What If? Get in the Game - Storming the Gauntlet


Noab, Kitaru, Ei, Kirito

Date: October 19, 2012



"What If? Get in the Game - Storming the Gauntlet"

The Dungeon

Four destined heroes enter the labyrinth together. A Warrior, a Valkyrie, a Wizard, and a Ranger. The former of these heroes, one Noab by name, hefts his axe and starts plodding down the hallway. "Just keep those blasted ghosts off me if you can, I'll deal with anything that bleeds." >/ A treasure chest nearby lies open with glittering jewels beckoning, but nearby it phantasms wisp up from a pile of bones. Time for combat already!

Kitaru was filling in for that wizard as the man had finally wisen up and wouldn't go with the group to actually help them out. Shaking his head, the genjutsuist focused on the pile of bones. Well now, guess it's time for battle. Getting ready, he'd start that mojo. Only instead of the normal genjutsu that Kitaru uses.. a bolt of dark purple lances out to hit the first monster that plodded towards them, stopping it in it's tracks. "Wha the..?" Well.. that was definitely confusing, to be sure!

Ei, the Valkyrie, shifts her shield and hums thoughtfully. This will be an interesting adventure, no doubt. Of course, she too is better at close range. Better, but not restricted as much as poor Noab. "Of course, of course," she murmurs in response to the Warrior, sheathing her sword and drawing daggers from her pouches. Watching Kitaru, she can't help but snicker lightly. That first ghost taken care of, she tosses the dagger directly at the pile, intent on doing damage and stopping the things from escaping that particular 'portal'.

Kirito was bringing up the rear making sure that no one or thing managed to get the jump on the party from behind. He was filling in for the Ranger, which well supposes he could do, he did have some ranged attacks and his medical skills could be compared to herbalism. His soft blue eyes bounced along the walls, as they moved through the maze, as Noab spoke he responded with "Ghost, check." in his friendly tone as he runs his hand through his silver hair. As the chest comes into sight, his left hand moves slowly towards a pouch on his belt and removes a small kunai and throws it towards the pile, watching it sing through the air towards it.

The few ghosts in the area are quickly dispatched, and the pile of bones generating them is scattered and turned to dust. "Good work, squad. Don't get swelled heads though, that little outpost wasn't meant to stop us. They know we're here now." Noab grabs the treasure, and also picks up a key lying nearby.
Noab grunts. "Y'don't say." e.U Well, Noab opts not to save this key for long, using it to open the door nearby. A veritable wall of grunts greets him. "Now that's more like it." >) Noab wades into the fray, heedless of numbers as his axe chops through the sea of baddies. The tent they're pouring from stands beyond, protected by their ranks, but possibly vulnerable to ranged strike. Meanwhile, an enemy sorcerer suddenly blinks out of invisibility from behind the group and starts casting fireballs their way.

A mute nod was given towards Noab as he'd stay close. Nothing saying that he was exactly the melee type anyways. As the voice boomed overhead, he'd look up and around in confusion. "Where IS that voice coming from??" Sighing, Kitaru would simply follow along. Once Noab started fighting his way into the horde, Kitaru would once again start that genjutsu. This time he was SURE it'd be right.. only for another purple bolt to be sent outward towards that tent. Well.. that had been the focus of the group he was doing.. but this was starting to get ridiculous!

Drawing her sword, Ei follows after Noab without so much as a glance around after hearing the disembodied voice. As they move into the room full of grunts, she simply covers Noab for now, expecting the others to take care of the generators. However, she notices something… odd. An orangeish glow on Noab's back alerts her to fireballs behind them and she turns, shield up to cover herself just in case. "Sorcerer!" she calls, using her sword to — carefully — point toward the enemy. She hopes that warning will get Kirito to take care of the thing.

Kirito continued to keep the rear, listening til the door was opened. He blinked slightly as he saw everything, removing a few kunais he attaches explosive tags to them, staying back slightly as not to get over run. As a few of them inched to close for him, he would quickly slash them with the kunai and put a bit mor distance between himself and them, then he quickly spun a kunai of his finger as he heard Ei yell, "Got it!" he yells back as he spinning on his feet, he launched two kuanis with explosive tags towards the Sorcerer.

*KABOOM!* The enemy sorcerer evidently isn't accustomed to dealing with such explosive opposition. x.x The tent in the back collapses under the lightning strike, and Noab and Ei mop up the remaining grunts. "Ah, that was invigorating," Noab chuckles, wiping blood — some his own, but mostly the enemy's — off of himself. "After a fight like that, I sure could go for a big bowl of — " Noab's stomach growls loudly.
Noab scowls at the ceiling. "I'm an Akimichi, I can't help it." >.U
After many levels of battling, the party finally reaches the final stronghold. Just past the huge metal door, hordes of ghosts, demons, grunts, and sorcerers stand ready to devour the heroes. Fortunately, the adventurers have managed to save up some magic potions for this point in their journey, meaning they get to pull out the big guns on this fight. Noab readies the key to open the door. "On my mark…GO!"
The door comes down, and a wave of monsters rushes forward. Noab's hands fly through seals, then he slams his palms down against the earth, calling his attack because hey, it's a video game. "SWAMP OF THE UNDERWORLD!!!" A gigantic morass of mud opens up beneath the evil army, catching most of them in its sticky embrace. "GET 'EM, TROOPS!!!"

Worn, finally getting the hang of those attacks, Kitaru would nod grimly to Noab as they got to that final area. Focusing himself, Kitaru would use those vials, much like his own juggling spheres to launch out in a wide area across where the troops were at. Following up behind them, two of his own spheres with explosive seals on them would be shot at the potions, causing the magic within them to shatter and further explode from the tags he used.
Kitaru would grumble, glancing up. "That was the whole point!" paying more attention, he started targeting sorcerers. No sense in making Kirito deal with all of them alone!

Ei nods toward the Akimichi and, just after seeing where Kitaru's potions would land, unleashes her own. She giggles a little at his response to the voice, though, and starts to throw daggers at the ghosts before getting closer to the horde. This, of course, only after Kirito used his potions, presumably. Regardless, she would go about slashing anything that comes near her, flicking daggers at any ghosts that come too close. Generators are taken care of as soon as humanly possible, of course.

Kirito was standing back lobbing kunai's with explosive seals at everything, seriously just about everything. He was kind of panicked and overwhelmed, he worked in a Hospital he didn't fight hordes of creatures with weird voices echoing above him.
That was when Kirito started to run around and randomly heal people, while throwing senbons and kunais at things, some with explosive tags that went booms others with out.
After that last one, Kirito stopped and blinked at a sorcerer who was now blinking back at Kirito, both equally confused, "Wait a second…" Kirito said slowly as the sorcerer also snapped out of it, which caused him to activate his seal barrier and block the attack.

Well, that's certainly new. c.c It's like having a bunch of extra quarters pumped into the machine for free. Welp, not gonna argue with it! Noab storms into the fray with the rest of them, cutting down swathes of baddies. Between the sharp metal and the explosions and the swallowing mud, the monster army is eventually exhausted. The heroes move onward into the innermost sanctum, and find a massive vault of treasure! Yaaaaay!
"…Maybe some other time." u.U;

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