Stealth Sensory Training pt 2


Kuoroke, Suterusu

Date: September 30, 2012


Kuoroke helps Suterusu again with sensory training

"Stealth Sensory Training pt 2"

Training grounds within Sunagakure

For every internal measurement, there is an external force to be measured. That figure was constantly seeking more data. Indeed, the world around a person was amazing in it's capabilities of giving data, if the person was sensative enough to see it. That figure had always been sensative, although he ignored it for most of his life. Recently, he came into data telling him that this was something that could be developed. Indeed, his recent work with the council member had shown that it could definitely be refined. However, it would take more work to refine it to the point of full use. Thus, he was doing just that. Sitting silently within the training field, eyes closed. Most people wouldn't even know he was there, with how still he could be and how silent his breathing. His world was being narrowed down. Refined. There was action and reactions, a weave of the chakra between people in the fights. Even outside of the fights, there were people that had something to them on the other side of the training walls, teachers, bakers. He was pushing himself internally, reaching out as far as he could. He was going to work with the council member soon, he hoped, to help with a more active refinement of the ability, but until then. This was a major step in the right direction.

Kuoroke noticed the same person, sitting down, meditating, and for a few moments simply watched him with a slight frown, considering the possibilities and how much time he had left. After a few seconds, he began walking around the training area, talking to various not-training nin, mostly weaker ones. After a bit of time, he headed towards Suterusu, a handful of Genin and students in tow. The Kuroki got to business without a greeting. "I see you're meditating again to train your senses. That's good, but not good enough. You won't be meditating when you'll actually need this skill." He motioned to the people behind him. "In your specialisation, you'll need your skills to identify and track your target very specifically. Possibly while keeping track of any guards. So, these people behind me are about to go mingle with the masses and resume their training. It's your goal to find them all, in the crowd. Understood? Take some time to familiarise yourself with their chakra signatures."

He opened his eyes as Kuoroke would approach. That particular signature he was indeed familiar with. Standing to his feet at the outline of the training, a small nod was given. Looking over each one, he studied not only them, but also their chakra signature. He counted and as he did, he'd pull out a few simple tags. They weren't explosive or anything, just a simple adhesive so that he could find them. As the last person was studied, his attention turned to Kuoroke then, a nod given. "Ready. Shall I do it without being seen, or are we just focusing on my tagging them?"

"We're focussing on your tagging and keeping track of them." He turned to the others. "You're all fully allowed to run around, try to hide, or just try to run out of his reach. In fact, these things are encouraged as you will likely need to evade and escape detection, yourself. Now, dismissed." Kuoroke turned to Suterusu. "Eyes closed. From now on, your only sense is your chakra sense. Now, there's one additional rule: you'll be running throughout this exercise. No standing still, no walking, you will -run- through the crowd and evade every single shinobi and civilian in your way on your way to your target. Likewise, you are not to interfere with any training, so you'll have to sense them accurately enough to understand what's going on. Now, cover your ears and wait for me to tap you so you can begin."

The figure would give a nod in response. Once more those items he had used before, a face mask to cover his eyes, then that headset that blocked out sound would be put on. He was out of touch with the world except for his chakra sensing. Focusing himself, he'd become centered, tracking those people already as they would scatter. This was going to be an interesting game they were doing, to be sure. He looked forward to actually tracking these people down. At running speed? Well, that might make it more difficult, however he wouldn't stop until he had found them all.

Kuoroke crossed his arms and gave them all ample time to not only get far away from the trainee, but also from each other, making it more difficult to catch the next one with every one Suterusu has already found. Only when he was satisfied with the result, more specifically when half the targets have vanished from view altogether, Kuoroke deliberately steps towards Suterusu and, without one bit of hurry, tapped him on the shoulder gently. With a faint smile, he then watched the process of the hunt.

At the tap, that figure was all but a blur as he'd take off. Vanishing as he'd race after the targets, he focused himself. First thing he'd do is make a shadow clone, although it was also masked and muffled so as to keep to the rules of the task. Both of them seperated, those immediate targets would quickly be tagged, the adhesive showing that he had been there, although as the figure was running at full speed, it would be just a there and gone, without disrupting what was occurring. The council member was right, this was a major improvement to his own meditation, the active use of the sensory style was allowing him to practice better than a passive sensing. Continuing his work, he was already starting to lose some of the singals, as those who were actively avoiding him were the hardest to track down.

Kuoroke frowned slightly at the appearance of the shadow clone… this wasn't part of the training! Kuoroke ran after the shadow clone to grab him by the shoulder and stop it, taking off the mask. "Wait a moment there. The focus here is to practice one particular skill, sensing, this is taking away the focus from it." He looks at the clone for a few moments. "Remember this very carefully. There are no, and there never will be, any shortcuts, and fi there are, you'll stay off them under my watch. To teach you this, you will now continue your search, only when you've found one person, you will go the wrong way intentionally, to throw the other you off. Understood?"

The clone would blink as it was stopped, then it could see Kuoroke. The clone's head tilted to the side. "I was only using the chakra sense to hunt them." It would go silent as Kuoroke said there were no short cuts. While not seen as a short cut to the figure, he would still nod in acceptance, afterall, he was the council member. "Hai." The clone poofed shortly after that, causing the real figure to pause a moment as the information was assimilated, before he would keep going. Working to catch the next one, he did as instructed, going the wrong way for a 5 count, before continuing his tracking. That definitely made it a LOT harder. His tags were much slower now, but he was still going and would eventually get it down to the last 3.

The clone's incomprehension of the idea behind Kuoroke's complaint clearly annoyed him a bit. "IF I had you tap two ends of the track one after the other as speed training, then conjuring up a shadow clone and placing him at the other end would not serve the necessary purpose. Not even if both ran half the track, because you'd only need to be half as fast for the same results. Here, it's the same: I'm trying to teach you to keep track of multiple targets while executing a mission. Halving the amount of targets tracked simultaneously defeats the purpose." With the explanation given, Kuoroke let the clone go.

That clone would get that part. It did make sense to him, that while yes, it's more efficent for two to track, this is a training and so the specific is for a single tracker. Either way, the clone vanished while he continued his training, finally finding those last 3, although it was extremely difficult as they were moving at the same speed he was. It'd only be by tracking them expertly, even while blind and deaf, that he finally pinned them done. The last tag done, he would return to where Kuoroke was standing at, coming to a knee in front of him, even his panting was soft. This was something that drained him, focusing that hard and keeping that speed for that long definitely came with a penalty.

By the time he was finished, Kuoroke had already started heading to his office. When Suterusu caught up to him, Kuoroke nodded approvingly. "I see you'e finished. I want you to -not right now, during your next training session- find some people who want to train their speed or their hiding, preferably someone you don't know too well or even at all, and repeat the same exercise a few times. Try greater and very the diversity, so you learn to both focus on wide ranges and find subtle differences. You're dismissed." With that, he headed towards his office again.

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