Spider Control Part 2


Nobunaga, Ikari, Michiko, Jin, Tsukino

Date: October 9, 2014


After having failed their first attempt Nobunaga and Ikari return to the spider's nest, with reinforcements, to exterminate the vermin.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Spider Control Part 2"

Rocky Area, Toshiba Forest

As the day calmly transitioned to dusk all seems to die down. All wildlife fell silent and the elements of nature followed suit. This darkening evening Nobunaga would heading the follow-up on the rocky area's arachnid issue. It had been about a week since he and Ikari narrowly escaped the nest. The threat is estimated to have only worsened since then thus a larger team than normal was put together to handle it. Nobunaga sits atop a mount of stone awaiting the arrival of the others. He over looks the entrance that he and Ikari sealed before. It was no longer sealed. Which was great news! "Wonderful." the Amaro remarks tossing a small stone off somewhere in the distance. The group assembling today would have already been brought up to speed though most of the details were a bit vague. Something like abnormally large insects need to be exterminated completely. If they needed more information Nobunaga would fill them in.

Tsukino had been asked to help in this mission because it wasn't hurting /people/ as much as getting rid of /bugs/. Or so she understood it to be. She read the report about the earlier mission and frowned when it mentioned spiders. She hated spiders… But she came nonetheless! Wearing her usual black and grey outfit, shorts over leggings. But today she also wore boots not sandals. She had let her hair fall free as usual and around her tiny waist was a belt of pouches with no visible weapons anywhere. Walking up to Nobunaga she bobbed her head in an informal greeting and offered a nervous smile. "H..hello again…"

The estranged and missing son of the Sarutobi clan head arrives with no fanfare at all. As was his usual custom. Jin is wearing his usual outfit, of pants, jacket, glasses on his nose and a large scroll attached to the small of his back. He's also got a satchel slung over his shoulder and a cigarette in his mouth. When he left on his sabbatical he was a sixteen year old kid. Now he returns two years later with beard stubble and a weary look in his eyes. His black hair is tied back with the ponytail extending down to his back. He nods at Tsukino and then offers Nobunaga a smile. "Nobunaga-san. It's been awhile. You've changed." He half-smiles before exhaling a plume of smoke. "It's good to see you, man."

Shortly after Michiko had come from the Hokage's office, she ran into the guy who was sending out the mission requests. Somehow she got dragged into the mission, though she's not quite sure why. She was just in the right place a the right time, she supposes… So, after quite a number of wrong turns, right turns, and left turns, she arrives at the entrance to the spider's den. She gives a quick look around to see who she might know and she might not, realizing that it's more of the latter. As such, she introduces herself… "Hello, there. I'm Iwata Michiko, of Kumogakure. I look forward to working with you all."

Ikari skips in and ends up coming to a rolling stop somewhere by the group. She salutes Nobunaga with a big grin, "Genin Ikari reportin' in again." She looks over at Tsukino and waves at her happily too, "Tsukino-chan! Kenta-sama told me about what happened…it's really, really good to see you though! You gotta tell me all about how you've been doing after we smoosh these spiders." She stretches out and waves her hand at Jin. She didn't know very much about him, but she did know that he was a dang fine sand/dirt castle maker. "Hiya Jin-san! You're gonna be helping too?! This is gonna be -awesome-! Lookie what I got with me." She shoves her hand into her pocket and gets out a small piece of glass for Jin and the others to see. She puts it back in her pocket and waves at Michiko when she arrives, "Hiya Michiko-chan! I remember you from the ramen house! This is gonna be great, we're so gonna get them all…"

Nobunaga turns in response to the approach the first comrade to arrive. He blinks at the red haired woman. "Again?" he doesn't seem to recognize the woman but he tries…he tries very hard. So hard that it's showing. "S-sorry uh maybe a name might jog my memory. Who are you?" he asks. That is around when Nobunaga catches wind of a familiar stench in the air, but it was the good kind of stench; the nostalgic kind. The face looks more mature but once he exhales that plume of smoke Nobunaga remembers. "Jin!" he looks to his chin stubble. "So rugged." he remarks a bit envious as he checks his bare chin for any sort of manly hope. He would find not one hair. "Still it's been a while. Likewise, good to see you too." he smiles.

It seems everyone gathered for this mission believes in punctuality. Michiko is a truly new face. When Nobunaga spots her he waves. She seems to have already noticed him and the others though. "Don't get too close to the entrance just yet. Hehe join us up here first. I wanna go over some things. Oh and let's try to keep our voices dow-" Enter the Ikari. Nobunaga is startled as the little bundle of Akimichi rolls up meeting up with the group. Nobunaga blinks at Ikari mostly astounded by how popular she was. The name Tsukino rang a bell. Nobunaga's eyes fly over to Tsukino and a sheepish smile forms on his face. "Ohhhh. Tsukino-san…I am sooo sorry you look so different!" LIES. Nobunaga quickly shifts the subject before Tsukino can call him out on it. "So this is everyone then?" he count the heads "That should be enough…hopefully."

"So lets get right down to business. Our mission, should you choose to accept it, is simply to eradicate all the spiders and their offspring cultivating below that cave." He points to the cave in question. "They are big, like really big." He takes hold of Ikari's hand and curls it into a fist. "Their eyes are as large as her fist." after the visual Nobunaga gets to the specifics. "Now I requested Fire Ninjutsuists, an Earth Ninjutsuist, uh some brawlers, and a seal expert." He looks between those present. "I'm hoping you all fit those qualifications in one way or more. So the plan is to make our way down into the nest…burn EVERYTHING in sight. Then brutally squash what remains." he smiles looking between the shinobi present. "Oh and for overkill and insurance the earth ninjutuist will then bury the entire nest under so much rubble it's laughable." Nobunaga added. "Any questions? Oh also if you fit into any of the specified categories I previously listed, you know the earth ninjutsuist, brawler, yadda yadda yadda. Say so now so I can put faces and what not together."

Tsukino recognised Michiko from the War Council in Kumogakure so when she introduced herself Tsukino nodded once. The greeting between Jin and Nobunaga was watched and noted, but she appeared more interested in the glass Ikari was showing off. She smiled and tucked a piece of her knee-length hair behind her ear. "That's lovely Ikari-chan. Keep it safe." Nobunaga's confusion on who she was made her blink. Considering that Daisuke had made their relationship official weeks before she thought most of the country would have been on the look out for the red hair by now. (People were certainly driving Azuna nuts thinking she was Tsukino.) The surprise was short lived, though and she smiled, about to introduce herself again when Nobunaga caught her name. But his comment about her looking different made her blink several times before she suddenly laughed, a hand delicately covering her mouth.
Just in case Michiko might not remember her or might not recognize her without her formal white makeup, she smiled and introduced herself anyway. "I am Uzumaki Tsukino." She glanced over Jin with her big blue eyes and smiled then turned to listen to Nobunaga.
The mission briefing was just that: brief. But she nodded as he spoke, following his train of thought. "I am not an expert but I do work with seals." She admitted, then glanced around to see what other people might specialize in.

Jin smiles at Ikari. "Good to see you again, too, Ikari-san. Keep that glass safe like Tsukino-san says." Believe it or not, helping her build that castle really relaxed him. He's definitely not as stressed as he was. He turns to Michiko and introduces himself. "Sarutobi Jin. A pleasure to meet you, Iwata-san." He pauses. "I believe the proper greeting is.." He extends his fist towards Michiko, expecting her to pound it. At least that's what Atsuro says is how Kumo nin greeting other people. He turns to Nobunaga. "I primarily use fire jutsu and I'm also use seals. So I'll be able to help out there. Not a brawler though." That much is evident..he was more than a little on the skinny side. He exhales more smoke as he pushes his glasses up onto his nose. "I'm ready to go when you are."

Michiko approaches the entrance to the cave, pausing at Nobunaga's words. She then moves to join where he is sitting, waiting for people to arrive. She smiles to Ikari, echoing Tsukino's words as she compliments the piece of glass the young Akimichi has. Then she gives a slight bow to Tsukino as she reintroduces herself. "It's nice to see you again, Uzumaki-san. I hope we can work well together. And a pleasure to meet you, Sarutobi-san." The last sentence is added, the girl giving a bow before seeing the fist. A light smile crosses her face at the sight, Michiko giving him a fistbump. "Indeed, it is."
The girl quiets at the mission brief, taking in all the information. She wonders if maybe Konoha also needs to invest in an animal tamer… "I see… Giant spiders shouldn't be too much trouble, from the sounds of it. Especially given our force." Admittedly, she doesn't know anyone's abilities, but they must be proficient to some degree, right? "I'm proficient in both fire and earth jutsu. As for brawling…. Well, I believe I can do some of that as well. I'm no seal expert, though."

Ikari looks up at Nobunaga and remains focused on him as he debriefs them about the mission. She already pretty much knew what they were going to be doing, since she came with Nobunaga to help scout the cave in the first place, but it was good to know that they were planning on caving in the cave. Her hand shoots up into the air, and Ikari holds onto it with her other one to try and inch it higher and higher, "Oh oh oh! Ima brawler! I'm really, really good with taijutsu. It's the best thing I know how to do right now! I can do hair stuff, but that's not nearly as good." She bounces in place on the ground and distractedly looks over at the cave, just waiting on the 'ok' to help push the boulder out of the way. She does seem to swell a little in size, but it's such a minute change that only people who're really paying attention to her would notice.

Nobunaga starts placing names with faces and abilities. In the midst of it all he realizes he's the only one who hasn't formally introduced themselves. Bad habit of his. "I forgot to mention my name. It's Amaro Nobunaga, nice to be working with all of you." He points to Michiko "Well then you'll be taking the lead." He smiles before turning to Ikari. "Hair stuff? What in the world?" but it shouldn't surprise him that Ikari is full of surprises. "Well then so Jin-san and Tsukino-san have seal knowledge…think you guys could set up a parameter before we descend and seal off the entrance as well?" Seeing Ikari ready herself for the mission Nobunaga figures the others are good to go as well.

"Well let's get to it. Michiko-san could you please take the lead? We'll need you to descend. The cave is wide but the ceiling gets really low on the way to the nest. Ikari-chan will make sure you're going the right way. She still remembers from the last time, right?" he looks to Ikari. "Tsukino-san remain on standby. Jin we're gonna need light. I'll help you out with that." Nobunaga checks to see if he's forgetting anything else in his head very quickly. "Hmm and have fun." he adds before heading to the entrance. He'd wait for Michiko to take the lead and do her earth jutsu stuff. The mission has commenced though.

Tsukino smiled as Jin agreed with her that Ikari should keep that piece of glass safe. The fact that Jin used seals as well made her curious to see him in action. She was still learning her craft and was interested in how others used seals in battle. She watched Jin hold out his fist toward Michiko and tilted her head curiously, blinking and taking note of the greeting quietly. She had not seen much of that when she was in Kumogakure but she had been mostly with the other delegates before she had been kidnapped by the Silence. The fact that Ikari knew what happened made Tsukino flush a bit and feel a touch self conscious. A chuunin and she was taken prisoner despite having a bodyguard provided by her grandfather…. Luckily no one else seemed to care to mention it AThe girl's enthusiasm for the mission made her chuckle a bit. Tsukino would have to help look out for the girl while in the cave, though, 'brawler' or not she was still a kid.
Once Nobunaga explained the basic plan, Tsukino nodded as she followed it mentally. Stepping forward, she pulled out two paper tags and held onto them. Once everyone was inside the cave's entrance she put one on each side of the entrance and activated an Uzumaki seal wall between them. It was thicker and a bit stronger than the average seal wall with a kind of arcane styling to the seal calligraphy itself. Once that was done she remained behind on 'standby' as she followed them down the passage.

As Jin goes into the cave along with everyone else he pauses to watch Tsukino at work. His uncle had been educated by an Uzumaki and it was from him that he learned his seal abilities from. Jin blushes faintly when Tsukino smiles at him and when she raises her barrier, he withdraws paper tags from his satchel and tosses them next to hers in an effort to help fortify what she's already got built. "Can't be too careful with spiders." He comments as he then turns to follow the rest of the group. He knew that Ikari was young, but she was also an Achimichi and he knew from firsthand knowledge that they were as tough as they come. The Kumo nin he doesn't know much about, but the Iwata clan he's heard of. They were supposed to be masters of multiple elements at once. He was looking forward to seeing that in action. The paper tags glow bright blue as he pushes chakra into it as a brilliant blue wall springs up right behind Tsukino's.

Michiko nods to Nobunaga, adding, "A pleasure, Amaro-san." She's familiar with this hair-style jutsu, as one of her teammates in Kumogakure uses it as well. She didn't think another would have this skill, though she really shouldn't be surprised. She hears that she's to take the lead. It does surprise her a little, considering she's from another village. However, Kumo and Konoha are on friendly terms, and she doesn't think she'd be backstabbed. Worst case comes to worst, maybe she can hide out somewhere…
Making a seal, the Iwata causes the earth before her to turn into mud and flow down the tunnel rather quickly with added chakra. It will hopefully bury the nest along the path while also widening the way for the team. "Let's go, then. I think I can tell where the spiders are, though it's faint. Ikari-chan, please keep me on the right path." … Jin really shouldn't know much about the Iwata clan. They've no abilities to their name. Though if he's assuming that because of Michiko, she supposes it's a reasonable assumption.

Ikari jumps to her feet and waits on Tsukino and Jin to finish sealing off the area so they won't be bothered. She can barely contain her excitement and immediately crouches down to follow closely behind Michiko. Maybe a little closer than she should be since she's threatening to push her way around the older woman's legs, but it works. "It's this way…it's gonna get real dark. Wait til you see the reds in their eyes to attack." The path she guides Michiko and the others down levels out to a much larger opening that they can stand up fully in. Ikari squints into the darkness and mumbles, "This is where they all was…their nestin' stuff was on the ceiling and everything…"

Jin and Tsukino perform fantastically setting up the parameter. Nobunaga whistles and tips his proverbial hat to the duo. "Nothing's getting through that. Good work guys." Michiko is another sight to see. At this rate they'd be upon the nest in minutes. Once they got deep enough they'd be deprived of all light. It was at this point Nobunaga gave rise to a small flame in the palm of his hand. His fire ninjutsu was purely supplementary but he could manage to make it a bit brighter. He would have Jin's help as well so they path before them should be illuminated nicely. After a few minutes Michiko would find that there is no more earth to push, they've arrived.

The last time Nobunaga and Ikari were here there weren't as many sacks of spider eggs nor were they as….glowy. Some of the sacks looked to have hatched already. Nobunaga took an interest in those. He would inspect a few, some fresh some not. "That's gross. Well let's get to work before they're all on us." Shadows shift about in the darkness as red gleaming orbs come into view. Nobunaga looks to Jin and Michiko "Burn it all. You focus on that and the rest of us will cover you." Scarlet eyes are on the group of shinobi. Thousands of them. The spiders are gargantuan much larger than any species native to the Land of Fire. They waste no time dealing with the intruders. From all around the shinobi webbing fires threatening to cocoon them for later external digestion…gross. "Look alive guys."

Tsukino watched as Jin placed tags next to hers and she stepped a little to the side to get a better look. Her hands went through the same handseals as Jin had used, but she doesn't direct chakra as she normally would. She simply mimiced his hand movements. She made a 'huh' kind of sound as his blue barrier came up behind her golden one, illuminating the entrance in a kind of bright green light. She smiled as he turned to walk further ahead. "That was an impressive wall." She said quietly.
She blinked then as Michiko turned part of the tunnel into mud. That must be a useful talent, she thought. The Uzumaki princess found herself glad that the Kumo girl seemed to know where the spiders were. She shuddered. She hated spiders. Hated them! Last time a spider was on her hair she'd been 'rescued' by Ikari But this wasn't going to be something tiny and harmless. This sounded huge and venomous. Not a good thing. And they were headed into the nest to top it off….
And then therre was movement and she tried lifting a tag only to find her hands pinned to her sides. She had enough time to let out a shriek of suprise as the spider wrapped her into a cacoon of spider silk. Her heat sped up, her blood beating rapidly as she was ambushed from a ledge just inside the chamber's entrance.

Jin replies to Tsukino as they walk. "Thank you very much." He smiles at her then when she is cocooned, he begain making hand signs before reaching for his satchel, but the spider's web ensares him and he's cocooned just like she is. Now, Jin didn't mind spiders, but he hated enclosed spaces. If his hands were free, he could burn himself out of here, now he'd have to hope that the rest of the team succeeded in getting both him and Tsukino out. "Silky Spiders…" He mutters.

Michiko looks around the cavern curiously, looking to try and see all the spiders that might be around. She's not particularly picky, but… Well, what would destroy the most spiders the fastest, is the question. She senses a bit of movement around her, though, and the scream from Tsukino isn't encouraging. With a quick seal, a dome of earth encases her very thoroughly. The webbing gets stuck to it, which provides a nice barrier. Then she releases its hold as she attempts to free Jin and Tsukino. Using her senses in the earth, she throws two kunai at them in an attempt to cut the webbing.

Ikari tries to keep her eyes peeled for the shining red eyeballs in the darkness, but the webs still manage to catch her off guard. She acks and flails in the webbing before she calms herself. Her body swells and swells until the webbing strains and breaks from the extra muscle built from her growth. She rolls her shoulders and growls a little to herself, cycling through her hand seals so she'll be ready to beat down some of the spiders. She couldn't let the older people have all of the fun.

The spider's ambush got the jump on the shinobi. Tsukino and Jin were caught by their silky attack and trapped in the webbing. Ikari was too but the Akimichi managed to escape by expanding herself. Michiko's earthen dome aided her well. She also was successful in freeing both Tsukino and Jin. Still there is no time to celebrate. Nobunaga evades ecasement and joins Ikari. "We have to draw their attention and keep them busy." He informs her. The spiders don't simply stand their and let the shinobi plan though. A couple few leap forward pouncing on the shinobi aiming to sink their venomous fangs into them.

The only way they were going to come out on top is to go on the offensive. Thus Nobunaga goes on the attack. His scarf unwinds from his neck and becomes his weapon. He flays his scarf out attempting to slash the spiders who dared get so close to the group. "Ikari, Tsukino, and I can handle these guys. Start burning. It'll break them up." Nobunaga says to Jin and Michiko. Hopefully things would go so easy. But shortly after Nobunaga issued that command a loud ghastly wail comes from what seems to be deeper within the nest. It shakes the very foundation of the nest and the crumbling of the walls can be heard. Some of the spiders appear to be paralyzed by this wail sadly that doesn't include the ones that have gone on the offensive. What on earth…or under it, could've produces such a powerful and dreadful sound?

Tsukino felt the silk around her and her breathing quickened. She had never been afraid of small spaces before.. but that was before the cage and the silence. She felt her breathing grow shallow and her skin began to crawl. As if a thousand ants were crawling over her entire body. In her hair, on her back, up her legs. She thrashed and fought and silently cursed… And then she struck the ground and the silk loosened a bit. Enough for her to scramble out of it, webbing in her hair and on her clothes. She scurried back toward the group, visibly paler than before.
But she was not out of danger yet. She heard as much as felt the creature comming after her again. She tried again to bring up her barrier spell, but as she turned the fangs pierced through her golden shield, burying themselves into her leg. The princess cried out in pain and grit her teeth as she felt the poison burning it's way through the flesh and into her blood stream. She jerked herself away and flashed through several handseals, the seals of the gods she used to call them. Her palm glowed yellow with a seal which she tried to lay on the monster above her with a touch. If successful, it should trap the creature. But she did not take the time to see if that would take and her hands formed another seal, glowing on the other palm. She let out a cry and blasted pure chakra at the hulking spider, aiming for it's eyes….

When the spiders come for him, Jin tosses a paper seal at his feet and a bright blue barrier surrounds him. The spider simply bounces off of it. Jin wasn't the physical type, so he didn't do much dodging or blocking. However his hands move in a familiar pattern as he simply stares at the spider for a moment. His hands continue to move and he places his hands around his mouth and breathes out fire balls.

Michiko puts a barrier up in front of her, but a spider comes from behind and bites her. It hurts, but it's nothing much, and she just swats the thing away (after a bit of ew-ing to herself…). Then she makes a few handseals, saying, "Keep back a bit, Amaro-san. Ikari-chan." A sea of fire then makes its way towards the spiders, covering the ground and even a bit higher than it. The fire is enough that it provides quite a bit of light to see, most likely.

Ikari flails in an attempt to shrug the spiders off of her. Any that manage to stay clung to her only have their fangs meet skin that's tough as stone. She makes a few seals and grows her hand, punching a spider square in its eyes before circling around into an oversized kick aimed to squash another spider's torso. When she gets some space to work, she cycles through some more hand seals, ones that are unfamiliar to her. The poofy locks of hair began quivering, growing longer and thick enough to break the band she uses to bind them. She uses the long tendil of frizzy red hair to try to skewer a spider or two. "Spider blood and guts wash out right??"

"Anyone else feel that?" Nobunaga asked seeing the walls crumble. They need to wrap this up quickly he thought. Being distracted like that netted him two fangs from the nearest spider. He tries to defend by coating his body in chakra but alas he is unsuccessful in his attempts. His attacks seems to have been evaded as well however the spiders did have to back off a bit to avoid it. Tsukino's aggressor fled thus evading her sealing jutsu leaving her there screaming. Jin was having success with his adversary pinning it down then pelting it with fire, seems like a good tactic. Speaking of success Michiko had covered a good area in a sea of flame. Nobunaga made sure he wouldn't be caught with in it. "Thanks for the heads up."

While the spiders manage to evade Ikari's oversized strikes they weren't prepared for his hairy antics. For her sake spider guts better washout because if not she'll need one hell of a haircut. Since Michiko had made herself public enemy number one now the spiders concentrate on her. Legions spew webbing at her while more physical members of their ranks attempt to shred her with their fangs. This of course left the others with a little bit of breathing room and some time to think. Nobunaga knew they didn't have time. "Uh the nest's foundation seems to have been…weakened." he points out. He flashes through a few hands seals and starts laying down some fire of his own. Just a bit more and they'd be ready to evacuate. Nobunaga concentrated his flames on the eggs which of course got the attention of some of the other spiders. Lucky him.

Tsukino saw the blue glow from Jin's seal barrier to one side her of but it was all she could hope to do in order to protect herself. She didn't have time to watch how someone else used their seals. But then the hulking spider that had been at her disappeared, chased off somehow. And that was when she felt as much as heard the dust falling from the crumbling walls.
Fire erupted behind her then, roaring in the way flames roiled the air about them. She knew ther were too many spiders to fight them one on one like this but what could they possibly do to.. She blinked. That was it!
Rolling to her feet she ran to Jin's side, ending up with her back to his so they were both covered so to speak and then she spoke to him. "Lets use our walls to trap them! Corral them inside the barriers so Michiko-san can set them ablaze!"
Once she got confirmation that Jin was in agreeance she stepped forward, limping as she ran across the cavern, blood barely visible on her leg int he dark light and dark fabric. She thought, between the two of them they should be able to lay down a proper wall… Applying the jutsu that would harden her tags' paper she threw two out like throwing stars, one landing along the back of the area the majority of the large spiders were currently at. The second landed perpendicular to the first. So when she raised both at the same time she had formed half of a square from floor to ceiling. Both to keep the spiders from crawling out of the 'box' they were making and to help support the ceiling a bit…. Once Jin joined her in her plan she called out to the others for them to kill the trapped spiders.

Jin nods to Tsukino and shuffles around to the side so he can get a better vantage point. He slides to a stop, withdrawing two paper tags between his slender fingers. "Alright, setting the wall up on this side." He flings one in front of the group of spiders and then flings another one that connects to that one, creating a box with the two that Tsukino have already thrown. "And one more for good measure." He tosses another paper tag at one spider that seems to be away from the group. If it works, the seal will encase the spider within it, effectively capturing it. "Michiko-san. Nobunaga-san..burn them back to hell."

Michiko defends against the coffin that's coming at her. This is also effective against those that are trying to jump and bite at her skin. The Iwata is relying mostly on her senses to target her fire on the spiders. Eggs, spiders, and nest are all awash by her flames, again a sea of fire coming from the girl's mouth.

Ikari looks around, noticing the shaking and crumbling, "Yeah I can feel it too…don't worry, I'll try t'hold the ceiling up if I gotta!" She scrunches her nose at the sight of the spider guts in her hair, but it doesn't distract her for long. She runs around behind Tsukino and Jin's sealing work and picks off the straggling spiders that didn't get herded in with the others by crushing them beneath her huge fists. Whether she hits them or not she pauses to shake her hands and pant for air. "There's just as many spiders as last time…maybe MORE!"

Things were looking up! Literally the ceiling was crumbling and those concerned below didn't want to end up buried underneath it. The shinobi seem to have turned the events in their favor however. Tsukino's quick thinking saved Nobunaga and Michiko a lot of time and effort. Her and Jin's seal wall sectioned off and trapped the spiders. Jin was also quick successful in capturing a stray spider with his capture barrier seal. This had them all nice and in order to be burned alive by Michiko's fire. The seal walls also helped support the crumbling cave but for how long could they keep it up? Ikari's rampage ended the lives of a few spiders, one escaped but the others their end at the hand of…Ikari's hands! "Ikari-chan perhaps you should consider wearing gloves?" Nobunaga suggested as he joins her. Through his efforts along with Michiko it appears as though the fire will spread nicely. A majority of the nest is ablaze which means it's a good time to get out.

"We should leave." Nobunaga states directing everyone's attention towards the exit. "Michiko-san when you see fit you may bring further ruin to this place." he smiles. The mission when much better than he expected. Though it was a bit touch and go there at first. Suddenly as if to mock Nobunaga the loud wail from before returned only this time a large set of eyes joined it. These eyes were far more massive than the others and they were an eerie green. In the darkness one could see massive fangs dwarfing the other spider's in size gleaming with the light of the flames. "Hmm that's big. Very big. Time to go." he waves everyone on. The spiders, burning and trapped, attempt to bring down the seal walls in the hopes of freeing themselves. All the while the massive monstrosity that dwelled deeper within the nest crawls forward.

Tsukino watched as the spiders were decimated within the barrier box she and Jin had created. It was good to know she was helpful on a mission. But she heard Nobunaga call for a retreat and had to agree with him.. The place seemed like to fall in any moment. She focused her energies to keep her wall up and supporting the ceiling then turned and limped back across the room, heading for the tunnel. She caught a glimpse of green eyes eerily peering from the darkness but she did not stop. She was wounded and thus slower, so it was smarter for her to get a head start. The blood on her leg had darkened the black leggings she wore and she left a few bloody footprints as she tried to escape.

When the order to retreat came, Jin didn't hesitate. He begins to run back towards the entrance. He drops a paper tag behind him creating a barrier so that any spider attacking would simply bounce off the chakra bubble around him. He shifts so that he places his arm around Tsukino as he states. "Lean on me. Let's get out of here." He grabs another paper tag and tosses it behind him. If it works, then there would be a massive explosion, both to kill spiders and to finish the cave in to seal them in hopefully.

Michiko lets out a final puff of flame before turning towards the retreating figures of her latest teammates. She glances behind her only briefly to see… Oh crap, that is a huge spider… A quick glance around, she uses her senses in the earth to get a feel for where everyone is. "Everyone's out, right?" she asks, waiting for most of the presences in front of her to get behind her. Once all of that is said and done, she makes a handseal, gathering up quite a bit of chakra to turn the earth below green-glowing-eyes over there into a whirlpool, effectively sucking in the spider while she moves back. Once out of the caves, whether or not her whirlpool worked, she makes another handseal to send a torrent of mud down the hole. Hopefully the spiders down there still alive end up buried. Double hope that they just stay where they are….

When the retreat is give the team wastes no time getting out and heading towards the exit. The spiders couldn't break the seal walls and thus were unable to pursue that is until the golaith of a spider clawed its way into view. The grotesque creature was several times larger than the other spiders. But the shinobi would spend all day looking at it. Converting what's left of the nest into muddy Michiko ensures that nothing will pursue or make it out alive. With Jin and Tsukino ahead they'd arrive at the surface and not a moment to soon. The earsplitting wails of the massive spider below ring from deep within. They grow faint though as if falling down and endless chasm. Nobunaga does a headcount now that he's not distracted by all those arachnids. "Four…" he stops on himself. After making sure his head is still perfectly attached to his body he nods. "Ok we're all here and in one piece. That wasn't so bad." He says looking between the others. Everyone was either covered in webbing or in their own blood. "Uh Michiko-san if you could please just…touch up a bit, I'd be very appreciative. I'd rest a bit easier if this area just didn't look the same anymore…ever." Nobunaga checks his wounds. "That stings. Get yourselves checked out at the medical center if you were bit. I don't want to know what their venom does. But good work everyone." After all was said and done the mission would conclude in a success.

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