The Birds and Chameleons - Stories, Ships, and Sealing Chameleons


Rockpath (emitter), Itami, Hiroto

Date: July 20, 2016


Itami and Hiroto head to the Land of Sun with their new friends. If one can even call them such.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"The Birds and Chameleons - Stories, Ships, and Sealing Chameleons"

The Ocean

The Suna team that consists of Itami, Hiroto and Tenshi, Shen, and Mitsutsune no Konshosaki had to make a bit of a detour back to Suna for food and rest, but once they were back to their perky selves, they'd be off! … Technically. Shen was the one to direct them, considering Mitsutsune no Konshosaki kept trying to argue with the map they were looking at… Anyway, with everything said and done, they are now at the main Land of Wind Port.
"Here we are!" Shen says cheerfully, glad that they were partway with the journey. He wished he could leave the lizard… But Hiroto was good company, as was Tenshi. "Now we just need to travel to the Land of Sun and get to the main island and win the tournament!" Shen nods a few times, and then the chameleon speaks up.
"Don't make it sound so simple! It's obviously not! We have to sail through treacherous waters!! This is the absolute worst! I'll have to walk through a desert again to rid myself of this journey!" Mitsutsune no Konshosaki was casually standing on Itami's head, waving his little front leg around as he spoke for emphasis. Also to hit Itami on the head. It amused him.

Hiroto and Tenshi took this moment to have a bit of water. They didn't have a WHOLE lot, but it was enough. "So. We are at port. Are people here going to know where to go or are we going to have to find our own personal boat? Do you have something you can use for it?" He asked of Shen. He figured asking that lizard would not work. Lizard he would save as an insult if he needed. "So. Why do you have to win this tournament again Shen? If both of you are trying to win for bragging rights it would be weird to move together. Well.. Despite us being here I mean…. What do you want to win for Shen?" He asked quickly before shrugging slightly, and walking to the port edge. "Ahh. Water. So nice to see so clearly."

"You want to go back through the desert you almost died in?" Itami seemed confused and maybe a bit annoyed that Mitsutsune was popping her on the head from time to time. Sure, the idea of tearing his arms off has occured to her many times, but she couldn't bring herself to do it and besides, he wouldn't be able to fight without them. So, she endured… For now. "I haven't known the waters to be too bad out here, but there are times were they grow to be a bit rough. Is suppose for you, that could be problematic. Don't have any sea legs? Well, me either. I'm still trying to get used to boats or other waterfaring vesels," she remarked to the chameleon.
"So… did you win against the map?" She hadn't forgotten he sat and argued with a map atop her head the entire time. "I hope so. That map likely needed a stern talking to or…something."

Shen would preen at his feathers a bit, trying to think of how to answer. "It is a family matter, Hiroto. A very long story, and I don't want to bore you with it. But let's just say my honor was trampled upon, and I need to prove myself to my family once again." Shen would then take wing, scanning the area for a ship that seemed to be sitting idle. "Ah! Fortuitous!" he declares after flying a few circles, spiraling down to perch on Hiro once more. "There seems to be a ship that isn't going anywhere. We should as if they are willing to take us to the Land of Sun."
Mitsutsune would blink his eyes at Itami, looking down at the face he suddenly was standing upon. "What? Of course I don't want to go through the desert! The sea is obviously a much better route! Come now! The boat awaits!" he says, plodding back up Itami's face and settling in the Kage's hair. The chameleon hums cheerfully, seeming to be in a very good mood until Itami opens her mouth. "What? I do too have sea legs! See? See how I can make them very C-like? They are fine first class sea legs! The best you can come across, even. My penchant for naval travel is renown, even!" And onto the next topic. "Oh, no! That nap was perfectly lovely! You really must speak with it again! It can do us no wrong, even! Certainly, it will not lead us astray! I guarantee it~~~!"

Hiroto nods to Shen. "Okay then. For now I can accept that, but I hope it doesn't prevent me from one day learning. Especially if I can help with your travel and such." He spoke towards him before shrugging a tiny bit. "Can I say I am glad you are not like.. Mitsu? Yeah Mitsu works. I am glad you aren't like him. You would drive me insane." He looks over at him and Itami with a raised brow. "Yeah. Indeed. Alright." He walked towards this ship. "Do you know for fact that they would know where to go for this? Like.. Would they know where to get to? I have never heard of the Land of Sun." He frowned and just gestured for Mitsu and Itami to follow him. "Alright. This way then? Itami… You mind asking. You carry more… Power." He chuckld slightly.

Itami had to cross her eyes to get a better look at Mitsutsune and even then, it was a stretch as he was once again splayed out across her face. "You just wanted to go through the desert and now the sea is the favorable option?" She winced as she began to raise her hand to move him from her sight, but he already took care of that on his own. "A ship that's not moving anywhere? Must be stopping over for a time, but that means we may have a greater chance of hitching a ride. How far is the Land of Sun, anyhow? I still don't…"
Her voice trailed off as she watched Mitsutsune make C-gestures before her eyes. Her face became equal parts agitation and exasperation. "When I said sea legs, I meant the sea, as in water and I can't believe you just sat here and—" She paused once again. "…I've already torn up one map I was attempting to make because of you, but I will make another one and I will get the directions right his time!" She pointed to the chameleon. "And I /will/ use the map you just used to draw up my conclusions!"

"He is… Excitable. I think as long as I only stay with him an hour a day… In minute increments… I would be fine," Shen would reply, though his voice suggested he found the idea of even that very painful. He just rides along Hiroto, though, his head turning this way and that to watch everything that was going on. It was, apparently, fascinating to the young falcon.
Mitsutsune would tap his chin, hmm-ing. "Not too far. Just travel a ways and a that way and everything will be perfectly fine! Follow the map! Keep it to heart!" He cackles as Itami makes her statements, but he makes no further remakes because he got distracted… "Oooh! Look! A shiny! Can we go examine that shiny? I have not seen such an amazing shiny before! We must go see it! The boat can wait, you silly bird! Shinies are far more important!"
Shen would stare at Mitsutsune for a moment when he heard himself get addressed, then fluffs up in anger. "No! We cannot break for such a small trinket as this 'shiny'. We must get to the Land of Sun immediately! My honor is on the line here, good sirrah, and I cannot just stand here and watch the Sun pass us by!" The chameleon blinks over at Shen. "You could fly, then," the lizard suggests impishly.

Hiroto was just facepalming now at this back and forth. "Come on now. Itami drag that lizard to the ship please. Hopefully they will take us to The Land of Sun." He shakes his head and walks along as Tenshi looks at Hiroto from above to try and find a spot to sit. He even ponders landing on Shen… And eventually decides to aim for Shen's back to sit on. Yeah that makes total sense doesn't it? Hiroto for sure doesn't notice and keeps walking along. "Shen. Don't worry about them. No need to get so annoyed. I mean I might as well, but we can let Itami handle him. She is used to handling painful lizards." He chuckles at his joke. Itami would get it right?

"No, no, we're going to the boat. Right now. Mitsutsune, let's go," Itami took command for a few moments to gather up the chameleon and take him with her to the boat. In the meantime, she cups her hand over his head and mouth to both deafen and silence him as she spoke. She didn't need him to hear what she was saying. "This chameleon is absolutely insane, but I'll do what I can. He's unpredictable and I'm trying to take time to study him so I can figure him out. I don't even know if I'll be successful," she hummed. "Maybe I should have him meet mother and Sorano…" She paused. "You think that might work?" She inquired of Hiroto. "Anyhow, we'll talk about that later. For now, I'm going to let go of his head before he becomes suspicious or something…" She takes a deep breath and removes her hand from his head. "We're on the boat now, Mitsutsune. So, no shiny, but there will be other shiny things to look at. There are plenty of shiny things in the sky at night!" Dealing with painful lizards? Absolutely, but this will be her greatest challenge yet.

Shen doesn't particularly like Tenshi sitting on his back… "Excuse me, Tenshi-san, but I don't appreciate you sitting there," he says politely, angling his head to watch the other falcon. "I am more than happy to make room for you, though. So please, could you get off me so we can adjust?" The stupid lizard is thoroughly ignored, though he does glance back down at Hiroto, blinking. "Is she? Maybe she can knock some since into the worm-brain, then…" he suggests lightly, hopping over to sit on Hiroto's arm or shoulder so that Tenshi could get some room.
Mitsutsune acks and flails as he is so ungracefully gathered up. And he was so close to the shinies, too! SHINee? He's into K-pop? The chameleon sort of blinks up at the hand covering him, and he frowns deeply. Very deeply. "Hey! I demand a voice! My voice must be heard for miles on end so that the people may rejoice! Obviously, I am a star! And stars must be both seen and heard! Gosh, it is an insult to be covered like this!" he shouts to nothing in particular. For emphasis, he is trying to pound on Itami's hands to try and get her hands off his head. It's amazing that he can still manage to make a racket like that…
Once freed, the chameleon would blink up at Itami once more. "Shiny? I don't want a shiny! What on earth are you talking about? Shinies are a true waste of time when we are on such an important mission, after all! Let's go, you sea dogs! Adventure awaits!" The chameleon, as he speaks, would make his way up Itami's arm, eventually settling on her head looking all puffed up and proud because this ship was totally his idea!

Tenshi tilted his head to the side before moving off for a moment, and taking his rightful place atop Hiroto's head when Shen moves. Hiroto held out a arm for Shen to hop onto, and would allow him to cling sorta to his shoulders. "Alright so can we get rolling now people? Like seriously… I feel like we should be already on the move if it is as important as you say it is." He walked up to person working at the boat, and frowned before asking a question. "Hello sir… I hope you don't mind me asking.. We would like to use your boat to travel. I figure it will cost at least, but you seem to be unmoving and we have ways to afford it. Our destination is The Land of Sun. Have you heard of it?" He asked. Tenshi was nodding with Hiroto's words to emphasize. Hiroto also looked at Shen to get his opinion on the matter. He figured based on recent events that Shen would be alright with how it was presented to the boat captain.

"You had a lot to say with my hand over your face. I thought for sure you would have suffocated, but it appears you yet live…" Itami speaks with little regret at the situation. "And yet, you stand and…I don't know how you do it. You know what? How about…" She pondered to herself. "You don't tell me about the Land of Sun. I really don't want to know," she peered down at him, hoping that she may elicit an answer that way. It seems she may have picked up on something regarding this chameleon.
"Whatever costs it is, I can cover it. We have need to be at this place soon and we were hoping to charter a boat to take us there, if at all possible," Itami spoke, adding to the request of the captain.

Shen hops onto Hiroto's arms, letting the two humans handle the ship affairs. The captain would look over the motley crew, unable to tell if this was some kind of joke. "Never heard of it," he tells them when they ask on the Land of Sun. Shocker… Then again, the Land of Sun is extremely far south, and it's largely been hidden from existence. Shen frowns just a bit when it seems the captain is about to shoo them away, and he pipes up, "Pardon, good sir, but we have a map that can at least get you close enough to our destination. It's very far down south, perhaps even past where you call the Land of Sea, but there is an island before our destination that you can drop us, and maybe a small boat, at."
The captain had heard of talking falcons, at least, so he doesn't seem completely shocked when Shen speaks up. "Map," he requests, holding out a hand towards no one in particular, but awaiting something nonetheless. "Hand it over. I'll see if it's a good enough route… Bird, yer name? Point me out the right spots," he says.
Mitsutsune sort of flops upon Itami's head, yawning and feeling mighty lazy after all that energy. "No, no, I don't stand. I lay. I lay very nicely, actually. Just don't lay me over a bed of ice. Fried chameleons don't taste good. Nor do blackened, charred, char-broiled, or any other type of cooked me's there could possibly be. We don't taste good at all, so don't even think of eating me!" He would blink with one eye, then the other. "I will tell you about the Land of Sun, but only if you want to know. If you don't want to know, I won't waste my time!" Wait, now he's being reasonable?

Hiroto started to frown. "I…" But then suddenly it turns out that Shen could give him a map for it, and that.. made a lot of sense. "Yeah as long as you can get us close it should be all good sir." He said before turning to Shen and letting him introduce himself. He also made room for Shen to move if need be. "Alright. Well why you get that figured I will make sure these two are not.. gonna kill each other." He turned to face Itami and the lizard who seems to be on something most of the time. "Alright. So how long do you think this trip is going to be? And is there anything else we need to know like stops along the way or can we just be okay with what we got now as information? We are not a group of people who like to go in blind. So at least tell us something if you have information."

Itami snarled and growled at Mitsutsune. "Let's try this again. I wish to know about the Land of Sun, so would you do me the honor of telling me about where we're going?" She asked with a deadly calm. "If I intend to escort you there, the least I can receive is something about it, so that I know what to expect upon arrival," she explained to the chameleon atop her head. She rubbed at her neck as she could feel the blood throbbing in her veins and the tension building in her muscles. She was so very close… So. Close.
"I have enough of a mind to stop off at an island for our trip. It will likely take some time, but that island would likely be a much needed break from all the seafaring. Additionally, it should help us all to calm our nerves, especially me as I still find myself attempting to grow used to the sea and…other nuissances," she turned her eyes up to Mitsutsune momentarily.

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Mitsutsune rolls over, still keeping stuck to the top of Itami's head. "Ok! Ok! You're so impatient!" he huffs, climbing down and across Itami's face, eventually moving down her neck, arm, and then settling into the Kage's Palm. "So-so! The Land of Sun! Shen, m'boy, could you please show me that map of yours real quick?" Of course, the falcon can't exactly do that… He's handing it over to the captain of the ship, whom happens to be looking it over with a few nods every now and then.

"Tch, the old boy seems to have all his ears on his eyes!" Mitsutsune says with a small huff. "No matter, no matter! I will lead you in the right direction! Now-now! Say this is where we are. And then that way is South." He points with his tail. "The Land of Sun is South. Very very south. So South that everyone can say it is south. Except for when you are underground. Then it is up!" Mitsutsune snickers a few times before continuing, "So! There is a tournament there called The Tournament of Fears, and it's all for summon creatures like yours truly~. Indeed, I am going to prove myself greatly when I win this competition! I'll even beat the bird brain~~."

Shen and the Captain are too deep in conversation, but eventually the Suna nin would hear, "A'right. I'll give you all a lift down. You have to get off halfway, but I think you'll be okay past that. Deal?" Shen would give Hiroto a look that says 'Say yes say yes say yes ;.;'

Hiroto looked at the two that were talking now. Itami and the lizard who Hiroto is now thinking would make a good meal. Can't really blame Shen for that one. He sorta chuckles to himself before stepping closer and staring at the lizard. "I think you just like to cause trouble. You know that?" He said to Mitsutsune. "We already know it is south you know? But.. Yeah that second part is new." He looked at Shen and wondered his exact reason for going again. Not long after it seems they were allowed a ride. "Alright. That works for me. Though it might be tough to get back…. That isn't anything to worry about yet." He states. "So yes it is a deal." He says without consulting Itami and starts walking that way.

Itami isn't certain about why he needs to use her face as a passage, but she rolls along with it, if only because he'll be making his way down soon. As he approaches her hand, she opens her palm to allow him the comfort of resting. "Alright, now we're getting somewhere," she exasperates in response to Mitsutsune's description. "I question why a tournament would be called such, but I have experienced similar instances, I imagine. We'll learn more about the tournament along the way, but for now…" She redirects her attention to the captain and Shen. "I agree that the trip back may be a bit more rough on us than the one forward, but we'll figure something out. If not, I can always just rely on myself and use what resources I have," she hints at her means to transport them. "So… given that we have Hiroto's blessing, we'll be on our way," she chuckled.

With the arrangements settled, the boat ride would be a very long one. They were headed to an island known as Jiro Island, which Itami might not be thrilled about given a certain pint-sized terror. Anyway, the boat ride would be pleasant enough for the most part. Lots of rocking and swaying and that sorta thing. Shen was taking to it all just fine, though he tended to go off to fly for long breaks and to scout a bit ahead. Mitsutsune's reaction to being on a boat was as confusing as his personality. One moment he seemed to be as sick as a chameleon can be, and the next moment he's perfectly fine without a care in the world. ._.

Hiroto looked at Shen everytime he was to fly off and Tenshi would go to follow each time. He had a friend that wasn't his kids or mate! Hiroto walked over to Itami to talk a tiny bit. "What do you think of all this Itami?" He continued to look out at all the water.

Itami was too busy trying to mind her stomach to focus on anything at the moment. Boats just weren't her thing, but she was growing used to them bit by bit. After gurgling a bit, she shook it off and inhaled deeply. "I'm still not sure what to make of it, but the name of the tournament isn't doing me any favors on my outlook. All I have at the moment is that they were two competitors on their way to a land where this tournament is held. I still don't know the significance of the tournament and what it could mean for either one of them. Winning it is good, I suppose. If it's like any other tournament, it can afford fame, fortune, honor…that sort of thing. But they've mentioned that they're summons, so I'm uncertain if that changes anything."

Hiroto didn't seem to mind the water at all. Being on a boat was fine with him. "I agree with that. I can't help but wonder if there is something more involved. I mean.. Shen at least seemed to hint at more. I figure it wouldn't be worth hiding if all he was after was fame or fortune." He paused. "What did we get ourselves into…. Whatever it is I suppose we should help as best we can."

"I can only hope so. Right now, I'm still trying to keep our initial mission at hand. We were supposed to acquire some flower samples for my mother. I can't forget that or risk her wrath. I've already faced it once. I'd rather not have to again," Itami keeled over and lowered her head prior to whipping around to hang over the edge of the boat to let go of whatever was being kept inside. Perhaps things will be better this way. Besides, she's already starting to feel the relief. At the very least, she was mindful enough to not spill it all out over the deck. The water will carry it away somewhere.
With that done, she flopped back on the deck and looked up at the sky. "One of these days, I will grow used to boats, but for now…that's a distant dream," she managed to choke out. "I think I might be okay from here on."

"I think we may be a little late on finishing that." Hiroto chuckled a bit at her. "Oh… uhh." Hiroto walked up to her and pat her on the back a few times. "Yeah you really don't like boats. Hopefully it won't be too long." He said before calling back Tenshi and hopefully Shen returned to see what was up. If so he would ask how much longer they felt it would be.

"Yeah…hopefully we can finish that when we get back—Oh no…" Itami perked up from the deck of the boat. "Something terrible has happened," she grasped her hands a few times and noticed the distinct lack of chameleon. She jumped up to her feet, stumbling slightly at the rocking of the boat. "…Where is he? No, forget that. We have to find him. I fear what may happen with him being on his own. You should have Tenshi try and lock onto his location. If I ask Shen, I fear he'd endure head trauma…"

Shen would land with Tenshi on the boat, just a few feet away from Hiroto. "Nothing to report," he tells the shinobi. "We're still quite a way from Land, but there is an island coming up. I have a feeling it'll be our destination. It's a long flight away, though. I had to use a bit of chakra to make sure of its location," Shen admits with a small frown. "Anyway, that's all I have to report." He sorta missed that Mitsutsune was missing.

"I doubt he is actually missing. Probably sneaking in the bottom area of the boat or something." Hiroto shrugged a bit, and looked at Shen. "I see. Well in that case I guess we have to go find Mitsu now don't we? And prepare our things…" He paused. "Tenshi make sure our things are ready while we look for this darn lizard."

"Have you learned nothing?!" Itami grabbed at Hiroto's clothes and drew him closer. "If he's not out here, then he's missing!" She released him from her grasp. "Yes, yes, we have to go and find him. I dare not think of what he's capable of doing when he's on his own. I was not vigilant enough. He escaped my clutches taking advantage of my weakness against the seas!" She tried to gather herself together and sighed once she'd calmed down. "Okay, okay, we can do this. I… Err, I apologize. I just…if he's not bothering me, he's torturing someone else. I have made it my duty, my responsibility to guard the world from him and I've only known him for the better half of a couple of hours!"

Shen gives Hiroto a sort of look. One that says, 'You're on your own…' "I'm sure he's just fine. No need to worry, Hiroto-san. If it makes you feel better, though, I'll perch up there and keep an eye out for him." … Maybe. Shen isn't too keen on doing so, but if it's to help out Hiroto…

Hiroto just sighed and walked over to where Shen was. "Just keep a look out and tell us if you see him then." Itami grabbing his clothes shocked him though. "Hey! Calm down… sinbad do you already care about this lizard? It is alright if so, but really. Relax. I am helping you." He frowned at Itami. "No more shaking!" When it stopped he stood there awkwardly. "Split up. I look this way. You look that way." And he heads towards the front.

"Care? No. I am defending everyone else /from/ him. In two hours, I felt the need to keep him contained, managed!" Itami spoke as she split up under Hiroto's direction. "The world is not ready for Mitsutsune no Konshosaki. No one is. So, I will become the shield so that I can block him off from everyone else. That's a noble goal, right?" She chuckled as she underwent her search. "Mitsutsune! Where are you? We're about to arrive at the island and you running around outside of my supervision is going to become a hindrance!"

Naturally, it is the Kazekage that finds the pain in th- I mean the lovely and wonderful chameleon. Mitsutsune no Konshosaki was sort of tottering about the edge of a barrel and amusing himself. The more important thing to note about this barrel is that it just so happens to be located right next to the bathroom, which is where everyone has to go at some point or another. The sea breeze at least removes any smells that might be coming from that place…
"You don't have to shout! I have perfectly fine ears, you know!" The chameleon would say, puffing up a bit. "And I am not running around! I mean, I am going around, but I am not running, I am plodding. There is a difference. And no, I am not plotting, I am plodding. There is a difference! And I do not like this island. Why are we going to it? I very much like this boat. I think we should stay on it for a bit longer! That is what I think, yes indeed." He huffs a bit at the Kazekage.
Meanwhile, Shen notices that Itami is now speaking to Mitsutsune, and he flies over to Hiroto. "I think she found him, but I don't know if we should go over there," he reports. "I'm sure the lizard has nothing but absurdity to exchange with us. In fact, I am almost certain that going to talk to him will slowly rot away our brain cells."

Hiroto was staring at Itami for a tiny moment. "What? Oh sure you are. I mean you are actually doing that, but I am sure there is a bit of care there." He shrugged a tiny bit before walking along in search of foo- Err.. Mitsutsune. "Mitsu!" He spoke out and just sighed a bit until Shen flew down right towards him. "Oh? Well I suppose that is very much true. It might actually do that.. Maybe that is why he thinks he can win."

"Oh, there you are…doing what you do best, I suppose. But now, I think it's time you returned to my head. Besides, the agreement was to stop off at the island and we're fast approaching it. So, let's go," she offered to the chameleon. "Mitsutsune, we have much to discuss about you…" She offered her hand for him to climb up on. "Let's go have a chat. The two of us…"
She looked to Hiroto and smiled as he came along. "Care isn't the word I'd use right now. I'd say caution…" She chuckles. "He requires it or else everything falls apart. Just look at what he was doing down here. How is that normal?"

Mitsutsune blinks one eye then the other at Itami. "No-no! I am not doing anything that is good. I am doing what I do worst!" he proclaims huffily. The chameleon then glares at Itami. "I do not belong on your head! You are spouting such nonsense! I can't believe you think chameleons belong on your head. That is the silliest thing!" Mitsutsune crawls onto Itami's hand and stays there. "What kind of chat? I am curious what this chat is on…" he says, looking up at the Watanabe.
Shen plops himself on Hiroto's head, his wings tired, and he settled comfortably. "So, Hiroto-san, tell me more about yourself, if you don't mind my asking," he says. "I enjoy spending time with Tenshi-san, and I'd like to hear more about the human he offers so much praise for." Praise and other words…

Hiroto looked up with his eyes to try and see Shen though that didn't really work. "Praise huh? And here I thought he would talk about himself with that praise." He chuckled lightly. "Anyways… What do you want to know? There isn't much to say besides me being a Chuunin of Sunagakure… 17 years of age. Had family. Parents. A sister. But not really any more." He shrugged slightly. "You can ask questions. I will answer as we walk if you like." He frowned still.

"I'm spouting nonsense? I just offered you the easiest alternative than balancing on a…barrel or something outside of a…loo," Itami sniffed and shook her head at the stench. "I suppose you are right, you're doing what you do worst. Now, as for our chat, I think we need to get to know one another. You are an enigma in more ways than just your identity, but let's start with who you are. I get the impression that you're older than you look, for example," she complimented while walking along with him.

Shen taps his talon on Hiroto's head gently so as not to injure him. "Perhaps, but he was kind in his words on you," the falcon says amiably. A few hums and haws later, he says, "Please expand upon your family."
Mitsutsune lazes around on the hand, apparently board. And then he blinks, too caught off guard by Itami's assessment to come up with any quirky retort. Of course, it comes after a moment. But usually he's fairly snappy with them. "I'm not old. I'm actually younger than I look! You clearly do not understand the ways a chameleon ages and how horribly ungracefully we grow."

Hiroto raised a brow as he watched out on the water. The island was approaching. Hopefully soon. "Expand upon my family? I don't know how I can too much… A lot of that is… put away." He frowned. "Well my Father at least was an important member of the clan… Or my part of it. Though he died when I was about five years old. He was sorta old, and just passing his prime. So besides being an advisor just.. Nothing was there. This lead to him getting killed when we had to deal with a group of bandits." He paused before sighing a tiny bit. "My mother was still alive when I got split up from them.. I figure they are dead… With all the bodies that were about." Though something he hasn't pieced together yet is the fact that he only found children's. "She was nice enough. Caring, but strict at times." His face dropped though before the last one. "And my sister.. She is four years younger than me. Was four last I saw her, and well… She just… Well I haven't seen her since that day either.. They are both gone. Leaving me to be alone." He frowned and looked at the island…hoping they were there so he could think of something else.

"I grew up around enough reptiles to know how they work, Mitsutsune, so you can't fool me in that way, but, in many ways, some lizards do appear to grow younger as they grow older. Go figure," Itami chuckled. "Here's a secret for you, I am also a chameleon," she admits to him. Figuratively, of course, but she can take the form of a reptile. "What do you think of that, hm?" She looked up from the old lizard towards the island. Oh, if only they were close enough. She could hear Hiroto's conversation and much of her was wishing they were much closer than they are at the moment, but at least they're close enough. Just a bit longer… In the meantime…
"I was thinking about what we could eat here on this island. Considering we've never been out this far, I think it'd be nice to try the local cuisine," she decided to force a change in subject for him. "It feels a bit more…tropical out here. Better for me and Mitsutsune, I gather. I don't know about the three of you, though," she indicated Hiroto, Tenshi, and Shen. "We'll make do, though. What do you think they have? Must have enough fruit to go around, yeah?"

Hey, look at that! It was all an illusion! The island is about … "Here we are! Drop anchor, boys!" the captain's voice would ring out. Of course, that still grants a bit of time for conversations to wrap up.
Shen would frown a bit and tap on Hiroto's shoulder in comfort. "I'm sorry," he says. "I should not have brought that up. We can talk about something else if you would like such."
Mitsutsune blinks again, surprised once more by the Kazekage. "You are the strangest creature I ever met," he declares, climbing up her arm to perch on her head. Hearing Itami, he huffs loudly. "I don't like tropical weather! I much prefer freezing cold! It's so much better when it's cold."

Hiroto was standing there when he heard Itami speak up. Uhh.. "Well I don't mind it either way Itami…" He frowned a tiny bit before shrugging and assisting with the anchor and such. Then Shen spoke, and he shook his head slightly with him on his head. "No. No need to apologize." He paused a bit. "Talking about something else sounds nice though." He said before pondering a question. "What about you Shen? Do you and…..others like you have official families? And if so how is yours?"

"Oh yes, that part, you completely enjoy the cold, freezing cold, terribly bone chilling cold. Of course," Itami rolled her eyes. "Captain, if you don't mind me asking, how did you determine where to drop anchor without harming your boat? Experience, I imagine?" The island having been covered by an illusion and all. Well, thankfully, they're here and that means a well timed distraction. The downside is…why was the island covered in an illusion in the first place?
"Alright, I think we can begin making our way off the boat soon. Besides, I'd like to explore this area a bit. Just a little. I can't say I wish to stay here for longer than intended, but while we're here, we might as well make the best of it."

It's to keep pirates away, of course! "I've visited this place a lot, Kazekage. The first few times were less fortunate, but I learned after repairing my ship hurt my wallet." The captain nods a few times before gesturing for people to start unloading things. Shen would sort of blink and look down at Hiroto. "Let's speak of that another time, hmm?" And then he takes off without a word.

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