Squirrelly Crisis - Punishment


Aburei, Mushi

Date: November 24, 2013


Mushi, Aburei, and their new squirrel companion discuss their course of action to punish the bad humans.

"The Silk Conflict - Great Orbs of Pestilence"

Countryside of the Land of Water

BRIEF SYNOPSIS! Mushi and Aburei followed the trail of what seemed to be rodent thieves which made off with the vital medication for treating a nearby epidemic. This led them to the village of some fiercely distrustful NINJA SQUIRRELS, who said they'd sworn never to serve humans again! >P They were quick to accept Mushi and Aburei as ONE WITH THE SQUIRREL, though, after a profound demonstration of squirrel-armed nut-throwing from Mushi and an equally dramatic (though less intentional) demonstration of going speedily up and DOWN a very tall tree from Aburei. O.O; Now they are hailed as the GREAT ONES who will aid the squirrels in punishing the bad humans who misused them!
The squirrel who seems to have elected himself spokesrodent jabbers some explanation to Mushi. "ThebadhumansarecalledtheHoufufamily! Wehadacontractwiththemformanymanyyears! Theymadeusstealstuffandspyonotherfamiliesandmakethemlookbad! Mostlytheotherfamilieswerejustasbadbutwefinallygotsickofit! Nowwecanmakethempayforallthedirtystufftheymadeusdo!" n.n There is a chittering from the edge of the village. "Supaaki-sama'sback! Heshouldgowiththegreatones!"

Mushi is marvelling at the lack of human reasoning in these squirrels. How quickly they attack, and how quickly they trust are just…squirrelish. She thinks she has them pegged, and the next second they're doing something she hadn't even begun to expect. No human in their right mind would revere her and Aburei as 'great ones' after going up a tree really fast. She doesn't question this however. If they want to trust the two of them because they grabbed some nuts, all the better to solve this mystery. Mushi has to stifle a sigh though, since there seems to be a lot of work on her part, with very little promise of pay.
Mushi drifts over to Aburei and says quietly, "Aburei-kun…we're going to help them, because it's the right thing to do. But it seems like we may be taking sides, so this is not going into the official report to the Center, 'kay?" Mushi hardly ever gives detailed reports to her Center, but sometimes she clarifies that she /definitely/ shouldn't. Then to the squirrels she says, "So can you lead the way, um, noble squirrels?"

Aburei nods. "If you say so, Mushi-neesan." Aburei would've come to the same decision himself, but it's nice having someone in higher authority there to take the responsibility. n.n The spokesrodent grins. "Supaaki-samawillguideyou! Heisourgreatestwarrior! It'ssortofluckyhewasawaywhenyouarrivedorsomebodycould'vebeenhurtbeforeyousubduedus!" n.n;
There is an approaching series of zapping sounds, and flashes of white can be seen flitting through the trees. Finally it halts against a nearby trunk, and a white-furred squirrel, a touch larger than most, peers cautiously at the humans. "What'sgoingonhere? Aretheyfriendorfoe?" After some chittering of explanation, the white squirrel drops to the ground and gives a bow. "Forgive my suspicions," he says, speaking in mercifully deliberate speech, though still quick and clipped by most human standards. "The safety of this clan is my responsibility. I am Supaaki, and I will be honored to guide and assist you on this mission. Come, this way." Supaaki heads off through the woods.

Mushi is greeted by Supaaki who speaks by more understandable standards—though is that because human dialogue is better, or because he is smart enough to accommodate them? Mushi is left scratching her head. Maybe later she'll think about the cultural values of squirrel society. For now, they need to get to the bottom of this case. She follows Supaaki, with the desire both to pet his soft white fur, and also the knowledge that may be seen as very rude. After all, she wouldn't take it very well if someone came up and petted her. Well, except her boyfriend.
She speaks warmly to the white squirrel. "Your suspicions need no forgiveness, a leader should always be cautious especially when it comes to the safety of his followers. Your clan is a brave and just one, and we'd be happy to lend our strength to yours. Our goals align very much, and might I also say you have wonderful white fur."

Supaaki smirks over his shoulder. "Glad you like it. Most of the squirrels outside my clan seem to think I'm diseased. Don't know how I'll ever find a mate." It isn't long before they reach the outer wall of a well-to-do estate. "Here it is, the Houfu family mansion. Ready?" Aburei waves a hand for time-out. "Er, no, actually. I'm not sure what exactly we're planning to do. Your clan said we're here to punish them somehow…we're not going to just jump in and start killing people, are we?" c.c; Supaaki glances at Mushi. "That's not an option?" c.ca

Mushi has to chuckle when Supaaki mentions that the squirrels don't think too highly of his white fur. Well, she thinks it looks nice, and that's what matters to her. She walks relaxedly until Supaaki announces their arrival at the mansion. Then, her casual expression fades and she looks gravely at the mansion. She says, "If we kill them, we'll be no better than them, and even worse. But that doesn't mean we can't beat them black and blue. That and find a reasonable way to end this conflict. It sounds like they're doing criminal activities—if we can subdue them or turn them in, it'd be a great help to the Kiri nin we report their crimes to."

Supaaki strokes an ear. "Well, my clan will be disappointed, but no matter. I'll dress it up a bit when I tell the tale, if they get excited about the punishment the Houfu do get they'll forget that they were expecting more carnHEYLOOKNUTS!" 8D Supaaki zips off to a nearby tree and attacks a cluster of ripe nuts. Aburei exhales, relieved that they haven't been drawn into a wholesale slaughter, but still very uncomfortable with the fact that there's likely to be combat involved. u.u Also… "Proving they're criminals probably won't be easy," Aburei remarks. "We don't even know what sort of crimes to investigate them for…except stealing the pills, I guess. Are we just going to demand them back and then force our way into whatever place they try to protect? Or should we try to be more sneaky? We don't have a lot of time…" c.ca

Mushi pauses at Aburei's words. She'd come here in righteous rage, wanting to beat all the bad guys up in a flash, for the injustices they caused. It was one thing to pick on people—but another to pick on squirrels who didn't even have the strength to fight back. Maybe Aburei is right, a rampage may not be the best way to solve this whole thing. Mushi strokes her chin thoughtfully. She ought to give this some thought. Then she smiles to Aburei. "I have an idea," she says. "We just need to sneak in and grab one person. The leader. Then we need to get him outside, and we'll scare him so bad he'll be running away from here fast as he can." She looks at the building. "Maybe we can find out who he is by grabbing some guards on patrol and turning into them. Have any useful jutsus to knock out someone silently?"

Aburei shrugs. "I guess that'll work, if he runs for the pills. As far as knocking someone out…muscle relaxation, maybe? But I'd have to sneak up on them first, and even if I got really lucky and pulled it off it would probably only delay their reaction by a few seconds." n.n; Yup, Aburei's not much of a fighter. "Actually, maybe I should wait outside or something, I'd just be in the way if it comes to fighting…oh! But I do know someone who'd love to help you out with that!" :D
Aburei makes a little incision on his thumb with a chakra scalpel, then forms handseals and slaps a palm to the ground. In poofs a badger wearing a red head-scarf and a black leather vest. He glances up at Aburei. "Wha? Aw cripes, you again. What is it this time, digging for mushrooms? Washing your dirty bedsheets? Babysitting runny-nosed whelps?" :P Aburei shakes his head. "No, I want you to help Mushi-neesan here if she gets in a fight." "Da flip!? Look, Granny said I have to do you favors, but that doesn't mean I gotta be a slave for all your fr — wait, did you say 'fight'? Y'mean you actually think there's a good chance we'll get in one? And you want me to lay the smack down?!" 8D The badger coughs and replaces his enthusiastic expression with a mask of studious aloofness. "Not that I give a care." e.e
Supaaki returns just then. "Ah, that was refreshing. Forgive my sudden departure, it's been a while since I ate and using my lightning takes a bit out of me. Oh, have we found a new ally?" The badger peers down his snout at Supaaki. "Who's dis squirt?" :P Aburei scratches his head. "Everyone, this is Hachimitsu. Hachimitsu, this is Supaaki-san, and as I mentioned, Mushi-neesan. Try to work together, okay?" n.n; Hachimitsu folds his arms and gazes off into nowhere. "Yeah, whatever."

Mushi blinks when Aburei demonstrates he has an advanced summoning contract. She didn't know that! She looks at the huge badger with the red handkerchief thoughtfully. Will this one really be any help? But when the beaver starts saying a few telling things about her protege — mushrooms, whelps, dirty laundry — Mushi smiles just a little. She gives a polite, little bow to the badger and says, "Thanks for the help, you two. I'm sure glad you're on our side." She briefly explains the situation so that Hachimitsu is up to date.
Then she rolls up her sleeves to her elbows. And she says with far more seriousness to Hachimitsu, "Watch my back, will ya? I plan to do this quietly, but if we're caught I'd like you to prevent anyone from getting away to find more help." Clearly, she is assuming that it will be the bandits who are running from her, and not the other way around." She looks to Aburei and says, "What do you think? Do you want Supaaki here with you to keep a lookout or…" She leaves the choice up to him, and the big squirrel, and then would proceed inside.

Aburei shakes his head. "I'll be fine, nobody has any reason to give me any trouble." n.n Ah, the optimism of the innocent. Hachimitsu continues feigning indifference as he falls into step behind Mushi. "Eh, sure, I guess I got nothing better to do today." Supaaki springs up onto Mushi's shoulder. "We will punish the Houfu thoroughly and non-lethally! Can I just shock them enough to make their hair start turning crispy, though? They look so funny when it sticks out." :3 And so Mushi proceeds into the stronghold of the Houfu, to challenge them with her pokemcompanions. :o

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