Once Upon A Time - Spiderman



Date: August 14, 2011


Oh, man. That Jameson guy over at the "Bugle" is going to have a field-day with this one.

"Once Upon A Time - Spiderman"


Okumo Meruin stands in the lab in front of a table that reaches his sternum, a myriad of vials and beakers strewn about before him, holding a plethora of colorful fluids. The young genius goes about his work, long platinum hair moving of it's own volition and braiding itself as he pours, stirs, mixes and heats various chemicals, observing their effects…
…And observing him is a rather large spider from up above him, the blue backed arachnid training all eight eyes on him, as though interested in his work. Soon, though, it travelled along the ceiling until it reached the spot that was precisely above Meruin. Malevolence incarnate, it's alien form seemed, it began to slide down a lengthening strand of silk. Down and down and down it descended, moving further along it's line… coming…. closer…. fangs stretching as it neared….
"Bite me and you do not live to be killed by your mate," spoke Meruin with an air of absence, pouring the contents of one vial into a beaker and stirring.
The spider climbed back up.


The boy stands in line at a hotdog stand. It is an average day in New York, if a beautiful one, nature-wise. It's morning, around 9, and the sun is wide awake and the birds have found their song and make their play. Suddenly, Meruin found that he he'd made his way to the front of the line while he was observing his surroundings. A good way to pass the time, he decided. Looking up at the man behind the cart, he asked for a hotdog with the works and it wasn't long until he got it, the man getting that order quite a lot. He did, however, stare at the boy the whole time he did it, examining the odd silk… clothing he wore.
Meruin stepped off to the side of the line, biting into the hotdog with a relish that he kept wiped from his distant, indifferent face. The mustard, ketchup, and sauerkraut all potent flavors on his tong— a scream and numerous pointed fingers broke his attention on his food, eyes being led to the cause of the commotion. Up above, there was a woman hanging from a steel girder that'd been knocked off of a building. The malfunctioning crane showed just how that'd occured. Suddenly, the woman was falling, her screams bolstered by terror to the point that it felt as if she were falling right next to the boy. So, he turned and walked away, taking another bite of his hotdog.
It really was delicious.


"This just in," says an Anchorman, "The crime rate in New York has dropped by 100%. Spiderman has killed /everyone/ who he has noticed breaking the law. The morgue is now filled with people who have jaywalked or neglected to clean up after their dogs, as well as the occasional streaker. Folks. Hide your kids, hide your wives, And hide your husbands, if they aren't up to date on the laws, because he's killing everybody in the city."

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