Strange Chakra - Stranger Bedfellows


Taiki, Reime, Shinobu, Daichi, Akane, Naoya

Date: March 6, 2016


Taiki leads a group of genin to try to figure out a strange case of chakra poisoning and discovers more than he bargained for. Then the Kiri ninja arrived….

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Strange Chakra - Stranger Bedfellows"

Campstone, a small, neutral island between Fire and Water countries

Taiki had asked the mission office for a group of three to accompany him on a mission, and Shinobu, Daichi, and Reime were selected. They were each given a set of sealed, written orders and told to read them in the office and dispose of them. The orders didn't contain much, just that the three of them would meet their team leader on the shores of the sea separating the Land of Fire and the Land of Water, and that this mission was top secret. The three would have had to leave immediately to get there.

That was about two days ago around noon, a rather distinctive looking Taiki and his two ninken are packing milling around on a beach near the docks. Nearby

a fishing boat is moored, with a two man crew squaring things away there. One member tends to watch the Clan Head as he looks around, just in case.

Reime is no a boat. Reime likes boats. She can't walk on water, so she has no real chance but to take the boat. She is having a good time. Big smile; broad smile. When she is dropped off, she runs down to land and twirls around. "That was exciting!"

Then she goes to meet up with Taiki as instructed. Its the furthest she has been from Konoha ever! So its nice. Very exciting… but also probably really dangerous.

Shinobu isn't having as good a time as Reime. The three probably left together, so they were literally all in the same boat. Kame was having fun, though, much like Reime. The pup likes to feel the wind in her fur or something? Something like that… Yeah. When it finally lands, Shinobu would escape the wooden vessel carefully and make her way over to Taiki, who she was able to pick out even at a distance. After all, Taiki is her clan head. She should be able to figure out who her alpha is easy! Every now and then, she'd have given Daichi a sort of look that says, 'what's going on?' during the trip. It's not often that they go this far out of the Land of Fire.

Daichi stared first at that paper for a moment before frowning and since they had all read them in the office it was likely they were there at the same time. A top secret mission only interested him, but it couldn't be too dangerous if the three chosen were genin. Either way he made the trip with them in however long it took. He probably wanted to be quick, but would slow down if asked. At least when they took the boat he was forced to travel with the wind. When they got to Taiki he silently waved before smiling at Shinobu as if to say either way they should be fine.

Word had spread from the island to sentries on patrol in the Land of Water. From there, the Jounin had been informed about suspicious activity in 'neutral' territory. Akane, flanked by an older grizzled looking jounin with one eye, and Okumo Naoya, had been dispensed to observe. They were all Jounin sent on this mission, so the orders were not specific except to avoid sparking a war. Hiro, the jounin constantly watching Akane, was not a sensor. Akane was relatively versed in the basics of locating chakra. She had asked Naoya to scout ahead without giving away their positions and Hiro had, predictably, refused to leave the woman's side.

Of course there had been a second side to that mission for Naoya as well…. Akane and Hiro were a good distance from Taiki and the genin, hidden within the forest that bordered the beaches. Naoya would of course be moving a bit more. Meanwhile, Akane pulsed her chakra, a wave of sonar-like chakra moved out to locate how many people were there…..

After departing from the disployment's positioning, Naoya would bow his in their general direction before attempting to 'not exist', to his own forces along with anyone else that may be close. A sensor would have a difficult time telling Naoya's position, as he began to work his way around the coastal isle before bleeding his chakra away excessive chakra, spiders around the region would one by one flare with chakra. While they weren't part of the Okumo's special breed, they were quickly dominated with an oppressive yet silent force, set out as sentries to take on a more wide reaching view, though the quality of the vision would be lacking. Pausing for only for a few moments, Naoya might be able to be seen with his eyes closed though he oddly appears to look around. Just as suddenly as the Jounin appeared, he would poof once again, disappearing into nothingness to those without keen senses to try and track him quickly as he moves a few hundred meters before slowing again to observe.

Taiki looks up and tilts his head to the side as he sees who is here. Well, there were at least two people who could track, even if none of them were medic nin, so it would have to do. "Hello, I'm Inuzuka Taiki, Jounin of Konohagakure, among other things. Today I'm here under my senior medic nin hat, as we have found a situation that is proving rather worrisome. What I'm about to tell you is classified, tell no one else until further notice."

He looks around for affirmation from each genin before he continues, "Two weeks ago we had a genin shinobi stagger into our hospital with a serious heart condition. His apparent age placed him in his mid-forties, but he had just graduated the academy a year ago, and was chronologically 14. We found nothing physical to account for his sudden aging. What we found was a strange kind of chakra in his system that was aging him when he was not in stasis. He died five days ago. Currently we're tracing back his movements, which leads us to hear where he had gone on a fishing trip. Since chakra is not conducted via the air in most circumstances, the area should be safe enough. What you are to do is spread out and try to see if there's anything out of the ordinary. If you find something, DON'T TOUCH IT. Call me over, and I'll look at it. Any questions?"

Reime peers at Taiki for a few moments. "That's terrifying…" She looks about. Soooo… yeah… I'll get searching. And I'll let you know if I find something!" She activates her Byakugan and runs off to look around. "I won't go too far away!"

Shinobu nods slowly when Taiki says that this information was classified. Scary! It also makes her wonder a bit why Reime was chosen since the Hyuga was a new Genin. Possibly because of her scouting skills. In all likelihood because of that. Shinobu would listen to the information and frown. She didn't notice that while she worked in the hospital, but that might explain why all the senior medics seemed to have been busy. Explains a lot… Shinobu nods again to Taiki's instructions, as does Kame. The pair would set off, sniffing around a bit first. Both of them didn't seem to like what they smelled, either, as they screwed up their faces a bit. Yuck… Dead things…

The Inuzuka decide to try and figure out where this might be strongest, so they start heading towards the woodsy area that Akane is at. Admittedly, the foul scents in the air are distracting enough so they can't detect whether or not someone is nearby, and they pretty much run into Akane. Not exactly run into her, but they end up standing before the Kiri-nin. Oh… Hello… o.o;

Daichi was oblivious to the presence of other shinobi. And either way he wasn't exactly looking for them. He listened to the story and frowned a bit as he did. "Oh… that is a bit sad." He frowned and with worried look he glanced at Shinobu. His eyes drifted between her and Taiki for a moment before he simply nods. He looked around alone, but he in specifically tried to keep Shinobu in sight. He last saw her disappear a bit into the woods, and was heading there and looking at things as he did. He didn't want her to end up hurt or something, so he was following her a bit. "Shinobu.. Find anything?"

Akane furrowed her brow behind the mask as she noted the animals and people around them. Ah but she did remember a bit about this place.. She had read that somewhere…. No matter… And suddenly they had company.

The woman heard Shinobu and Kame a few seconds before they arrived but with her mask on she was inscrutable, eyes completely obscured. She tilted her head at the pair, apparently as surprised as they were that they ran into each other. Well Naoya hadn't been found yet right… But suddenily a shadow dropped between Akane and Shinobu, a scowling Hiro peered down at the girl. He had dropped down from a tree and got between the girl and his charge. A moment of tension later Akane slipped to the side. "Easy Hiro-san. I'm sure the little ones weren't trying to cut my throat." Yet… >.>

She turned to face Shinobu. "I assume you have a superior. Lets go then." As Akane indicated the general direction that they had come from Hiro crouched and picked up Kame by the scruff, holding the pup up and peering at her curiously with his one eye. "Big feet." He grufed before standing and simultaneously dropping Kame back down with little to no emotion. "Fine, Akane-san, but I don't care how eccentric you are, I won't allow you to put yourself in danger." Akane sweat dropped… Some fierce warrior he was….

Watching though the arachnids scattered across the land, Naoya would watch the odd grouping.. he could tell where they were from due to the marks etched in their protectors but this only sparks a curiosity. Not revealing himself, several of the spiders are forced to step forward and draw in close enough to find out why they would be this far from their own mainland. Disappearing deeper into the isle, the young man would begin to personally observe several different 'interesting' cites. Not touching the samples directly, Naoya moves a hand to his mouth and begins to slowly blow onto his fingers. Drawing away, a faint pulse a chakra escapes the young man as not only silk is woven from his pores, but then it hardens into thin, long armored spikes. Using the forged tool he begins to slice into a few of the corpses that he finds, appearing to check for rot, and compare it to other creatures within the region, noticing a lack of age groups in addition to thinning population. "Hmm.. Are they beginning experimentation out here? What toxins though? ..No, not this time. Risks sterilization. Not acceptable."

Taiki is staying pretty much near where he was when he sent the genin off. To that point, he believed that they were alone, and thus wasn't really on his guard. Shinobu, the ninken, was padding up the beach, appearing to be sniffing up the waterline. Nozomi, the ninken wearing a medic-nin vest, is actually on the water's edge, appearing to look into the water for something. Taiki is searching the beach, carefully cataloging any sign of life he can find.

"Let's see… marks of small animal washed up on shore, probably fish," he mutters to himself as he's looking at something. "Something else ate it… but no fight… how odd…" He then sniffs himself as he focuses chakra into his nose. "Fish smell diminished slightly, several people present," he notes, expecting the last. He then hears rustling in the vegetation off where Shinobu went. "Everything okay Shinobu-san? Did you find something?" Something indeed smells odd from that direction, though he can't quite pin it down yet…

As far as things go, Reime takes finding stuff very seriously. She is pretty good at it, too, usually. However, today, she goes the complete wrong way and runs in the opposite direction of everyone else. So, while she is doing what she is supposed to be doing, she is not likely to contribute much with the Kiri-nins.

Shinobu heard Daichi's question and made a few handseals. Unless Akane tried to stop her, she would use a genjutsu on Daichi. 'Umm… Someone… Red hair…And a mask… And someone scary…' she communicates to the Satonezu. Shinobu would look nervous when Hiro peered at her, but Akane at least seemed to not want to hurt her. "H… Hai…" she mumbles, nodding slightly to Akane. The girl would start backing up to return to Taiki, though she did take a moment to try and memorize both Akane's and Hiro's scent. She took note of it for later… just in case…

Kame would peer at the two who are in front of her and growl at Hiro, puffing up and trying to act all scary. Sadly, that doesn't work as well when she only just passes Shinobu's knees at her full height… And then she gets picked up… Yip! ~Hey! Get your paws off me!~ she barks, flailing her paws in the air while they don't touch the ground. While she isn't understood by Hiro, he at least set her down quickly. Kame grumbles and shakes her fur out before turning and running back to where she knew Taiki and Daichi were.

Since Shinobu was on hyper-alert, she would also notice that there was something … newly-dead. The girl's attention shifts towards that area for a moment, but then she'd keep leading Akane over to Taiki while also sending a message ahead. Again via genjutsu. 'Someone… And someone scary… Female and Male, the male is called Hiro. Also, there's something odd off to the side…' She tries to paint a mental image for Taiki to point in the direction she wanted to indicate.

Daichi looked over to where Shinobu was when he got her message and quickly bounded over as Kame was being set down. He looked at Akane for a moment, and back to Shinobu. His eyes shifting quickly between them, and he simply stared blankly towards em. He frowned for a moment, but just waved lightly. "Hello?" His eyes shifted once more to where Taiki was, and he moved to grab Shinobu's hand and drag her that way. Not like he was retreating, but more just normal walking because he wanted to get over there and make sure she was with him. He didn't want anything happening right now considering why they were here. He didn't say anything out loud figuring he already knew about things because Shinobu had alerted him, and because he got messaged by her then that must mean that she alerted him too. He was also looking around though of course.

Akane followed Shinobu and Kame silently, hands moving below her waist level though not in seals.. It was odd perhaps. The first they ran into was Daichi. She tilted her head a bit then nodded to the boy as Hiro scowled deeply, grumbling something. But Akane's hand moved again and he was silenced.

As they came out into the light from the shade of the forest Akane was more easily seen in detail. The mask was white with hints of color at the lips and eyes, two trails of crimson from the eyes down the cheeks and the mark of Kirigakure on the forehead which of course was what had given her and Hiro away to Shinobu. Her hair was apparently extremely long as she had the crimson lengths piled into an elaborate style held in place by hair sticks and combs… dozens of hair sticks. From four of the sticks hung a distinct ornament, Dragon Scales, taken from the Kazekage herself. Akane's clothing was also a far stretch from subtle. Leather bustier with bared midriff exposing scars, one given by the Raikage at her stomach (and the matching exit wound on her back where he had run his sword through her) Her back was covered with scars as well, distinctly, scars that looked like whip lashes, but seemed to be burned as much as beaten into her, like acid had been applied. Her wrists, what showed above her bracers, were marked as well, burns from the Tsuchikage. A mark from every Kage… except Hokage Daisuke… And a strange grid pattern on her back and arms, like she had been branded somehow. those were new. Not new was the definite brand on her hip, a clock, set to a minute to midnight, well known to mark her wedding night to then Seven Swordsman Doihara Ishino. Her hitai-ate hung about her neck, proudly displaying her allegiance.

Hiro was the first one to see Taiki and recognize him. He stopped in his tracks and suddenly there was a kunai in his hand which also went up to block Akane's path, stopping the woman abruptly. His other hand reached behind him as if for a weapon or .. something. He hissed.

Akane looked up and when she saw Taiki she sighed softly behind her mask. But she did stop when Hiro indicated she should. She would wait for Taiki's reaction at this point…. But she nodded toward him silently…. Even as her chakra spiked.

Inept at the ability to sense chakra, Noaya was largely trapped in his own art. Looking at his hand, he whips it low, casting out webbing, carefully cocooning several of the dead and collecting the decrepit. Pulsing his chakra through the fibers, he quickly understood the whole make up for the creature, down to the amount of drops of food was still working its way through the intestines. "As I thought.. it isn't a simple extract, more like a corruption."

Standing up, the young man began to continue exploring until his head snaps to one side, looking at thin air. 'A hunter and not just prey? ..How notable of one? ..Annoying.' Moving his free hand up to his face, he closes his eyes, weaving a lower face mask forged from white silk but then plated with bark brown substances. Leaning forward, Naoya blurs before disappearing almost completely, causing him to be carried significantly closer towards Taiki. While he remained unseen, he was flanking wide in a short amount of time, placing the 'subject' between himself and the other Jounin. 'Move in closer.. Force them, or extinguish them if they resist. I want direct sight, now..'

Taiki was jogged out of his rumination by the pictures that were sent to him by Shinobu. He gave a low, quick whistle that would see both of his ninken partners turn and head directly toward him to flank either side of him. The larger of the two was all white and reached Taiki's head at the shoulder, the other was red and white, and was only maybe a few inches shorter. Both start growling as the hair on their necks start to flair, but one isn't facing the obvious Kiri nin, no the one closest to Naoya's position is facing her. His eyes track Daichi moving Shinobu out of the way, a fact he's grateful for as he faces the two visible Kiri-nin.

Taiki was dressed in his standard shinobi garb of dark blue pants with a crimson overcoat that reached his knees and was split on the side. Over this a one-shoulder green jounin's vest covered his chest, with the Inuzuka clan fang marks prominently displayed on the back. The jet-black chain of a darkened sickle and chain took the place of his belt. Taiki is continuing to focus chakra into his senses, and smells the same thing his ninken does.

"Typical," Taiki says after a moment, his voice slightly cold, even though he himself makes no movements at all, not to go for his weapons, nor to crouch over for a fight. "I swear, it's been a long time since I've met Kiri nin, and your reactions to me have not changed in the least. Threaten first, then ask questions of the corpse if need be," he says, shaking his head. "First, I will remind you that the Water nation does not recognize this island as theirs. It's neutral territory. Second, if you actually look, you'll realize that I'm not going out of my way to attack you. In fact, I'm prepared to give my word right now that if neither of you, nor the spider-smelling woman, tries to attack me or mine, I won't use any violence against you. In other words, the ball's in your court, what are your intentions?"

Shinobu would blink a bit. Spider-smelling woman? Well, that was odd. She didn't smell any spiders. The girl would sniff to see if she can smell Naoya, but there was still no hint of his presence. The smell of the dead was too strong for her, and Naoya was just poking at a carcass himself. As everyone acted so hostile, the girl would sort of near Taiki, as if to hide behind him. Shinobu also tugged Daichi along with her, finding some form of comfort with his presence. The hand-holding helped… Kame was braver than Shinobu (which is sort of why they were paired together), and the pup would peer at Akane and Hiro, wondering if the Kiri-nin were going to try and pull something.

Daichi seemingly without a thought kept himself between Shinobu and the Kiri ninja. It was sub conscious even, and didn't seem to register that he was doing it. He squeezed her hand a bit as if to make sure she was still there, and looked over at Akane mainly since she seemed to be the boss of Hiro even though he was trying to protect her from two kids. "Hello." He offered a small smile and seemed to be looking past Hiro and to Akane. He did look to Taiki once when he noticed how he seemed distrusting of them too, and frowned slightly. "Taiki. Do you think it is possible we are all here for the same reason? Maybe something is attacking Kiri and Konoha. Wouldn't that be an easy thing to do you know? If you attack two people who dislike each other you can pin the targets on each other and cause chaos while you stay hidden. You make it seem like you wouldn't want to work together, but maybe that is something that needs to be done because it is the unexpected thing." He stared at Taiki now with a blank face as if he didn't just spit that out.

Akane sighed and though Hiro wasn't going to let her past right away, she move her hands, speaking to Taiki silently with hand signs taught only to Leaf Shinobi. Her hands spoke ~Ease, Tono. He is just protecting me. No harm.~ Then she move her hands forward and signed in a way that Taiki would not understand, Kirigakure's hand signs. Taiki could not tell what she said but Hiro growled at her even as he lowered his arm, letting her step forward but not dropping his caution any. He did not move to protect Naoya either,however. It seemed the man was intent on staying within defense range of Akane.

Slowly Akane reached up to remove her mask, the pale skin, the green eyes and that distinctive scar over her left eye… A sot expression was offered and she bowed politely to Taiki. "Taiki-san. It has been quite a long time." Then she smiled up at Nozomi. "My you have grown as well Nozomi-san." She offered Shinobu whom she did not know a nod before turning back to Taiki, respect given where deserved. "The Kiri shinobi in me asks why you are here, Clan Head. But the medic in me asks why you are here, Medic. Not because this belongs to us but because I cannot imagine you would come for no reason. Considering you aren't killing me right now I assume it's to to start a war so that leaves other things. I have no intention of fighting with you here. There is no honor in harming those less powerful than you after all." She glanced toward the genin, Daichi and Shinobu. There would be plenty of time later if there was to be a fight.

Akane watched Shinobu (the girl) for a second as she tries to figure out Naoya's position then glanced to Daichi as he spoke. She looked concerned then and turned to Taiki. "Is someone attacking Konoha?"

Moving a hand to his right sleeve, Naoya draws back, exposing his pale skin while walking forward, letting himself be fully noticed. "Deh.. seems I was noticed after all. Akane-san.. how skilled in genetics is this one? I found several signs of testing, run off experimentation that aren't by the hands of the Okumo, nor of the other 'issue' we found before." Lowering his right arm, he pats at a meshed container of silk, the container would vent air, and from it allowed the scent of fresh rot to be forced out with each light pat.

Looking towards the younger members gathered, Naoya would close his eyes again before looking forward, allowing several spiders crawl out of the silken mask that he had worn to keep his face partially hidden. The spiders would crawl either up along his face and into his ivory hair or onto his shoulders, staying close to his neckline to hide once again. "I don't notice this one from the bingo book as a live target.. it doesn't interest me if you wish to collect on a personal matter though. If he has information, or if any around are experiments rather than students.. I would like samples before either of you are done."

Taiki silently wills Shinobu to get behind him, for the simple reason is she's not ready for the fight these people are likely to bring. Three shinobi, all likely Jounin level from the looks of things, against 1 jounin and his ninken, and two genin with a third missing. Not good odds. Yes, he may be posturing heavily, but that was more to be taken seriously than an intent to fight here.

When Daichi speaks, Taiki has to realize that the genin brings a good point. Unfortunately, the mistrust runs in both directions, at least as far as he saw to begin with. But when Akane removes her mask, he pauses that mental calculation as his mind runs through everything he's known from Kumo. Finding no references of her being hunted, to see her here as a Kiri-nin is disconcerting to say the least. "Hello Akane-san, it has been a while. The white ninken is my original partner, Shinobu. As far as why we're here, we're trying to track down the source of some rather… disturbing chakra-related medical issues. I'm here in my role as senior doctor of Konoha's Hospital."

Taiki looks toward Naoya, then notices that the man has not taken offense to being called a woman, though the spiders give him a clue as to why. "They are students, not experiments," he says plainly before looking back between the three of them. "And we are not experimenting here beyond autopsies. It's things like that dead wolverine beside your feet that brings us here, I think."

Shinobu blinks a bit at Daichi's comments and tilts her head. Was that it? But … That only works if the Kiri-nin are looking into something that has to do with the leaf. And it didn't seem like they were coming to blows over this, which means that whoever would have plotted this wasn't plotting things very well.. Shinobu would glance back to Akane when she seemed concerned. That was… a bit surprising. Why would a Kiri-nin be concerned? Shinobu looks over to Naoya. Well, now she knew what Taiki was talking about when he was talking about spider-smelling person. Ew, all those spiders…

Daichi looked between them all now, and simply frowned for a moment. He was watching Akane, and even though she said it and it was probably true he felt bad about her saying there is no honor in fighting someone weaker. "You mean in an actual fight? Because like a spar fighting someone weaker allows them to grow. It is how I did, or at least it helped." He looked back to Taiki then without any other words. "So Taiki… Do we continue looking with them here or should we wait to talk first?" He glanced at Akane and felt at ease with saying it since she pulled the mask off. For a moment he felt like she looked familiar, but nope…not really. Something was different than who he was thinking of.

Akane glanced to the side as Naoya came out into the open. She couldn't help a small smirk, but then she turned back to Taiki and the Konoha nin. She could tell that she had bothered him somehow. However what he said about the reason for his coming here was disconcerting in itself. She frowned and glance at the wolverine at her feet with a sigh she looked at Hiro… Then to Taiki.

Finally she looked to Hiro and Naoya. "This is Inuzuka Clan Head Inuzuka Taiki. Also head medic of Konohagakure." turning to Taiki and the others she spoke again, indicating Naoya then Hiro. "This is Naoya-san and Hiro-san. I am one o the most advanced medics in Kirigakure right now. I suggest we work together for the moment."

Hiro, however, had a completely different reaction to the wolverine and Taiki's warnings of a medical issue coming from this island. Though he was larger in build and Akane was quite petite, it was still a show of strength when he reached over and picked her up around the waist with deliberate and blatant care, carrying her away from the dead animal. "No. You are not to go near it." She scowled at the man. "Don't make Kyoujin break your arm again."

The sudden movement and bit of arguing between Hiro and his charge allowed more of her scent to sweep toward Taiki. Several distinct scents actually. Medicines, steel, flowers, herbs.. Poison… A high pheromone level. But she was not aware of it and just scowled at Hiro like a kid until he set her on her feet again.

Akane turned to Taiki once again, adjusting a hair stick. "What is the issues you have found then?" She glanced at Shinobu and Daichi. The girl seemed.. bothered by Naoya. Of course Akane was used to spiders. Pillow she wore the Okumo crest around her neck. So she had to consider the strange creepy appearance the boy offered. Yes Konoha wasn't well versed in such … unconventional uses of chakra… Daichi looked at her and she looked back, but the boy spoke again and Akane turned to look at Naoya curiously. She signed her hands, allowing Hiro and Naoya to read the message while the Konoha nin would be lost. "I see only bad if we do not work together on this. For now." The she shifted again, eyes on Taiki directly and her hands moved again in the Konoha fashion leaving Hiro and Naoya lost this time. ~I have offered aid on medical issues to Daisuke. I do not want anyone to die if I can be of aid.~

Humming a stable low note for a moment after listening to Akane, his head shift to the woman though the sliders along his neck begin to shift, some looking down where her mask had be settled and away. "Okumo Naoya, second in command of the Okumo clan.. Surgeon loyal to Kirigakure," is said slowly and with a projected tone but it wasn't hostile. "The creatures are not infested with a toxin that can be extracted, more chakra rich. I will be taking samples back to my clan, we have those who can search more deeply into the matter."

Motioning towards the corpses that were mentioned, "If it progresses my research I will not have a reason to draw a blade. Until the Mizukage or Sei-dono order it, I will not execute those of other villages on neutral ground for the sake of collecting bodies." Turning to focus his attention onto Taiki, he gently shakes his head from side to side briefly. "That is left for disagreement.. one does not exclude the other. Currently there is no gain in spilling blood. More so, if any of your younglings become infested, they would prove to be good cultures to examine as it takes root and resists invasive treatments." Lowering his head slightly, Naoya bows his head, though when his eyes begin to open, they were an unnatural tone of dark gold and laced with chakra. "Lets work thoroughly."

Taiki listens and is about to agree to Akane's suggestion, when her pheromones reach his nose. He gives a glance over toward Nozomi, who sneezes and nods, which causes Taiki to sigh. "For once in my life, I will have to agree with rather insistent man over there, whatever his name is." Okay, did Taiki just /agree/ with a native Kiri nin? "While I will work with you on theoretical issues, I must insist that you do not come directly in contact with that, or any other similarly infected animal here. You may risk your own life as much as you'd like, but I doubt the father of the child you carry would care for you risking that life. And the nature of the problem is such that we have to be very careful about physical contact."

Taiki looks over toward Daichi and Shinobu and says, "Go on and continue the investigation, but do nothing that would be construed as an aggressive action. My presence here does not help stress levels in situations where Kiri-nin are involved." Taiki then shakes his head and looks to the three of them. "I am reaching for a storage scroll to gain some tools, then I will go to the wolverine and move it out of the way. I am in no way intending to do anything else until it is away from the three of you," he advises clearly before he starts to move.

Taiki looks over to Naoya as he talks and says, "They're under strict instructions not to touch anything we find, and we have determined the problem is not air transmittable. It lies instead in a tainted, self-rejuvenating form of chakra that appears to age the subject very rapidly, to the point of death. While we have not concluded if casual physical contact with a dead body transmits the chakra taint, we have found that eating carcass, or even imbibing its blood, does. I heartily recommend extreme caution when handling these creatures."

Shinobu suddenly seems to remember something. Perhaps because she remembered Akane's scent and recognized the woman's face. She was mostly distracted by the Okumo earlier, of course. A flash of surprise crosses her face when she realizes who Akane is. Well, she feels a bit silly for only just realizing such. The girl would sort of look to Naoya when he introduces himself. And a small nod in greeting, but she didn't actually say her own name. Instead, Taiki gave her and Daichi instructions, so she would tug Daichi along to start seeking out anything more of this mysterious case. Kame would eye the trio of Kiri-nin for a bit, then bound after her partner.

Shinobu would be following her nose for the most part, smelling the scent of fish mostly. She went to follow that trail, heading towards the docks and beach. of course, she doesn't exactly let go of Daichi's hand as she moves, so she is a bit slower overall while traveling.

Daichi looked at Shinobu and then Taiki for a moment. He just nods and shrugs before following after Shinobu. He only had his eyes and he tended to miss a lot. It was funny as his eyes always seemed to work best when looking for Shinobu. Now that he knows where she is though his eyes stop noticing anything else it seems. "So anything we should alert Taiki too?" He was looking around, and didn't see anything yet, but he kept looking. He wanted to be useful, and he doubted there was any other way besides finding something that he could right now.

Akane blinked at Taiki…First just that he was agreeing with Hiro. She knew that Taiki wasn't Kiri's biggest fan after all.. But then his words.. She blushed darkly and scowled at Taiki. She moved her hands again in Konoha style. ~You could have been more discreet!~ A glance in Naoya's direction and she sighed softly before turning back to Hiro and putting her hands up. "I assume the beach is safe. I will keep my distance from any samples. I know your abilities outstretch my own, Taiki-san, so I will do as you and Hiro-san have asked…"

She moved forward toward the ninken then as Taiki reached for his scroll, ignoring Hiro completely. She bent forward like a kid, hands behind her back, curious what was in said scroll… and whispered something low toward Taiki that at least the ninken would hear and transmit to their human. She pulled back, watching Taiki like a kid, curiosity on her entire demeanor. If Fujikujo-Doihara Akane was good at something.. it was acting. She also began digging in her own pouches, with little care that she had not told Taiki what she was doing. She offered no scent of anger or hated or even distrust, just.. calm.. neutrality…. A slight edge but adrenaline was adrenaline. She pulled out a small scroll and opened it, peering at it's writings…. A tap at one point and a small jar of … treats? appeared in her hand. She whistled at Shinobu. "Shinobu-kun!" And tossed the jar at the girl. If it missed it wouldn't break but it contained dog treats based in meat. There was no scent of poison. But she WAS a Kiri nin. Daichi was watched quietly even as she waited for a whispered response from Taiki, hoping he would catch on that she was being careful who knew what.

"A distant chakra, that continues to work that rapidly ages.. A needless self feeding chakra that serves to purpose, and is not naturally forming." Looking down at his side, Naoya presses his lips into a thin line but then he falls silent, weighing his odds. "I think it would be worth sacrificing a few of those ones.." Crouching low to the ground, the young Okumo presses his palm to the ground and from his wrist, two dozen short legged and stout bodies spiders would crawl forth. Akane would notice these weren't the brood he was known for, not his scouts, nor his more aggressive members that were his sentries. "Sacrifice for the sake of knowledge is acceptable.." Surging forward onto a singular corpse, the spiders would rapidly begin to cocoon a wolverine corpse before burrowing into the creature. The scent would change, the spiders while seeming odd shaped were starting to rapidly cycle through their life's stages, laying eggs, hatching, swelling in size before dying only for their eggs to hatch and fest on them and the corpse's current remains. "We will study this more closely.."

This scroll contains mainly medical supplies, including an environmental suit and something labeled, 'Chakra interface inhibitor.' These two he pulls out even as Naoya's spiders go to work on the body. The inhibitor is actually a stone tablet that has seals carved into it with a blank space in the middle, about the size of a standard human. This would be impossible to lift normally, at least not without a lot of help via a TF. Taiki then nods and murmurs something as he starts to slip his feet into the legs of the suit. That done, he looks over toward Akane and hands her a thick stack of tags. "For the inhibitor array," he says just as a fish comes flying out of the water to land in front of Daichi and Shinobu.

Shinobu blinks and would have paused when Akane called out her name. She would turn, barely catching the jar of treats and looking at Akane with a puzzled look. She bows slightly and would hold onto the jar. The treats didn't smell poisoned, but … well… she can't just trust someone right away »; The girl would keep a hold of it as she went to the beach, tugging Daichi along while Kame sniffs around for anything suspicious. Of course, a fish just sort of landed in front of her and Daichi, so she'd come to a halt and peer down at it nervously, trying not to touch it as she studied it. Was there anything up with this fish? c.c; It smelled funky…

Daichi looked at first at Shinobu, and then the jar that she would catch. He frowned a bit at Akane, but shrugged and then looked at the beach. "So…" He looked at all the fish and frowned for a moment. "Why did they just get killed so easily?" He says as another one jumps up at them, and Daichi stepped between it and Shinobu. It landed on the ground though so he just stared at it. "Hmmm? What….. Should we be worried Shinobu?" He frowned as he examined it closely for any markings.

Akane took the tags and nodded once, glancing them over as Taiki got into his suit. She would follow him and once he put the slab in place, carefully began paying the tags around the slab, saving a final blue one which she stuck to her own hand. Then she stood back and waited, glancing up at Naoya an the progress of his sacrifices.

Lifting his right arm suddenly, Naoya whips it forward without even turning towards the children. Only a glint of metal would be noticed as a trio of blades flicker from the young man's sleeve as kunai rapidly burry themselves into the erratically acting fish. "Non physical infestations that persist without justification, without natural sources often spread far.." Looking down at the bundled corpse, he watches as the numbers dwindle with each partial generation until no more notably movement could be seen. "Even with separation into multiple different bodies, one infested result multiplies to what eats it and what it feeds.. A few corpses would desecrate a land within a few weeks as it ripples outwards." Yanking harshly on the line, Naoya draws the fish over, allowing another collection of spiders to feast on them, the cycle continuing to try and rapidly breed a short lifespan swarm largely to rest what was infected and what wasn't. "Is that enough to seal everything on this coast and then the island?"

Taiki nods and sticks another blue tag on his hand even as Naoya reels in the dying fish. "Remember, no touching an animal corpse. If you find one, try to collect it without touching it, and bring it here. And I hope you brought sealed food with you." That said, he looks over to Naoya, "No, I had no idea how bad this would be, but from what you're telling me, it's pretty bad. Fortunately shinobi tend to use advanced repellents to keep off mosquitoes, or we could be looking at a serious problem here already. Can you bring that fish over to the slab please so I can run diagnostics?" He then looks over at Hiro and says, "You have my word as Alpha of the Inuzuka that she is safe for the duration of our investigation, so would you mind overseeing the Genin to ensure that nothing happens to them?" If Hiro knew Taiki's reputation at all, he'd know that once his word was properly given, especially as a Clan Head, it would not be violated.

So… time has passed, and now Reime is a bit lost. She didn't want to admit it, but she was. She didn't know where anyone else was and had wandered a little too far that her byakugan wasn't going to help her find them. At least at this range. After coming to the realization that she was on her own, she started to panic a little bit. Eventually, she sort of just sat down to take a break at the base of a tree. Poor thing!

Shinobu would have said something to Daichi, but when she opened her mouth, the fish would be yanked from under her nose. Literally. She blinks back at Naoya in surprise, but would just offer a tiny nod before tugging Daichi. "Umm… Let's… keep looking…" she suggests. Kame would keep to the pair's heels.

Daichi looked at the fish as it was yanked and just frowned before turning to Naoya. He looked back at Shinobu and shrugged before stepping to her and looking for more things. "Yes. Lets." He smiled and leaned a bit close to Shinobu as they kept walking around and looking. "So….see anything else?" He kept looking around, but was..obviously bad at this.

You paged Reime with 'Next turn, you'll notice a "family" of wolverines, two elderly wolverines and two "adolescent" wolverines, all with chakra coils, but the adolescent ones are acting like babies. Just remember Taiki's warning, don't handle/touch the wildlife.'

Hiro watched Taiki warily and almost objected with Akane when she put the tag on her hand but then she shook her head and he stopped. Taiki's words made him hesitate. Hiro himself knew OF Taiki, but Akane KNEW Taiki. She nodded once and Hiro nodded easily as if nothing had happened. The gruff Jounin headed…away from Shinobu and Daichi.

Assuming Taiki would raise an eyebrow at the odd direction Akane shook her head. "I think he's going after the other one. Your Hyuga girl. Don't worry about it." She kept a bit of a distance from the slab as she waited for Taiki to work his magic. She also pinged another of her medical chakra snare tricks, checking for people, positions, animals… And chakra feedback loops from her tag to Taiki. He had said that she was safe for the duration of the investigation. But she didn't know seals like Taiki did. She didn't know what levels of suspicion Konoha had. And she didn't know if he would try to gather information on her from the tag.

Meanwhile Hiro came upon Reime finally. "Hello girl. Taiki-san would like you to continue searching but you are not to touch any samples. Leave that to me."

While one fish was in the process of being eaten while still alive and flailing the next generation was already being laid deep within the fish, using it as an incubator. Cutting that line, he whips his wrist suddenly, causing the fish to be lashed to one side, largely into place at the cost of cutting more roughly into the fish but with a few more lighter tugs it was into place along the slab. "Using stone to study.. yet you're from a canine clan? So odd. I guess you can't breed expendable tools, can you?" Never once looking away towards the Inuzuka but a faint smirk appears on his lips. "Even while pregnant she is far from fragile. You are the one with the weaker.. hand.." despite the initial self assurance, Naoya was rapidly becoming distracted. The feasting spiders were already having difficulty despite the additional chakra infused with them. Turning his head slightly, he turns to face Akane, raising his tone and oddly giving out an order as she was departing, "Akane-Sensei.. use flame jutsu on every single bird that you see. Showing signs or not.. infected or not.. we can't risk them consuming a sample and moving to another isle to start this effect there too. The corpse needs to be utterly destroyed, death doesn't end the current cycle."

Seeing Hiro move off in another direction, and hearing Akane's words, he sends Shinobu off with Shinobu and Daichi. In the meantime, seals flash into life on Taiki's arms and Nozomi's paws as she moves to the head of the stone and leans on it, her paws coming in contact with the runes. "Dogs have too long of a life cycle to breed disposable types, and they're just as much family to us as our human clans mates, so no." He growls slightly at Naoya's assertion of a weaker hand, and remembers the Aburame. Smirking, he adds, "That's more in line with bug users like you and the Aburame, anyway." He then nods and activates the array on the stone and says, "The stone works like a permanent anchor for a seal array that allows me to do a cellular and chakra level scan of a body without interacting with any chakra in the body. It's kind of a remote system that prevents even the most virulent chakra infection, including biju chakra, from interacting with mine, thus preventing it from finding a way to trace back and infect the user." Indeed, Akane and Taiki would both see a hologram of the fish appear, highly detailed and expandable to include chakra pathways.

Shinobu would follow his human namesake and her mate as they move off, adding his sense of smell to their efforts. In the meantime, Shinobu and Daichi would soon come across Hiro and Reime, who apparently has just discovered something interesting…

So, Reime is just sitting there and Hiro finds her. That's all convenient and what not, so, she stands up and dusts herself off. "Hello." SHe greets. "I will continue searching. I was just taking a break!" And then off in the distance she spots a pack of critters moving her way. "Uh oh…" Its a few wolverines! Not something she wants to tangle with, ninja or no!

Shinobu would find Reime pretty soon, apparently. She and Daichi and Kame and other Shinobu. The girl hasn't noticed the wolverines incoming, assumedly… "Umm… Reime-san…" She would call out, except her voice was on the quiet side of things. So who knows if the Hyuga heard her. Kame would be hopefully loud enough, barking a greeting.

"Reime! Why did you get lost out here! You should've stayed close to all of us." He chuckled though and then suddenly he heard some rustling. "Uhh…." He looked around, and slowly pulled a kunai from his pouch. "Shinobu…. there are things nearby….. Can you tell how many?" He asked before placing his hands together in a seal with the kunai in the middle of his hands. He was preparing.

Akane glanced up at Naoya and shook her head as if amused before turning back to the slab curiously. She didn't sense a feedback loop o she turned her attention to the medical side of things. As Naoya spoke about killing the birds Hiro nodded "Aye Naoya-san, good call."

Akane glanced at Naoya with surprise. "When did he learn Fire Style?"

Turning back to Taiki and Nozomi's jutsu Akane was honestly and openly impressed. "Taiki-san, you're a downy genius…"

Meanwhile Hiro DID spot the wolverines /and/ the incoming Genin (plus Ninken) He growled and for a moment considered allowing the genin to protect themselves but.. well things would just take longer then. He swore and went through several handseals, slamming his hands down onto the ground then. A wall of stone burst forth from the earth suddenly under Reime and Shinobu and Daichi and Kame's feet, lifting them up and out of the way of danger. Assuming the wolverines couldn't treewalk of course… He called out as he did so, unable to bring enough stone to help the dog. "INU-SAN! To your left!"

And then he turned and breathed a fireball at the approaching creatures, not bothering to jump to safety himself…

"Hmm.. That holds uses then beyond this odd ritual." Looking down at his right hand, Naoya slips his other hand around his wrist and focuses for a few moments, studying his own body for irregularities but only shakes his head gently. "Good, it held issues transferring through the webbing for now.." Moving his hand away from his wrist, he looses another hidden kunai from within his sleeve to slice the cocooned corpses from their hanging point off from his satchel. "I'll have to take more care than before.."

With the children away along and under the eye of the other two, he arches a brow when she asked him about what style another jounin may or may not have picked up. He didn't say anything but gave a confused look for a few moments until the shouting began. In the distance he could tell something was approaching, though with his focus on his own brood, he could only make out there was movement around them. "Those young ones were your only support forces? A dozen others are starting to move in closer, I don't see what the dozen is made up from. Beastials, small, furred.. the don't smell too odd from reports.."

At the same time Hiro is using the fireball, Shinobu (the ninken) pulls short and opens his mouth. Sensors would feel a spike in chakra coming from the dog before a great many arrow-like shafts of lightning are launched at the wolverines, spearing many of them. What the lightning did not handle, the fireball did, however, leaving this group of wolverines quite dead. The dog then moves in front of the columns and starts to scratch a set of patterns in the ground. Soon a wall of chakra forms, and the great dog begins to speak. "That won't hold for long, but those are dead." What the ninken doesn't say, however, is that he can smell more…

Information starts pouring in about how the blood of the fish has been infused with chakra, as if the chakra coils have leaked into the blood. Taiki looks around for a moment and says, "Now that is odd… the coils apparently are leaking chakra into the blood… but if that's the case, then why isn't every animal on this island infected? Our first case came in three weeks ago, after all. Given the immediate transmission rate, every animal on this island should be showing various signs of infection, but they're obviously not, just the wolverines and the fish. What do you two think?"

Taiki then looks up at the distinctive sound of lightning jutsu being let off, in a near distance, along with the glow of white light coming from the impact. "It looks like they're in trouble," he says before lowering his head. A moment later he raises it and lets loose with a loud, echoing howl that just sounds like it should be painful. He coughs for a moment even as he continues to work. "Anything you're seeing that I'm missing?" he asks Akane in a rough voice.

People came and found Reime! How exciting. "I wasn't lost!" She protests vehemently at Daichi. "But… its nice to see you." She fidgets a moment. "So, yeah, there are a lot of things out there. We should probably do something about it." And then Taiki's Shinobu starts wreckin' wolverines. "Or that works…" She scooches over and hides behind Daichi.

Shinobu managed to smell out the incoming wolverines at the last moment, and she glanced over to Daichi when Hiro moved them all. Meep! Shinobu wobbles a bit, not having expected to be shot into the air. The girl would peek over the edge to see countless numbers of the beasts below, and she glances over to Daichi and points downward. 'A lot…' is what she means. Shinobu takes a few moments to form handseals, trying to catch as many wolverines in a genjutsu. Their own attacking each other until they are all dead. And then open for attacks should the illusion take hold.

Daichi looked at the ground as he rose into the air, and the seals went through. He was not gonna do as well from up here, but he could do a few things. And that meant rapid fire flaming kunai. He then looks over to Shinobu to make sure she was fine as well, and assumed she was. Just had to be sure. His eyes shifted to where Taiki would be for a moment and he called out to him. "Taiki! Do you think touching them while alive would be bad?" He asked to be sure before looking around even more.

Hiro was definitely not a genjutsu type. Sure he could defend himself but he wasn't the kind to bother with using it. However as the Ninken raised the barrier he looked impressed. "Good goin'. Didn't catch your name tho." He walked up the side of the stone column to check on the genin. Sticking his head up he asked. "Anyone hurt? You can't touch these things. But I can burn'em." He looked over to Shinobu-ninken and raised an eyebrow "combination of lightning and fire… ya think that'll be enough or should we get Doihara-san to burn the forest down?" He grinned at the genin and then at Shinobu-ninken as if a great joke had just been told… "She's good at that." He was probably referring to when she' burned down half a square mile of forest during the Silence debacle. To Daichi's yelled question to Taiki, Hiro answered, popping his head up, "Yes. Very bad. Don't do it."

Akane studied the hologram and pondered deeply. "It's strange… There is a clan of blood users in Kiri and their blood is full of chakra itself… But this is.. different somehow.. Like a cancer… Or.. sickle cell…" She shook her head. "I guess this is what Byakugan users see. It's interesting. Let me try something… Naoya-san, please bring me another fish. I won't touch it, don't worry… But I can maybe do this from a distance… My scalpels might be able to clear the chakra or break it up or.. something." The commotion got a glance from her but she then waited for Naoya to deliver a fish or Taiki to tell her no.

Closing his eyes, Naoya rapidly begins to shiver as if fighting off convulsions before moving his exposed arm up and bringing his forearm to his lips. Pausing for a moment, he would nod lightly towards Taiki's comment but wouldn't speak for himself. Opening his maw, several sets of fangs bite down into his own arm, poisoning himself.. causing his veins to spider out and turn black though the effect began to spread as far as thin black veins in his eyes by the time his arm was released. "Annoyances.. So many annoyances.. The forest is too thick for archery, another route is needed."

A snarl flashes across the young man's face before he seemingly disappeared though the lesser impact site where he stood suggested he didn't simply fade away. It would take him a few seconds but he would be within a meters of the once distant children distant children, though one thing had changed.. his blade was fully drawn and leveled low, already dripping with blood. "All of you.. move back to the coastal site. Less distractions there.. and you can form a firing line rather than get surrounded. Also.. don't touch them even when dead. Scorch the earth.."(also, already delivered the fish ;;>.>)

Wolverines start bouncing off the chakra shield that ninken Shinobu had placed, allowing the dog to martial his forces. Several stop suddenly and seem to be ganging up on… nothing, while others are impaled by flaming kunai. Shinobu hears Taiki's howl and winces. Humans just can't howl right. "My only area of attack jutsu are taijutsu," he warns them all. "Get down here, and we'll make our way back, with a stronger barrier." With that he pours even more chakra into the stream of arrows, hoping to drive some coming around behind them off. That is followed by a growl and some padding the ground as a glowing blue dome surrounds them all. "Hurry," he growls. "And grab the fainted Hyuga while you're at it!"

Taiki looks off into the distance and sighs, then shakes his head. "We can scorch the earth, but…" he stops as he remembers something. "Mattress, there's supposed to be a small family on this island that act as park rangers…" Taiki looks torn for a moment, then frowns as Nozomi peels off the array and woofs at Taiki. He nods and says, "My ninken will look once the group is back here." They, at least, can move fast and with their familiarity with seals can protect themselves. "Get back here, and don't touch them, even dead! Bad idea!" he calls out to them, reinforcing Shinobu's orders. That said, he turns back to Akane and frowns for a moment, then activates a secondary array on the slab. "That will allow your scalpels, but avoid blood splatter," he says as he wishes that things had been different with her, but now was not the time for that.

Shinobu would skid down the pillar of stone, letting Hiro or Daichi get Reime. Kame would hop down as well, and they would stick near Shinobu-dog since he was putting up a nice barrier to keep them from getting hurt. They would stick to his side like glue for now, though Shinobu would check on Daichi a lot to make sure he was keeping up.

Daichi flickered over to Reime as she hadn't seemed to move yet. As if she was frozen. He pushed her off the side, and flickered towards the ground to catch her before she hit, and set her to her feet. Chakra being used to assist with all of that. And yes Daichi could keep up. The one that likely would have trouble was Reime. He looked at Hiro for a moment. "Reime here isn't moving quick enough.. You think you could carry her?" He didn't wait for an answer as he moved quicker ahead to make sure he and… his Shinobu were safe.

Hiro nodded to Shinobu-ninken and as Daichi set Reime down Hiro grabbed Reime, tossing her over his shoulder easily enough before making to follow the protections of the ninken's shield.

Akane nodded to Naoya in thanks then glanced at Taiki, she couldn't help but note the look on his face as it soured. She could guess but did not take the tie. She focused her chakra and from a distance she formed tiny, tiny scalpels which she pressed into the fish's system, focused hard on her work she wished that Hyuga girl wasn't here. Che. She could do much more with her sharingan.. But.. Taiki… she shook her head and focused again, trying to sea if she could cut up the free floating chakra in the fish's blood. If that didn't work she would try to cleanse the blood as if it were a poison.

"Scorch the earth.. Akane, Hiro.. neither of you hold back. Leave nothing.. If more than ash remains, something else could be infected." Turning his focus towards Taiki, he curls a hand inwards to tap against the center of his own chest a few times. "I'll move after the flame began.. I can cover more ground than those two even at full stride.. likely only you might keep up looking at your partner." Lifting his arm up to his mouth, Naoya bit down again, injecting himself once again though the results were similar if not more damning than before. "You will pay for their lives with knowledge.. knowledge of your technique and knowledge of the findings." Turning around towards the rival Jounin, he waits expectantly. "Is this fair? To me their lives mean nothing, to only you do they have worth. A trade for both of our interests."

Ninken Shinobu was about to tell the genin to get on his back, but they seemed to be moving quickly enough, and the Kiri Jounin was more than up to the task of carrying the frozen or unconscious child. He lopes back through the oncoming hoard, quickly making it back to the beach. He looks toward Nozomi as she separates from their procedure and growls, which is answered by a growl of her own. "You need to guard them," he says to Hiro as Nozomi reaches him. "We have civilians to retrieve." With that, both ninken form barriers over themselves and bound off, Nozomi actually hoping on Shinobu's back as pads of lightning form under his feet. They are but a blur as they make their way toward the cottage

Taiki takes a moment to glance over his shoulder at the genin and the Jounin, "Hand the Hyuga over to the captain of the boat," he says before looking back to the captain. "Start your engines and get ready to pull out!" That said, he grabs the closest of Akane's arms and pulls her out of her technique. "The chakra is trying to feed back to you," he explains. Letting go, he allows her to get back to work, trusting his message got across. After that, he gets back to work himself while saying, "You may not find their lives worth much, but we sure do," he says, speaking of himself and his ninken, and probably his team as well. "But go ahead and start your burning, Those barriers have withstood A rank fire jutsu, and Nozomi is a water user, thus the reason she carries those flasks. They'll survive, and they know the risks."

He then looks back to the genin and starts to explain, though part of it is to the Kiri nin as well, "We will have to sterilize this island. Only problem is, the fish are infected before they make landfall, so we're going to have to put a blanket ban on the fish, quarantine this place, and possibly try to erect seals to barricade the island and the water around it. I don't know if I have enough materials for that, and I know I don't have the manpower here with me."

Shinobu rushes alongside Shinobu, and they eventually meet Nozomi. The girl can understand what they're saying, of course, even if they aren't using the human language, and she would step away from Shinobu even before he says anything to Hiro. A quick glance back to Daichi and Hiro reveals that those wolverines decided to follow them, so the young Inuzuka quickly tried to form handseals to distract them. They would hopefully fall to the same illusion as before, though this time they would see both Nozomi and Shinobu tearing through instead of their own kind.

Daichi followed behind Shinobu, and quickly slid to a stop when she turned around. He obviously saw the same thing she did, and he quickly formed more hand seals of his own. This time it was him shooting off the Lesser Fireball Technique. Not as powerful as Akane and Hiro could conjure up, but it was flames. Though he was much better with using taijutsu than ninjutsu…

Akane and Hiro received the same message. Scorch the earth. It was far, far too dangerous to let this place live. He was correct about the fish and though she could not use seals.. she pulled a large scroll from her pouch and tossed it at Taiki before motioning with her hands to Hiro . Akane would get to one side of the island, well out of a genin's byakugan range, and then they would lay waste to the island. Hiro moved in the opposite direction and as the time drew to a close, she slipped that mask back on.. and activated her sharingan Hiro popped a few pills and then…. it would seem as though Hell had broken loose. Each nin spit a tiny fireball at the forest that went in about 1/3 of the island before exploding suddenly and burning everything it touched. Because the island was so small the fire would eventually overlap as well…. Daichi's fire helped too. Hopefully it would be enough between the three of them….

Kicking off and moving forward, Naoya appears to simply disappear once again but this time into the very flames he had requested brought down. With Akane's sight she would likely notice the young man but only briefly before flickering out of sight again. On the other hand with Taiki no longer staying still but charging forward looking for survivors, he would likely cross over the same territory, if not a few moments before the other man. The difficulty would be trying to locate the rural family, though moving a hand over his eyes, Naoya weaves a blind fold over his eyes, allowing him to focus on a wider set of senses than his own at the rushed pace.

Nozomi rides Shinobu through the forest on the island with trails of flame trailing behind from an over-charged lightning jutsu catching debris, finally coming out at the cabin. But they don't need to enter it to realize that their trip was wasted. Nothing lives in that cabin, and the stench of four decaying corpses waft out from it. Nozomi growls more fully, and the duo is off again, this time headed back toward the beach. But they're not subtle. They leap up, twisting in the air even as they go, forming into a vortex of electrified water that, rather than simply wetting things down, starts a massive fire from the electrified water whips slice and burn through everything. The ninken have left the area, allowing the Kiri nin to scorch the earth in their wake, all without touching a single beast.

Taiki looks at the genin and calls, "Retreat to the boat, get ready to shove off the moment the Kiri nin get back." Quickly he seals up his supplies, then opens another scroll and tosses it to the captain of the ship. "Put that on the stern of the ship, stretched across it." That said, he turns around and starts through a variety of handseals, ending by saying, "Fuinjutsu: Absolute seal encampment." Taiki has just erected a barrier to push the wildlife back into the foliage.

Shinobu nods a bit to Taiki and would rush to return to the boat. The girl pretty much drags Daichi along, if he isn't fast enough, to ensure that they make it to safety. Per usual, Kame is right on their tail, the young pup hopping into the boat a bit before her partner makes it. Yip! ~That was exciting!~

Daichi seemed to be keeping up, but Shinobu was of course quicker than him… Not by much though so she didn't just cause him to trip over himself. He would probably grab her and Kame and to ensure they are all safe even quicker he would suddenly flicker over to the boat. One place one moment and the next moment he was at the other. "There we go." And he would set her down. Then he pulled out a treat for Kame, but seemed hesitant. As if maybe the treat would do something. And he would look at Taiki as if asking if it was fine.

Akane deactivated her eyes before turning and heading back toward Taiki's meeting point. Hiro grabbed Akane's arm and motioned with his head. Akane nodded and turned to waterwalk out to the boat. "We have a boat of our own on the other side. it will be simple to get to. I will address this issue to our Mizukage and when that is done perhaps you will find a message from me. Thank You.. for being honorable." She knew what she was talking about and she bowed her head to him politely before turning and heading off on the water toward the Kiri boat.

Much like the bestial creature, Naoya had found the ground desolate of life, and holding no obvious signs where they had moved off to. Looking around briefly, Naoya shakes his head gently before grumbling but then watches at the pair of creatures begin to take off rather than hunt. "That's odd.. I thought these mattered so much for them." Turning his focus towards the forest and sniffing lightly, he could tell how close the fire was becoming. Following behind them rather than find his own way, the young Okumo made route out towards the ship as well, though largely out of curiosity. During the move, Naoya would be forced to turn his head to the side and cough out hoarsely, blood flakes catching on his lips as something pulse improperly, rupturing a few blood vessels. "Need to start carrying seal books.."

Once everyone is on board, Taiki orders the ship taken out to a quarter mile from the shore, and then to circle the island. Akane's scroll is put to good use as chunks of rock are dropped into the see until a complete circle is formed around the island. "Thank you for your help," he says to the Kiri nin as they prepare to go to their own boat. "I'd advise you to have the Mizukage declare this island under medical quarantine, as I intend to do the same in Konoha." With this he writes a letter note and hands it to the three genin. "I'm not going to be worth snooze when this is over. Normally I'd have a couple of squads of people helping with this…"

After Taiki lays out the second scroll, his ninken line up side by side and Taiki jumps on top of them. "Man-beast transformation: Elemental Wolf Horror." A giant puff of smoke envelops the trio and the fishing boat groans as the stern actually sinks down an inch into the water. The smoke clears to reveal a colossal three-headed werewolf that immediately starts focusing chakra into the scrolls. The very air around them becomes oppressive as the monster pours nearly all the chakra it has into the scroll before growling out, "Quarantine barrier jutsu: FUIN!"

It was a good thing Taiki had the boat moving away from the island, for the next moment a gigantic blue dome starts tracing the path of the submerged rocks, rising far above the island until it meets above it, forming a dome. A brilliant blue flash of light appears, and the dome looks stable, for now. Another burst of smoke appears, and a barely conscious Taiki and two ninken emerge. "Good… seal… scroll… held… chakra…" Taiki gasps out. "Take… note… Hokage… take… us… hospital…" With that, Taiki joins his two partners in passing out on the stern of the boat.

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