Steel Soul Tourney - Rebirth


Shuuren, Rise

Date: May 20, 2015


A message is dispatched by Rise's caretaker, requesting the assistance of none other than former Kumogakure nin and current Tea Daimyo, Shuuren. However, it is only after the man arrives that more than simply a quick recovery seems in mind for the Taijutsuist…

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Steel Soul Tourney - Rebirth"

Kirigakure Medical Center [Kirigakure]


The Medical center in this shinobi village is smaller than most, and seems to subscribe to the 'Come here, get your stuff, and get the eff out' method of thinking. It is made up of a few store-rooms full of bandages and the like, numbing salves and antiseptics and the like, about a half-dozen treatment rooms, the waiting area, and a manned pharmacy… And that's it. The pharmacy section is, arguably, the largest of all of the rooms; The medicines are mixed in-building, primarily drawing from the convenient placement of the gardens just up the road.

OOC Note: This location boosts healing over time for those who are injured.


Ren did not hesitate for a moment upon hearing of Rise's condition. Word had been dispatched to Shuuren, requesting his aid in her care. While Kirigakure sported its own medical corps, questionable though their skill level tended to be considered by outsiders, Ren desired more than simply for his little girl to be patched back up again and sent out to fight. It mattered little to him what kind of costs might be accrued as result of his actions. When the time came he intended to accept them, and move forward.
Days have passed since the summons was sent out. Since then, Rise's foster father has barely been anywhere else except by her side or somewhere within the Medical Center, waiting impatiently for word from one end or another. Today was no different. He sat with his chair against the far wall, tapping his foot and absently struggling to resist chewing on his nails while machines and seals continued to drone on in the room.

To pull a Daimyo from his work when he hadn't even left for the tournament itself is something of a feat, but Rise is a Kumogakure shinobi, so Shuuren would honor the request. As quickly as one could make it by ship, he moved from the Land of Tea to Kirigakure. His arrival wouldn't be heralded, as no plans would be made ahead for his coming since this isn't a diplomatic affair. Instead, his coming would be signalled simply by three knocks on the door before he steps in, wearing a labcoat over his suit rather than the Daimyo's cloak he special designed to go with it. "I came as quickly as I could," he says with a nod to Ren before looking over to Rise, narrowing his eyes slightly as he looks her over, sparing no time in sending out a pulse of chakra that would give him the medical diagnostic information of everyone in the area around him, though specifically focusing on Rise to assess her condition further than what's told in the chart in his hand. "How many days has she been like this?"

Gripped by both panic and surprise, Ren does not answer the door before the Daimyo briskly makes his way inside. He does jump from his seat, if albeit belatedly, and returned the nod with a hesitant one of his own. This mistake on his part is quickly followed by a more respectful full bow at the waist to Shuuren. "I… I cannot thank you enough, Nagamura-sama." Ren says nervously without raising from the bow.
Truthfully, Ren had no intention of raising his head again until bid otherwise, but feeling the pulse of chakra piqued his curiosity too much. Hesitantly, Ren risked a glance upwards. As far as he could recall, the three were alone in the room. The last other patient to bunk with Rise — "Huh? …. Fo-four.. no, six days now." Is the dandy's belated replay. "They've already managed to get her stable, but…." Ren trailed off there, biting his lips as he regarded Rise.

"It's my pleasure," Shuuren says as he looks back to Ren then approaches the bed to look Rise over. He cants his head slightly as he notices that she's missing an arm, taking note of each scar he can just visually before turning back to Ren. "She seems to have gotten a bit reckless, though I'd imagine Kirigakure shinobi could've gotten her back into mobile shape, which means you had them wait so she wouldn't go charging off before I got here… What all are you wanting me to do while I'm in the process of fixing her? Replace her arm? Rebuild her from the inside out?"

Ren observed Shuuren, if somewhat absently as he went about examining the girl. The reminder of Rise's reckless elicits a hoarse chuckle from the man, as well as weary shake of the head. 'You do not even know the half of it…' He thought, cracking a wirey grin. Then, talk shifted back to his own actions, prompting guilt to resurface. Wordlessly, Ren walks over to Rise to stand opposite of Shuuren (or the rough equivalent of such). "….. What exactly do you mean by rebuilding her?" Ren looks up to Shuuren, forcing back guilt to regard the medic with a gaze void of emotions.

"Relax. She'll never know," Shuuren says, smirking slightly as he glances between Rise and Ren. "Simply enough, I can repair her, remove any damage she's done to herself over the years surgically to the point even old aches, injuries, and battle scars will be gone. Her body will feel completely refreshed, inside and out. In all likelihood, it'll add years onto her life."

A moment of silence passes before Ren visibly reacts to Shuuren's words beyond turning his gaze back upon Rise. It is a simply, soft shake of his head. Then, he looks up with eyes remaining just as detached as before, a truly peculiar expression for one with his reputation in Kumogakure. The same cannot be said of other circles however…
"And what will it cost to make it so that she these things never happen again, Shuuren-sama? What would it take to make it so that she may fight truly to her hearts content, and… never wind up here like this again?" He dares to ask. Truthfully, the man did not know the extent of Shuuren's abilities. But for him to so casually be able to make such alterations, surely he had the means to go a step further. Right?

Shuuren studies the man's expressions and reactions carefully, curious about what might be going through his head. The next question causes him to smirk a bit wider, glancing down to Rise and then back up to him. "That's sort of relative, really. I could make some alterations to her, make her body more elastic, make it tougher, whatever really I thought of, but even I have to think about my actions because there's a chance of dying if you get in over your head, no matter who you are. If she wants to be able to survive anything, I suggest learning medical jutsu or pairing with a decent doctor."

"Thank you for the suggestion, Shuuren-sama. I had.. considered it, but her ability to use ninjutsu is almost non-existent. It is, in all honesty, a miracle the girl had picked up Genjutsu so quickly." Ren closed his eyes and pinched the bridge of his nose. "Even if I managed to convince her to devote everything to it now, she'll perish long before obtaining any real results." He states solmnly.
"…. Tougher… If you can make the necessary alterations, that would do." A mirthless chuckle escapes him as combed back his hair with a hand. "At least that is what I'd like to say, but even you cannot make her tough enough to withstand lava or another dance with the Kaguya."
World Notice: You have suffered severe wounds and cannot be healed by natural means. Please seek a medic as soon as possible.

Shuuren listens silently as Ren ponders what he wants done over. When at last he seems to come to a decision, he nods and says, "Very well. That's what we'll do. As for surviving those things, she'll have to learn to defend herself better, use her brain, or make good friends with a medic." With that he turns to a nearby table, pulling a cloth from a nearby drawer to cover with before retrieving a scroll from his coat to roll out on it. "Go occupy yourself for a few hours. A nurse will notify you when the surgery is complete." Bringing his hands into a seal, he summons a rather diverse set of medical tools and medicines from the scroll, all organized expertly. He quickly sets to making sure Rise is fully sedated for what's coming, not even paying much attention to Ren anymore at this point unless he speaks up or fails to exit the room as instructed. Even with Shuuren performing the surgery, at least some parts probably won't be pleasant to watch.

Ren felt another urge to chuckle come on, though this one would bear actual mirth behind it. Some, at least, but ultimately not much at all. When the command came for him to vacate the room, Ren turned to Rise one last time, and patted her hand gently one last time. The soft touch to his expression that arose during the tender moment all but evaporates almost an instance later. Wordlessly, the Kumo-nin drifted out of the room, though he knew not where to go after the door closes. Eventually the man simply settles on aimless wanderings, hoping for some sort of distraction to make itself available.
Internally, Ren begged for something to happen just to avoid thinking about the decision made in place of his own daughters will. For awhile there, he even manages to convince himself that what amounted to fresh start would be good for her.
At least he hoped….

After making sure Rise is completely sedated and Ren has left the room, Shuuren grabs a sticker roll from the gathering of things on the table, peeling one off and stamping it on the door before closing it. It reads simply: 'Surgery in progress. Do not enter.' He moves to a sink and washes his hands before turning back to and rolling out another scroll, this one opening to reveal… a corpse…. Specifically a female corpse that looks to be either fresh or expertly preserved to be such and has the same general size and build as Rise herself, laid out on a gurney to be ready for operation. He pulls a chart from a pocket on the gurney and compares a few things with Rise's before he begins the operation. Once he's certain, he brings his hands into a seal, creating what looks like an aura of chakra around his hands, but on close inspection is actually hundreds of miniscule chakra scalpels ready for surgery.

There is an oddity about her. Several in fact, though one most clearly presents itself if/when Shuuren uses any drugs to ensure the patient remained unconscious throughout the entire procedure. Rise's body seemed more intent, or perhaps the better word would be 'adept' at more than simply neutralizing and purging invaders, but on adapting to hostiles; turning weakness into strength. But it is crude, and upon closer examination, seems largely the results of some previous experimentation by another over fully being something inherit for the young woman.

Shuuren takes note of the girl's bodily reactions, finding them rather interesting, though he's rather quick to react. Rather than using medicine to put her further under, he places two fingers on her throat, using a mixture of chakra and massage technique to safely sedate her without using any further medication. From there he continues, using the chakra scalpels to further repair her body from the inside out while modifying her muscular structure to make her even stronger and tougher than she was before. In addition, all the scrapes, scars, and bruising from her life of battles and training are vanishing one after the other to leave her skin clear and pristine. This might be where one questions just how badly a girl whose life has been about training and battle scars is going to be incubated about waking up looking like a supermodel.

Pockets of tension just melt away at Shuuren's touch. Around about the time Shuuren's massage technique has her just about completely sedated, Rise seems to almost purr. Yes, she did indeed just purr. As for the rest of the repairs, everything goes off without a hitch. Of note, the worse of the scar tissue seem focused around her limbs the most, and that of the few that are upon her back, mostly seem to oddly break apart around the upper half. It is almost as if the flesh and bone there seemed protected there.
Another odd protection, simple luck, or could there be something there?
Whatever the case may be, the removal of the scars does elicit some stirring from the girl, though it does not last for long.

Once the repairs are fully complete, Shuuren places all his tools back on the screen then bringing his hands into a seal, sealing them back up again. A pulse of chakra would go out, fully assessing the perfection that is now Rise's body before he steps to the door to tell one of the nurses to notify Ren that he should be able to come see her soon.

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