Stubborn Ape


Noab, Ataru, Naru, Mugen

Date: June 16, 2012


A team of Konoha nin must climb a construction site to rescue a girl from a rampaging gorilla! Jump, man!

"Stubborn Ape"

A construction site in Kadomai

C-Rank: There is a mission request from an old man whose pet ape has taken up a roost at a construction site in Kadomai. The gorilla is sitting at the very top of a series of planks, boards, girders, and similar, and throws barrels at anyone who tries to come near. Also, he has kidnapped the daughter of the construction worker chief. Save the girl; save the construction site!

Calamity! A pet gorilla (!?) has gone ape, kidnapping a girl and absconding with her to the top of a construction site. Attempts to go up after them have been met with hard-flung barrels and other materials, which seem to be in limitless supply up there. c.c So when there's dangerous rescue work to be done, who ya gonna call? Ninja of course!
Noab stands at the head of the small team called in for the job at hand. He peers up at the big primate on top of the skeletal building structure. The gorilla leers back down, making gestures which are probably intended as defiant and maybe even obscene, but hold little meaning for humans. e.U Noab shrugs. "Getting up to him shouldn't be difficult, it's getting him back down that'll be the trick. Uchiha-san, I expect your genjutsu will probably be most useful for pacifying him. The rest of you, priority one will be getting the hostage to safety. Right, let's get—"
The construction foreman comes running up to the group. "Phew, thank goodness I caught you before you started. Look, I'm glad you're here to sort things out, but there's something you need to know about this building. It's an experimental design using a chakra-sensitive metal to bind the girders together. If you start climbing up it using your chakra, it could easily pull the structure apart." Noab blinks. "So what you're saying is, we're going to have to climb along the scaffolding without using chakra, like normal people?" -.U;

Having seen the posting of the mission in Konoha about trouble in his own town, you better believe the fighter was one of the first to show up as part of the team for that rescue. Of course, being an outsider and with the rumors about him and Ryuu, he had a lot to make up for in Konoha. Either way, he'd be there and respond to Noab's directions with an affirmative. Glancing at the foreman, Ataru would just laugh and shake his head. "Ha.. definitely makes it interesting. Alright. No chakra it is. That won't slow me down."
Ataru would give a grin and a thumbs up to Noab before he'd launch himself at the scaffolding. Even without any chakra use, the guy was fast, jumping from one platform to the next. It was almost like he was trying to be a target for the monkey. Maybe if the beast focused on him, the others could sneak up on it to stop it from doing any further damage. "This is for Kadomai!!"

An idiot… or at least thats what came to mind once Ataru launched himself into the area above. Dressed in her traditional chuunin attire, Naru peered at Noab and nodded, while her eyes looked at the scale of the building, she did have some potential when it came to scaling buildings but not being able to use chakra to run up it was going to make life even more difficult, at least for the moment.

"Sounds like a good plain… I'll pacify this…Ape and see if I can bring it down without breaking anything, lets hope its just trying to have fun and we don't actually need to fight it," Naru insisted, and she too began to move up, definitely at a slower pace. She leaped from the ground and forced herself upward, landing on one of the railing while shifter through her pouch for a wire, just in case she got off on the wrong footing, slow and steady was going ot be the best approach, startling the beast was a bad idea, on her way up she remained as stealthy as possible, keeping quiet and lining herself with the foundation of the building..

Mugen looks up and down the tall structure, furrowing his brow, "Not able to use chakra to climb anyway…" he grumbles absent mindedly to himself. As ataru and Naru begin making their way up Mugen takes a step back and looks up, "In case it tries to jump down while you're on the way up I will keep an eye from here. If there is an opening, I will try to snag it and safely bring it down so that you can rescue the girl." he explains up to them, letting his gaze shift back to the giant ape.

Noab starts walking up the scaffolding after the others. "Should've known I'd have trouble with any mission involving so much climbing," he mutters to himself. "Shouldn't have been a big deal for a C-rank, but noooo, there's always got to be missing intel." >.U; Meanwhile, the gorilla certainly hasn't failed to notice the assault being made on its recently-claimed turf! The barrels start thundering down the structure, rolling and clanking along the slanted scaffolds. Ataru and Naru have plenty of obstacles to deal with in their ascent, and it may be disconcertingly tricky to go back to regular acrobatics while remembering not to reflexively stick to things with chakra. Noab doesn't like to jump too much if he can't help it — old war wounds, you know — so he takes the opportunity to step aside under an overhang while several barrels go by. "Hrm, that last one looked funny," he muses. e.U
Funny indeed, and for good reason. The barrel Noab noticed was sealed with several tags, and it's now coming to the end of its career down at ground level. The foreman notices it and gasps. "Oh no, not the spirit tar!" The special barrel hits a wall and smashes open, spreading a sheet of flame which engulfs several other barrels. As they begin to burn, they rise from the ground, floating eerily in the air. The semi-conscious balls of flame home in on the strongest nearby chakra source, which is of course Mugen. They begin to surround him, leaving up the scaffolding as the only escape route…

For Ataru, it was actually easy to go back to that minimalist aspect of dealing with items. His normal taijutsu was more of an internal chakra use. So while cutting that off, he still moved like he did, just not quite as far. That worked great as he'd get half way up the scaffolding, including avoiding the barrels. This of course, made the fighter cocky. He'd look behind himself, waving to Naru with a cheesey grin. "Hey! I never got your name the other day.. anyways! We're kinda close ta same in power! Race ya to the top!!"
SMASH!! Right in the face, Ataru gets a barrel as he turned back. Laid out flat, it takes him a few moments to even wake up from the hit, who knew a barrel could sucker punch someone?

There was no way down after this, and the scaffolds were becoming full of barrels spiraling down in their direction, there was a slight expression of annoyance on Naru's face as Ataru spoke, this a was a mission after all, not some sort of contest, he was actually throwing her off her concentration, watching the barrel smack into him on the way up but a slight grin on her lips, but soon enough she was next, feeling the burnt of the barrel force her down the scaffold until she wired and kept herself glue'd down for the moment until she could maintain another standing. " This Ape… is making things difficult…" Naru exclaimed with a sigh, pulling herself up she attempted to get closer, hopefully to dodge a few barrels on the way up… She wasn't going to let her concentration blow up once more.

Mugen's eyes go wide as flame engulfs the area. WIth no options besides the tower itself he leaps on to it, making his way around the building as best he can in an attempt to get to the other side and away from the fire, "I'm going to try to get close enough to snatch him. Please help me get a clear shot." he calls out as he hops, jumps and stumbles his way closer to the top.

The climb continues, despite the ape's best efforts to make it difficult (and good efforts they are). Taking note of Mugen's plight, Noab decides to make it easier for him to gain distance. He grabs a large mallet that was laying in a pile of tools and heads up the ramp, swinging it deftly. Barrels smash to splinters under the heavy head of the hammer, leaving a clear path for Mugen to catch up, at least to where Noab is. Meanwhile, as the others near the top level, the gorilla starts hurling metal beams at them. >.<

Ataru would wake up as Naru was getting closer to where he was at. Shaking his head to clear it, he'd quickly dodge out of the way of the next barrel, before launching himself onward. Getting towards that top, Ataru would glare at the ape as the metal beams were thrown their way. He'd shake his head and just take up position at that top level, the metal beams would be intercepted and thrown wide, all with just physical strength, he worked to start clearing the lower section of barrels and like, trying to stop further bombardment as anything thrown towards him would be launched out and away from the scaffolding. Keeping in mind the surrounding buildings, he wouldn't lauch them very far, just enough to let it drop within the construction site and to let the rest catch up to him. This was going to have to be a team effort, but those who could stop the beast at range were coming, so he was going to do his best to give them a clear shot!

Finally Ataru was being a little more useful… His rush towards the barrels and knocking them off to the side was helping Naru navigate easier along behindhim, even more so with Ataru taking care of the metal beams, any that would come towards her she simply dropped down catching her wire and slipping back up… They were getting closer towards the ape, perhaps close enough to place is in a genjutsu. " Mugen-san! You need to get closer so this thing can work!" Naru calls out to him, while attempting to get her genjutsu link working over the ape… She thought it would be easy, animals and the sort typically didn't have much going to defend against it…But will power and instinct might be on the ape's side…

Mugen continues jumping up the building, making his way towards the top. He stops just shy of it, opting to wait on the others as a distraction rather than jumping in head first, "once you're in position and get it's attention, I will snatch it and jump down to the bottom. Once I do that, someone grab my body and bring me down too please." he says aloud to Ataru and Naru.

The gorilla isn't too pleased to have somebody directly countering his attacks, especially some scrawny human! >.< He screeches and pounds his fists against the scaffolding in frustration. Unfortunately, this upsets the stack of barrels behind him, on top of which sits another of those spirit tar barrels. o.o; In a sudden blaze, the top levels of the construction site are swarming with chakra-seeking fireballs, and the ape is now the least of the ninja's problems. (Especially since Naru's genjutsu does have a pretty easy time putting him into lala-land.)
Being the largest chakra source in the vicinity, Noab finds the bulk of the fireballs chasing him. >.U; He shuffles around the scaffolding, trying to keep ahead of the persistent flames. "Get the monkey and the girl clear!" Noab shouts out. "Then try to come up with a way to deal with these fires! I can't do much while they're chasing me!"

Ataru curses quietly as the whole thing goes to heck. With the monkey in la la land from the genjutsu attack of Naru, he'd not have to bat down any further attacks. Eyes narrowed as he'd look over the situation, a small nod was given. "Uchiha-san! Get the scaffolding! Drop the monkey into the vat!" With that cry outward, he'd suddenly charge himself full of chakra. Beacon for the fireballs anyone? Fully charged, he quickly put it to use, although he wouldn't touch the building himself, he gathered and launched himself directly at the scaffolding the monkey was on. Why? Simple, first, it'd attempt to pull the fireballs that way and second, it was to make a grab for the daughter that was kidnapped by the monkey and have both of them head for the ground below. Because of the chakra burst, he should be able to take the landing, however he most likely left definite impact craters from where they land. Of course, for the falling down and landing, his coat did the whole drift slowly after him, so it'd be a few moments after he landed, before it'd settle.

Naru hadn't had a single clue on what to do with the fire… They were chakra sensing so they needed to knock that fire into something… That was at least something Naru could do…But knock it into what? Hearing Ataru call out to her while she sustained her genjutsu. " I'm… kind of holding him in a genjutsu!" Naru called out to Ataru, of course he couldn't see what she was doing, instead she turned her attention to Mugen, waving a hand over at him. "Try getting him now! Take control and bring him down!" Naru calls out, Mugen would be able to fully take control of this ape wouldn't any problems, as long as it remained stunned… Ataru could secure the girl and… " If you take over the ape I can beacon those fire balls but… I need something to crash them into or defuse them!"

Mugen looks to Naru and nods, "Alright! I will grab the ape, Ataru can get the girl and someone come and toss me to safely!" he says. finding a good spot with a clear line of sight he kneels down, forming a single hand seal before his body seems to freeze in place. He's used the mind-body switch ninjutsu that his clan is famous for and - hopefully- is able to take over the giant primate. If so, he'd swiftly begin his descent and if noone helped his original body down, he'd simply grab it himself and help bring it down.

Noab jogs around the perimeter of the scaffolding ahead of the fireballs, trying to ignore the pain in his leg wound. >.U; Then he hears Ataru's plan. Vat? What vat? c.U Glancing downward, he spies it: a vat of wet concrete, straight beneath the platform on top of the construction. Hm, not a bad idea! And fortunately, there's no need to drop the gorilla down there; Mugen's mind-transferral technique takes control of it, and it lopes off down the scaffolding on its own. These fireballs, on the other hand…
Noab changes course. He climbs to the top of the scaffolding, where a lot of the fireballs have already gathered thanks to all the chakra activity up there. Noab steps on the binding which supports one end of the platform in the middle, purposely sending some chakra into it from his foot. The special metal, while very strong and stiff under ordinary circumstances, becomes soft and pliable. The platform creaks ominously while Noab runs across it, attracting all of the fireballs out onto it. They close in from all sides, although luckily they're thinnest in the direction Noab needs to go. With a grunt, he leaps over the encroaching wall of flame and lands with a chakra-infused foot on the other side's binding.
The platform comes loose and plummets to the earth, taking the fireballs with it. They land within the vat, hissing strangely as the muddy cement slowly envelopes them.
Afterwards, with everybody safely back on the ground, the rescued girl lectures the captured ape like a dog. "Bad Diikei-chan! That was very naughty! Look at the mess you made!" >I The gorilla glances at the construction site through the bars of his cage and gives an odd grin, somewhere between 'Oops, I'm a bad boy' and 'I'd do it all over again.' :} Noab apologizes for the damage, but the foreman assures him he's happy it was that minimal. Mission success!

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