Strangeness - Faces Look Ugly, When You're Alone


Hisu (emitter), Seiji, Chichi

Date: November 18, 2010


A trip to retrieve false I.D. from the mysterious "Lady Hirugaki" turns… Complicated.

"Strangeness - Faces Look Ugly, When You're Alone"

Fuuma Alley

Fuuma Alley is, generally speaking, a dirty, noisy, crowded, smelly, dangerous place. But it also has lots of things in it. Things one can't get other places. Or at least not through LEGAL means… And this is how Chichi and Seiji have wound up in one of the more run-down districts of Fuuma Alley. Passing through various alleyways, along trash-covered streets, through slums, and past garbage dumps, and through places that look like a full-fledged ninja war hit them years ago and no one has ever bothered to even start picking up the pieces — the two run-away Genin would walk through all of this, getting checked over by the regulars for anything valuable and to see if they're 'easy marks' or not. Leering eyes, both obvious and hidden, take in every inch of the youthful, curvy form that Chichi possesses. Contemplative looks are sent towards Seiji from various 'street walkers', and even though he is a bit young-looking, that is hardly a deterrent. So some calls are cast in Seiji's direction about 'having a good time' and similar.
More dangerous looks are sent towards both of them from more dangerous people. People that like to cut things and make them bleed. People that like to hear screams. People that barely qualify as 'people' and are more like 'monsters'.
Such it is that while passing through one of the abandoned sections of the street, the ash-grey skies above seem to clear… But only over one part of the city. The part that appears to be a chapel or mansion or somesuch, resting on a hill. The hill is covered in lush, green grass. It looks completely incongruous with the surrounding squalor, and yet… Somehow it almost seems to 'fit'. In a place so alien as this, what is one more alien thing? Further, from the directions given the day before, that building on the hill is their destination.
And that's when about a dozen men come wandering out of the shadows, cutting off all avenues of escape for the two Genin. They line up along the street in front, and another half-dozen gangers come out behind, and guard that way too. Seems that this gang likes to take down their 'prey' just in sight of safety, but not close enough to get help. The leader is a towering figure with a mohawk, and a right arm that seems to be made of metal. Gears, pistons, and steam valves are part of its construction, along with razor-sharp claws on the fingertips. "Well, lookee what we have here!" the man calls out, his buddies all bear grins like his own. Only one man appears to be discomfitted. The leader says, "Tell you what, I'm feeling generous today, so leave the girl and run. I'll let you live!"

It was that time, Seiji and Chichi were to meet with the scary kids mistress. Not knowing what they would be up against, Seiji utilized the clothes that he and Chichi bought the day before. With all traces of who they are long since gone, Seiji had only his katana which he made sure was with him at all times. Tucked in a brown sash behind his lower back and slightly covered by the shoulder bag he carried. The young genin was ready for their meeting in which they were going to find out about getting fake I.D.'s. He made sure Chichi didn't have anything that was well too revealing, because well she was already going to get looks regardless and well after travelling with her for so long he was used to looking at her, but she still…
Ending his thought when he sees her. He would then begin walking with her to their destination. He didn't like the looks they both were getting, but knowing they had to play the part of the new people in town, he would keep close to Chichi playing the somewhat heoric friend, or boyfriend of the girl. The sights they saw as they passed through Fuuma Alley was something he's never seen. Granted he's been to some run down villages before, but this was something totally different. It was a new atmostsphere, one where at any point someone could be killed or taking away by the streetwalkers to either have a good time or robbed. His trained eyes though flicked over individuals, men and women alike, gauging build, weight, height. He it was something one was trained in as a ninja, but knowing that he couldn't out rightly show that he was one was key to their cover.
Upon getting to the section of town where the mansion or is it a chapel? Shrugging and looking back to Chichi, he smiles to her and turns towards the chapel. Seiji stops when a group of men appear and start to surround them. Reaching for Chichis hand, he had to keep his part up until there was no other choice. As they are looked over, Seiji takes quick stock of those in front of them and behind him. He does note the man that seems not to like whats going on. Turning back to look at the leader as he spoke, "YOu can't have my girlfriend." he says. "We just come to the chapel, thats all. Please let us pass sir."

Chichi is wearing a dogi — what foreigners may mistakenly refer to as a 'gi' — on her top half. Nothing fancy. Just white with frayed shoulders and no sleeves. She wears a gray undershirt beneath it, and a sash belt about her waist of simply grey as well. Nothing to distinguish her as a 'black belt' or anything attention-getting. On her lower half there are some black tights, and on her feet are sandals. Add to that a red headband wrapped about her forehead and she looks like a wandering martial artist. Not the 'ninja' type of martial artist, either. Certainly she is well-built enough for such to be somewhat evident even through her clothing, but she also is not wearing anything deliberately revealing either.
Whereas Seiji has adopted a brave and yet polite personality, Chichi has adopted the exact opposite. She is brash, bold, outgoing, and fierce! She gives >looks< to all of the leering eyes to let them know that lust and eyes are not match for her skills, and when the prostitutes offer their wares to Seiji, she bares her teeth at them to show they are not welcome trespassing on 'her territory'.
She puts up a very convincing act, not letting her guard down for a second, even when they appear to be alone. The smells of this city are something else, though, she'll tell you what! This place reeks on top of being ugly. When they come to the grassy hill with the immaculate white building atop it, however, she almost lets her fierce expression drop. Good thing she doesn't because she becomes aware of the men closing in a moment before they appear.
"Hmph," she lets out as the men surround them. At the order from the leader and the entreaties from Seiji, Chichi steps forward suddenly and says, "Look, buddy, you don't want to mess with us. Better get lost or I'm going to kick your balls into outerspace!" Such language! Such violent threats! This is not the Chichi that Seiji knows, that's for certain. And yet… Maybe this is for the best. It means people are that much less likely to recognize her. And maybe she can even scare these jerks into fleeing in the process!

These gangers start to laugh at Seiji's flat refusal to cooperate followed by a plea to be allowed to pass. He even says 'sir'! What a push-over! His girlfriend, on the other hand makes them give pause. The guy who looks uncomfortable says, "Hey… I dunno', man. Maybe we SHOULD leave 'em alone." The leader says, "Shut the up! Muramaru, are they packing?" A guy wearing a blindfold steps forward and puts his hands together in a focusing handseal. Wait, what? They have a ninja amongst them!? He grunts and says, "They're full of it. The boy has a sword, and he might have some Chakra control… But he's not going to be a match for all of us!" The leader nods as though he had expected as much, even though knowing that Seiji has Chakra control is actually a huge surprise. If he's a ninja…
"What about the girl?" another guy asks, clearly eager to determine that she is not a threat so that he can get right to the 'fun part'. Or fun for him at least. Probably not fun at all for Chichi. Muramaru turns his attention on Chichi and starts to focus, but his smile slowly fades away to a frown. His brow furrows. "What the… I think her Chakra is Chuunin level at least! Maybe higher!" One guy who also appears to have some training of some kind calls out, "So what!? Chakra isn't everything! My Chakra is Chuunin level too, remember?" He then pulls out a pair of nunchaku from his belt and begins walking right up to the pair. He wastes no time whirling his nunchaku around like some moron in the movies. He knows how to use them, not to look fancy while doing so. Will he get within range to start attacking? Or will someone intervene?

A sigh escapes him as the group seems to not want to let them pass, well that is until Chichi steps up threatens them. He would have to talk to her later about this new persona, he actually likes it. But when teh leader starts to speak again, and has one of his men check them. Seiji starts to get a bad feeling, and as the man with the blindfold speaks about him personally, all Seiji could do is frown a little. Though inside to him it didn't matter, if they were going ot pose a problem, too bad for them.
Though when they speak about Chichi he knew she was stronger they he was, but he hoped that they didn't pick up on anything else about her. Stepping up beside Chichi he puts an arm front of her, to hold her back. He clears his voice, "I only said what I did because honestly, I don't want her to dirty herself or soil her clothes by touching any of you." he says. His head lowers slightly, "All we ask is to be let through peacefully and for once not have anything happen to anyone." he says as he looks back up. His politeness still in tact, but now there is more of a determined tinge to his voice as he watches the man with the nunchuku walk towards them. "I ask you sir to stop where you are."

Seiji's arm in front of her to bar her path presses into Chichi's chest a bit. She blushes slightly but when the man with the nunchaku starts advancing and continues to do so, Chichi decides a show of force is in order. She ducks under Seiji's arm, steps forward, and in one smooth move, she kicks the man in the crotch. Hard.
Then she looks up and asks, "Who's next?"

The nunchaku guy is kicked in the crotch. Hard. He just collapses to the ground without a word or sound of any kind and lies limply there, passed out from the pain. Everyone stares for a moment, as silence reigns. Then the gangers all charge forward, hollering angrily and attacking at the same time! Most appear to be unarmed, or to have simply knives and chains and boards with nails in them and so forth. Few appear to have any degree of true combat training, and none appear to be truly capable of facing either of the disguised ninja on an even level. Their leader stays in the background, waiting his turn.

Feeling Chichi's chest against his arm, the boy does blush a bit. But as he looks forward and sees that the man with the chuckes were coming he sighs as Chichi ducks under his arm and nails him in the nuts. Closing his eyes at the sight, and cringing slightly. Seiji only sighs, "I tried to warn you." he says. Seeing as he broke the silence that reigned over everyone and now the men charging forward. Seiji darts in towards the closest enemy, his sword coming out ungainly. Still putting on a show, he blocks the attack from the man with a board and nail and does a basic front kick to the mans stomach.
Seiji doesn't stray to far from Chichi, he wasn't going to blow his cover and allows himself to be punched just enough to make it believable, before he thrusts the hilt of his sword into the unarmed mans solo plexues after ducking under another punch. Rolling backwards and getting to his feet, he has put down two people to Chichis one.

Chichi does not try to restrain herself much, if at all. To her credit, she doesn't use any Chakra or Ninjutsu, but she isn't hiding her skill at Taijutsu either. Leaping over a swung knife, she snaps a kick out at her attacker's face. His nose practically explodes in a spray of blood. She makes a mental nose to be sick later. Landing, two men coming from either side of her are grabbed by the collars of their shirts when they get close enough and then their faces are slammed together as Chichi draws them inwards with her great strength. Forcing the two guys into a bloody sort of 'kiss' they flail and try to fight free, but they can't go anywhere before Chichi lets go of the collars and then delivers a palm strike to the back of each's skull. They go down. That's four total.
And Seiji just got two. That only leaves twelve left! …Joy! They presumably both continue in this manner for a little while, taking down one jerk after another, until finally there's no one left but the leader! Chichi frowns at the man. She wants to take him down, but maybe he'll just run away now. The less fighting the better. But then… In an uncustomary moment of intelligence, she realizes that if he scrams he might tell everyone about them! And that's the >last< thing they need!
So she prepares to have to chase him down too! Though he looks kind of scary, being all huge and part-metal and stuff.

Seiji and Chichi make short work of their attackers. With their ninja-honed skills, immense strength, speed, and general toughness, there is not much of a 'gang' left to follow the leader's orders. And yet he just looks angry, rather than scared. He has been standing back all this time. Was he too much of a coward to join in? No. It just seems he was preparing for a big attack! "You'll pay for this, brats!" he yells out. Steam valves burst open on his metallic right arm and jets of vapor blast out hot enough to scald flesh before his clawed hand fires off, attached to some sort of cable, heading right for Seiji at high speed! If that hits him… Ninja toughness might not save him. "DIE!" The gang leader yells before sweeping his arm to the right trying to turn the impaling weapon into a slashing one as well, as it swings along an arc towards Chichi, whether it succeeds in striking Seiji or not!

Seiji is breathing a little heavy, but still able to keep up with their attackers. As they finished, he frowns as he sees everyone down on the ground. There was no point in saying anything to the idiots seeing as they thought they could handle two kids. Looking at the leader of the gang as he speaks angrily at them. Seiji takes note of what the man is doing, as his clawed hand rockets towards him, Seiji stance shifts so that he was turned sideways giving the hand a smaller target. "Take him." he says as he quickly lunges forward his blade slightly behind him. As he comes in contact, his focus and concentration honed to a sharp swords edge. Seiji whips his sword forward, allowing it to connect with the clawed mechanical hand. He braces himself and keeps his swords blade against the clawed hand. He twist his wrist so that he could lock his blade within the clawed hand so as to keep it from going any further and allowing Chichi an opening to take out the leader.

Chichi finishes stomping the bad guys alongside Seiji, and seems not to be tired at all. It's that boundless energy she possesses. Maybe it's part of being a Jinchuuriki, or maybe it's just an aspect of her alone. Either way, she has vigor to spare when she turns her attention on the leader, trying to keep the smile off her face. When she sees him launching his fist, however, a smile is the last thing she would have on her face. Seiji manages to catch the clawed hand on his sword and keep it still, even as its owner tries to swing it to the side, likely pulling Seiji along behind it. It looks like a lot of force is built into that metallic arm. Steam-powered and all.
If that hand had hit Seiji… It probably would have gone right through him. He'd be dead. Chichi realizes this gradually, as she stands there and stares with wide eyes, mouth slightly open. She is only dimly aware of Seiji's order to 'take him' from several seconds ago. She turns her attention on the hulking man with the steampunk right arm, and narrows her eyes.
Bubbling, crimson Chakra, visible even to normal eyes, begins to seep from her flesh, and surround her. It engulfs her in an aura of acidic-looking demonic energy that then shapes into a pair of large 'paws' over her hands, hooves on her feet, and horns on her head. A single tail grows from the base of her spine. Gritting her sharpened teeth, Chichi lets out a yell that shatters the few unbroken windows in this part of the city, and also lets loose a shockwave of force that tears down the street towards the leader. The unconscious, or at least immobile, bodies of his allies are lifted up by the wave and carried towards and past him.
Then Chichi goes running straight at the man, whether he is affected by the shockwave or not. She tears forward at her full ninja speed, and tries to plow a Bijuu-Chakra engulfed fist in the shape of a large 'horn' into his right shoulder, right where the metal meets flesh. ">How dare you!<" she screams out.

The leader is growling and trying to pull his clawed appendage away from Seiji and his sword at first. Then he cleverely just retracts the cable the hand is attached to, trying to either pull the weapon back in for another shot, or to drag Seiji into melee range, depending on whether he frees his sword or not. He is distracted, however, when he sees the lightless glow of blood-red Chakra that seeps from Chichi's flesh. He has never seen anything like it. He is not a ninja and did not even know that Chakra could be visible under any circumstances. That's why he had recruited that Sensor-Nin, so that they could identify easy marks.
But when that Cloak forms around Chichi he knows for sure that he wants no more part of this battle. Whatever is happening, it is just… Bad news. He can't fight opponents like this. So, regardless of if Seiji was pulled into range or not, he tries to turn and flee. But Chichi is faster than he is, so she tears right through his steel prosthetic, as well as his flesh that was bound into it. Blood sprays, bone and metal scatters in shards and scraps, and the man screams out in pain.
Then he staggers forwards a few steps before falling to his knees. His left hand comes up to grab at the stump of his right shoulder. Then he looks behind him, eyes wide in pain and terror, teeth bared, and tries to see where his attacker is now. Regardless of where she is, he scrambles to his feet and starts running towards a nearby alleyway.
RP: Seiji joins the roleplay.

Seiji is pulled quite forcefully, even though his training has helped him, the genin was still a genin but he isn't pulled as quickly as he would have been if he wasn't trained. The power that was coming from the steam powered arm is tremendous and his arms were shaking, Seiji manages to keep his grip on his katana. Gritting his teeth, he watches as the leader continues to pull him within melee range, but as Seiji looks to the leader, his attention is drawn in the direction of Chichi, her cloak envelops her.
"No." he says freeing his weapon from the leaders metal claw. Dashing back away as Chichi strikes, Seiji turns in time to see the leader drop to his knees and holds his stump of an arm. Trying to sense and look around for CHichi, Seiji knew he needed to calm her down. Before he hollar for the thug leader to run, he catches the man run as quickly as he could down an ally, "I'm alright, your alright calm down." he calls out to Chichi. "Please calm yourself, they are all gone and hurt, we are done here. Please come to me." he says urgently but trying to keep his voice calm.

Chichi hasn't moved from where she landed after tearing off the gang leader's right arm. She remains crouched on the ground in a rather feral stance, and growls as he tries to flee. She hears Seiji, but she doesn't seem to be reacting. "You don't get it," she lets out between sharpened canines. "He saw what I am! We can't let him escape now!" She then goes dashing after the man, leaping up from street level to the top of a four-story building in a single jump — way beyond her usual strength. She then goes chasing after the guy. He's losing a lot of blood. Tracking him should be easy, and catching up even easier.
Along the way, she tries to reason with herself. She tries to tell herself she doesn't need this level of power to end the threat. But then she responds to herself that if she doesn't have the rage of the Eight-Tails fuelling her actions, she might not be able to do the job right.

The bleeding gang leader is surprisingly swift for a man as large as he is, and losing as much blood as he is. But he is also leaving a trail as he ducks through various alleyways, knocks over some stacked crates with one hand as he passes to put some obstacles between himself and any pursuers, leaps down from street level into a drainage pipe and starts to runs down it as soon as gets to his feet again, and so forth.
He is doing his very best to make it hard to track him. But adrenaline only does so much, and his fear is making what little intelligence he has fizzle out. He stops at a cross-roads of passageways in these sub-street pipes, unable to remember which way to go to get to where. He hears some distant noise of something striking concrete, pauses for a moment and then turns to run down the left-hand pipe. He has no idea if he's even being followed still. He's just running to where he thinks he can get medical help. It will cost him. It will cost him a LOT. But it will also be safe there. Hopefully.

Following after Chichi, "Yes I know, but calm yourself down enough so that your not seen any further!" Seiji says quickly to her. Sheathing his sword, after looking around checking to make sure that all the men were knocked out. His speed is impressive, but no where near as fast as Chichi. Quickly following behind the two, Seiji is surprised that the gang leader is able to move as fast as he can, but he knows that with the amount of blood he's losing, he can't keep going much longer. Travelling through the alley, Seiji tries to push himself faster, they had to catch and dispatch the gang leader. Chichi is right he saw her and he was hoping to avoid anyone knowing what she is, 'Damn it! Come on Seiji over take them both.' he thinks to himself.
As they come to the drainage pipe, Seiji quickly checks around listening for running feet and looking for blood trails. Hearing the foot steps and seeing a bit of blood, Seiji tries to direct Chichi, though knowing that she is able to see him better then he seeing their quary. Racing down the pipe, Seiji channels chakra through his body, this was getting too dangerous, they had to catch the gang leader. With the enhanced speed, Seiji starts to speed up trying to close the distance between him and the leader.

Chichi continues leaping from rooftop to rooftop, following the trail of dark red that stains the ground. When Seiji leaps down into the drain pipe, Chichi does not follow. She just remains crouched on the edge of the roof, and then leaps across to a different building. As she leaps around, headed to a side-street, two more tails of Chakra boil forth from her spine, and she becomes much more wild. Claws grow from the Chakra 'paws' on her hands, and steam rises wherever her hands touch. Her hooved feet shatter the roofs when she pushes off of them. Her leaps come faster, and become even more powerful!
And then she arrives at her destination. She drops right off the roof she is presently on and slams one of her tails into the ground when she reaches it, punching a hole in the pavement and sending up a cloud of dust and debris. She drops down into the hole and right into the tunnel that the gang leader is headed down. As soon as she catches sight of him, she lunges at him and tries to just >slam< into him with her shoulder!

The gang leader is busy looking behind him as he sees Seiji catching up to him easily with his Chakra-enhanced speed. The mohawked man prepares to use his last-ditch secret weapon, but then the entire tunnel network shakes violently and a loud noise like an explosion echoes down the pipe, blasting both his ears and likely Seiji's. Seiji is only about six feet behind him after all, and there are echoes to consider. So, the man is in no condition to do anything except panic and yell when the ceiling ahead of him starts to collapse down into the pipe in a rain of debris and dirt.
When the glowing form of the monster-girl drops down into the dust cloud, he doesn't notice until there is a brief opening in the dirt filling the air. And by then it's too late. She saw him. Next thing he knows he has been slammed into faster than he can react and blood sprays out of his mouth as most of his ribs are broken. He is sent flying backwards, back down the tunnel, and right towards Seiji. In such close quarters can Seiji evade the large, highly-fast form coming at him?

Seiji watches as the tunnels crashes in, "Shit!" he says. It was already too late for the gang leader, watching as his is struck hard and knocked back towards him. Seiji didn't have a whole lot of time to do much of anything. Eyes narrowing, Seiji tries to time his dodge, using his chakra enhanced speed he tries back away as quickly as he can. But only realizing that there was no other turn off except for the one he came down and it was already far behind him. Shaking his head, Seiji drops to the ground laying flat to the ground.

Chichi lands after her shoulder-tackle, and the water partially filling the bottom of the tunnel hisses and evaporates into steam rapidly, filling the air with scalding mist. And somewhere inside of that steam Chichi loses control. She was already pushing things before now, by using her Third Tail to such an extent. But with the Eight-Tails awake inside of her as it was not in the past, it begins to exert its influence over its host. Chichi clutches her hands into fists until smoking blood comes out of the wounds inflicted by her fingernails. She then lets out a scream of rage and pain as her flesh starts to peel off her body, burning away and revealing a raw-looking, red and black form of pure Chakra underneath. Gradually, her skin disintegrates, leaving less and less of her behind. A fourth tail emerges from her spine, and her Eight-Tails Cloak condenses to shroud her entire body in visible demonic Chakra.
Electricity crackles through the tunnel… Including in the water that Seiji is lying in. Enough to paralyze him, perhaps, but not enough to kill. However, it would also be enough to paralyze the gang leader whenever and wherever her lands. Then a true *ROOOOOAAAAAR* of a partial-Bijuu resonates through the tunnel. The walls crack just from the vibrations alone. The Chakra that is released is enough to collapse some of the more unstable sections of the underground tunnels, and to even make some of the damaged buildings above ground collapse as well.
Ragged, echoing, almost-metallic breaths come from Chichi's last known position. And then an Ox-like but utterly monstrous face of pure Chakra thrusts out of the steam cloud. The face and sharp teeth are black, with pale circles for eyes, and glowing red horns and skull. This is no longer Chichi. This is a 'miniature Eight-Tails'. This is bad. Very bad.

Laying on the ground the little bit of water that he is lying in is now electrified, trying to get up from where he is laying quick enough he fails. He is shocked and the electrical impulses reaches his nervous system paralyzing him. Grunting as Chichi goes through he transformation, 'This is bad.' he thinks trying to focus himself and send chakra through his body so to possibly dampen the shock. "Stop!" he stutters out, "Focus on my voice…….calm down…." Seiji tries to reach Chichi, this was going to hell in a hand basket and Seiji needed to get a measure of control.
Forcing himself Seiji tries to turn over as his body convulses. This is all he can do, the electricity races over his body. "Please, you have to hear me calm down CHICHI-Chan!" he says loud enough for her to hear his voice, trying to break through to her as best he can.

This city is rife with leeches for some reason. So it may come as no surprise that there are some down here in the waterways. What likely WOULD be a surprise is the fact that one has latched onto Chichi's left leg and is… Not dying from the toxic and enormous Chakra that is flowing through and from her. Instead… It's feeding. It's not draining blood, but Chakra. The Leech has glowing lines of red visible in its swelling body, and it just keeps on growing and growing, until it's about the size of Seiji's fist! And then another couple leeches drop from the damage tunnel ceiling, and once they land on the Eight-Tails, they begin to feed as well. More and more leeches come out of everywhere, ignoring Seiji and the ganger who is drowning in his own blood, and heading right for the largest source of Chakra in the vicinity. They start crawling all over her, unless she does something to stop it, gorging themselves on her energy and possibly weakening her…

The Eight-Tails's electricity fades quickly, and it turns its attention on the leeches clinging to it. As more and more of them swarm over it, its clawed paws tearing at its own body in an attempt to destroy the creatures that feed upon it. But the Chakra absorbing animals are too numerous and draining too much, too fast. A proper Chakra reserve has not been built up from the Bijuu, and soon, the tails begin to retract and vanish, and moments later, when the Eight-Tails is buried under a mound of leeches, the ominous Chakra that has probably been felt clearly without even needing any special senses has faded to nothing.
A normal, though raw-red hand lies limp just past the pile of parasites. Chichi's hand.

Seiji could do nothing, but watch as the leeches swarmed over Chichi. She is his responsibility, but in this case the leeches did something he wasn't able to do and that was get her out of her bijuu state. With the electricity gone, Seiji finds himself able to move, he stops feeding chakra through his body which was helping him keep from having any permenent damage to his nervous system. Seiji is able to get to his feet, racing down to where Chichi is, Seiji takes her raw red hand and tries to pull her free of the leeches, hoping that they haven't sufficated her.

The leeches do not cling to Chichi any further. Infact, when Seiji approaches, they start to retreat. Even the swollen ones that have gorged on Bijuu Chakra move relatively quickly away from the Jinchuuriki. They all seem to be heading down the tunnel passage, in the direction the gang leader was originally headed before Chichi dropped out of the ceiling in front of him. They just… Writhe and squirm away at high speed.
And then a high-pitched, feminine voice calls out from street level. "You there! Yes, you! Please retrieve your female companion and come up here at your nearest convenience. I must say, when I sent my messagers to inform you of my location I had no idea you would be so… Vocal with your arrival in my neighborhood. Well, I suppose it cannot be helped. Please hurry. Local law enforcement leaves most incidents alone, but destruction on this level is a bit much to ignore." She hums a bit while she waits. Then she comes into sight gradually as she moves around the hole in the pipe. She bows to Seiji. "Hirugaki Hisu, by the way. A pleasure to meet you."

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