walk, in a /spar/." He says going a bit pale, "What will it take, us being attacked while half our nin are in the hospital after /spars/ before they take this seriously?"

Abel would be brought to tears dude to none stop laughing at the way Taji reacted he would look at him for a moment before stopping and trying to talk. "When I spar I go all out and I told Hiroshi and Kirin not to hold back on me because I'm a kick and so they don't…well Hiroshi still do because he's my teacher and all." Shaking his head he would place his hands into his pocket and just smile. "Well would you like to join me in a spar?" is asked as he stood there and tapped his foot onto the ground, his clone would be looking at Taji as well and doing the same thing that Abel is.

Taji looks like he's about had it, "No, I would not. I'm tired of this. I'm tired of everyone trying to beat the crap out of everyone else just to make themselves stronger. How much stronger can you be when you're nursing a broken arm? Or if someone takes our leg off at the knee? When will a gentle spar end up as a full out blood bath? Not long I would guess. I'm surprised it hasn't happened already." He shakes his head, "You go on and fight yourself all you want, I won't stop you but I'm not about to spar, not with real attacks."

"Alright…how about this, we spar this time by your rules and then next time by mine." is said as he smile and his clone would walk up and put his arm around you and asked again. "Sparring with that ass hole besides you isn't fun when he's winning the fight." The clone would laugh and point to Abels face. "That's it despell!" is said as he brought the clone back to him. "Listen Taji I'm sorry for the way I train but its the best way I learn you may learn another way and I would love to see how that is."

Taji shakes his head, "I'll show you how I train, but I'm not going to spar with you with 'your rules'. Not even if you spar with me by mine first." He points out, "So either a spar using only spar techniques, or… I show you how I train." He says firmly, "But that's it. You may learn by beating the stuffing out of each other but I won't do it."

"Tsk…fine." is said as he stood there and smirked he would look at Taji with narrowed eye trying to see what he would do next. "This should be tai is getting a little rusty." Abel would smile at the thought of the pending spar would take over him. "Start when ever you want to Taji. Tapping his feet onto the grouund with his toes point down to get ready for what's to come.

Tsukiko calls down from the tree she is standing in. "Thats what I've been telling him for ages." She leaps out from the tree and slowly, gracefully drifts to the ground, falling no faster than a feather. She steps forward and bows a greeting to each of you, "would you mind if I participate as well, Taji?"

Taji peers up, only to see Tsukiko, "Ah, well, do you want to fight /me/ as well? Is this a free for all or… two on one?" He asks, looking a bit worried, "I would rather not fight two at once, even if it is limited to spar techniques." He admits, "But otherwise I'm happy if you would like to train with us." He offers to the girl, taking a small step back from Abel as he does so. He glances over to see what Abel's reaction is to Tsukiko's arrival.

"Tsukiko nice to see you again…Later time I seen you was at the Ramen shop about a day ago." Abel would place his hands on his head as he thought about it for a moment. "Sure a free for all." Abel would smirk as he thought about how much fun this would be he would walk down and yawn as he looked at Tsukiko and then Taji. "Alright let's go." Abel would ready himself for anything since it was normal skills and all he thought it best to have as much fun as he can.

Tsukiko rolls her eyes, "no. not free for all. I didn't intend this to be a combat. I was wanting to see how you trained to see what I could learn from it. Not all training has to be punching someone in the face."

Looking relieved, Taji nods to Tsukiko, "Very well, I can show you, and Abel both." He says as he reaches back to his bag, the one under the normal pack and pulls out… a sand filled outline of a torso, covered in cloth. There are spots on the torso and a rope hanging from where the neck would be. "I, personally, tie this up to a tree branch, and then aim for the various target spots. My jutsu requires accurate strikes, and this lets me focus on the exact spot to hit." He explains, "And since it is from a rope, it swings and makes it harder to strike."

Sticking out his tounge at Tsukiko he would laugh as he stood there and pointed at Taji, "He thought that too!" Abel would shrug as he waited for Taji to start the spar between then too. (No fire style ninjutsu) Abel would think back on a could of things he have seen Hiroshi do in his spars, just then he would notice Taji getting something he would smirk "well my style of jutsu requires me to burn things to the core so requires very little aim but a lot of control." Abel would would pull out some kunais as he spinned one on his index finger. "But I have been know to hit a target."

Tsukiko looks to Abel, "you know, a good excercise for you would be to have three targets and damge the one on the left and the right without damaging the one in the middle when you make your attack." She looks at the training dummy, "a little like the targets at the training field. I usually try to hit them while I'm moving full speed." She examines the target to see how small the target spots really are.

The target spots are little concentric circles. It seems like the aim is to hit the very center, a small target indeed. Taji watches Tsukiko's reaction then looks back to Abel, "And what if what you are fighting is unburnable? Then what would you do? Run away?" He asks, frowning, "Don't put all your skills in one basket. You need to know a range of things. You can't always just burn things into oblivion." He notes as he sets aside the practice dummy, "But if you want to spar, I will spar, as long as we limit it to sparring techniques, right? Tsukiko can either watch, or help, or… I don't know. What do you want to do, Tsukiko-san?" He asks, looking in her direction.

Midoru enters the area, the 6'10 man striding easily through the cleared area around the waterfall and it's surrounding pool. His form was easily seen and wholly blatant, the metal covering his body throwing sun-born glints about, almost sneering at any attempt at stealth. Mhaldor's hilt was dark, a counterpoint to the gleam, sticking up over his shoulder.
The giant's took a full breath through his nose, deep chest stretching as air found a place in his lungs, his platinum hair hissing as it slid across his breastplate. He took in the scene before him as he approached.

Abel face would crap up as he hear the words run away, "The day I run from a fight is the day I give up the last name Uchiha." Abel would take the kunai and throws it was it comes close it would miss the target. Abel would smirk as he stood there and thought about it for a moment. "Got it." This time he would throw two of them and as the first one woudl go way off the second one would arc in and hit it into the target but it didn't stick. "Tsk." He would crack his neck as he pulled out a fumma Shuriken. "I can get it this time…Wait you wanna spar?" is asked as he smirked and placed the fumma shuriken onto the ground. "Let's go." Just then he would be cut off at the sight of Midoru. "who are you?" is asked as he placed his hands into his pocket to make it seems like he dropped his guard.

Tsukiko looks up to Midoru and bows a polite greeting to him, "Midoru sama. we were just speaking of training methods." She looks to Abel and shakes her head, "Calm down, he is an ally of the village. He's been teaching me and I've been teaching his troops."

Taji waves to Midoru, "Hello, just talking about training…. what Tsukiko-san said." He trails off, "Anyway, I was trying to convince Abel-san that we didnt' have to spar to practice, and that you don't have to go all out to hurt someone to learn things." He explains. "Because then you just raise the chance of getting hurt, badly."

Midoru's eyes flicker towards Abel and he inclines his head, seemingly unperturbed by his apparent hostility. "I am Souzen Midoru," he answered smoothly, voice sliding from his chest as calm as a lake, and just as deep. He pressed his mailed fist over his heart in salute in general greeting to all assembled. He nods, agreeing with Tsukiko, acknowledging Taji's explanation, and bringing the matter of his identity to a close all in the same motion. He spoke on the only one that required it.
"I see…" He arches a brow, "If you're to get anywhere in this conversation, you're going to have to have understanding. The answer for one is never the answer for all."

"I'm Uchiha Abel nice to meet you Midoru." Abel would smirk as the guy place his hand over his chest his eyes would gain stars. (This guy is kind of cool) Abel would smile as he shook his head. "Are you saying you would like to join us in our power struggle or something?" is asked as he yawned and placed his hand into the cold water.

Tsukiko hmms, "I believe what he means is Taji's way works for t Taji, my way works for me and Abel's way works for him. But there is nothing wrong with learning other ways to practice as well. i learned alot from Midoru's ways of training." She nods to him as if to say thank you. "but I do agree, some jutsus are just too dangerous to use on friends.

Thinking a bit, Taji nods, "Yes, that's right." He says, agreeing with Tsukiko, "And… I bet that Midoru-san and Abel-san would be perfect for a spar with each other as I think both like to spar?" He suggests, stepping back and to the side a bit as he suggests it, waiting ot see what the reaction will be to his suggestion. "I think it could be quite… interesting for both people." He notes."

Midoru inclines his head towards Tsukiko, agreeing with her and he looked, then, towards Abel as well. "I would not mind be overseer, I suppose. But, no. I would rather avoid getting thrown into the midst of it."
He spoke, to Taji, and to all. "I would say Abel's method of training would match well with a fight with me. He is the type, from what I gather, to give all he can every time. To suffer that pain and that exhaustion — to reach his limits and to surpass them, and in this, his growth will be swift… if he doen't break. So yes." He nods, "Fighting someone who could do both would benefit him."

Looking up he would walk closer to Midoru cracking his knuckles he would then tap his right foot for a moment and then smirk again. "Yeah that sounds great…me and Midoru…Sounds fun." Abel would hop back as he looked up at him for a moment. (I can win…just remeber what Hiroshi said…watch and find a weakness.) Abel would flashed threw some hand seals, "You know me all to well Midoru." Abel would have chakra around him as he stood there for a moment. "Here I come Midoru and I wont be holding back." Once done he would attack with with a fireball and as soon as he made that he would wave threw more seals. "FIRE STYLE: Phoenix-immortal-flame!" He would stop to notice what else Midoru would have to do.

Midoru's legs suddenly tensed and he was flying backwards away from the fireball, feet sending up a spray of grass and dirt. "Very well. You had better avoid this, Uchiha Abel." A sudden tensing and he was moving sideways and the great fireball flew past him without harming him. His legs tensed further, and each time he did so, his direction abruptly changed, so that he weaved through the firefield towards Abel.
He reached him in due time and his hand lashed out. If he succeeded, the giant would grab Abel by his collar and lift him, continuing to run. He'd slam him downwards into the ground, gouging the earth with the genin's body before lifting him to slam him through a small boulder and let him fly in a low-handed toss.

Abel would be lifted and slamed into the ground looking up at the sky he would smirk as he started to stand once more as he got ready to attack again he would spot his older brother standing there. "Let's go Abel we have things to take care of." is said before his brother took off. Abel would boy to Taji and then to Tsukiko, "I want a rematch soon old man." is said as he gave his a fist bump before jumpping off. "Later guys its been real."

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