Struggle With No Reward - 400


Fudo, Etsu, Hiei, Hiroyasu, Kaydin

Date: May 23, 2013


400 of the True Fire Movement have come to the gates of Konoha in order to siege it. 400 Men and women who believe that they can be part of the force that takes down the great shinobi village. 400 lost souls sent to their doom.

"Struggle With No Reward - 400"

Gates of Konoha

What utter fools. The torches would waver in the undisciplined march in the distance as the 400 would come to the gates of Konoha as if they were going to make a difference. As if Konoha was going to simply stand by and let their little revolution engulf them. Konoha was aware of this, even before the villagers came to find shelter from the coming conflict. The only reason they took any time to be accepted in to Konoha, is that there was no real way to verify their identities. They could be TFM spies, if they had any such things to begin with.
The walls of Konoha had a couple dozen Shinobi on it. Spread thinly along the wall just in case more than what was reported was going to come their way. Fudo stood with one Konoha kunoichi, Etsu, and two visiting shinobi from Kumogakure, Hiei and Hiroyasu. They had worked together well in the past, and it seemed that even being foreign nin, they understood the situation well enough. As the flickering candles in the distance grew closer, Fudo would simply shake his head. "I cannot believe how inconceivably stupid these people are being. Their propaganda must be excellent to even begin to think this would end well for them. "Hiei, Hiroyasu… this is not your slaughter to attend if you do not wish to." Fudo would make that clear as he watched the TFM "soldiers" slowly close in on the gates.

Etsu was always ready to assist in endeavours that involved protecting her village. Extermination was her specialty and she performed it well on insects and humans alike. Though, to be truthful, the insects have a much higher chance of living, depending on the circumstance. People are…much more complex. She watched the approaching soldiers in silence, thinking how terrible it would be for them to have to die. If they were bold enough to come this far, then they posed an immediate threat after all.
"I say let them. They must see that even visiting villagers do not tolerate this nonsense. The Hokage already made it apparent that this would not be a conflict without blood. Them attacking us shows they're out to claim some. We will not allow this," she offered with a fold of her arms.

Hiei stood with his arms crossed over his chest. He had already prepared himself mentally for what was about to happen. "Here they come like goats to the slaughter." He looks between Fudo and Etsu. "I'm invested in this village. I've come to know and respect the people that live here. What kind of man would I be if I just turned a blind eye and let these idiots do whatever they want? I won't let a brick of this place be destroyed. End of story." The Kumo ninja looks completely serious as he speaks, that gleam in his eye is evidence that for the first time, he's going to be able to really let go in this fight.

Hiroyasu adds "Is this really, all that came? Is it 2 for 1 special at the bar or something.. Free Ramen bowel with purchase?" it's just baffling to him. "Oh well, What's the plan?" he asks rubbing the back of his head looking around for who is running this. He looks over to Hiei who is mayhem mode, "Try not hurt them too badly, their ignorant people. They are just a distraction anyway, who attacks a city with a large force of untrained citizens".. he shakes his head.

Kaydin approaches the group who was watching and looks out to the people and torches. He remains silent for the most part before turning to the one who seemed to be in charge. "I was sent to aid in whatever is needed." He says calmly as he turns his pale gaze to the people approaching. He seemed to be in thought as he gazed at the area infront of him.

"The plan is simple. If they will not listen to reason, they die." perhaps Fudo was cold hearted compared to most Konoha shinobi, but he also was a realist. They were fanatical to even attempt this, and if they truly thought that they had a chance of success, it needed to be known here and now without question that that chance wasn't even a remote possibility. They were now about 800 feet from the wall, and Fudo would suddenly pull and throw three shuriken from each hand to sail out towards them in that great distance. The shuriken would thunk in to the ground heavily before them at about 600 feet from the gates of Konoha and Fudo would take the liberty to say without any prompting or waiting for his superiors. "If any of you pass that line…!" His eyes would suddenly blaze forth with the sharingan, glowing like a demon's in the twilight night. "…your utter defeat will not even be a second thought to anyone here! If you are smart enough to walk away /right/ now… your intelligence will keep you alive long enough to tell someone the tale of your unconditional surrender."

"Sounds reasonable enough," Etsu remarked towards Fudo's idea. In the meantime while the people were approaching, she began to speed up her insects production so she'd have more of them to use. With Fudo handling the approaching mob, all she had to do was sit back and wait until they made their move. They were too far away for her to perform any actions. No need in wasting energy when they can play a game of chicken and see who will come out on top.

Hiei listens to Fudo speak, and he was right there on the same page with him. He didn't -like- hurting people, but killing has never made him loose any sleep at night, either. Since it was almost time to party, he might as well get ready for the occasion. He goes through some hand signals before saying softly. "Release: Lightning Movement." A blue aura appears over his body with lightning bolts flowing around him. It was beginning to become easier for Hiei to use the Yotsuki clan technique of nintaijutsu. He exhales slowly, allowing his body to get used to the increase in chakra. The muscles under his skin begin to jump and wiggle as if they are recieving electric shocks. His hand reaches back to grip the hilt of the sword strapped to the small of his back. There was no point for him to speak, either they would see reason, or they would die. The choice was theirs.

Hiroyasu nods "Alright then", he claps his hands together into the prayer steeple focusing himself before taking a deep breath and a releasing a sigh. "I can provide medical attention if you manage to get hurt." he looks around at them, it didn't seem likely to happen but he was bound by the code to inform them of their options in medical providers.

"A trump card is only a trump card when it is unknown." Kaydin says, wether to Fudo's use of Sharingan or the villagers marching on them, is unknown as he glances about the area. He then hmms as he remains at the ready for the most part, converting energy to chakra

The tiny army of ill equipped men would show surprising stupidity that they held in their hearts as bravery to be sung for generations to come. "You shinobi of the /hidden/ leaf wouldn't understand what it means to be real men! Real soldiers! Real people of the Land of Fire! We are the /TRUE/ Fire Movement! Hide behind your leaves and /BURN/ in the wake of our convictions! The we will /CRUSH/ the Will of Fire with the WILL of the PEOPLE!!!"
It was about then that they would cross the line. Literally the line that Fudo had put down because he was tired of all these long winded, grand standing, self righteous, thoughtless speeches he kept hearing as people executed women and children with their all mighty will of the people. "Let us show you the Will of Fire first, and see if you can withstand the flames." Fudo stated as he would draw upon an immense amount of chakra, far more than he likely needed for this, but it had a purpose. He did say utter defeat… and he didn't just mean their bodies. His body seemed to waver as the chakra that had mingled with another's seeps from his tenketsu in a dark purple hue.
He raised a curled finger towards his lips as he inhaled deeply. "Katon: Ryuka no Jutsu!" he'd exale the words as the six razor wires would suddenly be engulfed in roaring flames in their wide arc due to the spread of the shuriken. As the flames reached their target locations, they would blast forward, washing over any who were still in the way. He would then form another hand seal and inhale once more. "Katon: Kasumi Endo!" would be yelled as a wide dispersal of gases from his gaping mouth would suddenly catch aflame and wend an even bigger, wider wave of flames to create what appeared to be a literal fan of flames that roared towards the militia with impunity.

Etsu had more than enough insects to work with now and as a result, would start to utilize them to keep the people from drawing any further. Perhaps it was her way of saying 'this is your last chance', especially seeing as how they were already being attacked with flames by Fudo. She has to wonder, exactly how wounded they were in order to take up arms against the village like this…
Silent communication between her and her insects would initiate the attack against the people in two large holes that would give way beneath their feet and drive them down into a pit of waiting kikaichu.

Once the crowd came within range, Hiei would waste no time. Holding his sword in a two handed grip, his body warps from view as he speeds away while kicking up dirt and debris in his wake. He runs into the heart of the group, his sword flashing before him, his body blurring briefly before he strikes out within the crowd.

Hiroyasu sighs when they fails to yield and the onslaught, massacre begins… He does as he always does, and supports his melee partner, he stomps the ground and tears of stone float upward adorning his fingers in rocky projectiles, and he lets them fly in rapid succession.

Kaydin leaps fro the position and lands out and runs towards the villagers. "Vanish." He says as he closes his eyes and the veins bulge. The Byakugan forms as he opens his eyes and moves in a blur, seeming to hit multiple people with that fighting style his clan was famous for, the gentle fist.

The fires that blazed from Fudo would easily decimate the front line, taking 20 solders and turning the line in the sand to proverbial and nearly quite literal glass. The sinking earth would consume yet another near two dozen troops, screaming as they are devoured and buried all at once. Hiei's blurring flurry of attacks on the front lines cleaves through yet another group of 20 in mere moments as he dances amongst them with the power of the Yotsuki. The barrage of earthen bullets that Hiroyasu would let out took another group of 20 down, though some of them were able to take cover or evade the barrage. Kaydin's flowing style of gentle destruction would weave through a crowd of 30 with ease, taking them down and with little trouble.
Nearly half of the army was destroyed in just the initial attack of the shinobi forces. But the fervor of these common people was at the level of madness. They would begin to counter attack themselves, loosing arrows, jabbing spears and slashing swords at their enemies of fire to see whose will would burn brightest in the end.

A hail of arrows would begin to start raining down on the village wall. Fudo would swiftly draw shuriken, intercepting those coming towards his area and swatting them from the air. His Sharingan being able to keep up with them all, aside from one arrow that came straight towards his face. He would squint slightly as a kunai was raise, the arrow head scraping off of it as it was deflected just in time. He'd spin around, gaining momentum as he pulled twin fuuma shuriken from his back, hurling them towards the enemy smoothly as he released them from his grip and directed them to arc out to the sides and them converge inwards in a wide swath. More hand seals were created before he'd send a ball of flame towards the back lines of the force, waiting a few moments before usign one last seal to cause it to explode prematurely, attempting to bathe them all in napalm like flames.

Etsu raised up a column of kikaichu to defend herself against the swords and spears that were coming at her. They may not have looked like much, but the colum was so thick that it'd feel like they were driving their weapons into hardening clay. The column would soon reshape itself and begin to take form as they began to increase in number and raise up a large wall to keep them and the shinobi separated. Perhaps, she had some heart to keep them alive. She knows the Hokage wanted to keep the number of casualties down, but there's only so much that can be done against these foes.

Hiei was aware of the jutsu being cast around him, and the attacks on his body are seemingly eaten up by his lightning aura. The dance continues as Hiei strikes out at the crowd of villagers, going for decapitating and vital organ shots. He would make an example out of them, so that their silly True Fire Movement would think twice about ever attacking a hidden village again.

Hiroyasu weaves between the rain of the arrows, his eyes keeping each volley in sight, and his feet execute a plan of not being where they land.. it works relatively well despite their already poor aim. He continue to launches volley after volley of rock hard projectiles into the crowds of /insurgents/.

Kaydin weaves and dodges, not seeming to use too fancy of techniques to avoid the attacks and when he drew close enough, he would send more blows to the people, juuken strikes aimed to try and disable those he hit with. Again more pokes and palm thrusts.

The windmill shuriken would cut through ranks of the men, killing 20 just with those blades alone. However the raining napalm would be truly effective, melting the flesh of 40 more enemies as the battle continued. Etu was easily able to shift her attack in to a defense and then use that to start creating a barrier between the two forces. But a she did this, Hiei would dance through them with blade in hand, cutting them down, cleaving them in twine, and running them through as they simply couldn't begin to keep up with his speed or power and losing 60 men in the attempt. Hiroyasu's barrage would put their arrow volley to shame once more. What it lacked in accuracy it was more than making up for in body count as 40 more TFM militants were struck down. Kaydin's strikes would rend the chakra systems of 60 more enemies in to utter uselessness as his technique attacked their fragile systems viciously.

Fudo would see essentially a gigantic, living wall of chakra being completed now as Etsu's barricade would be completed. There were only 60 soldiers left, and even the most insane zealot can feel despair and hopelessness. The retreat would begin as they wildly broke ranks and begin to flee the area, running in all directions. Fudo would grip the side of the battlements, leaning forward heavily as he panted just a bit. He had used up quite a bit of chakra juts preparing his jutsu, let alone performing them, and it did begin to wear at him. It would take a great deal of effort to pursue those last, scrambling 60 men, though he would look towards Etsu for a moment. He didn't question her as to why, that was rather obvious, but he still considered if it was wise. They would either never come back… or they would encoruage a larger force depending on how delusional their leadership was, if they even had any.

Etsu could see the decimation taking place on the battlefield as the people continued to walk into their deaths. She found it disheartening and at the same time, shameful for these men to toss their lives away in such a manner. Whatever the case, many children and wives would not be seeing them come home. How terrible for people to be caught up in such a lost cause.
The wall she summoned up from her kikaichu would hold strong and it was becoming apparent that the fighters were beginning to lose their resolve. This is perfect for them as it means they have less energy to expend on them and attempting to fight them off. She barely casts a glance at Fudo as he looks at her. She thinks she'll have to add some additional pain into this equation to ensure that what they're doing is a mistake.

Hiei wasn't out of breath, he still had plenty of stamina to burn, in face the more he used this technique the more accustomed he became to the changes it brought on his body. He flicks his wrist once, flicking the blood off the edge of his blade. His gaze moves towards the villagers that attempt to retreat. "Tell your bosses to surrender and give up this idiot idea. Here's some incentive.." His fingers move rapidly until he completes several seals. "Ninja Art: Lightning Needles." Small bolts of lightning form around his body from his lightning aura and after a moment, they fly out at the backsides of the villagers. He didn't really care if they hit or not, he just wanted to them to remember this day the next time they think about attacking this village.

Hiroyasu shakes his head at the large mass of wounded, dead, or worse. "It must be some orator to fire up people to charge into certain death, or the standard of living out in the outskirts is that bad." he is talking to himself mostly but still aloud, "Is anyone injured?" it was almost a joke to ask but he turns a stern eye to the mass of flesh "Cause of Death: Senseless Zealotry" as was his custom to name the cause of death of his enemies.. if they could be called that in this case, it was more like annoyances.

Kaydin looks to those who run off and just watches them before the Byakugan vanishes and he begins to walk back towards the village, as if the battle was already over with. When he approaches the wall, he just begins walking up it as if the change in direction was nothing.

The swarm of Kikaichu would find new sources of chakra burried deep within the bodies of the fleeing militia soldiers. Thoguh that source dried up quickly once several kikaichu got at them a piece. Shots of lightning would be fired from Hiei's fingers, zapping and killing several isntantly, while causing others to be caught my more kikaichu, or succumbing to other wonds. Regardless of how, everyone of them died. There were no survivors. There was no glory here. They were fools, and they died for it.

Fudo watches the fires that were slowly dying out, the corpses of the stabbed, beaten, pulverized, devours, electrified, dismembered, and charred all strewn around each other in a random mix of simple death. "I hope we aren't expected to clean this up as well." Fudo would comment as he continued to looked. His sharingan would fade and he seemed to be rather unmoved by the whole thing. He did warn them, after all.

"Thats why I use Juuken. I dont leave much of a mess." Kaydin says once he was up at their level. "Let the Aburame clean the bones and then ship the bones to Kirigakure, they seem obsessed about that sort of thing." He says as he walks off.

Etsu had all of her insects withdraw back into her cloak, a massive cloud of them that all disappeared within her cloak. The wall she generated disappeared as well as those she sent to burrow into the flesh of the enemies. "I doubt we'll need to report this. The attack was fairly open, albeit insane," she offered. "I'm going to leave and recover. I've exhausted myself a bit and need some rest…"

Hiroyasu says "I am going to start the clean up now. Hiei would you help me? I'm not sure what will be done with them, so anyone who is going help can just line them up or their pieces whatever you find." before looking at kaydin with a shake of his head, before looking to his partner and then moving out into the carnage to make sense and order, and to show the proper respect for the spirit no matter how stupid the vessel.

Hiei nods to Hiro. "Sure. If nothing else we can stack them on top of each other and burn the entire lot of them. They might have been idiots, but they were put up to this. I don't blame them, I blame the head idiot. They still deserve the respect given to the dead." He would then go about helping Hiroyasu with the bodies. "Fudo, you look wrecked man. Why don't you go rest. You can let the Hokage know that we'll clean up this mess…since we helped make it in the first place."

"They lost respect the moment they attacked us. Do what you wish." Kaydin says, glancing back at them as if he found their actions confusing before he finally leaves them, continuing on his way.

Fudo nodded, "I know just where to go to recover.." He'd state before heading from the wall with a leap. It was time to get his mind off of all of this.

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