Striking back against the Bandits!


Nendo, Mitsue

Date: December 16, 2015


While on the last mission Nendo and Mitsue were attacked by Bandits, today's mission is to snuff out the criminal activities these bandits are preforming along the roads of the Land of Earth… Will it really be such a simple task of elimination?

"Striking back against the Bandits!"

Land of Earth

With the mission of recovering the scroll having been a success for the teenage duo of Nendo and Mitsue, the next mission was similar in terms of the location. The reported bandits needed to be dealt with and as the pair knew the location well enough, it was decided to fall on Nendo and Mitsue to deal with the bandits. There was nothing specific in terms of how they should deal with the bandits, but they were to ensure that the bandits were no longer going to terrorize that stretch of road. The safety of the villagers and merchants that traveled the road were the priority of today's mission and little else was to come before that.

As the mission was delivered to Nendo and Mitsue via messenger bird, the pair were ordered to meet and head out within two hours which gave the Toujitakumi just enough time to finish his sparring match with his mother and get dressed in his usual clothes rather than training garbs. By the time he reached the gates of the village, Nendo was dressed in his usual black cargo pants, single sleeved red tunic, and a black vest to stave off the cold of the fall day's chill. Different from usual, was the pack on Nendo's back which he rarely carried aside from on multi-day missions. This mission would only take the day at the worst. Once Mitsue was there, if the Gansao wasn't already, they could set off on their way to handle the mission.

Mitsue was there! But he wasn't alone. His mother and father were there as well, fussing over Mitsue which only made him seem embarassed while they all waited for Nendo. Once Nendo arrived Mitsue's mother came over to give him a kiss on the cheek and a hug while his father gave Nendo a firm handshake. "Alright, you two kids be safe. We'll see you two when you get back and we're treating to a meal for your successful mission!" Because it wouldn't be anything else of course. In the meanwhile Mitsue's parents were going to talk to Nendo's about…various things. Mitsue just watched as they left, huffing silently as his violet eyes went to Nendo. ~Sorry, they insisted on waiting with me.~

Nendo blinked at the unexpected attention that he was given when arriving, his arm being shaken more than him having much of a say in the matter. And then they were both on their way and Nendo was standing there, somewhat dumbfounded as he waved the farewell to them. Once Mitsue's voice tickled at his mind, the Toujitakumi would form a few hand seals to send his own Genjutsu toward Mitsue so he could respond in kind. ~No need, but… what was that about?~ The older teen questioned while he adjusted his pack and then started off through the gates to lead the way from the village while they spoke. No point in burning the daylight hours chatting when they had ground to cover after all! Sleeved right arm tucking its hand into his pocket, The Toujitakumi reached out with the gloved hand of his left to take hold of Mitsue's hand or the Gansao's cloak so he could tug the younger teen along on the way from within the village.

Mitsue mentally grumbles a bit at the question. ~I don't know. I think they're up to something but I'm not sure exactly what,~ he admits as he glances back in the direction they'd gone in before shaking his head and looking back to Nendo. And then the older teen is tugging at his cloak and he quickly follows along sheepishly before slipping his hand from beneath his cloak to take the offered hand.

The Toujitakumi would shake his head slowly at the answer he was given and let out a mental chuckle as he tried guessing at what they would be talking over with his parents. ~Maybe they're just thankful about the offer to move in and stay at our house. Though it could be that my parents offered to help with the construction itself… You didn't tell them about the plans for the green house yet, did you?~ Nendo asked while leading the way down the mountain path from the village. It wouldn't be too long for them at the current pace before they were down the mountain and starting on their way past the first village along the main road. Since they were looking for those bandits, it was best to stick to the main road and ensure that the only spot that was endangered was the spot they'd been attacked along last time. More than likely that location wasn't the only one being watched by hungry thieves of course…

~No I didn't, I didn't want to spoil it. I spoke about it with some of those that are drafting up the house though and building some of the pieces. They said they'll keep it in mind and keep a space for it.~ Mitsue was really at a loss as to what they might do but, well, he was pretty sure they'd find out whenever they returned. As they traveled he started keeping an eye on their surroundings out of habit. Didn't want anyone sneaking up on them if he could help it after all…

Nendo would nod but not really talk much more on the topic while they continued along the road. A bit of focus slipping into his feet would let Nendo step and get a small amount of feedback from the environment when it came to what they might be surrounded by. Still, for the time being, things seemed to be all quiet around them. The bird songs singing out were enough to satisfy Nendo -along with the lack of getting any feedback through the ground- that they were alone in the area. A simple hand seal and a glance to Mitsue was Nendo's way of telling the younger to focus chakra while they walked. Better to be safe than to be beaten and sorry for not being prepared, right?

Mitsue nods in understanding to the signal as he prepares his chakra, still looking around from underneath the hood of his dark cloak while they walk along. He keeps moving along, walking right next to Nendo and just waiting to see what the older teen had in mind for this mission. Were they just going to walk and hope to be attacked or something?

For the most part, Nendo had no plan when it came to these bandits.. He was watching the road and would, from time to time, lean down and point or inspect the soil where the bushes had been pressed back from steady use. It seemed to be a hot spot for off road activities. Nendo was walking toward one of the bushes to inspect the broken branches when the first war cry-like call sounded from the bushes and the Toujitakumi had to jump back to avoid the first sword swing. The thrown knife would be batted away with the back of Nendo's hand so it cut into his hand rather than his chest like it seemed to be aiming for. The hail of throwing knives that followed were dodged easily enough and the older teen shook his hand slowly as though to shake the pain out of it. Forming hand seals, the Toujitakumi made a show of gathering the earth onto his fingers before he fired the quick volleys of bullets at the attacking bandits.

Mitsue blinks when he sees Nendo being attacked and then he quickly makes hand seals to leave a clone to poof in his place when the knives come at him. Whew! He frowns at the attackers before he quickly makes a new set of hand seals and sends out his darkness towards them, trying to set about placing an overbearing force on at least two of the attackers!

The bandits seemed prepared to take on several forms of attack when they chose to strike out. Their clothes were shielded with bark and wood, sometimes metal to fend off attacks and while two of them fared well, one was pummeled in his unguarded face with the bullets of compressed earth and stone. Of the group of bandits that chose to lash out at Mitsue, only one of them trembled in fear and dropped his blade.. The other had dropped to his knees but showed that he was not going to fall for the Gansao's illusion. With a dagger driven through his hand, the second bandit glared at Mitsue with a look of crazed desperation and then ripped the blade free of his hand to try lashing his blood at Mitsue's eyes. Even if it didn't work, the bandit was already charging at Mitsue with his dagger poised to stab into the young teen. The bandits that had not been beaten back by Nendo would also be charging at the Toujitakumi with their weapons raised and the same crazed look in their eyes as they swung at the Toujitakumi.

Nendo raised his hands up rather than trying to dodge out of the way of those blades. Stepping into their swing to reduce the force he was hit with, the teen focused his chakra into his hands and when the blades struck his hands, let his chakra leech into them and blast toward the bandits strongly. There was no avoiding some damage but it was small enough to not bother the Toujitakumi as he prepared to dodge more attacks if those bandits had enough resolve to still keep coming.

Mitsue watched the evil types and, while only one of the men fell to his genjutsu it was a reprieve. More clones take that icky flung blood and when he charges through it the creatino poofs in smoke. Mitsue makes more hand seals as he toes at a clump of earth. He attacks the man that was still standing with his genjutsu before sending his chakra into the ground and causing a column of earth to rise up at him from two different angles.

Shards of their blades were blasted at them and while their armour guarded against most of them, cuts, slashes, and the pure shock of the explosions were enough to blast the men back several feet and onto their backs in quivering heaps of pain. The result for Mitsue's victim was much the same He stabbed himself just as before but was no match against that illusion. He was in such fear that he could barely even tense against the impact of the earth that slammed into him. A whimpering cry of pain and fear left the man as he fell to the ground at Mitsue's feet. It was the bandit that had been struck by the illusion and crumbled before that was the least harmed of the five bandits. With a cowering figure, the bandit pressed his face to the ground and began speaking as quickly as he could. "We're sorry! We don't want to hurt anyone, please! The bandit cried out, hands pressed flat to the road to show that he wasn't grasping for any weapons or trying to hide anything from the shinobi that had beaten his comrades. "Please! We're hungry, our crops were too badly damaged by the beasts months ago and we could not bring in enough to eat! No one will hire us! We have families!" The bandit began, rambling as quickly as he could as he tried begging for mercy from the shinobi.

Nendo watched as the men before him had done their best to move into similar pleading positions at his feet and even tried discarding their weapons as a show that they weren't going to fight further. Really though, who'd want to fight someone that can make explosions with his hands or that can make them see the most terrifying thing on earth, and both being able to do so on a whim. They were probably a bit much for average bandits. Still, Nendo had stopped Mitsue in the past, he'd let Mitsue decide what to do with the bandits from here. Will he turn them in or want to try to help…?

Mitsue listened to the pleading men as a frown grances his lips and his violet eyes search over the one in front of him. ~If it's true they are only farmers then we should see what's going on. However that doesn't forgive them for the damage and trauma they've caused. Let's take them back to the Village and we can get the full story there and see if it's true or not.~

~That sounds fair enough.. If they're lying then we'll have brought them in and if they're not then maybe Juudai will have an idea of what we can do.~ Nendo would nod a bit and form several hand seals before kneeling and slamming his hands to the ground. Rather than fairies or monsters, what he made were several badgers climb from the ground and line up around the bandits. "Alright… we're bringing you to the village with us and you can explain yourselves to the Tsuchikage. If you try to run, I'll have one of these guys chase you down. They make a much bigger explosion that the ones I used just now so spare yourself the pain and don't run away." Nendo warned while watching the bandits and holding his hands together. By the time he had the bandits rounded up, he'd stopped bleeding and showed Mitsue that he was just fine.. A couple of scrapes for the Gansao to take care of for him when they got home. And home was where they could go too. Today's mission was a success… in progress. He had a feeling the job of helping these people would fall on them if they were found innocent.

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