Stringing Up the Yellow Hats


Keiji, Suterusu, Kameko, Kuoroke

Date: November 17, 2012


A team has been sent to deal with the Yellow Hat gang, a gang who fight with yellow hats.

"Stringing Up the Yellow Hats"

An apartment building in a city in the Land of Wind.

The land of Wind has a new threat to deal with, and a team has been gathered to do the dealing, consisting of Suterusu, Kameko, and Keiji. The problem they have to deal with is the so-called Yellow Hat gang. Having appeared out of, seemingly, nowhere a few mere months ago, they have rapidly grown to become a real threat. Now, they are sought for various crimes, mostly robberies and attacks on caravans, but also occasional rather messy assassinations and general uncalled-for acts of terrorism. Their name is not random: not only are they all fond of wearing yellow hats, or generally, headwear while engaging in these crimes, but these hats are often central to their fighting styles, and a way for various members to determine each others' rank in the hierarchy. How that hierarchy works, exactly, has not been determined yet.
The gang has shown itself to be highly mobile. They relocate every time after appearing, and every time the members scatter in all directions, and they are rarely all in one place, unless that place is a crime scene. For this reason, the very recent information about a large group of them, ten people at the least, hiding in an apartment building in one of the cities of the Land of the Wind has been a godsend on one hand, but worrisome on the other, and the team has been sent to deal with them immediately.
The building the group finds themselves in is a simple apartment building with five stories, on the second-highest of which the targets are, according the to the information they have, hiding out. It's fashioned out of slightkly reddish sandstone, with a featureless facade, and about eight small windows on every story. The team's orders are simple: catch any Yellow Hat members if possible, eliminate them if it isn't, and try to limit collateral damage.

Kameko waits for her team in a predetermined meeting place, her arms crossed and her brow furrowed in thought. This certainly seemed like one of her more dangerous missions, of course with Stealth and Keiji there it shouldn't be too bad. She looks up at the sky thinking over a plan, capturing them alive would be difficult. Her style of fighting wasn't exactly great for that sort of thing. Still at least they were given the options of eliminating them if they had to. Collateral damage would also be an issue, sometimes she could get a little carried away with her dancing. Still she wasn't exactly sure where to begin with planning the mission, hopefully the others would arrive and have more experience with that sort of thing. "I hope they get here soon…"

That figure would melt out of the shadows near Kameko. One second not there.. the next, standing with arms crossed over his chest, staring at the building. Red gaze would study it, from top to bottom. He had did a quick survey surrounding it, but didn't pick anything up initially. Keiji was usually the leader when dealing with the team, and so the figure would naturally refer to him when dealing with stuff like this. However, with the limiting of collateral damage, this might make it a little bit more difficult to remove the targets than what he would normal do for elimination. It's one thing to demolish an area, it's another to try to aprehend a group of villans, as it were.

Keiji had arrived at the spot nodding his head towards both Suterusu and Kameko. He offered a simple wave as he mentally went over the details of the mission in his head once more. Taking them alive should not be a huge issue, especially with his ability to poison. If all the intel was good, things seemed like they might go smoothly. His eyes scanned over Suterusu a brief moment. "You both are aware of all the details?" They should have been. They were suppose to recieve exactly what he did.

An investigation of the building shows that it has one entrance at the back, leading to a small, paved-over yard with walls of about two meters, much like the ones the buildings next to it have. On the other side of the block. The back door's hinges have long rusted, and the tiles of the yard have been covered by a thick layer of sand with occasional, hardy desert plants poking out their head from between them. A few empty, rotten wooden boxes litter the corners of the yard. Much like the front, the back of the building is a flat wall with small windows in it. Inside, Suterusu's chakra-detecting senses finds several dozen chakra levels of varying levels, none of them above the level of a villager, and a higher level of chakra on the third floor, as their information indicates, with probably six or seven Chuunin-level ninja.

Kameko glances over at Suterusu not all that surprised by his dramatic entrances anymore, and turns her attention over to Keiji when he arrives. "Yes, I am aware of the details. What'll be the best course of action? Planning things isn't my strong suit..I would likely go in an explore the building first thing, but that wouldn't go so well if there are any guards or such…" She chuckles faintly before looking over to Suterusu. Knowing him he's had those clones of his do some snooping for them already. Who knows, that could be a clone greeting them now, it was hard telling. "So Stealth, what do you think about the situation?"

"Civilians in lower floors. Chuunin levels in upper floor. Roughly 6 or so if I'm accurate." That soft tenor voice would croon out the report, pausing a moment, before continuing, "The back door is rusted. That would be a give away point. Surrounding courtyard is garbage stewn. Potential traps involved there." A small shake of his head was given. "Not a good situation. Leveling the building is probably the easiest way to deal with them. Otherwise we can try approaching. I don't see an easy way in, however."

Keiji nods his head. "Here is the plan. We will enter from the backside of the building. The door is rusted. That means you can manipulate it. So you will be in the lead Suterusu. This will allow us to get past any metal door handles with locks. As for the yard, step lightly and careully. Forge the path and Kameko will follow. Kameko, you are in the middle. Stay behind Suterusu. I will bring up the rear just incase we need to make an exit through one of the walls once inside." Unfortunately, Keiji did not want to crush anyone if he had to use that form…

Kameko nods in understanding of the plan of action, she was glad to not be the one who had to lead. Still she had to be in the middle, so Kameko was still just a little bit nervous. It was best that she focused on the task at hand however. "Follow behind Stealth as he forges a path and step lightly..understood." She glances over at Suterusu thoughtfully before nodding at him. "Lead the way then Stealth. Keiji and I will have your back." She then waits for Suterusu to make his way ahead before following after him. She made sure to leave some distance between herself and him so he'd have plenty of space to do whatever he needed to do.

The figure watched Keiji for a moment, nodding simply to his plan. So sayeth the team leader. With that in min, the initial clones he had out there would poof into non-exsistance, new ones forming about him, as they formed, they'd immediately melt out of sight. With that done, he'd start the lead out and around the building, coming in from the back area of the building, he'd keep quiet, watching his surroundings for any potential targets while the clones he had made would sweep out ahead of him, clearing a path with small bits of wire to show where is good to step and where is not. Using himself as his own scout.. why not? If they made it up to the door smoothly, he'd go to work on the lock and hinges, making them simply.. melt away, the metal bits dripping down like liquid to pool at the base of the door, leaving it standing there without anything holding it up other than the fact it has a flat bottom.

The yard seems to be entirely safe, as the clones don't encounter any trouble and the path to the door is clear. As the metal holding it up is molten away from under it, the door, being poorly balanced and warped by the heat, falls outward, towards the ninja, and, if not stopped, hits the ground with a dull, barely audible thud, and a small cloud of sand. Once inside, the group see a corridor going left and right. On their side, there are simple wooden doors to three appartments, populated, presumably, by unsuspecting civilians. On the other side, two identical doors lead to other appartments, and between them is a small lobby, with the front door. At the end of corridor, there is a relatively narrow stairwell.

Kameko follows behind Suterusu remaining within a safe enough distance, so far so good. They were even able to get inside the hotel, but it seemed like Keiji was trailing a little bit behind. She glances down both sides of the corridor as she goes in. Stealth said something about them being on the upper floors, so that would probably be the best place to go. She nods briefly over at Suterusu giving indication for him to continue leading the way. She begins pooling together her chakra taking a deep breath as she prepared for whatever they may run to. She attempts to soften her steps in an attempt to keep anyone from hearing her, although she wasn't as skilled as Suterusu was she could still try. Hopefully things will continue running this smoothly as time goes on.

Expecting the door to come down at him, he'd of course catch it, silently setting it on the wall by the doorway so it looked like the door was just all the way open. Glancing back at Kameko, he'd just stare at her for a moment before turning away. That was going to be an.. issue. The clones sent in before them, they would once again be used to clear the path ahead, hopefully making it less likely that Kameko would be noted. Each door would get a simple wire loop hooked onto the handle, from it to the hinges, then the manipulation of metal by the clones would have them in essance, locked down. While yes, there were innocents, he didn't want to have to deal with people if the fight ahead went south. Sneaking his way into the main area, he'd keep low, going for the stairs to start his path up. He knew the targets were ahead.. just a matter of how far.

As the group makes their path towards the stairwell, sabotaging the door on their way past, nothing out-of-the-ordinary seems to happen, and the group continues unimpeded from the ground floor to the first, and from the first to the second. The tampering with the doors, too, seems to go entirely unnoticed. Once they arrive at the second floor, they know that the enemy can't be far any more.

Kameko sighs faintly to herself catching the look Suterusu gave her. Even if his face didn't hold many emotions it was probably one of disappointment or annoyance with the fact that she was getting in the way. She'd definitely need to work on her sneaking techniques at some point, for the most part on missions she is not of much use as anything other than something to slice her targets up. That was if she could even aim properly enough to catch them. She was glad that he seemed to be able to make up for the fact that she wasn't being very hidden. She keeps trying to step softly, attempting to remain as unnoticeable as she possibly could.

Making it up to the 3rd floor, he'd realize they aren't above them closer to the source. As such, he'd slow once they were at the top floor. The clones would move forward, each room scanned and if it was a civilian, locked down, the clones would frame the doorway of the enemy. A small nod was given and he would look back at Kameko. That was the spot. a three finger count was held up, then a fist punched forward in the air. Should be fairly clear what he was wanting. The plan shown, he'd sneak forward, keeping back out of the way while he let Kameko start this fun, so he could come in with the capture and potential finish of the group.

As the group makes their way up the stairs, the building continues to be calm, if not entirely quiet: the normal sounds of people's lives come from inside the building and are joined the perpetual mutter of a densely populated city. If anything, though, these normal sounds are a reassuring thing rather than an alarming one. What's important to note, however, is that the moment the road-clearing clones get off the stairs, one of them notices something strange: faint chakra sources beneat them. A closer inspection reveals that, under the worn-out carpet going along the corridor, chakra tags have been placed. Inspection reveals that they are primed to react to the proximity of any significant chakra source, releasing a good deal of wind chakra. Apparently, the opposition have prepared for possible attackers, after all.

Kameko nods slowly at Suterusu's plan before glancing at the clone that came to report their findings back. Chakra tags under the carpet hm? She'd have to take another path to avoid setting those off. Focusing some chakra to her feet and hands she climbs up the wall and onto the cieling crawling her way over to the door the targets were behind. She paused for a moment debating how to best make her entrance, nodding to herself when she decides the best course of action. Stealth would probably need a big distraction to sneak in behind. She flows some chakra to one of the tattoos on her wrist then slams the blade that juts out into the door cutting her way through. Flipping down from the cieling she pulls her blade away and kicks in the rest of the door to make her way into the room assuming a combative stance. Hopefully that entrance was big enough for Suterusu. "Knock knock."

Once Kameko went high, the figure looked at his clones. There was no need for words between them, the answer was clear as to what had to happen. Two would head outside the building, seeking a window for fast escape, so they could crawl around the outside to be near the room they were going into. As Kameko would make her big entrance, one of the clones would indeed head in there with her, rolling off to the side in a low crouch. That red gaze was intense, studying the targets, preparing for what could be a full on fight here in a moment. The real him was outside the room, listening, his plan was being put into place to bind the whole room up in that jutsu. If they can't move, they can't readily resist, right? Of course, it could all be a fake, but here's hoping they got the right spot.

The apartment is rather utilitarian and simple: it has three rooms: one is a bedroom, one a small, cramped bathroom, and the last, the one Kameko and Suterusu's clone have entered, a room serving as the kitchen, dining area, and anything else one may need, with a small table, a couch, a stove right beside the entrance. Someone, presumably the representatives of society's criminal element inhabiting it, has vandalized the wall separating this apartment from the next. To be specific, part of it has been simply cut out, connecting this apartment to the next, and that one to the next one yet, and so on.
Inside the room, the ninja find three men, who seem surprised by their appearance: one of them wears a bright yellow turban, another a conical straw hat, and finally the last one wears a simlar, conical hat, except it's made of metal, a grinning face embossed on the top. Two of them, sitting on the ground, seem too perplexed to do anything. The one in the straw hat, however, reaches into it, pulling two 'straws' from it. Upon closer examination, they are not so much straws as very fine senbon, which he flicks at Kameko.

Kameko smirks and charges her feet with lightning chakra since at least one of the three were able to put up some sort of fight. She ducks down low skating out of the way from the senbon and towards the three. "Quite rude don't you think? You should be more polite to house guests. At the very least an offer for tea would be appreciated." She grins to herself and reaches out with her free hand to try and grab ahold of the one who flicked the needles at her in the first place by the throat. She did keep in mind that they needed to be kept alive if at all possible, so for now she would hold back on the slicing and dicing. For now. If she did manage to keep a grip on the man, she sends a surge of lightning through out his body. That should be enough to keep him place while Suterusu did something to keep them held down.

The clone inside waited for the sign.. of which there was none yet. It seemed the other clones had to race to the bottom to climb back up. That meant.. stall time. The real figure outside of the room had his wire come alive, causing it to coil downward and dig into the floorboard. Once it was under the floors it'd snake out into the room, circling as much as was possible back and forth within that room. Preperations were being made for the next set of moves of course. Meanwhile, the clone within the room with Kameko would indeed act. That metal wire that was wrapped about him would be pulled off, sent flying towards the yellow turban guy, it would come alive close to impact, snaking out to wrap about the man and try to pin him down. Meanwhile.. the one with the metal hat? Yeah.. he focused some chakra into it, to cause it to suddenly heat up.. and shrink.. quickly.

With a groan, the man with the straw paddy hat goes limp in Kameko's fingers. In the meantime, the man in the turban jumps up, reaching for the hat, only to be grabbed by the flying wire and tied up in mid-air. With a thump, he lands to the ground again. The one with the metal paddy hat quickly swipes it from his head, bringing it up to his head. However, the fight has only begun: through the vandalized wall, the attackers can see that the others have mobilized, as well, most just running to the aid of their partners in crime, and a few already beginning their assault: one of the neighbours, a deceptively frail-looking girl, throws off a golden-coloured bowl hat, and, producing a chain from somewhere, kicks it at Kameko as he jumps over the next room's bed. Further away, a woman in an elaborate crown forms hand-seals, lightning jumping among the points atop the thing. For now, however, she is not a threat. Finally, a third person in the next room inhales, grabs a tall, pointed, cone-shaped hat, and exhales through it, sending a wave of roaring air towards both of them.
One thing stands out to Suterusu: not all of the Yellow Hats have the chakra levels of a full-fledged ninja. Some of them, specifically the ones relying on taijutsu, such as the straw paddy-hat wearer and the girl with the golden bowler hat, seem to have the chakra level of a villager, despite their combat ability.

Kameko glances down at the limp man in her hands now frowning to herself before simply tossing him over in Suterusu's general direction. He could take care of the unconcious guy, she had her own problems to deal with. With her feet still charged she glides out of the way from both the hat coming towards her and the wave of air. Things were really starting to pick up, but who to go after next. She glances over at the girl who threw the bowler hat her peering at her slightly. She would have to make do as a target. Gliding towards her she takes her chakram dagger, yellow sparks leapt erratically from the blade, beginning her dance as she approached the frail girl. She tried making her movements and slices subtle, only aiming for poinst that would simply incapacitate and not kill.

Eyes opened on the real figure, he'd pick up they were in place. The whole floor was a mess.. they were all linked together, rather than in one spot. That.. made it harder, but not impossible. The two clones outside, one on each face of the building, would start hand seals, a blur of moves that was mirrored by the clone in the room and the actual figure out in the hall. That metal wire he had been feeding through the floor? It would suddenly have a massive chakra boost to it, spreading more like a virus than a simple thread, each room was quickly covered before the floor itself would suddenly rip upwards, the spiked metal wire coiling about as if alive while the figure with his clones would attempt to capture all of them, each in their own room with a sudden surge of barbed wire in essance. As Kameko was close by, she should be missed by the grappling wire as he tried to bring this whole thing to a screeching halt.

The heavy bowler hat goes clean through the wall, and as she yanks the chain back, winds itself around the door post. As Kameko comes towards her, she pulls the chain powerfully enough to be thrown past Kameko, through the room, and into the next one, well out of reach of danger. This, however, doesn't save her, as metal, spiked wires burst forth from the ground and the ceiling alike, drawing together on the everyone and everything. The others seem to be entirely caught off guard, as well: the metal wires tie together around their bodies, immobilizing everyone within sight.

Kameko blinks for a moment as the girl zooms past her, and turns to go after her before noticing the wires popping out from everywhere wrapping all their targets up. She scratches the back of her head and raises an eyebrow. Well it seemed the mission was just about over, they had everyone they needed all bundled up. She stops the flow of chakra to her tattoo causing it to go back to her skin before looking around at the aftermath. Seemed they suceeded in apprehending and not killin "Good job Stealth…Need help picking up the cargo?"

He would simply nod, all four of the clones continuing to pour chakra into the move. While yes, it did catch them, the wire would normally turn brittle and fail as a hold after a bit of time. In normal combat, that worked as he was usually into the next move, here.. they needed to be bound up. "Bind them. Each one should have their hands accessible. I will release them after you have them tied up… I can't release the jutsu until then. Otherwise we still have a fight on our hands." The soft tenor voice would croon her way, he did sound a little tired.. it had not been an easy search, afterall, but at least they finally caught the enemies and could return them as part of the mission's requirements.

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