Steel Soul Tourney - Speedy Scuffle: Ryouji vs. Arika


Arika, Ryouji, Kiji

Date: May 6, 2015


Arika and Ryouji face off against each other in a battle that lasts for a surprising amount of time, considering each’s strength.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Steel Soul Tourney - Speedy Scuffle: Ryouji vs. Arika"

Dammed Arena - Kirigakure

It's indeed storming outside, but the stadium has rolled a giant covering over top between the two cliffs surrounding the valley that fills in for the walls of the stadium. A giant screen on one huge wall flips through the names of the second brackets until one side stops with Ikitara Arika, a genin from Sunagakure. The names keep flipping on the other side of the screen until they slow and stop at Reizei Ryouji a chuunin of Kumogakure. Power is never determined by rank, as many know well. The crowd roars in approval as Kumogakure and Sunagakure flags wave from many a fan watching these matches. It's absolutely nuts as calls from the judges and staff for the two competitors as well as the proctor who shall judge the match to come out from either side of stands.

Ryouji notices the score board, his eyes full of anticipation. It's one thing to see someone else fight, it's clearly another when your time comes. He spits out his lines quite lyrically.
"Oh yeah here it comes. Ready to rock."
Time's counting down zero on the clock!"
Ryouji gets out of his chair and comes down from the stands as he bounces down the steps as he continues his verse.
"Watching Michiko fight made me nervous.
To show fear would be a disservice.
I'm standing here watching, every day every night.
Am I getting over my head? That isn't right."
He gets down to the last few steps, clearing them in a leap.
"I Wasn't ready for this, and I'm ill prepared.
I'll be ready to be ill though, and never scared!
In the beginning gotta fight for something.
In the end though it's about lines and bustin.
Bustin skulls and glasses or taken your opponent to the classes.
Making the cut but do I give a dish? You're a schmuck!
No! I'm in the saddle about to get rattled.
But don't come to me and think I'm gonna just get tackled!
Do or die! It is time to go girl. Ready to shine!"
Ryouji stops his lines and smiles, "Hey there, sorry about that. The crowd you see, got carried away." He sweeps his hands to the audience on either side of him and chuckles.

Arika kinda pops into the arena suddenly, just staring at Ryouji as he raps. Umm… ~Oh spoon… What is that nuisance…? Can I kill him?~ 'No, we're guests!' Arika's cheeks puff up a bit, and she waves to Ryouji. "Are we gonna fight? I can sorta fight! Not super well, though. But let's go for it!" She nods lightly, offering a smile to the Reizei.

Ryouji shrugs, "Well, I promise I won't embarrass you if that's the case." He frowns, "Gods know I get my backside handed to me more often than not." He walks up towards Arika and holds a fist out towards the smaller girl for a fist bump. "It's tradition in my village, as a sign of respect." he says as even now he's gathering his chakra. He grins all friendly like, "Just do your best, Arika-chan. Common, put your fist up and bump mine. Then let's give the crowd a show like they want." Even though he's looking like he has his guard down, his eyes are on Arika, in case she pulls any tricks. He could move he wanted to.

Arika beams and lifts her hand, making a tiny fist and bumping knuckles with Ryouji. "Good luck, Ryouji-kun!" she says cheerfully, hopping back with a few quick bursts of wind before getting in a ready stance. That is to say… A standing start pose for a sprinter. "Ready when you are!" 'and you gotta stay where you are…' she calls both in and out to those in the arena with her.

Ryouji says, "Oh yeah…" and the fist bump. He chuckles and takes a few steps back quickly. He gets down into a three point stance as she says she's ready, "Here…we….go!" He launches himself at the girl and starts out with a kunai tied with an explosive tag. He throws it out in front of him, using some of his swift release chakra to cause it to rocket forward ahead of him. He rushes foward through the potential smoke and explodes out of it, arm extended and ready to catch Arika in it for a lariat.

COMBAT: Arika defends against EXPLOSIVE-TAG(30) attack from Ryouji with a WIND-DASH…41
COMBAT: Arika defends against LARIAT(23) attack from Ryouji with a REPLACEMENT-TECHNIQUE…31

Arika squeaks a bit as the tag comes at her, taking a step away from it so it flies past her. Phew~. Then Ryouji comes at her with his arm extended, and she merely has to duck, allowing the Reizei to pass by a puff of wind. "Scary!" she squeaks out. With a seal, the girl kicks outward, a gust of wind extending from her leg and aiming to knock the Reizei down. With the wind comes a slicing edge that would be painful to feel.

COMBAT: Ryouji defends against WIND-UNBALANCE(34) attack from Arika with a DODGE…37
COMBAT: Ryouji defends against WIND-CUTTER(35) attack from Arika with a DODGE…27
COMBAT: Ryouji loses the roll and sustains 738 damage.

Ryouji twists himself around the burst of air from the leg, avoiding the stun. But in doing so, puts himself in line for the cutter blast of air. He holds his arms up, letting the shearing wind hit that instead of anything really 'vital'. He's pushed back as blood runs down in from his forearms. Ryouji hisses and says, "Good hit…now…" as a green aura surrounds him, "…swift release!" And he disappears, only reappearing a short distance closer, only to disappear again. He reappears half a second later, only right in front of Arika with his arms extended. Connecting or not, he twists his body, swinging his other arm around for a reverse swift release lariat. He lands in a twisting circle of dust as he exhales deeply.

COMBAT: Arika defends against SWIFT-RELEASE-LARIAT(33) attack from Ryouji with a WIND-DASH…25
COMBAT: Arika loses the roll and sustains 327 damage.
COMBAT: Arika defends against SWIFT-RELEASE-LARIAT(51) attack from Ryouji with a WIND-STEP…26
COMBAT: Arika loses the roll and sustains 358 damage.

Arika blinks when Ryouji disappears, tumbling head over heels (and not in a good way) as she gets struck by Ryouji's lariat. The girl squeaks with every roll, getting a bit dizzy. Then she hops up, giving her head a shake. "Bwehhhh… That was kinda fun~." Then she hops up, coming down to slam a torrent of wind onto the Reizei to keep him still. As she comes down, she sends a kunai at him.

COMBAT: Ryouji counters against a MACROBURST(30) attack from Arika with a SWIFT-RELEASE-LARIAT…50
COMBAT: Ryouji defends against WIND-SHARP(35) attack from Arika with a FLASH-PRECISION-PARRY…56

Ryouji blinks, surprised someone this young is tougher than he thought. He shakes his head, "Well, we can both dish it out, can't we." He watches what she does and flickers and fades as he measures the angle of the attack she's launching at him. He avoids the macroburst of wind, hugging the ground before sticking out his arm for another high speed lariat before the wind can even reach where he was just a moment ago. He launches himself into the air and says, "If you loved that, you'll love this!" He grips one of his hip swords, the squarish white blade. With a flick of the thumb, the blade peeks out and catches a shaft of sunlight peeking through the clouds at just the right moment. He aims it for her eyes before he comes down, pulling the blade out and lighting it up with lightning chakra and slashing her with it.

COMBAT: Arika defends against SWIFT-RELEASE-LARIAT(50) attack from Ryouji with a VANISHING-GALE…55
COMBAT: Arika defends against GLINT-OF-THE-SAYA(34) attack from Ryouji with a WIND-STEP…33
COMBAT: Arika defends against LIGHTNING-SHARP(46) attack from Ryouji with a TENSE…11
COMBAT: Arika loses the roll and sustains 648 damage.

Arika is able to avoid the lariat, but just barely. When she turns to check where Ryouji is, she ends up getting blinded by the sword, and it blinds her for a long enough time that the sword slashes through her arm. "Owwie!" she yelps, the wound partly healing even as the sword is removed from her. "That hurt!" she pouts, chakra gathering around her slowly and steadily. Eventually, it forms a purple cloak around her, though no tails have emerged. For all anyone knew, it was just a cloak of chakra that was an interesting Kekkei Genkai.

COMBAT: Arika heals Arika for 473 with LESSER REGENERATION.

Ryouji raises an eyebrow ridge upon seeing the chakra cloak. "Hurm, that's an interesting ability. How can it handle a sword?" he says finally gripping his sword fully in this fight. He runs in hugging the ground, then pulls himself slashing once, then twice at Arika. Two lines of white and blue appear making a cross before his sword, Lightning Cutter, clicks back into the saya on his hip safe and sound.

COMBAT: Arika defends against BATTOUJUTSU(43) attack from Ryouji with a WIND-STEP…41
COMBAT: Arika loses the roll and sustains 264 damage.
COMBAT: Arika defends against BATTOUJUTSU(25) attack from Ryouji with a WIND-DASH…34
RP: Arika transforms into HACHIBI-SINGLE-TAIL.

Frankly, it doesn't. Arika continues to dodge the sword, stepping away and barely getting slashed again. The girl fumbles a bit, rubbing the spots that were injured. Gyuki sighs. ~Okay… Let's quit this playing around~ Then the cloak of chakra extends without Arika noticing, the girl jumping as the chakra tail emerges from behind her, helping the jump up so that she can land with a heavy gust of wind that would press Ryouji to the ground. With that, blades of wind would cut at Ryouji.

COMBAT: Ryouji defends against MACROBURST(37) attack from Arika with a FLASH-PRECISION-PARRY…44
COMBAT: Ryouji defends against WIND-CUTTER(22) attack from Arika with a DODGE…33
RP: Ryouji transforms into REIZEI-BLUR.

Ryouji gasps as he sees the tail coming out. "Oh…." he looks up, "…COMMON! There's one here too?!" He points at Arika and says, "A little warning ahead of time, huh? Did you think of that?! Look at you, with your little chakra cloak and bijuuness…stuff." He shakes his head and begins pushing his chakra forms together, only this time for good. No quick surges of speed. However, bringing up his blur takes a few moments and he can't afford the luxery with all the wind coming down at him. He slashes up quickly, pushing a bit of saved swift release chakra into the blade to move it to cut the very wind of the macroburst. With that parting from the blade he hits the ground, letting the cutting wind of the next attack slice right over him. Then he's gone, his swift release finally activating. He's here, there, everywhere now. Until he's right on top of Arika throwing out at least twenty punches in rapid fire succession. He's going full flash, even putting Berry Allen to shame.

COMBAT: Arika defends against SWIFT-STRIKE(42) attack from Ryouji with a WIND-STEP…52
COMBAT: Arika defends against SWIFT-STRIKE(27) attack from Ryouji with a REPLACEMENT-TECHNIQUE…44
COMBAT: Arika defends against SWIFT-STRIKE(25) attack from Ryouji with a REPLACEMENT-TECHNIQUE…29
RP: Arika reverts to her normal state.

Arika watches Ryouji as he moves, but there's no way she can keep up with her eyes. Instead, she simply starts running, allowing for Ryouji to miss her and just bat at her tail behind her "Huh?.." is asked. Then she realizes that Gyuki had escaped his cage, and she forces the chakra to disappear. "I unno what yer talking about," she huffs, the girl grumbly. Gyuki said he wouldn't! Arka makes a seal, and a second Arika appears, moving in to Ryouji and throwing a punch…

COMBAT: Ryouji defends against SHADOW-CLONE(38) attack from Arika with a LIGHTNING-DODGE…34
COMBAT: Ryouji loses the roll and sustains 722 damage.
RP: Ryouji uses B-RANK-CHARGE.

Ryouji makes a hand seal and his whole form goes fuzzy, like everything is vibrating. Lightning crackles along his feet as he pushes backward but while skating along, he can't move fast enough and the clone catches up, smashing a fist into his face and causing him to stumble back onto his butt. "Ok, no more Mr Nice Reizei." He makes the hand signs -ram- -boar- and -dog- as lighting and chakra begins to circle around the Reizei. His hair begins to stand on end as well with little bolts of electricity crackling off of them. Either he's gathering a lot of electrical chakra for something or he's going super sayjin. Either way, he's taking his sweet time doing this.

Arika narrows her eyes at Ryouji as she feels the electric energy power the air. Without much thought, the girl sucks in a breath and exhales, wind swirling and whirling as it tries to suck Ryouji in and stop whatever it is he's attempting to do… Because she really doesn't wanna see what's at the end of that lightning…

COMBAT: Ryouji defends against VACUUM-SPHERE(54) attack from Arika with a FLASH-PRECISION-PARRY…63

Ryouji charges up his hand full of lightning chakra, almost to the point where it explodes, but the vacuum sphere is fired at him and he has to move…do something! He legs go of the arm full of lightning chakra and reaches back to pull out one of his simple blades. With a slash he splits the sphere in two and charges through it. He leaps into the air, pointing his hand, now glowing and crackling with chakra under him. Lighting explodes outward forming a gigantic demon bear under Ryouji who perches on his shoulders. Lightning surges from Ryouji's hand and into the bear giving it life. It roars as it dives down at Airka with claws and teeth leading the way. Ryouji says with a gleam in his eyes, "Onikuma, rise and destroy!" He leaps away off the bear at the last moment before the bear strikes and explodes, both at almost the same time.

COMBAT: Arika defends against LIGHTNING-BEAST-ONIKUMA(41) attack from Ryouji with a WIND-STEP…70
COMBAT: Arika heals Arika for 451 with LESSER REGENERATION.

Arika watches the lightning bear rise up, only to disappear with a gust of wind so that the bear doesn't hurt her. With this much avoiding, she's at least managed to recover from her injuries. But she's also running out of chakra… Blah. The girl skids to a halt, considering her options. To continue?

Ryouji isn't heartless, nor will he attack someone who isn't fighting back. Ryouji gets up from landing in a crouched position and rotates an arm around. It's actually smoking a bit from all the lightnig chakra running through it. He gives a long sigh which kinda sounds like a whistle, "Well, I'm not surprised I missed. Onikuma can't hit the broadside of a barn, heh, never has. Still, you ready to go on? I'm warmed up." He puts his fists up and is ready to go if Arika is.

Arika takes in a breath, checking her current status. She could probably go for a bit longer, but she was starting to get tired. Get worn down. The girl offers a small nod, focusing chakra and trying to regroup a bit. "Onikuma is super-cool looking," she offers as a compliment. "I didn't wanna get hit by it." The girl shifts in her spot, waiting for another attack to be incoming.

COMBAT: Arika focuses 2452 stamina to turn it into 3500 usable chakra!

Ryouji hurms to himself and the regeneration hasn't been lost on him. "Thanks, though I suppose we should finish this off." he says, pushing his blurr into its second form. The fuzzy outline of his body becomes more pronounced as lightning crackles up and down the body now. He says sounding like he's talking through a rapidly spinning fan now, "In fact, let me show you something really out there." He reaches behind him with both hands and grips the six swords, interlacing his fingers around three on each side. With a yank, they all fly out of their holders and into the air. Each one lands on a joint of Ryouji's body and each blade is now at odd angles. He leaps into the air spinning like a buzzsaw. Blades, feet, and fists fly as he slashes and kicks while flipping at all odd angles. It's hard to keep up.

RP: Ryouji transforms into REIZEI-BLUR-II.

COMBAT: Arika defends against BEAT-BOX-BLITZ(56) attack from Ryouji with a WIND-STEP…54
COMBAT: Arika loses the roll and sustains 259 damage.
COMBAT: Arika defends against SWIFT-STRIKE(39) attack from Ryouji with a WIND-DASH…31
COMBAT: Arika loses the roll and sustains 362 damage.

Arika goes a bit cross-eyed at the whirlwind of blades, the girl just barely avoiding the full brunt of the attack with a burst of wind at her feet knocking away the swords. She still gets a few nicks, but they heal quickly She shakes her head a bit. "Yer fast," is all she says, getting a good grumble from Gyuki for that comment. ~You don't compliment your opponents… You're too nice.~ 'I'll die if I don't play nice!' she huffs back inwardly, still not attacking.

COMBAT: Kiji focuses 1475 stamina to turn it into 2000 usable chakra!
RPCOMBAT: Kiji defends against with a SENSOR-ANALYSIS…51

Ryouji is indeed tired and low in chakra. But it's only relative. He can certainly fire out two more onikumas for example of his current resources. He could certainly go farther and his ability to fight has diminished, but should he need to, he could move. Ryouji frowns, not seeing his akurobattoujutsu not having much effect. No matter, it's still a new style that hasn't been very well developed. With a few flicks of his hands, the blades slide back into their holders on his back. He shakes his head, "Ok, no blades, maybe later." he says through deep breaths. He takes a few slow steps before speeding up and tries to connect with his high speed lariat. It worked well before. He digs into the ground and comes back around for another hit leaving a wake of kicked up dirt behind him. Sweat pours off of him but he's gritting his teeth and continuing.

COMBAT: Arika defends against SWIFT-RELEASE-LARIAT(45) attack from Ryouji with a WIND-STEP…26
COMBAT: Arika loses the roll and sustains 345 damage.
COMBAT: Arika defends against SWIFT-RELEASE-LARIAT(42) attack from Ryouji with a WIND-STEP…36
COMBAT: Arika loses the roll and sustains 252 damage.
COMBAT: Arika heals Arika for 471 with LESSER REGENERATION.

Arika is starting to weaken, and it's showing. Her steps aren't able to keep away from the Reizei for long, though she certainly gives it her best try. The girl ends up getting hit, knocked onto her back again. She grumbles, rubbing the back of her head and pouting. "Meanie…" If Gyuki hadn't interfered, she might have gotten lucky. But nooooo, he just had to show off. She huffs and gets up, dusting herself off and peering at Ryouji, just waiting. She idly wished that she could restore herself some energy, but that didn't seem to be the case. Dang…

Ryouji raises an eyebrow ridge, "Meanie? You're the one not giving up. You're not attacking or doing anything." He looks over at the proctor giving the play by play…or should be. "Hey, if she's not fighting back, shouldn't you call it she's given up?" Then it dawns on him, she can't fight back…or she's just not giving up even though she's not fighting back. Very odd. He frowns, "Fine, if you don't want to give up and use common sense, I'll end this now. I wanted to do this the nice way but…" He pushes his chakra network to the limit now. The aura flickering over his body is drawn into his body. It flickers and fade but suddenly his eyes flare to life with blue greenish flames that leak out. "Now, still not going to give up? Whenever you're ready to give us. I'll just beat it out of you." He explodes into motion, ready to end this fast. He pulls his sword at his hip, snaping it out creating a sonic boom around the blade in the slash. He reverses the blade and down the same on the return stroke sounding a double boom almost on top of each other.

Kijji had been watching from the sidelines the entire time. As a new chuunin she was appointed as proctor for this match… She'd seen enough. Arika was putting up a good fight it was true, but Ryouji seemed to have her bested. As a sensor, Kiji could sense the different levels of a person's health up to and including thier primary elements. She had watched.. and now she made a move. This would go on for quite some time and with a forseeable result. Suddenly she was beside Arika, reaching out with a firm hand to touch the girl's shoulder. "This match is decided." She turned to the crowd and spoke in a loud voice. "Though Ikitara Arika made a valient effort and showed courage and skill, Reizei Ryouji has won this match." She turned then tothe contestants, prepared to step in further if hse had to… "It was a good fight."

Arika pouts a bit more. "Aww…" she says, but she doesn't protest that much. "I guess I gotta just win my next match, then." She peers a bit at Ryouji, then. "I'm gonna beat you up next time we face! Just wait!" She grins, nodding lightly. Then turns to Kiji. "Thanks for watching the match for us!" Then she pauses, seeming to gain almost as much energy as she had lost over the match. Kids really do have remarkable recovery. "Jiro-kun! You better lose the next match so we're even!" she calls out to someone in the stands. Someone who's probably hidden.

Ryouji drops his blur, seeing Kiji stop the match. He's surprised that the fight has been going so long as it was. His shoulders slump and lets out a long sigh, "Oh wow, that was intense." He turns to Kiji and bows as well, "Yes, thank you." He nods to Arika, "Hey, you did great. Most impressive. Honestly, I don't know if we went on I'd be standing when all is said and done." He grins and waves, "Need to get patched up. Good match."

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