Storm Brigade - The Storm Comes to Fire


Kefka (emitter), Isura, Masashi, Zankuro

Date: April 29, 2016


A team from Konoha is sent to assist a village that has been experiencing some bad weather and needs to evacuate.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Storm Brigade - The Storm Comes to Fire"

A Village in the Land of Fire

It's been an unseasonably stormy week in a port town on the Land of Fire's northeastern corner to the sea. A missive was sent to Konoha a couple days ago requesting assistance in helping some of the village folk move out of their homes amidst this nearly unnatural weather. Not TOO dangerous a mission, but the village made sure to sent capable hands just in case. One Sarutobi Zankuro was chosen to lead the mission and hopefully direct the team to be able to prevent any casualties from taking place.
As the team nears the town, however, even miles away from it, they would be able to see that things may be a LOT worse now than they were when the letter was sent. The weather has become even more potent, as if the heavens themselves would see this village erased from the world. Rain comes down in what looks like a wall of water around the village, bolts of lightning crashing all around it and sending pillars of smoke up amongst the flame that are put out quickly enough but show that at least some trees have been destroyed if not already homes and businesses.
Perhaps the most concerning sign is the sight of a pieces of fishing boats that litter the ground and the tops of trees along the path to the village. It's not too difficult to see how this happened, as the wind is quite immense even from a distance. As one draws near and goes downhill, this place is starting to look more and more like part of the ocean than a town that's just been experiencing a bit of bad weather…. and there are even a few bodies floating along the water, though some have likely already been washed out to sea by the flood. Still, one can hear cries and screams for help amongst the rain and thunder, giving sign that there are, in fact, still people alive in the village, some easy enough to find as they sit on top of their houses looking down at the village if they were unlucky enough to be in a single story home.

Although Zankuro was team leader Isura was first to arrive for the group. Looking out all he could see was sure and utter destruction around the town and with a frown he spoke softly. "Donkey it all." Isura flared his sharingan to see who all was alive and whom were already dead. Without waiting for further orders he did the most logical thing in the situation started to save whomever he could. Using sound judgment he flashed in and grabbed a small group of two and flashed over to higher ground. He would repeat to he process while having to embrace the elements. Lucky for him though his cloak kept him mostly dry. "Where is everyone the other two should've been here by now…" Frowning Isura spat a little as he took a deep breath and resumed his task.

Masashi arrives at the village, surveying the situation with dismay. 'What the diddy…' he thinks to himself as he looks around for things he can do to help. He looks at Zankuro and quietly asks "What are your orders?" As he waits for a response he makes a quick hand sign and activates his wind blade jutsu using his right bracer. 'The blade will be useful for cutting through obstacles for rescuing people.' "I hope no one has passed, but I fear in this situation there will be more dead than alive at this rate." He says.

"Un-freaking believable." Upon seeing the sort of trouble that awaited the team, no other words seemed more reasonable to say at the moment. Sure, he should've started dispensing with orders, or at least gave some inkingly of the intention. Instead, the chuunin stood at what amounted to the closest thing to "safety" in the area with the rest of the team, trying to wrap his head around the situation. Too late did he realize that Isura had gone a step further by rushing ahead earlier, and got to work.
"What does that-…" He trails off there grumbling, then looks to Masashi. "… No need to doubt that. Not with a storm like this… Just… Help him out as best as ya can, but don't throw yourself away playing superhero. Get them.. *grumbles*… get whoever you can as far away as you can. And… *sighs*… prioritize women and children." And with that, the Sarutobi takes off down the path close to whatever few trees are left standing. Let the lightning hit them first over him!
Or so he figured…

Moving ahead without your team leader on a mission deemed dangerous two Chuunin on is generally a bad idea because you never know who or what could be waiting there. Perhaps today is the day in which a young Uchiha will learn that teamwork is one of the most important things for a shinobi. There are many things in this world that can cause a storm, and nature isn't all of them…
As Isura starts to move ahead on the mission on his own, there is suddenly a large flash of lightning that comes down from the sky toward him and those he is carrying with intent to obliterate them all together. Houses, trees, ground, anything within the vicinity of the Uchiha is destroyed without remorse by the strike. It seems to come out of nowhere, like the heavens would prevent any attempt to rescue this village or those within it from its decided fate.
The source is revealed, however, as a figure in a black cloak comes down from the sky and lands on the rooftop of a house that is still standing amongst the storm. Despite its face being unrevealed, there seems to be a certain cockiness about it as it steps into stance and looks around at the remaining village folk and the shinobi trying to rescue them.

Isura was moving with the woman and child before a sounds of thunder rumbled above him. Using Sharingan aided in his safety or rather lack there of as he is struck with a harsh and powerful bolt that sent him flying through a building. Lucky for the other two they were caught with the shockwave rather ththan the blast. Taking a deep breath and cough up blood. Acting quickly rather lack there was he covered his new burns with special bandages that would serve to aid in soothing them rather than healing them. For now he stayed there trying to recover before slowly pulling himself to his feet. "That hurt…" falling down to a knee he found himself unable to do much of nothing at this present moment in time…his body wasn't it's own and it was clear in the heavy breathing and random twitches that come with being badly shocked as he was.

Masashi started down to the village to assist when he saw the bolt of lightning strike Isura and send him through a wall. He changes course to help him, and notices the figure in black on the rooftops. "Foe!" He calls out to Zankuro. "Watch it, I think he may have some part in this massive storm." He then beelines to the house isura crashed through in order to make sure he was alright.

Zankuro can hardly get his arm up in time before the lightning pillar nearly blinds him. When at last it does dim enough to see, the sight that greets him gives the shinobi pause. "This is…" Whatever else he had in mind to say goes unspoken as the figure descends. "Y-yeah… no kidding…" Is his o' so witty response. Unwilling to let the cloaked figure out of his sights, the Sarutobi left Masashi to check up on Isura. After a moment's hesitation, Zankuro forced himself to stand up a little straighter, and glare into the darkness of the figure's hood. "Who are you, and what are you doing here?" He calls out firmly, nerves steadying due to some unspoken memory.

As the Uchiha is slung through a house and against a tree, the hooded figure would seem to chuckle a bit by his movement, though he makes no actual sound. He is quite emotive without words, even obviously giving Masashi a 'ya think?' look when he announces that he is a foe and probably has something to do with the storm. The look gets a little more ridiculous as Zankuro starts to ask him questions. The guy has been completely silent, so why would he answer questions in a straight forward manner?
After a moment he shakes his head then lifts his hands into the sky, seeming to beckon upon the skies to come down more heavily as the rain begins to pour down even more upon the village. He then brings his hands into a seal and spreads them as shuriken of lightning appear within them. Once they have appeared, he flings them and controls them with his chakra so that they fly at all three of the Konoha shinobi.

Isura tried to move however his body refused the action and thus he was struck again. Doing this moment he gained distance as he rolled across the roof tops to fall back for a brief moment to patch himself up just a little bit. "Stop talking to him and freaking kill him already." Is stated as he fell back. behind Zankuro and Masashi. Isura wounds were getting to the point that he wouldn't be able to help rather than hurt the duo now.

Masashi sees the shuriken coming at him and all thought goes to stopping them. 'Dammit, couldn't master my stronger technique in time, here goes nothing.' He thinks to himself as he throws up a wall of wind in front of the incoming shuriken…And watches the shuriken shred his barrier and gets him good. the shuriken managed to tear through his vest of scales like it was paper. One in the chest, one in his abdomen. Thankfully they didn't hit any vital organs, but they came close. "Well all right then…" he says to no one in particular. He makes some hand signs, and creates a vortex around the unknown assailant, and throws a pair of kunai into the mix.

The moment the man shook his head, Zankuro removed all thought of negotiations from mind. In the next, the man is swiftly removing and unfurling the giant scroll he always carried on his back. A segmented iron dome protects the chuunin, but a few do manage to pierce the barrier. Thankfully, none seem to have actually hit their intended target, or so it seemed once the barrier was sealed back up again. Shaken by the event, if only a little, Zankuro has no response to offer either Isura or Masashi.
Not immediatly at least, but soon enough his able to draw his gaze away from the charred ground nearby to his allies. Seeing them in the state they were…
He had to shake himself once more to seal his conscious, then finally shout out. "…. Masashi-san! Isura-san! We're pulling out!" The words were toxic — painful, even — but he did not countermend them. Each of spared of look that said he would broker no argument. They either leave, or be dragged back kicking and screaming.

Definitely no negotiations, and this guy basically seems to be playing with the Konoha shinobi. He seems rather amused as Isura and Masashi are pounded upon by his jutsu. With them focusing on staying alive, his attention can turn to Zankuro. When the Chuunin signals the retreat, the hooded figure lifts a hand and waggles a finger in a rather exaggerated fashion. He then brings his hands into a seal then points them at Zankuro, creating an orb of lightning that flashes brighter and brighter then zooms off at him with intent to strike him and keep him from fleeing the scene.

Isura focused more chakra as he peered between the two. It seems retreat was in play however with his wounds and Masashi retreat right now I'd dixie near impossible. A heavy breath is taken as he swelled chakra trying to think of a manner in which they can get out alive. The people here are good as dead sadly and the trio might not be far behind them.

Masashi watched as his attacks did nothing to faze the attacker. He can still fight, which is good. He won't be able to fight much longer though, which isn't so good. He'll keep fighting as long as possible though, the people need to be protected, and thats what he's here for. He pulls a pair of shuriken and throws them at the assailant, and follows up with another vortex. "Get moving towards Zankuro." He says to Isura. "I'll try and keep you covered while we regroup with him."

Zankuro was ready for the attack. Even if it wasn't a matter of sadistic pleasure, cutting of what seemed to be the head of the snake was a text book action. Once more, he is engulfed in smoke after slamming a chakra infused palm into the scroll, summoning the damaged barrier. As soon as it is resealed again, Zankuro shoots a glare up at the hooded figure before motioning for the others to hury up. Anger was start to break into the surface upon seeing Isura's position. He understod the Uchiha's plan, but the risk was too cranky high for that sort of thing!
His feelings are set aside however to provide Masashi the brightest covering fire he could manage. A literal giant wall of flames would erupt from a single fireball, and expand rapidly, consuming everything in its path.

As the wind comes its way, the cloaked figure swings a hand toward Masashi, sending a wall of wind to block the incoming attacks. This same motion, however, doesn't work on Zankuro's attack, thus the figure winds up blasted backward a bit. By the same token, though, he doesn't seem to much hurt as amused as he comes toward Zankuro.
Swinging his hand forward, the cloaked shinobi sends a burst of water at him with intent to slam into him and keep him separated from the other two. Of course, this only serves as a way to further delay their running as the village fills with more and more water and more lightning strikes upon the village.

Isura growled when Masashi covered him as if he was a helpless child. Then the tidal wave came and crashed down and with that moment he acted swiftly due to the timing he felt the hooded figure would be open. Taking a deep breath and swiftly moving Masashi out of his path Isura swelled up with chakra and released a powerful wave of blazing hot heat towards him before taking in slow deep breaths. He focused on him before falling to a knee although his chakra was surging his body could only take so much and he felt the end was near.

Masashi would have chuckled in any other situation. Instead he makes another vortex and sends it behind the wave of heat towards the cloaked figure. Once done, he picks Isura up and fireman-carries him towards Zankuro. "Alright, lets regroup. We need to form a better plan against this guy." He says to Isura as he runs towards Zankuro.

There was hardly enough time, and yet Zankuro gambled on it all the same. After summoning the barely held together dome in preparation of another attack, he waved Masashi off. There may have even been a call for the duo to just leave without him. But if so, between the storm and pressurized water slamming into metal, the words might be drowned out.
At some point during, or perhaps even after the blast, the Sarutobi changed tactics. The very trail of destruction the team saw before became the cover the shinobi needed to disappear from view, and hopefully into a position to ensure the others got away.

Despite it seeming before like this hooded shinobi, whoever he is, was toying with the Konoha shinobi before, every one of their attacks seem to land this time. With the blast of fire, his body lets forth a spray of… water? And then it falls apart into the very water that had been used to destroy this village. All at once, the clouds begin to disperse, and the storm ceases.
If Isura were to look very hard at the water with his Sharingan, he would note at least a dozen chakra signatures moving under the water away from the village, not just one. Perhaps this was simply a test of some sort since all those others didn't attack. Whatever the case, they are safe now and can evacuate whatever's is left of the populace of this village… though that is likely rather slim at this point. Mission… accomplished?

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