Start of training for Soujiro


Ataru, Soujiro

Date: Unknown (log received July 23, 2012)


Ataru and Soujiro reach an agreement to become teacher and student

"Start of training for Soujiro"

Training field in Konohagakure

It was the day after Soujiro had met Ataru for the first time. The boy did go out and do as suggested and bought some supplies that included various projectile weapons such as kunai and shuriken. Then with the last bit of traveling money he had he decided he would need new attire better suited for physical training as oppose to wearing his pair of traveler's clothes that he had out grown anyways. It was a cool and crisp morning. Soujiro mentally thanked the gods that there was not a breeze to go along with the cold air. The boy can be seen at the same spot he was at yesterday going through his inventory of supplies that are stored in various pouches along his vest and pants.

Ataru came strolling out onto that field looking for Soujiro. afterall, they had said they'd train together, so it would be good to see if Soujiro was serious about it. Watching the kid go over his inventory, Ataru would nod lightly as he'd come to a stop before his student. "Yo. Glad ta see ya were able ta get some new threads and the stuff I said ta get. It's important ta be well prepared, while I prefer ta fight with my fists, that dun mean there ain't plenty people out there that won't want ta get up close and personal, yanno?" He'd pull out his own set of kunai, splaying three of them in his hand. "Ya gotta know how ta throw fer the basics. We also gotta figure out whatcha gonna do specifically fer yer style.. I can teach mine like I said before, however it's always better to know yer own stuff. Ya can make it grow stronger that way."

Soujiro looks up in almost a surprise as he heard the voice belonging to Ataru come from a distance. He had been so preoccupied going through his inventory that he became lost in his own little word. "Yea. It was the last of my change, but i figure it would be worth it. If i can get properly trained to be at least a decent fighter, maybe this…hokage you spoke of could let me go on a mission or two with you." The boy eyed the kunai Ataru had at the ready in his hand. "Uh, as far as style goes i was thinking about about it yesterday and…" The boy pauses. "I just dont know enough about fighting to know what i would like and not like. What i would be better suited for and what are my weaknesses. Its tough to make that accessment considering i've never been in a fight before so i guess what im trying to ask is…" He pauses again with a look of nervousness appearing on his face as he brings his hand up to scratch the back of his head. "Is it possible for you and i to have a little fighting match to help me get a feel of things?"

Ataru would laugh as he put away the kunai. "Yeah! That's the spirit! I'm always up ta a friendly throw down.. I'll make sure ta go easy on ya.. I tend to get inta fightin and I've kinda hurt people sometimes. That's why Atsuro is always makin hospital cracks about me.. 'cause I'm generally sittin in the next bed over to the one that my spar partner is sitting in." He'd laugh again, shaking his head. "Yeah, that probably sounded bad. Dun sweat it. Light fight, letcha get a feel for it." He'd take a few steps back, widen his stance a little and focus some chakra through his body with a nod towards Soujiro. "Go ahead and begin soon as yer ready, hai?"

"Oh man. Well at least in that case i'll be toughened up in no time." Soujiro takes a moment to limber up and twist his neck side to side to get loose. Once finished, he looks back over to Ataru and says, "Now fair warning…" Soujiro cracks a smile. "I didn't say I completely don't know how to fight." With that said, he leaps towards his partner with his knee extended towards Ataru's chest.

Ataru would grin, a nod given in response even as he'd hop back a step. Soujiro now where Ataru had been, he'd lean in, two rapid punches thrown at Soujiro's chest, before he'd finish up with an uppercut. The attacks were fast, however Ataru was holding back signifigantly so as to not hurt his partner too much.

Soujiro frowns when he sees that his flying knee thrust failed hitting its mark. However, he did not have too much time to dwell on it as Ataru was already coming at him with his own offensive. The boy saw that attacks coming but he did not have a good enough footing to get out of the way of the first punch. The punch is a direct hit and its up rocking Soujiro which keeps him from properly doding the next two punches Ataru delivers. After stumbling back from the uppercut, he shakes his head to regain his composure and steps back in towards his opponent. Instead of giving Ataru enough time to continue his offensive advance, Soujiro decides to fire off two quick punches himself attempting to make them land on his face.

Ataru blocked! … with his face! He almost headbutted the first fist coming in at him, although it was a bit lower than he expected so it still hurt a bit, which would cause him to roll back and avoid that second shot. Rubbing at his temple with a small grin, he'd give a nod of his head. "Not bad. Ya can take a hit, and give em back. Lessee.." Taking a moment to focus himself to slow down, he'd settle into a lower stance. From there, he came forward with a kick at Soujiro's chest, spinning off the potential impact to bring that other foot into the frey, snapping a kick across at his head.

Soujiro was surprised that he actually landed a hit. However, Ataru didnt allow him to celebrate too much as he hunchered down and sent a kick towards his way. The boy crossed his arms and deflected Ataru's kick. However, due to his arrogance he was not ready for his partner's follow up kick and is caught completely off guard. Soujiro stumbles side ways due to the force of the kick a few steps. He takes a few moments to access the situation for his next move. Unfortunately, the good ole farm boy has arrived to the limit of his knowledge of fighting already in this fight. Stepping back up to Ataru after regaining his footing, he attempts to do the same 1-2 kick he had just been a victim of. However, when he goes to follow up with the snapping kick there really wasnt that much of a snap and the height of his kick was no where near his head. In fact, he did well just to get it up to his opponents upper torso.

Ataru would move, chakra poured into his legs to get him away, although with his concious reduction of power, he was a bit slow. The snap across caught him as that's the way he moved, causing him to rock tot he side. Coming back, more of that chakra poured on, he'd snap a hard fist at Soujiro's knee, a chakra burst following the strike to attempt to kick both legs out from under Soujiro. As he'd try to put Soujiro into the air, his other arm came down in a solid elbow strike for Soujiro's chest.

Soujiro was not prepared for what Ataru had instored for him next. One moment the boy was standing up and excited that he got another hit in, the next he was looking up at his fighting partner from the ground. His body pulsed with pain and even for a few moments he was having difficulty finding his breath. "You. Win." He squeaked once he regained enough wind in his pipes. For now, Soujiro continued to just lie there stiff as a board.

Ataru rubs the back of his head with a sheepish look. "Aww man.. Lookit, I'm sorry Soujiro. I toldja.. I kinda get inta it and.. yeah." He'd shake his head, leaning over to offer a hand up to Sou. "Ya gonna be ok? I can carry ya to the hospital if ya need it.." He'd chuckle lightly. "That was a one two hit combo that I can't get ta land on Atsuro.. I gotta get faster if I'm gonna be able ta do that to him.." He'd roll his shoulders in a shrug.

"Hospital?" Soujiro breathes out. "I'm not /that/ messed up." After a few more seconds on the ground, the teenager reaches up to accept Ataru's hand. Once he got back up to his feet, Soujiro paced around in a small circle, shacking his head of cloudiness. "Man, i'm worse off than i thought i was when it comes to fighting." He says with a chuckle.
Ataru would help Soujiro to his feet before waving a hand. "Nah, nah. Ya ain't that bad off. Ya hit me a couple of times. That's pretty good." He'd chuckle lightly. "ya can use refinement in yer style, fer sure, but ya ain't hopeless." Once he was sure Soujiro was ok, he'd give a small nod, crossing his arms. "My style of fighting is a chakra enhancement to my physical output. As ya saw. Do you think you wanna do that? Do you know how ta use yer chakra at all?"

"Yea. Your style seems to get the job done." Soujiro says rubbing his shoulder with a wince. "But uuuh, no i dont think i do. Or at least if i do know how to use my chakra i don't know what im looking for. I only know about chakra from books. No one in my family really practices any of the ninja arts. We just simple farmers." He says with a chuckle in his voice.

Ataru would give a slow nod. Starting to pace, he'd muse to himself, rubbing his chin with one hand. "Chakra is.. an active energy.. it's how ya do stuff like ninjutsu. Ya gotta have the power ready ta put inta the stuff ya wanna do.. My attacks ya saw, I put chakra inta my limbs, ta make em go faster, hit harder.." He'd glance over at Soujiro with a small grin. "Like ya saw with those last two, eh?" Chuckling lightly, he'd go back to his pacing. "It's a centering of yerself.. gotta find yer inner focus.. ya got power ta ya, like hittin a friggin rock mate.. so I know ya can do t.." Turning to face Soujiro full on again, he'd motion at the teen. "Alright. That's what ya gotta do. Form this hand seal and focus on yer power and bringing it forward." Ataru would form the focusing hand sign before his own chest, watching Soujiro closely.

Soujiro watches Ataru as he demonstrates the hand seal. Copying the moments of Ataru, the boy forms the hand seal and focuses his chakra. Suddenly Soujiro's body begins glowing and a bright beam of light shoots forth into the sky above. The ground begins to tremble and suddenly a bright flash occurs and everyone dies. The end.
Ah, that's what that extra sting was." Soujiro says still rubbing his shoulder. He listens to Ataru's explaination of what chakra is and what it is used for. With this knowledge he watches Ataru as he demonstrates the hand seal. Copying the movements of his trainer, the boy forms the hand seal and focuses his chakra. After a few long moments of silence, Soujiro drops his hand in a huff. "I-I've done stuff like this plenty of times before but i dont know what im suppose to be doing. Like, I dont know when im actually focusing my chakra. Is there a little signal that goes off when it does finally happen? Like any bells or whistles? This is so frustrating, i dont see how anyone can do years of this junk." His tone was obviously of frustration after doing similar chakra exercises for the past year without any results.

Ataru studied him, before shaking his head. "It's internal yo. Ya gotta go within. Yer just standin there with the seal.. If ya felt the chakra open, you'd know it was there.. trust me." Ataru would ponder again, starting to pace once more. "Soujiro-san, whats yer inner calm? Whatcha do ta go ta sleep at night? How do ya focus yerself? Ya gotta listen to yer body and let it tell ya how to access yer power.."
Well to be honest I've worked so hard either on the farm or working out that by the time its time for me to sleep i clock right out." Soujiro says with his tone calming down from a frustrated one. "I really dont think i was meant to be able to play with chakra. This is hopeless. I'm not even a fighter, im a farmer…well now a traveler I guess, but you get the point." The boy just goes silent and hangs his head as he takes his gloves off.

"Bah! Non-sense! Ya didn't have me helpin ya 'fore, that's all! Ya believe in me, I'll getcha goin strong fer sure!" Ataru would beam at Soujiro with a nod of his head. "Ya just gotta have someone showin ya how.. and.. well, I ain't exactly a ninjutsu type guy.. I'm a bash yer head in with my fists.. so I'll just have to find someone ta help us with yer chakra trainin. In the mean time, ya gotta do 100 push ups, 200 situps, twice a day. Ya got it? We're gonna whip ya inta such a shape that yer previous work will be nothin ta ya!" Ataru would point at his own chest with his thumb. "Ya trust in me mate, you'll go far fer sure!"

"Yea, guess you're right." Soujiro says thought his voice isn't completely convincing. "I'll work on my pushups and situps in the mean time though. Oh by the way, thanks for getting it worked out to getting me my own space and a bed. I'll…I'll find some way to start making some money around here since it looks like ill be here for a while now. Like i said earlier, hopefully i can start going on these missions you mentioned to earn some change around here."
Ataru shook his head. "Yer my student. Until otherwise, I pay fer it. That's our deal. You train, I cover expenses." Ataru would fold his arms over his chest a moment studying Soujiro. "You need ta get patched up 'fore ya do trainin. Trainin wounded is gonna just mess with ya.. make ya more wounded rather than stronger. I'm headin over there myself ta get patched up real fast, then I got some stuff ta do. Come on, I'll show ya the way." Ataru would grin and motion to the path out of the forest.

"Well alright, if you insist." Soujiro sighs, but it was unclear to which part of what Ataru was talking about that he was responding to. Regardless of the fact, the teenage boy follows after Ataru to get patched up. Inwardly he thinks that this wasnt such a bad idea considering he will probably be visiting this place very often.

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