Stealth Sensor Training Part 3


Suterusu, Ryousha

Date: November 20, 2012


The twin Ryousha girls train with the figure known as Stealth to test their own stealthy abilities while he works on his sensor training.

"Stealth Sensor Training Part 3"

North Shiren Caverns (Land of Wind)

Wanting to continue to work with the twins so they could actually assist him with future assignments, he had them out there in the caverns. The uniform outfit requested for the twins to wear, he was in his own black outfit, covered head to toe, that metal wire twisted about itself was wrapped around his chest. Finding a good spot, semi-secluded, enough ambiant light to allow people to see with plenty of shadows for hiding, he'd wait patiently for them to show up, arms folded over his chest. This should be an interesting session, testing their abilities as well as his own.

The girls were dressed up in the same black, true ninja-esque getup as he, but /they/ always found it quite amusing. Seeing each other dressed up like that after so many years of always having each other open between them was just bizarre. However, regardless of giggles and fun, when they finally came to stand before Stealth, they were quiet, though their eyes sparkled with delight and amusement still. They were ready, even if bubbly at the moment.

Once the twins did show up, the figure would give a small nod. Studying them for a moment, he would gauge the potential, before a shrug was given. This may not work as well as planned.. but they did have to learn. That soft tenor voice would croon at them, "You are to hide in this area.. and I am going to try to sense for you. This is in part to continue your study of hiding that we have done at home. This is also to assist with my own training with the special sense I have. I am going to put on a blindfold and ear muffs. You are to hide and try to tag me. We'll discuss.. rewards.. later, hai?" He'd glance from Nao to Jun and back, "Any questions? If not, then begin.."

They listened, lightly bouncing on the balls of their feet near the end. They paused momentarily when asked if there were any questions. They quickly shook their heads and weaved around him, scurrying off into the caves to look around. Of course, they quicky decided to split up and find their own hiding spots. It would possibly be easier to tag him that way too. If he found one, the other could try and sneak up behind him. They'd try what they could…

Watching them skitter off was.. different. Well, it was what it was. He'd calmly pull out the blindfold from a pouch, then a set of earmuffs. Once each was put on, he limited his senses down to that basic chakra outlook. Focusing himself, he'd wait, shifting slightly as first one, then the other would come at him, head turning towards them with a finger pointed in that direction. He didn't say anything, it should be fairly obvious that when he pointed at them, he could see them. He'd once again go at rest, waiting for their next attempt to sneak up on him and tag him. With how little other chakra in the area, he was not having trouble picking them up it seems.

Both muttered disappointedly under her breath before running off, both of them attempting to sneak a bit more discreetly. Both waited before Jun would attempt to approach first, her sister following that example close behind. He'd seen then so easily before, they didn't have too much faith they'd do much better this time, but they were quite determined. Rewards, after all, were very inticing and they were excited for the chance to get one.

Once again, that figure was calm. As they'd get closer he would once more point towards each one, getting them pin pointed before they're quite close enough to get him. They were getting closer, it was ahrder to track that movement, but he was still picking out those chakra points and being able to catch the girls.

Each girl grumbled to herself before slipping off again, hiding before Nao would try, not-so-discreetly, to run up on him. A distraction, of course, to perhaps help Jun get closer this time. Said girl would actually kind of crawl, wondering if it would throw him off for her to be in such an odd position.

They managed to do it. The sudden rush forward of one chakra signature hid the second signature from sight, allowing Jun to reach him finally with that tap. He would reach up to lift the blindfold, blinking and looking down at Nao, then over at Jun with a nod. "Good work. That is something close to what I do with my own shadow clone. I use the clone as a distraction to mask my own movements. I'm impressed.. and we will discuss the reward at a later time, as mentioned, hai?"

Jun had stayed crouched before him, not bothering to stand after she had tagged him. Both of them smiled brightly at his compliments and nodded their heads. "Hai!" Jun then stood, grinning over at her sister. Nao couldn't help but giggle a bit at how successful such a simple tactic could truly be. Some people didn't appreciate the simple things… But that said, both girls peered at him expectantly, waiting to find out — either by explanation or experience — what they were to do next.

Pondering for a moment, the figure would finally give a small nod. "I will need to continue to refine my own ability.. That will do for now. I believe it's close to lunch time, shall we return to the house so we may eat?" That soft tenor voice would croon their way, red gaze unblinking as each of the twins were studied in turn. It seems he was adapting well to two of them with him, although there were still times that they were able to short hand chat like twins can do and lose him in the loop.

The twins smiled at him in an almost reassuring way, even if the expression only really showed in their eyes. They knew he'd succeed; they had faith, anyway. When lunch was mentioned, both perked up and nodded. "Hai~" That information made them walk around him, though they turned back to look at him as they walked along. It would seem 'food' had gotten them into a bit of a rush to get back… as if they really needed it. They hardly ever seemed to ask for food. Maybe they snuck snacks or something…

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