Pylon of Efficacy - Stormy Seas


Yuuka, Tsiro

Date: October 14, 2011


Two Kiri nin guard a supply ship from the northern island against some Konoha nin.

"Pylon of Efficacy - Stormy Seas"

The Sea between Islands.

There are some dark clouds in the sky. They seem to cut off the light of the sun almost completely. Though there was no rain yet, it was assumed to be inevitable. The sound of waves crashing against the side of a large boat can be heard. The massive ship is obviously a supply vessel. The sail on the ship bears the emblem of Kirigakure. There are a few people on the deck of the ship. Most of them are just simple sailors and not actual shinobi.
There is at least one shinobi on board though. The young boy Tsiro stands at the front of the ship. His eyes scan out across the sea. He seems to be on the look out. His eyes dart back and forth though he does not seem to spot anything out of the ordinary.

A slender hand lightly touches its fingertips against the surface of the fore-mast, holding onto it for some support while the large ship rocks with the current of the ocean. Yuuka blinks her dark blue green eyes slowly as she gazes up at the threatening skies, silently wondering to herself for several moments. It is only a matter of time before the storm comes and sailors, soldiers, and shinobi alike are driven into the belly of the ship. She pulls her hand away from the thick mast and she fluidly moves forward, working with the natural rocking beneath her feet without so much of a thought. The people of the Land of Water are one with the ocean. Yuuka slows to a stop beside Tsiro at the very front, narrowing her eyes on the ocean stretched out in front of them.

Tsiro would remain looking out across the water as Yuuka stopped behind him. "I doubt we will be home before the storm hits." The boy would state as most of the crew began to make their way towards the lower decks of the ship. He had no intentions of going below with them. "Hopefully the sooner we get home, the sooner we will be deployed back to the front lines. I really doubt the leaf would send anyone out so far from land or that they even know of these transport ships."

Yuuka remains silent, her blue green eyes steadily watching the ocean's horizon while Tsiro comments on the dark skies above. Hearing his eagierness to return to the front lines, the corner of her lips tugs with faint amusement, but it doesn't last long. Her expression hardens and the Kaguya kunoichi turns just slightly to glance over her shoulder, the ocean wind whipping white tresses around her face as she sharply narrows her gaze at the railing. "Four." she murmurs, "They are not part of the crew."

Tsiro turns around and looks towards Yuuka. "Where?" He asks as his eyes scan the top deck. He reaches into his pocket and pulls out the Epigaea Dagger that Yuuka had given him. "Here I thought I would be bored the whole time." He begins to walk towards the other end of the ship walking slightly slower than normal only so Yuuka could hand out orders.

Yuuka smirks just slightly as she quirks a thin brow and glances over her shoulder at Tsiro, chuckling just once before turning forward, "Stay on the deck, keep an eye out for them." she murmurs, "I am going below deck to double check the crew." The kunoichi turns to open the door below deck and disappears beneath.

"Sure!" Tsiro yelled as he began to sprint. He would move along the side of the deck before spotting one of the shinobi. He had been made by the shinobi as well. It was a man from the leaf. He was probably in his mid twenties. The two would make eye contact around the same time. Tsiro rushed for him as he moved to make a hand sign. The first blow would would be struck by Tsiro. The Epigaea dagger hitting the man's arm and preventing him from completing the jutsu. The man would scream out in pain. Tsiro would waist no time in delivering a second blow. This time the dagger would cut towards the man's stomach. A wound that was not nearly as deep.

Moving through the narrow passages within the belly of the large ship, Yuuka slows her steps as she nears the cargo hold, feeling the pair of chakra signitures that had only been at the edges of her senses moments ago. The kunoichi smoothly closes the door behind her, without so much of a sound in its wake while the boat itself continues to creak from the constant pressure it is under. Shinobi, a pair from the Land of Fire are huddled over one crate in particular, trying to open it without alerting the sailors. Her jaw firms and Yuuka lifts her arms, palms pointed out towards them. The center bulges just before the flesh parts and a pair of bone shards are shot at the intruders. Not even a moment after they land on their targets do thick, ivory vine-like rope tangle around and wrap around each man, disabling them for now.

Back on the top deck, the shinobi fighting Tsiro would lunge forward attempting to slash Tsiro with a kunai. Tsiro would side step the slash and then twirl again to evade another slash while attacking with his own. Luckily he seemed to disable his opponents hand previously. His slash was able to cut deep into the stomach of the man. After the man slumped over, Tsiro would slice once more at him. As the man moved to dodge it, it would make a light slash across his face. Nothing vital was taken out. It was fairly obvious this ninja was not a taijutsu specialist.

The pair of shinobi are caught by surprise, toppling over to collapse on the floor at the foot of the very box they were trying to get into not even a moment before. Yuuka narrows her blue green eyes as she moves forward, clasping both of her hands over their mouth as an irritated growl escapes her throat. "Do not move, do not even make so much as a whisper if you want to live." she murmurs, "Or I will force both of you to swallow a shard of bone, and if you even so much as twitch, I will make grow like a seed inside of your belly and torture you from the inside out with unbelievable pain."

On board the deck Tsiro is hit by a random kunai. He holds his side where the wound forms. As he moves to slice the downed shinobi from the leaf, his blade is blocked by the free hand of the man. On a second swing he manages to get by the man's defense and hit him in the neck. Now his eyes looked upwards searching for the second man. The boy places two of his fingers together and after a poof three of him appear.

Both men stare at her behind masks, and Yuuka growls darkly just before she lifts the pair into the air, the bone vines tightening around their torso as she smoothly turns. With the hovering, captured men in following her like a shadow, the Kaguya kunoichi ascends to the deck of the ship where Tsiro clones himself.

The clones of Tsiro move around the deck. The boy had been spotted and he knew it. As two more kunai came forth, one hit an image of him and caused it to vanish. Another struck the boy. His eyes had attempted to follow the kunai back towards the enemy shinobi. While he did not spot the shinobi himself, he did manage to see some movement where there should not have been movement. As the rain began to pour down over across the deck of the ship, Tsiro moved forward and launched two kunai of his own at the shadow. One of which struck wood, the other seemed to hit its target.

Coming to a smooth stop just outside of the door, Yuuka drops both captured bodies onto the deck of the ship without so much as a glance in their direction when they grunt. Blinking her blue green eyes slowly, she watches the fight as it unfolds. It was a rare moment for Yuuka to watch her pupil in such an intense situation, a chance to observe just how much Tsiro has grown without her interference. Either way, she has faith in him. The corner of her lips tugs with a slight smirk when she the first of the shower begins to fall.

Again Tsiro tried to find the shinobi as two more kunai came in. One struck him in the arm while he was able to side step the other. His eyes failed to track down the other shinobi. "Quit hiding!" the boy yells. He looks around waiting for the next attack to come in.

Yuuka narrows her gaze faintly when Tsiro is struck in the arm by a kunai, the other missing him though the boy seems to be unable to locate the hiding enemy. Her senses take in everything, even the rain splashing harder on the smooth surface of the deck. Straightening her back, Yuuka takes in a deeper breath and suddenly spits hard a trio of bone needles, catching the hiding shinobi by surprise as it hits his shoulder.

As the bone needles fly and hit their target, Tsiro's eyes scan over to him. The boy takes out two kunai and whips them at the man before charging directly at him. The first one missed the man though the second struck home. When Tsiro neared the target, he grasps the Epigaea Dagger in his hand and leaps towards them. With a single slash he slices deep into the already wounded shinobi.
After Tsiro cuts through the shinobi and he deems him no longer a threat, his eyes fall on his sensei. He flashes her a smile. "Any others?".

The smirk flashes back to him in evident amusement, the rain splashing and clinging to her tresses against her. "Just these two." Yuuka murmurs, quirking a brow as she glances over her shoulder at her captured hostages. "There are not a threat now, but I figure we can keep them alive until we get information out of them. Namely, how they got on board and what they were looking for. They seemed rather desperate…"

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