First Promotion Exams - Speechless Skirmish: Kizuken vs. Haruko


Kizuken, Haruko

Date: Unknown (log received January 24, 2012)


None given.

"First Promotion Exams - Speechless Skirmish: Kizuken vs. Haruko"

Unknown location

Kizuken had rejoined his team, and happily traveled with them through
the eastern caverns. Most of the time he stayed quiet, and wouldn't
relent and let go of the scroll (or relieve it from being tied to his
pack). Luckily they hadn't come across anyone yet, and Kizu's nerves
were on edge.

Haruko is mostly just bored as she comes across Kizuken. When she
notices him, she suddenly becomes on edge, drawing her scarf and
covering herself in it, winds picking up around her and shards of
cloth flying into the air as what seems like rudimentary further
limbs. She doesn't attack just yet, instead looking at the nearby
Genin, trying to gauche his reaction to this event…

When Kizuken saw the other genin, he immediately went wide-eyed and
his breath shortened, but he reached back to grab a couple kunai,
holding them there as he thought for a moment. A quick fling of his
arm, and two kunai flew at her without much more hesitation.

Attached to the end of the second kunai was a rolled up tag, that
when it hits either the other genin, or the rock around her it would
unfurl and a column of light would erupt from it towards her. Even if
it hit her, the column of light would possibly start extending around

Noticing the incoming attacks, Haruko suddenly jumped out of the way;
leaving the attacks going nowhere close to her. She decided to make
this quick, rushing towards Kizuken as several of the lengths of cloth
tried to wrap their way around Kizuken's limbs before hardening. If
this succeeds, she'd pull on the cloth to make the sharp edges cut
into Kizuken's flesh while she prepared a fist to try to smack right
into Kizuken's gut…

Kizuken was already walking with a limp, but when the cloth started
outstretching towards him, he blinked. He thought it fascinating that
someone could manipulate cloth. His inquisitive mind got him in
trouble… again. Next thing he knew, he was being what felt like
pulled apart, and then cut at both forearms and ankles as the punch
launched him backwards out of the snaring attack. He slams against the
floor of the tunnel, rolling and sliding to a halt. He tries to get up
and clambor to his feet.

When he looks up again through his wincing he sees the scroll fell
out of his pack. He makes a mad scramble to go and get it!

Haruko notices the boy's lack of direct attacks. And in fact his
insistence on getting the hell out, and she decides to show him what
she believes a Chuunin should be like. Rushing forwards again, she
repeats the previous maneuvers; ignoring the scroll for now so she can
launch yet another assault with those cloth razors, following it up
with that cloth-hardened fist…

Just about the time he got to the scroll, the offensive was on again,
he tried to roll out of the way, but that just left the scroll
flipping in the air as he yet again was ensnared and launched
backwards with a devastating punch to the torso. A few flips and a
skid on his shoulders later, and Kizuken fell to the floor unconcious.
Some of the watchers of the second portion of the exams would come by
later to take him out of there, but for now, he just lay there knocked

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