Strange Tendencies


Arisu, Luna (emitter)

Date: November 20, 2012


Arisu decides to dethrone a ghost occupying her territory…

"Strange Tendencies"

Konoha Lake

Arisu had been in what might have been called a 'strange' mood the last several days. Ever since the last time she had seen Naru, she had been… angry. At first she had assumed it was due to how Naru had acted, but the emotion had continued well after the events of that night, and now she had found herself drawn to lake Konoha. To anyone who knew Arisu, the change due to her strange mood swing was fairly evident. Her eyes were sunken and dark, with thin black, pulsating spider veins pulsating along the edges of her eyes. She was moving toward the water quickly, her eyes narrowing dangerously as she approached the edge, "Where are you…" She hisses, as the wind picks up… a ghost wind, meant to effect her ghostly clothing rather than anything physical. "Come out and face me!" Her dark eyes darken further until they are black enough to seem to radiate darkness… It was certainly not normal.

She reached for the water, touching her fingertips to the surface, "You're here… You never leave… I know you're here…" She mutters under her breath, staring at the surface, looking for the ghost that she knew to live there… it was never a very distinct thing, and it was one that she had avoided in the past… mostly because she had no idea how to deal with a territorial ghost before… but her mood swings had came with a new found confidence to deal with the ghost, and a desire to deal with the ghosts at that.

The light wisps in the air proved to be unsettling, though while dealing in the realm of ghosts it wasn't merely a gesture. it was also a sign of dominance and forewarning. The surface of the lake began to bubble and churn, a hidden breeze sweeping over the depth-less lake the spirit that Arisu beckoned had yet to reveal itself, other than it's threatening aura. The spirit had wanted Arisu to retreat… Pull away from her brooding waters. The churning water began to spiral and dance, the movement of the water becoming unusual and paranormal. It was a demonstration of the spirit's ability.

"come…..closer…." a hushed, barely audible tone finally had called out to Arisu, beckoning her to move further into the lake… A step closer for Arisu to fully invade the lone spirits territory. The airy spirit was waiting for her.

Arisu's fingers paused… This was the first time she had heard the ghost speak… or, sort of speak… Which either meant that it hadn't wanted to speak to her before, or it was getting better at controlling things… She wasn't sure which… and she had rather hoped that it wasn't the latter… She had not seen many ghosts like herself, certainly none that had been able to adapt to their new state of being as she had done. Most were not even sentient, mere shadows of their former selves, recreating scenarios of their lives mindlessly, over and over, for eternity, never even registering the living or the dead. Most of the time, they were also quite invisible.

She didn't hesitate for long.

She finally stepped forward, into the lake, letting the waters surround her without so much as a ripple. She didn't mind going under. She couldn't feel the water's chill, and she didn't need to breathe, so the lack of oxygen did not effect her. She was drawn forward mostly by her own desire to get to the ghost… and do… something. She wasn't sure what. All she knew was that it would not be pleasant. Brief flashes of the fragmented memories of her trip into the Ring of Heromu flashed through her mind as surface thoughts and then were gone again, but Arisu didn't bother to slow her stride as she came closer to the center of the lake, where the ghost of whatever poor drowned girl had died nearby, was no doubt waiting for her… with goodness knows what intentions in mind.

The ghost had gotten, perhaps not matter but certainly more creative on how she conducted her own "haunting" Upon luring Arisu into the middle of the lake, an ominous mass of sparkling blue chakra could be seen, down within the depths of the water. The sparkling mass formed and molded into what appeared to be an eyeless shriveled face… The eyes were replaced with darkness, staring up at the opposing spirits form. Suddenly a high pitched scream rocked the waters jolting up a spout of bubbling water, the mass large enough to pull Arisu in the depths by suspending Arisu within a sphere of bubbling chakra… she was no longer replaying the events of her death… She was attempting to replay that same death by using Arisu… The eyeless face eventually began to form a more visible body, face spreading out into a torso and long drooping arms, the idea was to entrap Arisu…and finally make her pay for invading the water ghost's territory.

Arisu's eyes remained black and glowing as the chakra bubble appeared around her… and then her body flickered, and she was outside of the bubble again, no longer being dragged below the waves as she hovered in front of the water ghost, she flickers again, and reappears just off to the side at the sudden blast of water, "No…" She says simply, and then reaches for the other ghost, her arm lengthening dramatically as blue foxfire erupts from her sleeves. She swings her arm around to try and catch the water ghost from the side, before releasing a pair of foxfire bombs from her swinging hand, allowing them to torpedo toward the ghost without a second thought. "You cannot kill what is already dead, foolish girl…"

The fire that could burn through life made it ways to the baffled Water Ghost, the foxfire lash which escaped from Arisu's sleeves managed to physically latch on to the Ghost's being… Burning, melting away at what was left of her life force fizzling away into uncontained chakra. The Torpedo bombs which came soon after was narrowly missed on the last shot, the impact was strong enough to pound the lake internally like a depth charge. The Water Ghost hisses out of frustration in a raspy tone, the ghost even appeared to be leaking chakra, every now and then her body would begin to slowly but surely lose it's shape. Still she had some fight in her, and as an attempt to counter back a violent wave of water was procured to smash down against Arisu, along with a blasting wave to plunge her deeper into the depths if it hit…. The Lake Ghost was absolutely relentless.

The Waves didn't even seem to remotely effect Arisu as she surged forward, reaching for the ghost as black energy crackled along her fingers, her nails glowing as black as her eyes as she made a grab for the ghost girl's throat, "You are mine." She hisses, her body splitting into a collection ghosts each with similarly glowing black eyes and nails, some including blackened teeth, with elongated canines. "I will eat you…" Her voice had grown deep… and mutational… sort of like the sound you hear from possessed people in movies. "You will be a part of me." Another trio of foxfire bursts come from behind as the real Arisu suddenly rushes at the other ghost, apparently not kidding about eating her.

Arisu's hands grasped along the water ghosts throat… With each lasting squeeze fragments of chakra began to release themselves from her form, the spirit was becoming weaker, the potency of it's presence becoming swallowed by Arisu's darkening aura. All three of the bombs hit their mark square on, burning holes through the integrity of the Water Ghost's chakra network, altering her eyeless face into an odd obscurity. The rocking water didn't cease it's movement, the water ghost continued to attempt crushing Arisu body under the weight of the lake all in the while Arisu could hear more words the ghost had to offer. "save…me…" the wispy voice crackled and dissipated, muffled by the base of the water…

Arisu's form is moved a bit by the strong waves… but her only vaguely solid body wasn't quite as well effected as living person might have been. Her eyes narrowed, the glowing blackness becoming… brighter… sort of. "The only way you can be saved… is to be put out of your misery…" Her mouth opens and the tendrils of darkness lash out at the ghost girl, ripping and tearing at the ethereal form, and dragging it bit by bit towards Arisu's chakra cloud, using the ghost's chakra to supplement her own while the cloud closed around her… absorbing her… And then it was over, no more waves… no more ghosts… Even Arisu had vanished back into her normal cloud of Chakra and started to leave the lake, her strange anger sated for the time being…

It was an interesting experience, eating another ghost… and one that wasn't entirely unpleasant, given the fact that the ghost was… annoying… and in Arisu's mind, an unfriendly presence in HER territory, that she simply could not allow to remain there.

She had the feeling that there were more, but for the time being, she would leave them for another time… At least until they reared their ugly, undead heads and tried to make a showing of her territory being theirs.

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