Struggle With No Reward - Game Over


Daisuke, Kaito

Date: June 20, 2013


Team Sarukame is sent to eradicate what's left of the TFM and make it as if their fortress was never their to begin with.

"Struggle With No Reward - Game Over"

Land of Fire - TFM Fortress

As word came down through the Hokage that the Levy army had been disbanded and the True Fire Movement had lost the majority of it's support, it was time for Konoha to send out their special squad to tie up loose ends. With everything kept hush hush, the Hokage approached her destruction squad, code named Sarukane by her nephew, and tasked them with assaulting and finishing off the remainder of the radical TFM members including this Daifo of theirs, in order to stop the conflict once and for all.
He didn't know about Kaito, but Daisuke was itching to release the beast, so to speak. He had been holed up in Konohagakure during this conflict as his particular talents usually left casualties in his wake. When the time came for him and his student to 'finish off the war', he didn't bat an eye before accepting. A time was set early in the morning for the duo to leave, and upon meeting up within the forests, Daisuke would show Kaito a little move he learned from just observing the creation of Kaito's board. With his own board created from the molten earth below his feet, Daisuke would arrive in the area in a style that Kaito usually arrived it, surfing on what looked like a small white cloud, though upon closer inspection there was clearly something within the clouds.
"I picked up a new mode of transportation." he says to Kaito with a wink, showing off his Nimbus. "Figured why walk if you can fly, right?" With that the Senju would check his supplies, etc, and do a general preparedness check, making sure the map was there and the information on the stronghold. "You will get to see something pretty unique today. I don't plan on holding back. Something to look forward to for the future, huh?"

Sarukame? Perhaps a little cheesy, but it fits anyway. This place is going to be leveled quite quickly. Kaito is definitely ready to stretch his legs and show off a bit. At least those who get to /see/ this power won't live to tell the tale.
"Oh, so that's why you wanted to see me create Sanbi Surfer," the Nara says with a chuckle. With a nod, he says, "Sounds like a fun day. Let's do this." As he leaps up into the air in a flip, the surfboard would form out of the moisture in the air just in time for him to land on it. "So we shred the place to pieces then petrify it, huh?"

"Steam roll it to the ground like nothing was even there." Daisuke replies with a nod, since he would be doing most of the demolition as the stronghold itself was an old traditional castle made of thick stone and brick. "Ready to go? Lets head out." With that he directs himself upwards into the sky, heading towards the direction of the stronghold. It wouldn't take long to arrive at the stronghold at all, what with the two Jinchuuriki's method of travel, though a few races through the sky helped get the teens there quicker.
Arriving outside the stronghold, Daisuke would land about 100 yards away from the path that leads up the small hill to the castle itself. Two guards were stationed at the bottom of the path, and numerous along the ramparts, even at this early hour. "I'm surprised they still have such numbers. Must be a lot of radical thinkers in this country." he says to Kaito as he prepares.
Daisuke hands the file to the Nara and explains to him. "These are our targets. There will most likely be people fleeing at our assault, but as long as these ones don't make it, I don't care about the rabble. I will leave you to take on the more precise assault while I'm body slamming straight into that castle. Any questions?"

"Sounds like they picked the perfect team then," Kaito says with smirk before they fly toward the stronghold. This is a rather interesting team. One might almost think they were angels on a mission if they looked into the sky. Too bad they're more like a demonic strike team.
Landing by Daisuke, the Chuunin would take the file and glance through it quickly. "Easy enough," he says with a nod after memorizing their faces. "Hope you don't mind wet fur." With that, he'd form a single handseal, and the sky would suddenly turn from its joyous blue as it fills with black clouds that bring rain down upon the stronghold.

"Water doesn't phase someone like me." Daisuke says with a chuckle before clapping his fist into his open palm. "Yosh! Time for Son and I to go wild. Get a move on. And make sure to watch, it's all part of training." he says as he shoos Kaito away to go do his mission, waiting for the chuunin to be out of the way before he would awaken Son Goku from within. In a giant explosion of smoke and dust, a loud roar would echo across the stronghold and surrounding areas as Son Goku, king of the Jungle, awakens. A massive explosion of molten lava like a volcano exploding from within the earth heralds his grand entrance, Son standing tall in all his glory of somewhere around 200 feet tall. Standing atop his diadem is Daisuke, arms folded, looking out over the stronghold which looked so small now, like a playhouse for a child. The rain of Kaito's sizzles as it strikes Son's thick red fur, super heated like the rest of him.
"True Fire Movement…" Son's loud voice echoes over the area. "Your time of reckoning has come. You scarred this land and attempted to upset the balance of nature and the power held over the land by the Shinobi of Fire. For that, you will all pay the ultimate price." His words ring out over the stronghold to let anyone not awake know that this was the coming of the end, the massive body of Son Goku able to be seen from anywhere in the stronghold. With his warning given, Son leaps up into the air, coming crashing down ontop of the front wall of the stronghold, which folds under the massive weight easily and sends debris and rocks everywhere.

Leaping back onto his surfbard, Kaito would move back into the air. "Time to have some fun, eh, Isobu?" he says as he watches Goku and Daisuke make their big entrance. He looks down at the place with one eye as usual, smirking slightly as a cloak of blue-ish gray chakra would cover him, a pair of tails sprouting from it.
With a single hand seal from the Nara Jinchuuriki, the rain inside the stronghold would begin to spiral, more water forming out of the mere moisture in the air as an enormous waterspout forms on land to begin moving across the border fortress in an attempt to sweep up any who may be attempting to flee the area. "This place is going to look like an underwater volcano went off by the time we get done with it." Best way to make sure the key targets don't get away? Don't let anyone leave alive.

As a few brave souls dedicated to the cause try to fight back, throwing weaponry, even a few jutsu towards Son, it only succeeds in drawing his attention to them, sweeping his massive arm across the inner courtyard to clear it of anything living. Looking up towards the massive waterspout, Son chuckles, a hefty chuckle that can be heard throughout the stronghold. "Not able to stretch those two front legs of yours yet, eh Isobu? You are missing out on having a… BLAST." he says, storing up enough chakra in his mouth to let out a massive wave of blue lava from within it upon saying the word BLAST.
Meanwhile, within the stronghold, the Daifo and a few elite guards are trying to head out the secret escape route that leads a good half a mile or so underground. The plans showed the exit on the map, so here's hoping Kaito remembers! From within the stronghold the Ape King is having a grand time, smashing walls and ramparts and towers alike, facing down any foe that tries to retaliate, and ignoring those who scream and run away. Turning his attention to the castle itself, Son prepares to tackle it down to its foundation.

One might question whether Kaito remembers or not as the waterspout continues to rip into any caught in it… At least until he reappears from the clouds over where that secret exit is. With another hand seal, the clouds grow darker and a massive column of water large enough to fill a lake would come down from the sky directly on top of it. The effect? Breaking through that door and flooding the entire underground passageway in a hurry. Unless they can swim against this monstrous current or breathe under water, they should be forced back toward the stronghold… Right back toward Daisuke and Goku. As the water falls, one can see the face of Isobu form in it, looking over at the Ape King with a smirk before fading away once again.

Son literally crouches down and springs forward, wrapping his arms around the castle as if it were a tackling dummy on a football field. The great stone structure creaks and moans and gives way, sending countless bits of stone and brick crashing to the ground around it, catching anyone who was left inside without an exit. As the Daifo and his guard were flushed back towards the castle they would find no way out, trapped and slowly drowning, one of the worst ways to go.
Meanwhile Daisuke and Son are making sure that most of the larger structures of the castle are reduced to rubble and ruin, setting up the great plan the duo had to clear away the castle like it was never there. It was then, after the larger destruction was complete, that Son poofed in a large cloud of smoke and the air got heavier, revealing Daisuke on the ground surrounded by the rubble in his master Cloak form, covered in the orange-red chakra and finishing off some of the more precision based attacks of the strike.

Once the entrance had as been flooded to the point water spews out of the entire stronghold itself, Kaito flies back around to where Daisuke has just changed his form. A light smirk touches his lips as he has a pretty good idea of what's coming next. He moves around to the border again, forming a single hand seal before spewing out an extremely powerful jet of water that would slice directly through anyone it touches, along with the ground as he carves his way around to be sure he kills off anyone who tries to escape. This place never existed, nor did those who supported the cause it stood for. There will be nothing left.

Daisuke kneels down, placing one palm on the ground below him. He could've used Son's power to blast away any remains of the castle, but that would look rather odd to the onlooker. There had to be no trace of the presence of the TFM and the castle. As he focuses on the ground and the chakra he is pouring into it, he looks up at Kaito and says "Keep the water going. It's time to try out our move." he shouts towards the Nara, as the distance between was rather long at the moment.

As Daisuke feels enough chakra had been set in place, he lifts his head from the ground, looking towards the ruins in front of him. His free hand not on the ground lifts up in front of him in a tiger seal, channeling his fire chakra to mix in with the earth. From within the ruins, the ground beneath cracks and shudders as a massive eruption spews forth molten lava from within, covering the ruins, melting anything left. The true nature of the ability he used was shown as soon as Kaito's water makes contact with the molten lava, a massive steam cloud rising above the hissing of the chemical reaction, like a giant snake had claimed its territory. As the steam and smoke clear, the castle that once was is now pure rocks and pumice, everything else petrified into stone or cracked into dust from the sudden heat change and the molten earth.

At the instruction, Kaito would form another seal, recreating the waterfall directly over the stronghold as the rain continues to pour down on the area. Once the steam has cleared away, he smirks slightly as it looks like a natural disaster has claimed this area and nothing had ever been there. "Looks like our work here is done," he says from his spot in the clouds as he finally allows the massive downfall of water to cease. "Shall we take back to the sky and get out of here before someone comes to investigate then?" he asks somewhat rhetorically as he waits for the other Jinchuuriki to mount his own version of the flying technique so they can go home.

Daisuke nods his head as he summons forth his Nimbus technique, riding the mass of molten earth and chakra upwards towards Kaito. There he stays, looking over the hill, admiring their handiwork. "It looks natural enough." he says finally, turning to Kaito. "Race ya home." he says with a wink, his Nimbus streaking off through the sky against Kaito's board, heading back to Konohagakure to report success.

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