Second Promotion Exams - Strategy and Improvision: Hiroshi vs. Tsiro


Itami, Hiroshi, Tsiro

Date: December 11, 2012


Hiroshi and Tsiro match up in the first round of the Second Promotion Exams. Hiroshi enters with a plan while Tsiro ends up trying to adapt.

"Second Promotion Exams - Strategy and Improvision: Hiroshi vs. Tsiro"

Dammed Arena

At the foot of the great march of bones that dams this tall canyon of blue-gray granite, under the shadows of the stands: the Kirigakure arena. Rivulets of water still escape the base of the dam and dampen the gravely bed of the dry river. The length of the canyon is limited by a raised platform at the south end featuring the referee's post and a large display board announcing the details of the match.

It's been a while since Itami has had to proctor exams, but they were simple enough. Watch and make sure things didn't get too far enough that would be detrimental to the fighters. She's got the rules down, but she's not sure if she can intervene should things get ugly. She thinks she can, but does she /want/ to is the question. She really doesn't and would rather try and get away without damage, but she thinks she might be alright.
She had the honor of doing this despite having left Sunagakure, but knowing that she was high enough to watch over these participants was enough for the people around here. She'd walk into the arena and proceed to look around at the area for a few moments before seeing to her task at hand. The participants were already here and ready to get things started.
Formalities aside, she started the match with, "I think you both know the rules, right? Because I do not feel I have to repeat them," she remarked. "So, try not to let things get too messy around here. I'd like to be able to walk away from this without getting blood on my clothes. Anyway, keep the fight decent and honorable. You may begin the battle when ready."
Tsiro made it through the second round. He was not too surprised about that, but deep down the Kaguya pondered just how far he would get in the third round. He was Kaguya and he loved to battle but there was slightly more than a brawl riding on this. He knew his opponent was Hyuuga. That in itself seemed to make things alright.
The proctor seemed a little off. She actually told a Kaguya that she did not want blood on her clothing as a brawl was about to start. Tsiro tilted his neck to the side as it cracked a few times. He then nodded his head to his opponent. As he took a step back, bones began to protrude from his body as he built his own chakra up.
The jounin exams were upon us once more and Hiroshi would find himself thrown once against to the fray, only this time the safety seals were gone and the immense amount of deaths were unavoidable. As Hiroshi entered the arena he would be garbed in a thick piece of carapace like fabric which was fitted to thin overflowing robes. A simple sash would be tied at his waist to keep everything in place as well as a thin outer pair of greaves. The teen hyuugas eyes would simply stare blankly into the crowd as he approached the center of the arena.
He did not look nervous or overly excited simply indifferent it all. "Sure thing proctor, I am sure we can keep things from going to insane." He would say as he turned to face his kaguya opponent watching the bones slowly protrude outwards. "Eager to get this started, let us not completely destroy our bodies shall we? " He would ask, as the veins of his byakugan slowly came to head. The pulsating chakra changes his eyes as they become more crystalline and intense. As the byakugan awakens Hiroshi would proceed to gather a set amount of chakra through his network, his eyes focused upon the kaguyas on chakra, "At your word proctor."
Tsiro heard the proctor say begin when ready. He was ready and did not seem to wait for another confirmation. He nodded at the Hyuuga before stepping back and placing his hand outwards towards Hiroshi. Soon bullets would fire from his finger tips at the other participant. Right now he was testing the waters before diving right in.
This was Hiroshi's first time fighting a kaguya, he could see why Yuuka praised this student very much. A small smirk would form upon the hyuugas face watched the kaguya fire off a barrage of bone like bullets in his direction. "Impressive." He would say as he gathers a set amount of chakra into his feet and dashes towards the right. Hiroshi could only maintain eye contact on the kaguya as he took from his side two shurikens, "Projectile bones going in one direction I will have to remember that technique." He would say to himself as he throws two shuriken in the direction of the kaguya, curious just how he would respond to them. Hiroshi's opponent was sure to be full of tricks, especially if he was the one Yuuka spoke about.
"At my word…" Itami looked at both opponents, scrutinizing them as she did so. Before long, the battle started, with Tsiro initiating first. She decided this was the point to give herself a bit of room. The defense in return from the Hyuuga was something to be expected. From what she's experienced of them, they are fast. "I don't need to say much, it appears," she stated to herself followed by a chuckle.
Tsiro moved forward twisting his body on a pivot foot. As he turned, he ducked under the first shuriken before twisting around the second one. He was attempting to close the gap between them. He knew full well this was going to be a dangerous tactic, but he hoped to be quicker than his opponent. As he twisted, he moved his elbows out in an attempt to slice the Hyuuga.
Hiroshi would peer curiously at the kaguya as he lunged himself forward, the first elbow strike coming toward him Hiroshi would sway his body towards the right and dodge it, but the second was almost close enough to cause some harm. Hiroshi would not hesitate however he would take several side steps to the right as he bridges a small gap between the two taking several steps back towards the arena wall. Hiroshi would tilt his head towards the right as he peers at the bones, once more taking a shuriken from his pocket only this time a kunai comes out with it. "I see, so that's how you move." He would say as he takes the weapons in hand, once again throwing them towards the kaguya, but he would not stop there immediately he hands went up to form several hand seals as he slams his hands on the ground creating a small turret of wind from his direction with a powerful gust fueled behind it.
Tsiro ducks under the kunai as he moves. His eyes take in the seals and as the hand is slammed into the ground he dashes to the side. He had expected earth but it ended up being wind. It seemed merely luck. Tsiro then reaches behind him and grasps at the base of his spine. He was already battling at a high level. This guy seemed to be able to take anything he could dish out. With a disgusting sound, the spine is pulled free from his back. Once more the boy dashes forward only to attack with a similar spin, using his elbows for close contact.
Seeing these two in action shows Itami exactly how different the two are and yet, what similarities they share. Perhaps they could be considered two branches from the same tree. Both utilize weapons that come from their bodies. The clan abilities are obviously different and perhaps is the only thing that sets them apart. Both are fast on the feet and in style of fight, meaning that a trained eye may be the one able to follow them as the fight progresses. Hmm.
Hiroshi would simply stare as the boy took the spine from his back, he appears to be going all out it seems. Hiroshi would look down for a moment as he scans over the area where his kunai and shuriken had landed, "No I wont need to." He would say as his opponent spun forward. Slashing at Hiroshi and his clothing with the bone. As the Kaguya came in for another slash Hiroshi would bridge the gap between them once more, taking several steps back as he leaves his opponent across the arena only to move towards the opposite end, just what was he planning? Hiroshi would simply watch his opponent, once again the teen hyuuga would take several objects from his pocket, two shuriken and one kunai. Hiroshi would proceed throw the two shuriken at his opponent only to slam the kunai down and perform several hand seals once more. Again the gust of wind would burst from the ground and follow behind the kunai, what is this hyuuga up to?
Tsiro side stepped one of the shuriken, the other ripping into him. He was not sure what the Hyuuga was up to either, but he did notice he was up to something. Once more, he dashes away from the wind. This time he makes a bee line for the Hyuuga whipping the spine towards him. He was attempting to entangle him in the boneish whip.
Hiroshi would curiously peer at the kaguya who now has him snared and entangled in the vine, not fast enough, hmmm. Hiroshi would simply stare at the kaguya. There was no regret in his eyes, instead its as if he were still trying to plan ahead, just what was going on in that hyuuga head of his. "Looks like I have been caught." He would say as he struggles lightly against the vine, it was there for good it seemed. However Hiroshi's eyes would not fall from his opponent, they would instead stare directly back at him as if he were eager to see just how this kaguya would capitalize.
The Hyuuga was now trapped in the spine. While normally most opponents never got to see this attack, Tsiro felt he had little choice. Hiroshi had been up to something and Tsiro had not seen him battle before. He holds his hand out over the tangled opponent. Soon the bones form a large drill around his hand. Tsiro had come here to win, not to play around. He knew with all of the attacks his stamina and chakra would start to fade. He could feel it already. Tsiro then lunges the drilled hand towards the Hyuuga hoping to put a good hurt on him.
So, the spine can be used to bind someone. Not all that farfetched considering the nature of its use. A bone whip, of sorts among other things. She forgets about how many bones can be of use to the Kaguya. She'd fold her arms and watch as the Hyuuga took the blow of the next attack which appears to have given him some serious damage. It's at this point that Itami speaks up saying, "You have the chance now to resign. I am offering it to you. In your condition, moving forward could prove to be fatal and to my knowledge, two deaths have occurred in these exams. I do not think it would be wise to force yourself forward and risk placing yourself at risk," she stated to Hiroshi. "It is my responsibility to ensure your safety. Depending on your answer, I may have to consider this fight to be over."
Hiroshi would simply await the attack as the boned kaguya launched forward, he would not appear to be worried at all, especially as the bone drilled into his being, Hiroshi would simply watch as a better half of it pierced his body. That truly did hurt but he didn't falter back he simply looked at the kaguya smirking at him. "Getting tired and desperate didn't ya?" He would ask ass he peered at the bone through him. Blood easily poured from his wound as he smirks, "You should be careful with that, you wore yourself down dodging and avoiding a lot of my attacks, you even went as far to go all out on the offensive at the cost of your body and chakra even though your opponent was throwing sticks and stones. Careful with that young kaguya, there is more to this all that attacking blindly." Hiroshi would simply sigh, he could keep going he had it in him, but he sure would hear the end of it if he came back badly wounded, "Call the end, I didn't come here to ruin my body from future missions regardless of how much juice I have left."
The drill penetrated and the Hyuuga did not cry out. That in itself was worthy of respect. The words Hiroshi spoke were true. Tsiro knew it full well once the fight had been started. "You were right. I only have a limited number of attacks left in me. I am not certain that I would even remain outside a hospital bed if you continued. However if this were a battle elsewhere, you would be wounded enough to hinder any mission you had, while I still have enough in me to attempt to escape you. You forced me to my back up plan." Tsiro states. He was lucky to have won this battle and he fully knew it. "If you would not mind, I would like to help you to the medical area. It is the least I can do to show my respect."
"Then it is settled. This battle is now over. Winner of this round is Kaguya Tsiro against opponent Hyuuga Hiroshi," Itami called out. The crowd cheered, but that could have gone without saying. The crowd has been cheering this whole time watching these two put their best efforts into fighting. She /really/ didn't want to get blood on her clothes, but it appears she may have to escort both of these guys to the hospital. One was fatigued and the other was bloody. Hooray. "I'll be following you both to the hospital to ensure your safety. At the moment, both of you are in conditions that may be threats to your health along the way," she admitted while gesturing for them to take the first steps to leave. She'd be following closely behind them.
Hiroshi would simply nod as the boy spoke, good thing he knew not to push so much out of him. Hiroshi would simply peer down at his wound, "Yes that would be nice, but whatever you do, do not remove your bone as of yet. Doing so could possibly kill me, which is not something you want to do." He would say would a small chuckle, true most of the bone was keeping his blood from flowing out, but how much would flow once it was removed was unknown. "Also, lets not go directly to your countries medical center, but more so the ones here, no offense but your centers doctors are very fond of sticking and probing me with things, and the last thing I need is another hole in me. Literally." He would say with a small chuckle, either he was insane or had a high resistance to pain being more worried about the doctors than the bone in his body?
Tsiro nodded towards Itami. The young boy was greatful to have represented his nation and his clan in the arena. Turning back towards Hiroshi, he then unwrapped his spine from the Hyuuga. He left the drill in as requested though. "I cannot blame you. I do not like being in our hospital either. Most the doctors only seem interested in finding out how to use my bones." As Tsiro thought about it, the two of them had a lot in common, yet many things were still different.

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