Responsibilities of a Summoner - Striking the Heart


Saki, Shuuren

Date: December 12, 2016


In hopes of demoralizing the Land of Tea and its leader, one of the clans of the summoned creatures try to attack the country's port.

"Responsibilities of a Summoner - Striking the Heart"

Land of Tea - Port

The port in the Land of Tea is always hustling and bustling with people. Merchants, customers, and shipowners all make their way through these parts. It shouldn't be surprising, then, that not everyone knew each other. Today, a new ship was seen at the docks. The ship itself didn't seem all that special in any way. There were no distinguishing features to it, and the crew that manned it seemed like your typical sea-goers. All that being said, it was just a normal day in the Land of Tea, right? The sun was shining, though it was still a bit chilly with the wind and it being fall.

Having sensed something strange about a ship nearing the country, Shuuren decided to go check it out personally since the various threats against him and the country lately tend to be a bit above the paygrade of the average guard. Saki, of course, would be dragged along because she is a bit stronger than most think and because she needs to stretch her legs away from the palace just as much as he does. Business and politics mixed together make one incredibly busy, after all, especially for the boss and his personal assistant.
Despite the potential danger, the Daimyo walks up to the port adorned in his normal suit and even his cloak. There is a gentle smile on his face as he walks along, offering a nod in greeting to anyone he passes. One would think there is nothing wrong at all, as he simply approaches one of the merchants in the area and begins talking business.
As he talks, he would spare Saki a glance once in a while to be sure she is doing her part to appear nonchalant in this situation. Meanwhile he would check again with his chakra sense to pick out which ship is the one to be concerned about and try to get a gauge of chakra levels and any jutsu that might be being used upon the vessel.

The vessel is as it seems to the naked eye, at least. Those that were on it, though, had stepped off and have been wandering the port for some time. A few of them chose to interact with other merchants, acting as though they were there to restock their supplies and maybe trade some goods of their own.
Saki ends up dragged outside of the palace with Shuuren, which is a surprise. Apparently it has to do with business, so she has her assistant-things and her sword hidden in her typical dress of a nice kimono. Today's color was themed yellow, of all things. Anyway, Saki was just standing next to Shuuren and trying to listen to his conversation with the merchants, not really suspecting anything at all.
As it turns out, there was one larger man standing around looking for a certain Daimyo. When the white suit flashes through the crowd, he gives a signal to one of his crew that was still with him while he slinks over to approach Shuuren and his assistant. Despite his larger size, he's actually fairly agile!

COMBAT: Shuuren focuses 8036 stamina to turn it into 12000 usable chakra!
COMBAT: Shuuren attacks target 1 with SHADOW-CLONE-STEALTH with a roll of: 48
[NPC System]: Suspicious Folk roll(s) Perception (48) from 20 to 40 and get(s) a 23. - Rolled by: Saki
[NPC System]: Super Suspicious Folk roll(s) Perception (48) from 25 to 50 and get(s) a 41. - Rolled by: Saki

Though he casts a glance around, Shuuren doesn't seem to notice that there are people headed his way. In fact he continues to carry on his conversation as normal, that smile remaining on his face. Maybe he doesn't notice what going on, or perhaps he's simply suckering in the men that have chosen to target him. Whatever the case, these men's presence appears to go entirely unheeded.
"Not bad. Write it out and send the invoice to the palace with the shipment. I'll be sure the payment is ready when your courier arrives," he says, nodding to the man. Once the page is written out for the invoice, he picks up a pen to sign it, carrying on business as usual as if there's not a group of men led by one rather burly one headed right for him.

[NPC System]: Super Suspicious Man roll(s) Stealth II vs Saki from 20 to 40 and get(s) a 25. - Rolled by: Saki
RPCOMBAT: Saki defends against with a PERCEPTION-II…36
[NPC System]: Super Suspicious Man roll(s) Snag vs. Saki from 25 to 50 and get(s) a 50. - Rolled by: Saki

Saki would scribble a few things down since the invoice would be passing her desk at some point or another, then she would move quickly to follow after Shuuren as they continued along their route. Before completely moving away from the merchant, a hasty bow is offered. Continuing their path forward, she eventually notices some suspicious person moving through the crowds, and her senses go !!!!!! Of course, if her own instincts are on alert, Shuuren must also be alert and is just acting calm. So she tries not to react too obviously and would just move a hand closer to where she hid a dagger on her person.
The Mystery Man was approaching steadily, and eventually he would place himself so that he was following behind Shuuren. While he was targeting the Daimyo, what he ended up doing was grabbing Saki and tugging her away from the white-clad man. The guy, apparently, figured that having a hostage would put things in his favor if he was successful. …

COMBAT: Shuuren attacks target 1 with INTERRUPT with a roll of: 58
RP: Shuuren transforms into COMBAT-MEDIC-PILL-III.
COMBAT: Shuuren attacks target 1 with BODY-FLICKER-II with a roll of: 90
RPCOMBAT: Shuuren counters with BODY-FLICKER-II…85

Just the moment the man goes to grab Saki, he would find a second Shuuren directly beside him in a flicker of speed… this one adorned in his black combat attire and driving a knee right at the side of his head before vanishing and reappearing to drive another one right at his gut. "… All citizens evacuate the port immediately," he calls out, causing people to turn and run while he steps into stance.
"All you who are here to attack… I already know who you are, so you might as well stay and get what's coming to you," he says, a slight smirk tugging at the corner of his lips before he vanishes again, apparently to demonstrate that he is not joking about knowing who his enemies are as he would appear in front of one of the others his chakra senses indicated to drive powerful roundhouse directly at his gut.

COMBAT: Shuuren attacks target 1 with BODY-FLICKER-II with a roll of: 67

As the second Shuuren appears and smacks the larger man on the head, he seems to be temporarily paralyzed by the blow. Then the henge that surrounded his form broke down to reveal that he was actually a mongoose! A fairly large one, at that. The creature, admittedly, still gets a bit of a beating, but the strikes are less effective from some of the natural armor that the summoned creature is wearing. And now there is a giant mongoose in the port… Which can only mean…
A lot of chaos suddenly breaks out in the area. The crew of the ship that were milling about would wait for the civilians to disappear from the area, breaking their disguises like the leader just did. Shifting to all-fours, the ones that ones that weren't getting attacked by Shuuren would spread out and start destroying various booths and stalls that were in the port area.
Saki shifts slightly to look behind her in time to see Shuuren knock a man over. And then said man turned into a beast. The girl blinks in surprise, then glances back to where she last saw Shuuren. Admittedly, she wasn't entirely sure what to do, though she did end up drawing her sword.

COMBAT: Shuuren attacks target 1 with MANY-HIDDEN-SHADOW-SNAKE-HANDS with a roll of: 71
COMBAT: Shuuren attacks target 2 with MANY-HIDDEN-SHADOW-SNAKE-HANDS with a roll of: 75
COMBAT: Shuuren attacks target 3 with MANY-HIDDEN-SHADOW-SNAKE-HANDS with a roll of: 88

"Oh, look, Saki, mongooses. What a turn of events," Shuuren says, smirking again as he looks around at the beasts. The tone of his voice is one that denotes the Daimyo is rather unimpressed with this attempted siege. He actually seems a bit amused. "You really should not have come here. I'd have thought you'd have learned from the one that came running home last time. If death is your wish, however, I will grant it to you."
Swinging each of his hands forward, he sends forth dozens of snakes that stretch out to incredible lengths to come from multiple directions around three of the mongooses and wrap them up to keep them from being able to attack or to run. "Now let's choose… Who gets to live to tell your bosses that coming after me again isn't a good idea?"

COMBAT: Saki attacks target 1 with HYPER-SPEED-CHAIN-KILL with a roll of: 53
COMBAT: Saki attacks target 2 with HYPER-SPEED-CHAIN-KILL with a roll of: 62
[NPC System]: Medium Mongooses roll(s) Dodge vs. Saki (53) from 30 to 60 and get(s) a 43. - Rolled by: Saki
[NPC System]: Medium Mongooses roll(s) Dodge vs. Saki (62) from 30 to 60 and get(s) a 38. - Rolled by: Saki

"You sound as if you expected this >.<!" Saki would squeak out, wondering how the Daimyo wasn't surprised. Well, given how many attacks he ends up suffering, he probably isn't surprised by it… But she is. Fortunately (or not), the girl doesn't have to do much of anything because Shuuren was able to trap three of the mongooses with the snakes that shot from his hands. The girl purses her lips, shifting her attention so she could take a breath, then she disappears in a burst of speed, aiming cuts at the throats of the two other beasts that were present.
While Saki's attack didn't kill them, they were badly wounded. A slice at the throat is nothing to laugh about! So the two summons retreated back to their land of wherever. How great! The one that was larger than the rest of them growls at Shuuren, especially now that it's recovered. "Your message has been heard. We shall see if it keeps us away." The mongoose would disappear, and the three others would as well if they were allowed. While they weren't able to destroy Shuuren, per se, they /had/ been able to destroy a large section of the port. The good news is that there weren't any lives lost. Just a lot of destruction. …

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