Strangeness - Women Seem Wicked, When You're Unwanted


Hisu, Chichi, Seiji

Date: November 29, 2010


Hisu has saved Seiji, Chichi, and possibly all of Fuuma Alley when she knocked Chichi unconscious. And now she wants payment.

"Strangeness - Women Seem Wicked, When You're Unwanted"

Hisu's Hideout - Fuuma Alley

The 'chapel/mansion' that Seiji and Chichi had been headed towards originally, as directed, really is exactly what it looks like. It's a mansion that was turned into a chapel. At some point, the original owner had it converted into a church of sorts, though to whom people were intended to pray there was never defined, because various incidents occurred that resulted in the loss of patronship — and the loss of the owner's funding. The building was thus left in a state of half-conversion: partially regal residence and partially religious refuge.
It is now one of many 'operation centers' for the rising star in the underworld of Fuuma Alley, Hirugaki Hisu. A few years ago, no one knew her (or him. No one is quite sure on gender.) name or had any reason to care about learning it. She has worked to keep things that way in regard to law enforcement, and just about anyone except those who have a need for her services and can be trusted to keep quiet about them.
And now all this undue attention has been pulled down on her head. She is going to abandon this operation center soon. There are plenty of others. But this was a good one. She will miss it. Sighing, the black-haired and yellow-eyed teenage girl steps into one of the many rooms in the mansion-chapel. Chichi was brought here after the… 'Incident'. Seiji was, of course, invited to join her or else leave town so he couldn't be interrogated. Clearly he chose to stay by his friend's side.
Hisu was not entirely sure how Chichi's clothing reformed itself after both it and her skin disintegrated… Maybe that was just an optical illusion, and they were actually concealed underneath the hardened Chakra field? Who knows? A doctor was not going to cut it here. A Medic-Nin was necessary. And that is the kind of service that is very hard to acquire… And very expensive. But here's some lady Medic-Nin, tending to Chichi as best she can. She's not that good, but she's better than even a very skilled 'mundane' doctor.
"I assume she is not going to die?" Hisu asks conversationally. The Medic lady looks up from where she has been treating Chichi, and says, "No, she'll live… Somehow. She is already recovering quickly, despite the massive trauma she has suffered to her body. She'll be weak for at least a couple days. Probably should be longer, but her healing rate is very high. So high it's almost inhuman. Heh." Hisu nods vaguely. The Medic gets up and approaches Hisu. "Now about my payment…?" Hisu doesn't even look. She just says, "It has already been delivered to your account. I have a little something extra, however, to make sure you understand the need for discretion in this matter…" The Medic's eyes brighten a bit as she looks down at the briefcase at Hisu's feet. Probably full of cash. She then sighs, hating herself for saying what she says next. "Keep it. I'm not going to have that big of a bribe on me if the police start searching my clinic. They'll 'confiscate it' as 'evidence' and then interrogate me anyway. I don't want to know what happened here, and I don't want to be involved further. Consider leaving me out of big things like this in the future as my fee."
Hisu turns her yellow gaze up at the Medic and smiles faintly. "Certainly. I shall remember that." Then she enters the room with Seiji and Chichi, as the Medic-Nin departs.

When Chichi wakes up, her body hurts. Not her torso, but her >body<. The whole thing. She even hurts in places she didn't know she >had<! She wakes up slowly, but she >does< wake up. After an hour or two of being unconscious, that is. By this point it is probably night time. Light fades fast this late in the year. Breathing a bit more stably than the past while, but stll slightly ragged, she opens her eyes and just stares up at the ceiling in confusion. "…Hey," she starts hoarsely. "When did my apartment get so big?" she finishes.

Having sat in the corner in the room where Chichi was resting, he wasn't going to get in the way of the medic-nin for any reason whatso ever. Though at first he was very concerned to have a medical ninja working on CHichi at all, but he couldn't let her die, nor would he allow her to die when medical attention was to be given. He watched as the medic worked and he kept his hand near his sword hilt just in case the medic ment her harm.
After the medic ninja finished and walks out of the room, Seiji walks over to sit by Chichi, taking her hand into his and kissing it gently as she laid there. "You gotta pull through." he says as he looks over her, but noticing that she was healing just by looking at her skin, he still couldn't help but still be amazed at how her body heals. As he was about to say something Hisu walks in, turning to look at her, "Thank you." he says to her as he then turns back to Chichi who has finally awoke, "You wish." he says as he brings his free hand over and brushes her red hair from her face. "You ok?" he asks her.

Hisu inclines her head slightly at Seiji's thanks, and then watches closely as Chichi comes around. A slender leech inches its way down the wall across the room. Another leech, much thicker, and clearly having recently fed, comes dropping down from an open pipe near the ceiling. There are lots of these pipes around, along with various other avenues for Hisu's 'friends' to get around safely and quickly. This one lands in her outstretched palm. She takes a moment to 'read' the information stored in this leech's stolen Chakra.
Then she turns to Seiji and says, "We are going to need to leave shortly." Chichi is still recovering! How can anyone expect her to travel in such a state!? "Local law enforcement is scrambling to find out what happened and to arrest as many suspects as possible. Likely because the actual authorities are looking for someone to blame, so that the Daimyou of the Rice Fields will not have ALL of their heads. That means it is our heads that are in danger if we stay here. So, she will, sadly, have to move."
The kimono-clad teenager closes her eyes half way, and they twitch rapidly and repeatedly as the swollen leech in her grasp seems to shrink as it quivers atop her palm. Finally, it is reduced to normal leech size, and is permit to — far more swiftly than a normal leech — go darting off of her palm, landing on the floor without a pause, and continuing on its way. "…Whether you will be coming with me or will have to find your own way out of this mess should probably be determined right now. I paid an awful lot of money to have your lady friend treated. Neutral Medic-Nin that are trustworthy and yet willing to work for anyone at all, no questions asked, are hard to find. I need to make sure she is worth the investment."
"Do you understand? I am going to ask questions, and I need you to answer as honestly as you can."

Chichi winces a bit at the hand touching her skin, but the pain is already less than it was before. Her flesh was previously dark-red, almost purple, as though it had been burnt all over… Or as though her flesh had been dissolving gradually. She does manage to sit herself up slowly and painfully, even if she should be resting. She barely processes the other girl's words. "Wha… Medic? Investment? What are you…" She winces again and puts a hand to her head. "…Talking about?" She frowns and looks around the room, not finding it familiar. "I dunno'…" she answers Seiji finally. "What happened? Last I remember, I was chasing someone… And then… Then…" She tries to remember, but her brain is not even fully functional yet. Grasping the memories of what happened seems beyond her.
She squints in the darkness and looks at Hisu again. "Hey… Who are you, exactly? And what happened? How did I get here? Where >is< 'here'? Why does my everywhere hurt?"

Looking to Chichi as she gathers herself, he then looks over to Hisu. As the leech she touches feed her information, he sighs a little bit. He is relieved at the place to hide. But as she informs them of whats going on, he shakes his head. "I will only answer what I can. We appreciate the help you given us so far, mainly to my friend, but I don't know what all you want to know, so we will do our best." he tells her.
Looking over to Chichi, he listens to her questions and shakes his head, "It happend while you were chasing the gang leader. But for now we need to go and if Hisu would mind helping us just a little more, we can all go off on our seperate ways." he says. "Please ask your questions before the local authorities arrive, or shall we do this another place which is more safer?" he asks.

Hisu does not agree to the conditions given by Seiji. Nor does she question them. Instead she asks, "Which Hidden Village is looking for you? She is obviously a Jinchuuriki. Those sorts of things don't just make themselves. I am willing to bet that the reason you need false identification is to avoid being found. Where you go next will depend quite a bit on who will NOT be looking for you. Not much point sending you back to the same place you are trying to escape, hmm?"
She waits for the answer, but she already has her next question ready. "What can you pay me or trade me in exchange for your well-being? I will note that I am not JUST after money. Information is a commodity here in Fuuma, and you would do well to trade what you can. Saying the right thing can save your life when dealing with many kinds of people…"

Chichi frowns and rubs her eyes, frowning deeply at the acheing that results. "I feel so weak… But she's right. We can't stay here. And if she wanted to kill us, I'm sure we'd be dead by now." She gets onto her knees and then rises slowly and sorely to her feet. "Kumogakure might be looking for us by now. I'm not sure. We're just trying to live our own lives for now. We haven't done anything wrong." She squints at the shorter and 'scrawnier' girl.
"Why are the lights off in here?" she ponders aloud. Then she turns her gaze on Seiji. "Hmm… What can we pay or trade…" She strokes her chin thoughtfully, seemingly in no hurry to answer, even though the urgency of the situation has been stated rather clearly. Finally, she comes to a conclusion. Nodding firmly, with a look of determination on her face, she points to Seiji and asks, "Do you want to have sex with him?" This is 'super sweatdrop' or 'fall over onto one's face' time here. "Because I don't really want you to. If you are lonely you should try out the personal ads! You don't need to try to steal my boyfriend!"
She waves off any protests from Hisu and says, "I have information I can trade! There are corrupt officials in Kumogakure's government that were trying to use me as a weapon of war! That's like… All kinds of bad news, you know?"

Sighing, the dark skinned teen didn't want to tell too much information, but he knew that if he didn't tell her something that was believeable she could just turn them both in and keep herself from being captured if that was even possible. Looking to Chichi as she gets up, he rises with her slowly. He looks to Hisu and begins to open his mouth when Chichi steps in telling Hisu pretty much more then what he was going tell her. Listening as Chichi explains why they may be looked for, Seiji only sighs again. "They could be looking for us or not, we have no idea. We are hoping that they aren't, but what she says is true." he tells Hisu and confirms Chichis statement
Returning Chichis gaze, Seiji couldn't really think of anything that they could trade with, they had a little bit of money, but that would have to last them, but then again, if they needed to keep this woman quiet or from telling people of them he didn't see anything wrong with paying her. Shruging his shoulders and looking up, again he starts to open his mouth when he hears Chichi asks Hisu if she wanted to have sex with him, "WHAT!" he exclaims, not to loud. "Me? Why?" he says as he looks at Hisu, she is pretty skinny. But as Chichi continues, he stops all motion as she calls him her boyfriend. He has always wanted to hear her say those words, but not in this situation, but then again this could still be part of their cover, he just hopes she means it.
But seeing her waving off the offered sex, "Oh thank goodness." he says a he moves close to her side. "Yeah, we could offer that, we don't know how much that would be worth, but all we are trying to do is live our own lives right now. I'm not going to have anyone use her as a weapon and if they try, they will have more then they bargained for if they come for her." he warns. Just in case Hisu would try to use that towards her own agenda. "Is this enough for you to help us?" he asks.

Hisu barely nods at Chichi's mention of Kumogakure. She does not even flinch at Chichi's off-the-wall question or Seiji's protests. No interest, it seems. Or maybe she just has an excellent poker face. When Chichi tries to trade the knowledge that there are corrupt officials in the Kumogakure government who want to use a WMD as a weapon of war, Hisu just arches an eyebrow. "Do you seriously think that would get you anything? Accusations against unnamed officials because they want their weapon to fulfill its purpose? I can understand being resentful of them attempting to control you, but… That is nowhere near being enough information. I would need names and evidence of wrong-doing beyond your word." Turning her yellow eyes on Seiji, she just stares at him with a sardonic smirk on her face. "You really don't get it? Giving me information about yourselves will not gain me anything. Unless, of course, you would like for me to sell that information to whomever comes asking. Which I may do anyway, unless there is something MORE VALUABLE to keep me from doing so."
The tense silence that might follow those words is interrupted by the sounds of distant shouts and the wail of a fire engine becoming not-so-distant. Hisu sighs. "Well, it appears the matter has been taken out of my hands. We'll discuss payment later. For now, you will be taken someplace safe. But we had best hurry. We have little time."
And with that, Hisu turns and strides quickly out of the room, into the hall beyond, and then towards the stairs.

Sweatdrop near his head, a big one anyways and a blush on his cheeks which would be hard to see due to him being darkskinned was showing a little. Still trying to overcome Chichi trying to offer him up to Hisu for sex. His head clears as Hisu speaks. Sighing as he hears that there really wasn't anything that the two could say to use as payment. In turn they've given more to this Hisu, a reason to have others come find them if the need came. This didn't bode well with Seiji, the young Yotsuki didn't like that they gave up as much information as they did. Well not a whole lot of info, but the fact that they were supposed to be dead and still living is a big thing. Looking to Chichi then back to Hisu, "Well then if theres nothing we have information wise, we have just a bit more money left to us, but I doubt it would….." he trails off as he too hears the sirens.
Standing up as Hisu tells them to follow her, not needing to tell Chichi to stand, he waits just a bit for Hisu to leave, "We better becareful, she could still turn us in." he tells her quietly then gestures towards the door so that they could quickly catch up with Hisu as she nears the stairs. He wants to ask where they were going, but figured he would wait and see and if there is a trap for them he would do what needs to be done.

Chichi gulps a bit at the pronouncement of selling them out if they can't provide adequate reason not to. Not because that itself scares her, so much as she feels so weak she doesn't think she could stop this 'Lady Hirugaki'. She sighs and stretches a bit, immediately regretting doing so. Everything hurts. "Well… I know that, but… I somehow get the impression she isn't that bad of a girl. If she wanted to turn us over she would have done it right away, not tried to secret us away, right? Now if she turns us over the police might ask her how she found us, and why it took so long, and stuff."
She shakes her head. "Don't worry. We'll think of something. Let's just go for now." She staggers towards the door, skin still a bit redder than usual and movements nowhere near as agile as usual. But she pushes through. She isn't going to let Seiji get captured just because of… Whatever she did. Or didn't do. She really can't remember.
"Hey, how much for fake I.D.?" she calls after Hisu as she tries not to fall down the stairs.

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