Spinning Claws, Weaving Illusions


Hige, Izara, Shinobu, Kyuketsuki, Soren, Kaido, Zori

Date: April 12, 2015


A group of Shinobi have fun sparring each other and testing to see who can do what. Everyone gets to learn new things!

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Spinning Claws, Weaving Illusions"


Training Area #26 - Genin Training [Konohagakure]

The Special Genin Training ground, in Training Area #26, is designed to suit all of a Genin's training needs. As well, it serves as an excellent place for Jounin to teach their Genin team members. The area is mostly a large expanse of grassy field, surrounded by forest, with a nearby lake, and various poles and tree trunks for practicing attacks on. There are boxes, carefully camoflauged, containing supplies of shuriken, kunai, smoke bombs, and similar basic ninja equipment, as well as racks nailed to a few trees, with weapons stored on them. They are all covered to be protected from the environment, and regularly checked to make sure they are clean and in good condition.
There are also medical supplies hidden around the area. Most of this equipment can't even be found by most Genin, since their containers are meant to be known to and used by Jounin only, but a Jounin teacher may point out the location of a few for when he or she isn't present and the Genin want to train anyway.


Zori having been just recently released from the Hospital under Kenta's orders. He travels down the path that would lead to the Training Grounds. Approaching the entrance , he starts to sweat a bit. It seems to be warmer then the usual as the bright light from the sun beams down. Zori walks through the entrance entering the Training grounds for genin. He walks to the middle of the area and starts to take off his hoodie. Halfway in the proccess, A purple wifebeater is revealed to be the shirt that was under his Hoodie the whole time.

Hige has been following Zori since his release, at a distance but still within the range of his senses. He was trying to give the other teen some space but when he goes to the training grounds there's an internal sigh before Hige follows after. He leans against a tree within sight of Zori, just as a friendly reminder.

Izara reclines peacefully against a tree inside the training grounds, sketching a picture of one of the training dummies. The day is absolutely peaceful. She takes a deep breath, enjoying the fresh air. Unfortunately, her day is ruined when she literally spots Trouble (in the shape of Zori) walking towards the field. She stays silent, whatching what the boy would do next.

Shinobu is actually watching Izara from a nearby tree, the girl perched in its branches. She had made herself known to the Student a long while ago, but it was easier to relax up high where (technically) no one could find her. Kame is sitting next to Izara, the pup occasionally peeking at the picture but not finding it as interesting as, say…, pets or treats. The pup perks up a bit when she sniffs a certain Inuzuka and immediately bounds over to Hige, yipping excitedly.

Zori fully removes his hoodie off, tossing it to the side. His purple wifebeater is a sight to see as the boy has pretty nice sized muscles for a boy his age. He stretches his arms out turning them clockwise to loosen them up a bit. The wires can actually be seen with the naked eye on wrapped around both of his wrist. They resemble a metal armbands that have a complicated design too them. Zori grins as his wires unravel from his both of his wrists and dig its way into Zori's skin crawling like a snake throughout his arms. Zori's veins bulge out both his arms noticeably for a couple of seconds then eventually go away completely. Once the wire merging process was completed, Zori looks up at Hige with his grin and a smug look. "Still keeping a eye on me i assume? Hehe"

"Until the medics say otherwise you'll always have a Chuunin watching you and it won't always be me." Hige says from where he leans against the tree. He knows who else is there, able to tell by the time he stopped thanks to that nose and them eyes. Konsho yips a greeting in return to Kame while Hige just looks down and smiles at the pup. "Hey Kame." He greets.

Once Kame runs off, Izara glances towards where the pup headed to and sees Hige. She lets out a sigh of relief, knowing that there's at least one responsible person in the immediate area. She puts her drawing away as she gets up onto her two feet. She moves closer to the tree Shinobu is reclining in, keeping her attention fixated on Zori.

Shinobu's gaze drifts to see Hige and Zori, the girl shrinking just a bit more into the tree's branches when she sees the wire-user. Hige and Izara are there, at least, but she's still nervous around Zori. Kame has a few less reservations, or seems to think that she can take care of Zori easily, and just nudges against Hige's leg a few times before trying to pounce Konsho. ~I'm gonna get you someday, Senpai!~ she growls playfully.

Hige watches Zori who falls into his own little training routine, and just stays where he is for now. Leaning against the tree and silent. Konsho sidesteps the pounce before licking Kame on the top of her head. ~Some day you will!~ The pup agrees cheerfully before darting away a little to let the other pup chase him around if she wants. Hige is just kind of…there. He's playing guard, more or less. How boring.

Seeing Zori fall into his regular training routine brings an air of calmness over Izara. Now that the danger's passed momentarily, she heads over to where Hige and the pups are. "Hige, I see that boy has your hands full." Her peaceful day has returned for the time being.

Kame squeaks when she's avoided, the pup glaring at Konsho when he licks her head. ~Gonna be today!~ she huffs, chasing after Konsho with a determined expression that any pup can muster. Shinbone sees that Zori ended up just … doing his own thing and decides to slide down the tree and wave softly to her cousin.

Kyu decided to look for Izara, since he did promise her once he figured out the details and technical stuff. He thinks he's figured it out! He enters the training ground, peeking in before entering to look at Zori. He did see Izara. But Zori… he sees that he looks distracted and CAUTIOUSLY enters the area. He keeps an eye on Zori until he arrives near Izara, "Hey everyone, and hey Izara, I finished working on that defensive genjutsu! I was looking for you since I said I'd show you." He is still watching Zori as he says this from the corner of his eye. He's giving an 'I don't trust Zori' vibe.

Hige offers a small wave to Shinobu, then one to Kyu when he arrives before returning to his lounging. His arms fold over his chest as he watches the others go about doing their own things while he always keeps an eye on Zori out of the corner of said eye. Konsho continues to run around the training yard, making sure to run so that he stays just ahead of Kame while sometimes letting her get close. But not quite close enough.

Izara giggles a bit as she watches the two pups frolic about but quickly stops once she spots Kyu approaching. "That was quicker than I was expecting from you," she tells Kyu. "And Hige and Shinobu are here if things go terribly wrong, even though you said genjutsus don't fail the same way ninjutsus fail." She takes a deep breath. "I guess whenever you're ready."

Kame yips a few times as she continues to chase after Konsho, the pup waiting until it seems Konsho is just in her grasp before attempting to TACKLE. Shinobu shifts over so that she could sit next to Hige, her head tilting as she watches Izara and Kyu for a bit. Then she glances up to Hige, pointing to the duo. "… What are … they doing..?" she asks hesitantly.

Konsho sidesteps at just the last minute, making sure that Kame will run into a pile of leaves instead of something dangerous. ~Close Kame!~ He quips to her before walking backwards a little and waiting for her to recover. Hige smiles down at Shinobu when she sits nearby and he quirks a brow at the question, "Hmm? Well, they're training of course." He says with a chuckle. "In order to learn you have to train after all. You can't just learn without trying."

Kyu nods to Izara, "Things won't go terribly wrong. And I need you to try to attack me. In any way you want. This will be a little strange from your view. I'll explain after it's over. Just don't panick, and really try. Act like you actually want to hurt me." Kyu smiles at a thought before speaking up again, talking a little quieter, "Pretend I'm Zori. Or that you're Zori. Either way. If you need a bit of… visual aid. I can henge as him." Kyu takes a deep breath and focuses his stamina into chakra. And awaits Izara's attack.

"I guess this opportunity will be killing two birds with one stone with this testing," Izara replies as she pulls a scroll and pen out of her bag. She quickly draws a picture of a ninken looking sort-or like konsho, except not as handsome looking. She does a few quick handseals, causing the dog to fly off the page and rush towards Kyu. She watches on, wondering what the Uchiha boy will pull off.

Shinobu tilts her head again and watches Izara, squeaking in surprise when the beast on the page comes to life. She presses a bit against Hige's legs, eye wide as she looks on. "C-Cool…" she comments, though she still seems nervous of the ninjutsu. She looks up to Hige, considering his comment about training… Hmm… "T… teach me..? Something..?" she asks hopefully. Kame, in the meantime, yips unhappily when Konsho dodges again. ~HUFF! No fair!~ she yips, taking a break from running, but still readying herself.

COMBAT: Kyuketsuki defends against INK-BEAST-I(30) attack from Izara with a CONTINUATION-DREAM…27
COMBAT: Kyuketsuki loses the roll and sustains 168 damage.

Kyu was ready for her to attack in just about any way EXCEPT for a creature of ink running at him, he was a bit too distracted by the fact that she just did that to do the ram seal and ends up getting bitten by the ninken. "Ow. Sorry. I was distracted by that. That is really cool. How did you learn to do.. Nevermind. One more time. I won't mess it up this time." Kyu smiles, and closes his eyes briefly before reopening them, now red and with the one tomoe. "I'll get it this time." He watches Izara carefully. Waiting for her to do it again.

RP: Kyuketsuki transforms into SHARINGAN-I.

Teach? Now that's certainly not Hige's strong suit and he looks surprised by that. More surprised even than when the ink animal came to life. That just gets a curious look and nod of approval. "I could teach you a number of things," He agrees. "But what do you want to learn?" He looks down at her, then motions for her to stand up. Konsho tilts his head to the side when Kame says it's not fair, then shakes his head. ~It's not supposed to be fair! It's supposed to be learning!~ He waits a moment, then bolts off again.

Izara smiled, a bit surprised that her surprised not only managed to work, but somehow threw Kyu off. "There's a story behind it," she yells to to the boy as she draws a similar picture to the one before. Performing the seals a bit more slowly this time, she sends the ink puppy on its way towards Kyu.

Shinobu tilts her head, thinking… Then a lightbulb appears over her head, shown by her small figure perking up. "Ummm…" She frowns, not sure exactly what it's called… So the girl sort of demonstrates, pulling out a kunai and spinning it in the air. She also moves it through the air so it would 'drill' into the tree. Kame yips a few times. ~I /am/ learning!~ Then she tries to tackle Konsho again.

COMBAT: Kyuketsuki defends against INK-BEAST-I(28) attack from Izara with a CONTINUATION-DREAM…51

Kyu did the ram seal as she started to draw, taking a step to the side. She wouldn't notice anything different. No getting pulled out of her body, no demon hands. Kyu does move in her illusion, but the illusion is offset. The ink-pup runs and bites the air to everyone except Izara. Izara sees the pup bite Kyu successfully, and Kyu's wound almost immediately starts closing up as he stumbles to the side, to where he is in reality. The wound, and any tears in his clothes the attack may have caused just seems to fix itself back to where it is in reality. "There. I did it. You saw the attack connect correct? You saw my wounds heal? I need to make sure it really did work the way it's supposed to."

"Ahh, you want to learn the tsuga?" Hige asks curiously, tilting his head slightly. "Are you sure you're ready to start learning the clan techniques? It's true it's one of our basic ones but it's still not easy to learn." He says with a worried frown. He doesn't want Shinobu to hurt herself after all. The boy watches curiously as the other two go at it again and he nods slightly. From his vantage nothing looks different from the other defense he uses. There's only one way to see what it really does. "Hey, Kyu," he call over as a mean of warning, then glances at Shinobu, "Watch okay?" He drops down onto all fours and launches into a spinning attack right at his friend, though it's much slower than he normally attacks for a variety of reasons.
Konsho moves just away the tackle again before nipping the smaller pup in the tail. ~Yes you are. You're getting better Kame. Keep it up!~ The pup quips.

RP: Hige transforms into SPAR-III.

Izara sees the ink-pup bite into Kyu's leg much like the first attack. Except moments later the tears in Kyu's clothes surprisingly fix itself. "Umm…I'm guessing whatever it is you did worked. So you didn't get bitten after all. So everything healing itself is all one of your mind tricks?" Izara finishes explaining what happened to Kyu before the boy is called over to the other two. She watches whatever will happen next with interest.

COMBAT: Izara focuses 698 stamina to turn it into 800 usable chakra!

Shinobu nods at the questions, standing up to edge away from Hige should he move. Then he launches himself at Kyu, which is rather surprising, but it's a slow attack. Much slower than she had seen him move before. The girl tries to track it, but it's a bit difficult since she only has a single eye to watch her cousin. The kunai she brought out is tucked away for the time being while she watches. Kame yips a bit, encouraged by the nip. She spins in her spot to try and nip Konsho back before springing at Konsho to try and tackle him again.

COMBAT: Kyuketsuki defends against TSUGA(12) attack from Hige with a CONTINUATION-DREAM…35

Kyu nods to Izara, "Correct. I moved out of the way. You saw me offset from where I really was. I didn't move after that. You should've saw the illusion get bitten and then me stumble to the position I am in reality. But yes. You are correct." Kyu looks to Hige, seeing him drop to all fours, Kyu immediately does the ram seal, moving back decently so he's out of the danger area. Hige would see Kyu turn, looking confused, and then do the ram seal late, all an illusion but still. From Hige's view his tsuga hits, clawing into Kyu even with it's reduced and weakened speed, Kyu slides back, to where he is in reality, and hadn't moved from, the wounds seem to Hige to just close back up, and his clothes fix themself, stitching back together. In reality he was never hit, but to Hige it definitely did. He had felt it, saw it, and everything. Kyu watches Hige. Seeing if he was going to do it again. He didn't expect him to, but he was the one that taught him to always be ready.

Konsho hops a little out of the way of the nip and tackle, leaving just enough space that it almostm seems like Kame /could/ get him. But not quite. Konsho takes off again, then, using the distraction of the others, he leaps at Izara for pets! Of course it's kind of a flying leap so hopefully she notices.
Hige lands on all fours after the half-whirled attack and watches Kyu with a hint of concern. As his wounds and clothes stitch together again, however, he nods slightly before standing up straight once again. "Huh, that's interesting. If you weren't Zori's best friend before you will be now. He can hurt you without really hurting you." Yep, you just landed yourself in a whole lot of no fun. "Still, a good attack since people will think you're injured. Or can't be injured." He says with a faint grin before he shoves his hands in his pockets and turns back to walk to Shinobu. "Alright, I moved as slow as I could. Did you see it?"

Izara watches Hige rush towards Kyu but is somewhat surprised that such a skilled Chuunin managed to miss so badly. It takes a bit of time to realize that Kyu did the same thing to Hige that he did to her. "I think that defense will make Zori even madder than he probably is now. For your sake I hope you have some sort of backup plan in case that fails." At the time she is completely unaware that Hige is actually trying to teach Shinobu things.

Shinobu frowns softly. She /thinks/ she got it… But it would take a lot of work to get it right. Especially when she needed to mimic it after only seeing the attack through a single eye. She chews a bit on her lip, thinking and replaying the attack. Then she points to herself, then at an empty space that she was aiming for. The girl drops to all fours like Hige did, pushing herself to launch her body at the space. However, there's no fancy spin on the attack. For now, she just wants to get part of it down.
Kame yips a few times. ~I'm gonna get you this time!~ Then she scrambles after Konsho, putting her all into the next tackle and hoping she really does get the older dog. She's determined!

Kyu looks a bit confused by Izara's comment. "I kinda based it off of Zori. He always wants to hurt me. I decided I'd think up a way for him to do that, without actually hurting me." He had considered that this may frustrate Zori, but that sounds more like a bonus than a bad thing. "I'll definitely be using this more often. It is actually more effective than I had anticipated. Is there anything else I can help anyone with?" Kyu stands there. Actually wanting to be given some kind of task. He wasn't out to train, but he is now since he ended up in the training grounds. He briefly closes his eyes and they turn back to normal.

"Oh yeah, guess you should learn the stance first, huh." Hige says with a chuckle before watching her move. He nods a little, "Yeah pretty close actually." The Inuzuka drops down to all fours again, his entire body ready to move as he shows Shinobu the basic positioning and setting of the hands and feet. "Once you've got the stance down you'll channel chakra to help you move and attack. It'll make your nails and fangs grow, probably make your hair a little wilder too. It's just part of it." He explains, then shows by channeling his own chakra through his body in preparation. On top of the fangs and claws his eyes also become more feral, and his whole body looks like that of a predator. He looks back to Kyu with a fang toothed grin then and chuckles, "We could really put your new technique to the test." He says with a wink.
Konsho again sidesteps the smaller pup, but lets her brush against his fur as she passes. ~Close! See, keep up the training and soon you'll be the best Inuzuka ever!~

"I can't think of anything else," Izara says to Kyu as she bows. "I'm glad you helped me out, and glad to be of help to you." As Kyu goes off to do whatever else he usually does in the training fields, she turns her attention back towards Hige and Shinobu. "Maybe Hige should become an academy instructor," she quietly chuckles as she watches their antics.

Shinobu gets up from her own stance to peek over at what it is that Hige is doing. She nods at the stance, mimicking it by her own positioning of both hand and foot. The girl glances over to Hige again to try and figure out what else he's talking about…. channel chakra? Well, she tries to do that, but it doesn't go well. There's barely a change in her appearance. Only her single eye shows a comparatively more feral look than before. But regardless, she decides to try the attack again, this time adding a bit more spin to it.
Kame seems pretty excited that she managed to brush up against Konsho. It was better! Progress! ~Yep! I'm gonna surpass you so quick, senpai!~ she barks, taking a seat to catch her breath. The black lab's tail is wagging cheerfully.

Kyu shrugs at Hige. "I guess you want to spar then? I'm fine with that. But please, don't go all out on me. I know for a fact I still can't take you." Kyu takes a step back. He already has his chakra focused and he reactivates his Sharingan. He isn't going to take chances. This is Hige we're talking about. He looks like he has a realization though, "Are you still going to tear me limb from limb if I use Genjutsu? I don't think my fire techniques will quite cut it."

RP: Kyuketsuki transforms into SHARINGAN-I.

"Whoa there Shinobu, wait until you get the stance down before you work on the attack. If you don't use the right stance then you're attack won't ever work right." Hige explains, his voice coming out with a slight growl as a byproduct of the stance.
Konsho bobs his head in agreement to Kame. ~Yes you will.~ He says sagely before hearing the other happenings and turning to look at Hige. Oh this should be interesting. Konsho was secretly curious about Kyu's new technique too! The pup trots over to join Hige.
Hige smirks at Kyu and shrugs slightly, still down on all fours, "If you want to. We'll go easy, don't worry." He considers the question and then looks at Konsho. "I…guess not. Konsho will help keep me straight." He says finally before looking back up to Kyu. "Guess we'll let you start."

Soren walked into the Genin training area (Technically, the only training area he was allowed in without supervision), and stretched towards the sky. He wasn't normally one to come out here to train, anyway… but today he felt like it would be an appropriate thing to go train in the genin area. And if there were some genin already occupying the space, he could just give pointers where he could. As he lets go of the stretch, he hears Hige barking out suggestions, and he lefted a brow, rounding a corner, the group finally in sight. "Heh… he's right Shinobu-san. It's why I never learned it. Never could get the stance quite right." he grinned, bowing a bit towards everyone as a brief greeting.

Izara shakes her head as Kyu and Hige prepare to go toe-to-toe for practice. Boys were always so eager to beat each other up for no reason. As Shinobu is busying practicing her form, she doesn't want to interrupt whatever progress the girl is making. Soon she notices someone a bit too old (comparitively speaking) to be in the Genin training area. Getting up, she approaches the man. "Mister, are you lost or something?"

Shinobu peers at Hige, trying to figure out the differences between her own stance and his. Whatever it is, she manages to copy it well enough that the launch sends her into a spin. The power isn't there, and it's slower than Hige's slower Attack, but it's /something/!

Kyu shrugs. "Alright. So my move first." Kyu considers for a moment, then goes through two hand seals. Monkey ram. Hige would feel the waves of sleepiness come over him, unless he can stop the genjutsu somehow. Beyond that Kyu does nothing fancy at all. He just watches Hige. Awaiting his response. And hoping Konsho really can keep him from ripping him apart.

Soren glanced down at Izara, lifting a brow questioningly. "I mean… I don't think so. This is the Genin training grounds, yeah?" A note to anyone who's onlooking, Soren wears no headband, or discernable sign that he is infact a ninja. He glances at shinobu as she lands her strike. Soren then glances at Kyu and Hige… watching for a moment… considering. He shakes his head, glancing down at Izara, and smiling. "Inuzuka Soren. And, by the way, this is the only training ground I'm supposed to use." he grins.

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COMBAT: Kyuketsuki drains stamina from Hige
COMBAT: Hige defends against SLEEPY-JUTSU(31) attack from Kyuketsuki with a SELF-INFLICT-II…43

Hige lets his claws dig into his palm as the genjutsu starts to close in on him, the pain blocking most of it out. It's still annoying as hell, however, and it earns a soft growl from Hige when it happens. But now that Kyu has made his move it's time for Hige and Konsho to make theirs. The pair dart in quickly before launching themselves at Kyu. This is a real one, not like the slow one he'd performed earlier to show Shinobu. The two come in one right after the other aimed at the Uchiha.

Soren glanced down at Izara, lifting a brow questioningly. "I mean… I don't think so. This is the Genin training grounds, yeah?" A note to anyone who's onlooking, Soren wears no headband, or discernable sign that he is infact a ninja. He glances at shinobu as she lands her strike. Soren then glances at Kyu and Hige… watching for a moment… considering. There was alot of talk recently about genin pummeling each other. He shakes his head. Shouldn't be too big of a problem. Plus how would it look if he intervened at this point? glancing down at Izara, and smiling. "Inuzuka Soren. And, by the way, this is the only training ground I'm supposed to use." he grins, his gaze shifting over towards the sparring trio. "Besides, I figure it's handy to hav esomeon around who can stop a fight, no?"

"Sorry for the mistake, my apologies," Izara bows to Soren. Technically until she graduated, she was in the same boat as Soren. "I'm Nakota Izara, a pleasure meeting you." For right now, she finds the Inuzuka man more interesting than the spar going on behind her. She carefully gives Soren a look over, as there had to be more to the man that met the eye. "So you're basically saying that you're going to babysit us." Awkward.

Shinobu pauses in her movements to watch Hige, the girl's single brown eye focused solely on him and how he moves. The form, too, is noted, and the girl hmms softly as she tries to think of how to mimic the move until she gets it down. Back to all fours, and she crouches a bit lower than she did, chakra charging in her body and elongating her nails and already-slightly-larger canines. The girl eyes her invisible target, pushing off against the ground so she's sent spinning at said target. While she hits nothing, she seems happy with the result. The girl glances over to Soren for a second opinion, seeing as Hige is busy.
Kame, too, is also watching the fight. At least for a few minutes before she attempts to tackle Soren, doing a flying tackle right at the man's chest! Yip! ~Hi, Soren! Where's Ayame?~

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COMBAT: Kyuketsuki defends against TSUGA(41) attack from Hige with a CONTINUATION-DREAM…52

Kyu looked at both of them as they dart in, once more as usual making the ram seal. He leaps straight up, giving Hige and Konsho differing illusion in the same place. Hige would see Kyu just not move and suddenly poof into smoke, while Konsho would see himself claw into Kyu and push him a bit, to where in reality he had landed from his leap. Kyu is completely unharmed to both of them, but Konsho never saw him jump, nor land, and saw his wounds and clothing tears simply close up. Hige just saw him land. He would then do a decent number more seals than last time, attempting to lock both Hige and Konsho in the Out of Body Experience genjutsu, pulling them both out of their bodies and leaving them open for follow-up sleepiness.

COMBAT: Hige defends against OUT-OF-BODY-EXPERIENCE(31) attack from Kyuketsuki with a SELF-INFLICT-II…35
COMBAT: Hige defends against OUT-OF-BODY-EXPERIENCE(42) attack from Kyuketsuki with a SELF-INFLICT-II…26
COMBAT: Hige loses the roll and sustains 0 damage.
COMBAT: Kyuketsuki drains stamina from Hige

Hige lands and his eyes flick immediately to Kyu's new location. Konsho joins him only a moment later but before either of them can move that genjutsu comes again. They aren't able to resist it through pain and end up falling victim to it, drifting away while their bodies remain unable to move. Apparently Kyu really has been working on things. Hige couldn't take him quite so lightly anymore.

COMBAT: Soren defends against DOG-TACKLE(24) attack from Shinobu with a DODGE…42

Soren snickered at Izara's response. "No… I'm here to babysit those two." he says pointing at Hige and Kyu, grinning. Then the pup comes for him, and just as quickly as the pup left the ground, Soren had sidesteped, leaving his arms open for the pup to be caught. He grinned, scratching the pups ears for a minute. "She's not here today little one, sorry to dissapoint." he says with a smile. He glanced back at Shinobu, and nodding. "It looked better, but the only way you're going to really see how you've improved, is to hit a target." he says with a nod. "But, I think it looked good. You'll have to show hige when he's less distracted."

Izara's eyes go wide as Soren easily sidesteps the incoming pup with relative ease. "Are you one of those retired ninjas from the war?" She stares at Soren with inquisitive eyes. "You probably have a lot of stories from back then." She glances back at Kyu and Hige for a moment, noticing that not much has changed since they first started. She then turns back to Soren, leaning in close to hear whatever words of wisdom he might impart.

Shinobu nods softly to Soren, thinking to herself. … A target? She looks around, but the training dummies were all essentially occupied. And those that were not were far away… Or too close to the sparring duo that she would rather not use them. Then her gaze drifted to Soren. Some of the training she had from before kicked in as she analyzed everything. He had been able to avoid Kame easily despite the fact that it was essentially a surprise attack… "Ummm…" is what she says, then she points to the adopted Inuzuka.
Kame, on the same page as Shinobu, yips! ~Can Shinobu-chan use you as a target?~ The pup hops out of Soren's arms, albeit a bit sadly since it means no pets or scratches… But she'll just get them from Izara. Yip! ~Pets?~ is directed to the student, ninken nudging at the girl's hand with her head.
Shinobu crouches down, getting into the position that would allow for Tsuga. Chakra is focused through her body, though the effects from earlier weren't completely gone, so there was no visible change. The girl tensed, then leapt at Soren, regardless of if he was ready or not. Kame makes sure Izara isn't in Shinobu's path, tugging her to safety as Shinobu comes spiraling right at Soren in a rapid spin.

Kyu sees Hige and Konsho stop moving and resisting and goes through his two familiar seals, monkey ram. Unless Hige can break out of the illusion now, he and Konsho would be hit with an intense shockwave of sleepiness. Once Kyu finishes and Hige returns to his body to feel the shockwave, Kyu would jump back early. Putting a bit of distance between himself and Hige. He watches him closely, expecting another spinning attack.

COMBAT: Hige defends against SLEEPY-JUTSU(30) attack from Kyuketsuki with a TENSE…12
COMBAT: Hige loses the roll and sustains 0 damage.
COMBAT: Kyuketsuki drains stamina from Hige
COMBAT: Hige SELF-INFLICTs out of Kyuketsuki's stun!

RP: Hige transforms into KONSHO.

COMBAT: Hige defends against SLEEPY-JUTSU(35) attack from Kyuketsuki with a SELF-INFLICT…40
COMBAT: Hige defends against SLEEPY-JUTSU(33) attack from Kyuketsuki with a SELF-INFLICT…42

Somehow even with the genjutsu in effect a low rumbling growl still comes from the teen. There's a twitch when Kyu is preparing and he manages to knock himself out of the genjutsu, pushing that claw in further to keep it going. "I'm going to have to stop going so easy on you Kyu," the boy growls, feral eyes staring at the Uchiha. "You aren't something to be underestimated anymore." Hige's actually kind of happy with that, though the genjutsu effects still annoy him fully. It was good to see his friends grow. "Get ready." He warns as both he and Konsho launch themselves at the boy once again, coming at Kyu from either side in a coordinated spinning attack. He doesn't want to get too deadly here after all.

COMBAT: Soren defends against TSUGA(27) attack from Shinobu with a ARMORED-CHAKRA…45

Soren blinked at the student infront of him. Retired old ninja? He snickered, and shook his head. "No, no, no. First off, I'm not that old… and second off, I'm not actually a ninja. I picked up some of the tricks, and developed them myself." he says with a smile, and shrug. "But I am well traveled. I was a traveling blacksmith for the longest time. Although, I suppose I am pretty strong. Managed to keep the Raikage, Hiei on his toes very recently." he grinned, and shrugged. Then Kame yips, and then hops down. "Sure… I'm used to taking hits." he says, tapping his his right arm for emphasis. He then steps away from Izara. "You might want to stand back." he says, nodding towards her before facing Shinobu. When Shinobu comes, he takes a breath, and let's his chakra firmly press out against the world, his body lighting with blue visibly, as it focuses around his chest. And he takes the hit, letting the Tsuuga hit him sqquare in the ribs, and letting his chakra act as an armor plate to deflect the strike, before stepping out of the way, disengaging from the attack. "Phew~ That was pretty good, shinobu-san. Given your size and frame, that was actually really impressive.

Zori has been at the Training Grounds every since, with all the fighting going on, he was able to hide up into a nearby tree thanks to the distractions. Zori is up in the tree, slightly crouched unto a tree branch fiddling his fingers. Zori wants to get in on some of the action so bad, that even his wires are tingling inside his arm. Zori looks over at his hoodie he had threw aside earlier on the ground, He much rather keep on his Purple wife beater instead, so he does. His eyes flicker back over to Kyu and Hige. "I cant.. take it anymore!" Zori leaps off the tree branch landing crouched down in the middle of the Inuzuka and Uchiha. As he stands up completely, he snickers. "Who wants a piece of this!" His wires lash out the palms of his hands cutting down a tree that was behind Kyu and Hige as it falls towards them leaving Zori out of harms way.

COMBAT: Zori focuses 3741 stamina to turn it into 4000 usable chakra!

Izara is a amazed as she listens to Soren talk about his past. Suddenly she feels something soft brushing against her hand. Glancing down, she sees Kame begging for pets and hugs. She and Kame move off to the side as Soren takes the hit like he was a brick wall. Sitting off to the side, she gives the pup cuddles as she watches everything going on. Once the monkey named Zori jumps into the fray, she sighs a bit for whoever has to deal with the boy.

RP: Shinobu transforms into KAME

Shinobu glances up at Soren when he praises her, and can't help but smile at the compliment. A small smile, but a smile nonetheless. She bows her head slightly in thanks, then says in a quiet voice, "Again?" She doesn't really wait for an answer, preferring to try again. Practice makes perfect, right? Kame watches eagerly from her spot in Izara's lap, enjoying the pets and soaking up all the attention. Eventually, though, she decides to abandon the lovely spot to help her partner. The pup also needs to practice that new technique.
Shinobu crouches, then, instead of charging her chakra, goes full speed ahead at Soren, aiming to tackle him to the ground using momentum to make him fall backwards. Kame assists, charging chakra and launching herself at the adopted Inuzuka as well. She spins as she moves, claws sharper thanks to the chakra, to drill into Soren's side while Shinobu goes for the front.

COMBAT: Kyuketsuki defends against GATSUGA(30) attack from Hige with a CLONE-MIRAGE…36
COMBAT: Kyuketsuki defends against SPAR(16) attack from Zori with a CLONE-TECHNIQUE…31

Kyu did the ram seal while Hige was talking about not holding back and jumps out of the way, letting Hige hit a poofing illusion, Kyu then hears Zori's yelling and wastes no time making a normal basic clone to take the hit for him, moving out of the way. "Oh great. Zori's wanting a fight. Hige, I don't think I can take both of you. I'm surprised I havent been put out of the fight by you already." Kyu focuses more of his stamina into chakra, he gets the feeling he'll need it but it causes him to start breathing heavily and break a sweat. He's wearing himself down.

COMBAT: Kyuketsuki focuses 2189 stamina to turn it into 2500 usable chakra!
COMBAT: Hige defends against SPAR(16) attack from Zori with a DODGE…42

Hige moves as the tree comes down, inwardly sighing. Yes he knew Zori was there, he had to keep an eye on him so he'd known where he was hiding all along. However it didn't warrant the destruction of a tree. "If you need something to destroy work on non-living things alright? The tree doesn't deserve it." Of course it comes out with a slight growl from his position in the four legged stance, but he doesn't seem like he's about to go nuts or anything. "You told me to go easy on you Kyu, so I have been. Besides I don't think you should have to fight us both. Since Zori seems so eager and is late to the fight it might be time to see how he works against multiple opponents."

COMBAT: Soren defends against DOG-TACKLE(28) attack from Shinobu with a ARMORED-CHAKRA…50
COMBAT: Soren defends against TSUGA(21) attack from Shinobu with a TENSE…12
COMBAT: Soren loses the roll and sustains 252 damage.

Soren grinned as shinobu asked to go again. And in response, he built up his chakra again, expecting shinobu to try to Tsuuga him. But when instead charges him, and slams into the shield like a wall… he blinks. "Oh! You ok?"
It's in that moment of distraction that Kame gets a mostly clear shot! Soren does have just enough of a chance to step back, and away, but the dog still slams into his right arm, the prosthetic limb shredding at the forearm from the strike.
*blink blink* He glances at Konsho, then at Shinobu. "Well… it seems you've disarmed me!" he grins, trying to make light of the situation.

Shinobu winces a bit, rubbing her shoulder. It hurt, but not too badly. It was merely the shock of running into such hard armor that made her unhappy. But seeing Kame land her own hit brings a small grin to the girl's face. "Got you!" she says, voice louder than she usually speaks, which is usually only heard by those who are near her. Kame yips a few times, tail wagging as she barks, ~We got you, we got you~

Kyu listens to Hige as he talks and nods, "I know you were holding back. If you weren't I'd be bleeding a LOT more. And sure. Let's see if he is all bark and no bite." He smirks and looks back to where Zori /was/… "He's gone!" Kyu looks quite confused. He shouldn't have taken his eyes off him. He starts looking around. "Is he planning on ambushing us or did he retreat?" Kyu just keeps looking around. He was NOT going to be cut up by wires today!

Hige pushes himself to his feet and grunts a bit at the tiredness he feels from Kyu's genjutsu. "He's around but for the moment he's remaining still." Hige says with a soft sigh, eyeing the direction he knows Zori is in. "Anyways, you did very well Kyu. You're training is really going well because you're learning a lot very quickly. Keep it up and pretty soon I won't be able to hold back at all." Even if it is that nasty genjutsu crap. He glances around and spots another Chuunin arriving, "But for now it looks like my replacement is here and I should rest before my mission tomorrow."

Soren grins wide, and nods. "Yes, you got me." he says, grinning down at the pup, petting with his left hand. "That was a really nice shot, pup." he snickered, holding up his right arm for emphasis, now that it was severed at about midway down the forearm. He glanced up at Shinobu, and smile, nodding slowly. "Soon enough, you'll be able to help protect the people here too!" he says with a grin.

Kaido and his two nin-ken walk in, Bolt and Bandit bickering as usual as Bolt says, ~But Shishou, chicken is the best!~ Bandit facepaws and says back to the pup, "Oh for God's sake, it's not as satisfying as a nice, big, fat and juicy steak! Get it in your head loom! We're meat eaters! And meat eaters eat steak!" ~Chicken!~ "Steak!" ~CHICKEN!!~ "STEAK!!!!"
Kaido just sighs and says dryly, "Yeah, both of you have really expensive tastes, I should be so lucky as you guys…" Bandit and Bolt continue to growl back and forth about chicken and steak and Kaido looks up to see everyone here and says, "Yo! What's going on? Anything interesting?"

Shinobu winces at seeing the arm. Fortunately, it's a mere prosthetic and not causing Soren any pain. She bows her head slightly, looking a tad embarrassed. "M…. Maybe…" she murmurs, back to her quiet self again. She hears the loud bickering of Kaido, Bolt, and Bandit, and her eye shifts curiously to see what they might be talking about when Kame perks up at the two. She gives Soren a quick lick before bounding over to try and tackle Bolt. Yip! ~I got you, too!~

Kyu looks at Hige and nods to him. When he is done speaking he shrugs and deactivates his Sharingan. He watches Hige leave and waves, before turning to the others and walking over calmly. He doesn't say anything yet, waiting to be spoken to.

RP: Kyuketsuki reverts to his normal state.

Hige is on his way out when Kaido is coming in and he pauses briefly to great his cousins. "Hey Kaido, Bandit, Bolt." He offers with a little nod. "Don't train to hard." He gives them a little wave before he starts off again, waving to the others as well as he departs.

Soren grinned as shinobu looked embarrassed. He just shook his head, and pat her on the head gently. "Heh… be proud of yourself, Shinobu-san. You've got reason to be." he says with a nod. "Unfortunately, I've kindof gotten a bit of repair work to do now." he says, looking at the shredded prosthetic. He shrugs, glancing up at Kyu, offering a nod, then over to Kaido, tilting his head at the Ninken, and grinning, before offering a tiny wave.

COMBAT: Kaido counters against a DOG-TACKLE(24) attack from Shinobu with a PHYSICAL…20

Kaido is about to reply to Hige when Kame rushes Bolt. Bolt yelps and attempts to counter the tackle with a kick, but the surprise attack is just agile enough to catch Bolt and tumble him and Kame into a heap. Bolt yips ~Hey! That's not fair! I wasn't ready!~ Bandit snorts and says, "Brat, in a real fight, your opponents aren't going to wait for you to be ready to attack you… I keep trying to tell you, keep your head on a swivel and always be ready for anything." Kaido says, "It's a good lesson to learn Bolt if you want to be a good partner for me." He looks around as people start to leave, "Man, I always end up showing up at the end of things."

Shinobu still looks apologetic about the whole limb thing, but she manages a small nod. "H-hai." The girl considers, but then she gives Soren a quick hug in thanks. It doesn't last too long, and she steps away quickly. Kame grins and gets off of Bolt, tugging him to his feet. ~Too bad!~ she retorts, grinning impishly. The pup glances left, then right, then whispers super quiet-like to Bolt. ~Let's get Bandit sometime.~

Bolt gets back up quickly and then yips quietly back at Kame, ~Sure… but he's really strong, we need to distract him… you make fun of him having no balls and then I'll strike while he rages!~ Kaido raises an eyebrow at the two nin-pups and shakes his head and mutters about needing to definitely teach Bolt to come up with better strategies. Bandit for his part just lays on the ground, watching the going's on disinterestedly.
Kaido then walks over to Shinobu and pats her on the head, "How's it going cuz? Adjusting to life here better? Have you been practicing with the flute I gave you? Do you want some more lessons?"

Shinobu is getting better around adults and about physical contact, evident in the fact that she doesn't flinch as much when pat on the head. She nods softly to some of the questions, saying, "Uh-huh" quietly. The girl pats her clothes a few times, then produces the flute Kaido gave her. She adjusts her grip on the instrument so that her fingers cover some of the main buttons/holes that would allow for different sounds.
Kame rolls her eyes a bit. ~That's a terrible plan! You need to come up with something better! Like… Umm… I can try and tackle him, then get him to chase me while you come at him from the side or something!~

Kaido smiles and says, "Good… alright, let's move off to the side so that others can train and I'll see the results of your practice and teach you more." He leads Shinobu off to where the bleachers are and pulls out his own flute and waits for Shinobu to take a seat and start to play.
Bolt for his own part makes a face at Kame and says, ~But that's so BORING! Shishou isn't going to be fooled like that, he's really good at predicting what people are gonna do! It's why I can never get him.~ Bolt turns around in a circle thinking and says, "I got it! We'll start an argument, make it look like we're going to fight and wait for Shishou to intervene, THEN we'll take him down!~ Bolt nods vigorously, thinking to himself that THIS is a good plan.
Bandit for his part keeps an eye on both Bolt and Kame and on Kaido and Shinobu. He's probably aware that the pups are plotting to try and take him down, but the veteran and perhaps smartest nin-ken in the village isn't too worried.

Shinobu nods and follows after Kaido, only taking a moment to glance back and make sure Kame wasn't getting into too much trouble. Well, it seemed like she was doing okay, so the girl continues on into the stands. She taps the holes on her flute nervously, then she lifts the instrument to her lips and starts to play. It's a scale, much like Kaido had played before. Not as long on each note, but she was able to get through it without stopping for air, as well as going through them quickly so that she /could/ play without stopping. When the scale is finished going up, she plays it again, slower, going down.
Kame makes her own face at Bolt. ~Well, if he's that smart, then we really gotta think outside the box, you know? Or we gotta figure out a way that's so obvious that he just won't think of it.~ She hmm and thinks, trying to figure it out. Half her hearing is on Bandit to make sure he isn't going to try and get the two of them while they're planning.

Kaido smiles and says, "That's very good… have you been practicing your breathing? You should do it every day for 5 minutes until you can hold your breath for 5 minutes. If you can do that then you should be able to play a full song on only one or two breaths." Kaido then puts the flute to his lips and says, "Today we'll start today with pitch and tone, you've learned all the notes from A to G, those are what's called whole notes. Whole notes are called that because they don't change in tone, and music is basically nothing but pitch and tones. So what we're going to start is another scale, but this time, we're going to work with half and quarter tones. Every whole note changes based upon the tone you use. If you play a note a half tone downwards, that makes the note flat and if you play a note a half tone upwards, that makes the note sharp. Here, I'll demonstrate…" With that, he starts with the most basic note, the C, and plays the regular C first for 10 seconds and then by moving his thumb to a different whole on the back of the instrument, the note changes slightly downwards. He plays that for another 10 seconds then goes back to a regular whole note to let Shinobu hear the difference and then plays the same note again, moving his thumb to yet a different hole on the back and makes the note change slightly upwards for 10 seconds. He finally removes the flute and says, "Any questions so far?
Bolt for his part shrugs to Kame and says, ~Well, it would help if we knew how he thinks, because I can't even understand him at all sometimes. He talks alot about books and chess and go and other things that make no sense and are boring.~ Bandit just lays there, relaxing a bit, still keeping an eye on the goings on.

Shinobu shakes her head a bit at the question and holds up her flute to indicate that she really only practices her breathing while playing. The good news is that she's been trying to practice every day (or Mana makes her), so it sort of is like she's been practicing her breathing. The girl tilts her head at all the technical terms, not quite understanding all that's being said. 'flat' and 'sharp' didn't mean much yet. As Kaido starts to play, she recognizes the C note, fingers moving to copy Kaido's. Then he shifts them, which changes the sound. It was unexpected, and also sounded … odd? She was so used to playing a whole scale that hearing a flat was off to her. But the idea of a 'half-step' was in her mind. The Inuzuka gives a shake of her head, no questions coming to mind.
Kame rolls onto her back and hms. ~Strategy games. I guess… Oh!~ she gets an idea, and it's probably as dumb as Bolt's, but it might work. She gets /real/ close to Bolt's ear to make sure Bandit doesn't try to listen, speaking low. The gist of the plan is to try and overpower Bandit with sheer speed and numbers. She also mentioned it probably won't work since Bandit's more experienced, but it would give them both an idea of what he could do.

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