Stolen Ice on the Rocks


Kiku, Shuuren, Sakuryu, Kitaru

Date: September 27, 2012


A gang of rogue earth Ninja, The Black Rock Gang kidnaps and takes away Shirayuki Sakuryu, wanting a ransom for her return, not to cow to threats Kitaru and his team of Kiku and a sensor nin go off to find the girl and apprehend the gang. Later on Kiku summons her companion Shuuren to assist her in some of her dark moves.

"Stolen Ice on the Rocks"

Begins in the Cold Spring pits, ends deep in the forest near the chill river.

Sakuryu had finally fully recovered from her smoke ninja encounter. A few days in bed and relaxing had gone leaving her with a few minor bruises and some bandages. With a stretch she decides to go to the cold springs to try and get a little bit of meditation and mental training in. With a yawn she finds a nice place beside the pits, removes her leg guards and shoes revealing moderately bandaged legs and wades into the water, the girl soon focusing and building her chakra, wasting no time in beginning her practice.

Kitaru finished his morning meal and was heading to those springs for his own training. While the damage done to him by Maikeru was rather severe, between the administrations of Aoi and his own general recooperation, he was able to finally start training again. They said another day's rest before he got to go actually do missions once more. As such, Kit would walk in on Sakuryu wading into that water, so he'd pause, watching her from the entrance of the pit, simply just studying her motions as he'd gauge her capabilities from his relative silence of an entrance.

Sakuryu breathed slowly, she would focus her chakra around her to start to move the water, When her power raising was done she would pull it all into her hand to form a ball. Slowly the energy flowed over her and condensed into a single outlet. From there she tries to focus her chakra with an elemental twist, holding her hands over the water she passes energy into both of her hands, shrinking it farther to just shape around her hands, trying to focus enough to start to freeze the water.'

Kitaru would give a small nod as he watched her work. Of course he would wait until that perfect moment to speak up. "You are focusing too hard. Tensing up will cut the chakra flow. Relax. Consider it the same as the water you are controling. Both move with a flow and grace. You master one, you have control of the other, hai?" Kitaru would start putting up his detection seals, always on guard now, ever since he had been jumped before, he wanted to make sure that he wouldn't be caught off guard again.

Sakuryu breathes out more before squeaking the frosting ice exploding up to a few hard sparks of ice. "I…I…I was controlling it! if I have one thing it's chakra control!." She huffs a little as she shakes her hands out a little bit, sighing a bit as she looks over at him "Did you come to help me train again today sensei?"

Kitaru chuckled softly, a small smile given with a slight shake of his head. "I know you were, Sakuryu-sama. You have decent control for a genin.. however, my speaking, even surprising you, should not of have you lose that control. That's really the main thing I was trying to point out, by interrupting like I did." He'd smile lightly, a small nod was given as he'd walk the rim of the pit. "Sure. I would not mind assisting you. I actually know a good training we can do, to assist with furthering your chakra control, hai?"

Sakuryu tilts her head a little curiously "Okay what's the training?" She asks, sloshing out of the water before focusing water chakra to flush the water from her clothes "Being in bed I used to spend all my time making my chakra into shapes and objects just to play around but I'm always looking forward to learning more.

Kitaru would nod slightly, a small smile given. "You're going to walk up the wall." He'd point at the wall behind him. "The chakra control is important for understanding how it flows through your system. You have a highten awareness of your chakra, so this should be something relatively simple for you. It's very important and useful as a shinobi though. Thus, you will need to learn how to do it."

Sakuryu hums as she works her hip length hair dry before blinking at him "Walking..up the wall?" She asks with a wild blink "I've heard of walking on water but up a straight wall?" She asks with a little twitchy blink. "I…e…..If it's safe I guess I can try…after all my chakra control is pretty good…"

Kitaru would smile with a small shrug. "If you don't make it, you fall down. If you're quick, you land on your feet. The point is to emit the chakra out of your feet.. just enough to hold on to the wall and walk up it. Too much chakra, you break the wall, not enough, you fall down.." Kitaru would proceed to demonstrate by turning and walking up that wall smoothly. A certain distance up, he'd slash the rock. A light hop down, he'd nod towards it. "For today, just try to reach that point. Also, try to fall gently, the rock can be hard to land on…"

Saku would eye the wall warily. With a little hmmm she would walk over to it, slowly computing everything over in her head before nodding a little bit. "Okay…. I guess I can try." With a little gulp she clenches her fists a little bit, with a little twitch she focuses her chakra into the soles of her feet, focusing down before placing a foot against the wall firmly. " I go…."

Kitaru on the other hand, would sit down beside where she'd potentially fall if she didn't get it right away. Several orbs taken out of one pouch, he started working the delicate seal work that was required for those mirrors of his to be powered as he's come to use them. Indeed, the mirror itself was a warped sliver of silver that only by his manipulation of the sphere itself when in motion does it look straight.

Saku took another breath before pushing chakra into her other foot, with a slow concentration she very carefully begins to walk up the wall, one foot after the other. As she steps she remembers the cool feeling of the rock beneath her feet, making sure every time she felt cracking rock or slipping feet to push or pull more energy.

Kitaru would of course, wait for that absolute perfect moment, right when he'd hear that crack of rock start to speak up again. "you're still too tense. I know it's a lot of focus on your feet. However, you have to realize the wall is like the ground. It isn't going anywhere. Relax. Let your chakra flow smoothly and there shouldn't be any further need of breaking holes in the wall. Afterall, you don't break holes in the floor just walking around." Helpful, isn't he?

Sakuryu tenses right when he speaks up, her foot going right through the wal making her stagger "H..h..h..heyy~ aaashshghgh" her other foot loses it's hold leaving the girl to scramble for the wall trying to focus the chakra into her hands to grab at the wall as she was told for her feet.

Kitaru glanced up at her, raising a brow curiously. "Ifn ya need quiet ta focus.. then ya need better chakra control.. That should be the same as walkin Sakuryu-sama. Relax, make it parta yer body.. ya can do it, ya know the basics.. now apply them to the real world, hai?" He'd smile up at her, the one orb re-sealed, he'd move on the next one, waiting patiently as she tried to climb up.

Saku blows out a little bit before nodding, as she holds the wall with her hands she adjusts her feet under her, soon standing before walking easily up the wall, the change of perspective still made her a little shaky but she could still get it, only a few times did she have to adjust herself so she wouldn't fall.

Kitaru continued his work. "Feel the solidity of it. If you place chakra in a point, it's not moving. It helps as an anchor. It's a wonderful sensation, having solid ground under you.. You are doing well Sakuryu-sama." He'd chuckle lightly, glancing up at her. "Now hop down and do it again without any slipping."

Sakuryu ooks down with a slight grimace "Urk." She chuckles a little bit before slowly wobbling to face down, using her feet as anchors she slowly trods back dow n the wall, breathing slowly, making sure that she could make it down.

Kitaru would give a small nod once she got down. Getting to his feet, he'd put the spheres away. "It looks like you got a good idea of how to handle the whole thing. So, you do that, until you have no slipping, up or down and you should have what they call tree walking.. as far as that is concerned, you can do it on any tree to climb up. It's very useful, like I mentioned." Kitaru would smile at her with a nod. "I will come back in a while to check on you, make sure you haven't fallen and hurt something, hai?"

Sakuryu looks at him "This is all I can practice?" She asks a little shocked. "I was gonna practice other things." She gives a little mock pout before sighing and settling on the ground, shaking her legs out a little with a stretch, getting ready to go back up again when she's done.

Kitaru would chuckle softly. "Hai. Because after your 10th time up the wall, you're legs are going to shake. The 20th? your knees will feel wobbly. Your 30th? You'll be stressing to have enough chakra to go up one step." Kitaru would wink. "I'm expecting 100 times up and down, by the time I come check on you. Each time you're up, mark on the wall how far you go."

Sakuryu just gasps "I..I…" She huffs a little bit before nodding "Yes Gansao sensei." She sighs and looks through her tool bag "Um…may I borrow a Kunai? all I have on hand are senbon." She says with a little uneasy chuckle, rubbing behind her neck shyly.

Kitaru chuckled lightly and with a nod, would pull from one of those pouches at the small of his back a kunai. It was flipped around three times on his fingers, grasped and with a casual flip, swapped handle for blade, to pinch on the flat as the handle was offered to Sakuryu. "Of course, Sakuryu-sama. Just try to not let it fall on you if you slip. I'd really rather not come back to find you comotose or bleeding, hai? You're strong, I know you can do it. Just keep trying."

Sakuryu giggles a little bit "I'm good at chakra, just dont ask me to do pushups." She smiles a little bit, taking the kunai with a little bow. "These things are so much bigger, I like my senbon so much more, but I can't exactly make cuts with thin pressure point needles." She grins.

Kitaru would nod, looking at the kunai. "You should get use to carrying at least one. I have 5 of them on me at all times. I normally throw my spheres.." He'd tap the belt across his chest. "But it's important to be prepared. Afterall, a simple rope trap would have you stuck, where as having a kunai would free you, hai?" Kitaru would smile lightly. "Get some, after you are done training. Tomorrow we'll test to see how you do."

Hours later, most of the day has just floated by, Saku has been training here for most of the day continuing what Kitaru had instructed her. Though what the older chuunin might notice might shock him. Sakuryu wasn't here. The usually gung ho little genin wasn't here training as hardcore as she was told and there was no evidence of her hanging out there or even of her leaving, By the wall where she was training there was a piece of paper and what looked to be Sakuryu's Ninja tool bag. The note was scrawled out in a rough format on a ragged scrap of parchment, what the note said was this "We have taken the child of the Noble Shirayuki, do not try to follow or find us as you will fail and she will die. We will keep her alive for three days, if you send an emmisary to us within that time with the amount of 16,000,000 Yen she shall survive and be returned, if not, she will meet an end most cruel. Signed The Black Rock Gang.

Kitaru would sigh softly. Pity. They wanted to die. A quick check over his own supplies, he'd check out the situation of what was left behind. Sakuryu is a smart kid, she should of left something for him to track them by. Afterall, she knew he was coming back and he wasn't going to be happy when he found her gone like this. Now.. where did she leave the proper direction to go..?

As Kitaru would look over the scene he would see that there were about 80 or so score marks on the wall, that means they couldn't have taken her too long ago.. Inside her bag was her medication from the hospital, some senbon, and a purse though the purse was empty. If Kitaru looked closely at the ground and wall he would soon see there was very little sign of a struggle, a few scuffs and maybe even scratch though from the position it might have just been from her falls so the ninja must have come and ambushed her quickly. If He would look up there was a peculiar mark on the wall….or well….IN the wall. there was something strange jutting from the wall, maybe something to check out closer?

After making sure that Sakuryu's pouch was not booby-trapped with a seal or anything, he would gather it up and store it in one of his own bags. After that, a fast hop upwards put him by the mark in the wall. Kneeling down, he'd check out whatever it is that might be there. In the end, it might be the clue that he was figuring Sakuryu would of left behind for him to track them down.

In the wall that was otherwise perfect was a little metal triangle….and on closer inspection it was actually the kunai he had given her earlier! Some how without leaving a mark the Kunai was buried in the wall and facing out from the wall! If he was to look closer at the kunai and possibly try to remove it he might notice the rock of the wall was slightly different in a large circle, almost as if it didn't belong there strangely… Maybe they somehow came through the wall and took her?"

Kitaru curses softly. "Earth users." Shaking his head, he'd hop down from the ceiling. Pondering how to go from there he'd head out of the pits. There has to be a trail. There always was a trail. He'd get one of the sensor nins from the guards that patrolled the wall of Kiri to search out the trail. Once it was above ground, he'd pick up from there, working on tracking down where they might of taken Sakuryu. Of course, he also sent off a few missives. Just in case back up was needed, people would actually know where he was going.

There was not much of a trail, a few dropped pebbles, the discolored wall, and the mysterious backwards Kunai. It seems they had been watching the girl for a while, the plan was decently executed, at least from this angle. Possibly there would be some other show of entry or struggle but at this empty time of day, and with earth tunneling Jutsu they could have come and gone as far as a mile outside of the village without anyone truly noticing.

Kitaru refused to give up. He'd simply broaden the search. When there was earth jutsu used, there was a chakra signature. With that signature, anyone who was a sensory type should be able to follow it. Thus, he had those he could access ranging out to attempt to find Sakuryu, or at least a path they were going on. Ultimately, she was a shinobi of Kirigakure and no little gang was going to kidnap a shinobi of Kiri and get away with it.

Kiku was in the middle of her own practice when she recieved a notice from Kit. THe girl grins evilly as she left her practice. Some toys did something stupid, and she was getting bored with things that she wasn't allowed to kill…Its not long before Kiku catches up with Kit, looking around, waiting for her new toys to do something stupid….

s Kitaru sent out the sensory Ninja it was evident they were at least a little skilled at what they were doing, the path branched, broke off, dropped twisted and dead ended leaving a few paths to check out, though experience would tell that they would most likely keep her away from water and out of the city so the most likely path would be the one leading deep into the forest, the path breaking off near a small outcropping of trees, from there the path was hazy, there were a couple paths with shoeprints seen, some slash marks and even dropped rocks, though any or all could possibly be false paths.

Tracking them to back on land, he'd give a small nod as they came to what looked to be a split in the area. Glancing over as Kiku would catch up, a nod was given her way. "Keep within vocal range. Split up so we can cover more area. If you see them, at least yell loudly so we can come up. Save the girl, the gang dies. hai?" The sensory nin would nod in response to Kit and take off as instructed, he'd watch for Kiku's response before rushing off himself to try and track down which way they were going. In theory, they would be keeping her from water, however he had a hunch that they may just risk it, purely to try and throw off any would be trackers.

As such, Kitaru swung wide to see if he might pick up a stronger trail.

"Ok, ignore the girl, and take the experiments…I mean gang alive. Ok, got it.", Kiku says. Just what is Kiku planning on doing this time? And did she say experiments? Wait, is she even smart enough for that? The woman takes several deep breathes as she stretches out a little bit and giggles. She's got evil thoughts on her mind as she looks for the gang.

As Kitaru suspected the path the sensory nin pretty much disregarded soon got stronger after *ending* a few broken branches from tree running would be noticed to the trained eye and the path moved over to a downed tree and a few boulders near the river side….strangely though there was no real reason for the boulders to be there, they weren't close enough to the water to be river rocks yet…there were no other rocks in the forest….though that could be a coincedence and on top of that the tree that was downed didn't seem to have left a large hole in the ground and rock, just a lightly malformed indent….curious…

Kitaru shook his head at Kiku, before he did take off. Sometimes.. he wondered how exactly like Maikeru Kiku was, to be so venomously opposed to him. Putting that out of his head for now, Kitaru focused on what was going on. With the unusual situation, he of course, did what he does best. Reaching out for any mental connections he might make with that genjutsu link, the first thing he did was fade out of view. A clone was sent running right at the rocks, drawing a kunai to strike at them, while Kitaru went high, seeing if he could draw out the would be kidnappers.

Kiku takes a long moment, and focuses her mind. Unlike Kit, Kiku doesn't fade from view, but rather starts to dance, as a symbol on her shoulder fades into existence. Soon, the area around starts to fill up with smoke, as if a massive smoke bomb exploded. The woman smiles a bit as she moves low, and lets the smoke expand as she crouches down, and starts her own search. Maybe one of the kidnappers has a smoke allergy or something.

As Kitaru's clone would approach multiple seals would trip, soon as the clone reached the rocks a field of explosions go off obviously it was a massive trap the whole land littered with explosions, this mixed with Kiku's smoke made the entire area basically unable to be observed, good news for the Rock ninja that were alerted by the attack, soon a hand would grab up from the ground at Kiku the grabbing hand trying to get at her neck.

Mutters, of course, once it was established that he was controlling people, he would do his own thing. To wit, that mirror maze would be put into effect. Any of those mental connections that he deemed were hostile would be subjected to the maze, enthralled within that mirror world, they would be left helpless prey for Kiku to do with as she desired. Experiment, captives, in the end, they needed to die, for attempting to take a Kiri shinobi.

Kiku blinks as a hand comes flying towards her neck. A bone plate comes out from her neck, keeping it from actually grabbing her neck. The smoke form Kiku is coming from her back. She does that so that she doesn't blind herself. SHe leans back, and then dances away as she hears the explosions. The woman frowns a bit. "Kitaru! I want them alive! No killing them. And I'll do the paperwork for this.", she says. Wait a minute…Kiku doesn't do…paperwork…

The hand retracts quickly into the ground before it can get attacked back, the dying explosions and smoke working towards the enemys advantage, only small rumbles of dirt heard before a hard flurry of what seems like hundreds of kunai coming from the ground through the smoke at Kitaru, the hands coming in for a hard flying grasp at her ankles to try and draw her under.

Kiku just simply lets the hands draw her down. Anything thats willing to try to grab a Kaguya, and attempt to hold them down usually finds out the hard way why thats a bad idea. For now, she's going to wait things out for the moment…

The mirrors would mess up the minds of the attacking ninja and all would be still for a while, the hands would freeze, just holding Kiku's ankles as the owners of them mentally fought through a maze of mirror shards and copied images.

"Sensor Nin? Where are they? Can you please tell me where they're at so I may…'capture' them please?", Kiku asks calmly. If the Sensor Ninja is nearby, he would know very quickly that any Kaguya asking nicely has evil intentions for whomever it is. The girl just smiles sweetly…..Pray for the Kidnappers…There are punishments much worse then death…like being killed, brought back, killed again, brought back…

The sensor nin would gulp "Um… moment." He would focus before nodding "There are five here, the one grabbing you is just a rock clone….the others are deep within the ground in a cavern, most likey it was made with jutsu…. as far as I can tell they are still being held by Gansao-san's genjutsu." he ods a little as he looks at the evil Kaguya.

Kiku nods her head, and takes a moment to think. "How deep are they?", she asks. THe woman reaches behind her shoulders, grabbing a bone hilt that just tore her skin open. The woman holds it with ease as she draws the large two handed blade that makes her Camellia sword. "Don't want to bury them alive….", she tells…

The Sensor nin analyzes a little bit with a nod. "They're in deep, and they have the cavern surrounded by rock….but they have a few breathing holes…… they're small but they connect all the way down." He nods and points out a few areas down around the felled tree. "Careful, there are more traps nearby"

"Clearly, they forgot to tell you which of the Kaguya I am.", she says. The woman only smiles, and takes a deep breath. She concentrates very hard for a second, and then gathers a bit of chakra into her hand. She throws it up in the air, and lets out a deep breath. "I have just called for a Mednin in the area. He's a business man who goes by the name Shuuren.", she says.

The woman then starts to walk towards the tree. She is very calm in how she does this as she brings the big blade up. She then goes into Kiku Rampage mode on the ground, smashing traps and the ground where the breathing holes are. The traps that activate will have to fight with her Bone Plating if they intend to hurt her.

While there is some tension between villages right now, Shuuren is still a well-respected businessman and Medical Ninja, and he can't exactly ignore a call for help, especially knowing who it's from… With a flicker, the white suit-adorned doctor appears about teen feet from where Kiku stands, just in time to see her go into rampage mode. He blinks a few times as he watches her smashing through traps, asking, "Kiku… Are you just TRYING to hurt yourself so I'll have to come running?"

As kiku goes at the tree trap after trap springs, Hidden pole traps, caltrops, poison needles, explosion tags left and right, flash tags, poison smoke bombs, flame tags, all going off one after the other as she moves along the tree slowly revealing a solid heavy patch of stone underneath the tree, no doubt the top of their shell a way for the tubes to not be compromised.

Kiku takes several large cuts, and she has to put a capture barrier around the poison smoke. Its actually harder then it sounds. She points down at the hard rock. "Test Monkies!", she says, smashing down on the shell with her blade. Shuuren knows that when Kiku gets in that mindset, she'll walk through almost anything to get to her objective, dispite how much danger she's in. "They kidnapped a Kiri ninja. So! They forfeit any rights not to become experiments!", she says, smashing down on the rock. "Rock ninjas."

"Ah," Shuuren says, smirking slightly as he watches Kiku continue to smash and break things. Having a girl who knows how to take action is fun. "Um, love, if you shout out to everyone that I perform such experiments, they're not exactly secret anymore. Keep that to yourself." Oh well. At least this gives an excuse to come see her. Surely she can find a way to make that up to him…

The sensor nin sweatdrops. "Um…she's been shouting that for a while now…." he says as he rubs the back of his neck. As the flurry went on bits of solid stone would fly into the air obviously some jutsu had been done to make the rock more solid, nore strong.

"What are you talking about, Shuuren…I want them to practice my seals on. I want to know if I put the symbol for explosion, and area on a person, would they explode in a fireball, or in fleshy bits. Or would I be able to set a zone up after put chakra into the symbol. And I want to know what happends to a body caught between two Seal barriers that activate at once….", she says. "Or if I can put enough pressure down to squish them!", she says.

"… Ah," Shuuren says, lifting an eyebrow as he continues to watch Kiku. When the rocks seem to get much harder, he walks over to Kiku and places a hand on her shoulder. "Allow me." As he turns to the harder stone, the sensor nin would feel spikes of chakra flowing through his muscles just before his fists begin to swing at the hardened rocks with strength that seems superhuman, even for a shinobi.

The sensor nin just blinks a little at the doctor, stepping back before he watches boulder after boulder get smashed and broken. With a little blink he counts down. "30 Meters….20…..10…5….2….You're there!" He calls out as he watched Shuuren contact the dome hard, it was a little harder than the other rock but he still got the outer shell broken open with a hiss, the air releasing into the air "Careful! The girl might be in there."

"Oh, yeah, they kidnapped some kid, and were hiding down there. Don't worry about her. Death or near death should teach her a good lesson about getting kidnapped.", she yells down there to Shuuren. "Of course, if she's not dead, you can heal her, or just throw her out of the hole. Either works!", Kiku yells down there. "I just want the real ninjas alive, and beaten within their lives.", she tells. Such a caring compassionate Kaguya, Mika is…Well, if it was Yuuka, Saku would have just been killed along with the rest of the rock ninjas…

Oh, so there's some kid in there. Great. Leave it to Kiku to get Shuuren involved in something and not give him all the details. "Thanks for the heads up, love," he says sarcastically as he goes from punching through the rocks to just lifting the ones out of the way that are still such. When give the signal that he's through, the Mednin actually grabs a couple of the hardened rocks.

At the break in a single Ninja moves out of the way, the man a burly bandaged man gasps "You broke through the adamant dome jutsu… " He growls and looks around "Damn it…they're still out of it…Forget it! Just remember the name The Black rock gang!" and with a large cloud of poison smoke the ninja melts into the ground, tunneling quickly out of the way. While the other four stood there they were still in the mirror jutsu, three are cut up from the mental assault while the fourth, a smaller girl just seems to be incapacitated somehow…or maybe dead.. it's hard to tell from a distance, but if they breathed in too much of that poison whether they're dead or not might not be a question..

"HEY! CAREFUL DOWN THERE! DON'T YOU DARE KILL THEM! MY TEST SUBJECTS!", she yells down there. The woman glares. "Need me down there to deal with any traps?", she asks. THe woman yawns a little bit from the top of the Shuuren shaft. "And remember, we have a date today!", she yells down there….

As one guy disappears, Shuuren blinks then glances between the remaining ninja. "Well, I've got a few idiots staring out into space and one kid down." Rather than go into the poison himself, he reaches forward, his arms literally stretching forward a bit to grab the girl and pull her to him before he turns and comes back out of the shaft to hand the girl off to the sensor nin. "This what you're looking for?"

As Shuuren grabs at the girl he would feel a little resistance, soon a few explosive tags go off in the cavern, the ground shaking and rumbling as it threatens to collapse underneath them, seems the boobytrapped the girl, who seems very incapacitated in case they couldn't leave. With a nod the sensor nin looks her over "yes, you're a doctor yes? Can you treat her here?"

"Shuuren! Forget her for a second! Get my test subjects before they get killed!", she pouts. "I need them actually alive cause I can't make them explode if they're dead!", she pouts! "And before you go into ethics, Need I remind you of the Pirates?"

Blinking a few times, Shuuren looks down at the hole again then back to Kiku. He does this a few times then chuckles and says, "No. I have plenty more toys for you at home that aren't already half-dead from poison and crushing." With that, he looks back to the Sensor Nin and gives a nod. After moving his hands through a few hands seals, he places them over the girl and begins to send healing chakra through her body.

The sensor nin watches the hole before he clutches the ground, a heavy rumbling and shaking slowly collapses the walls and hole of the tunnel the whole area caverning in and sinking as the tunnels and holes collapse around them . "Shouldn't we make sure the rock ninja are truly dead?" he asks as he watches Shuuren heal saku, the girl obviously heavily drugged and under a deep sleep with a few other bruises and cuts beyond that.

Kiku just mutters as she stands off to the side. "You don't know much about Mednins, do ya, Sensor. If they weren't dead when he went down, then they were dead when he came back up.", she tells. THe woman swears a bit, and kicks a rock down the hole…

"I can check vital signs just by being in the same area," Shuuren replies with a smirk as he looks back down at the hole. "Unless of course…" Looking back to Kiku, he asks, "You'd like to throw a few tags down there or something and be sure they're all dead?"

The sensor nin just blinks a little bit "Uh…I understand sir….is Miss Shirayuki okay?" He asks looking the sickly girl over slowly, "Is she okay to get transported to the hospital?"

Kiku looks at Shuuren. "You know I don't carry tags. All my seals are a part of my body.", she points out. THe woman sighs a bit. "Anyways, I'm tired. IOUD another day.", she says. The woman stretches out. "Until later.", she says. The woman picks up Saku. "I'll take her to the hospital, but Shuuren.", she says. The woman leans over, and kisses Shuuren on the lips. "Talk to ya later.", she says. The girl takes off back to Kiri with a Saku in tow.

"Yeah, she's fine," Shuuren says with a nod to the girl. He then looks over to Kiku and smirks again at her words. Returning the kiss without hesitance, he smiles and says, "See you soon. Don't forget, we have a date in a little white. I'm sure this guy can be the one to monitor her in the hospital."

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