Student Lessons - A Challenging Order


Mizumi, Naoya

Date: April 22, 2016


Taking it upon himself to invent a new style of lesson, an instructor challenges the academy to face their greatest tasks so far, organizing the murder of an instructor.. Okumo Naoya.

"Student Lessons - A Challenging Order"

Land of Water, Kirigakure - Academy

With the end of the week approaching, an unusual instructor had returned for a time, Okumo Naoya. The class wasn't structured for a formal trial nor an exam though he told each of the students to arrive and be prepared for their best form on conflict. Standing in front of the training room with his hands settled behind his back, he watches each student that arrives very closely, almost studying each one, wondering just which ones would willingly walk into another of his 'lessons'.

Whether or not Mizumi knew her instructor would be Naoya isn't entirely certain. She knew that she was getting in some sort of training; that much was obvious. But she didn't really care to see what other information about this lesson there was. When the Shirayuki notices Naoya, a hint of surprise flickers in her eyes as she makes her way to join the other students. With her is the ever-there staff, gripped in the right hand and used more for appearance than any true need.

"The lesson today will not be happening. Not because an instructor is missing, nor because it wasn't prepared.. but in its place there is an order." Shifting his head from one side to the other, looking over the students, even taking note of one that he had spoken with personally, Mizumi. "The order is simple, the order should be internalized. You are from this moment.. instructed to attempt to kill me, each and every one of you hold this same order." After speaking, he pauses, his gaze settling a few times on various students, including the cane supported Shirayuki. "You will not be told how. If you find a method, you can seek additional training within it. While I am on these grounds this command stands, should any of you succeed, you and those that assist you will become Genin and placed under the eye of a Jounin immediately. Is this clear?"

Mizumi blinks. That was hardly what she expected. But this was certainly an interesting 'lesson'. She wasn't sure if she wanted to be a Genin just yet, but the challenge itself was… interesting. Mizumi watched Naoya curiously, wondering if there were any openings that could be taken immediately. She also knew that the Okumo used spiders, which meant that he could have eyes … Everywhere. The girl frowns inwardly, trying to think. She obviously wouldn't be able to kill him with any kind of frontal assault… She'd be the dead one if she tried that. Naoya would get a prompt salute or 'hai' or whatever was the standard affirmation from students, of course, before she attempted to disappear and think further.

A faint smirk appears on his lips as an idea dances across his eyes though when he speaks, his face mutes suddenly and speaks with a calmed voice. "I am not a doll, not a fool.. I will be defending myself. I will be waiting. Dismissed." Closing his eyes, Naoya dips his head slightly towards the student body before standing upright again. Stepping forward, he keeps his hands behind him as he starts to make his way towards the main hall himself. "If you seek council, then fine me. I will never initiate an assault upon a student.. even if in the hour before they managed to cut into my throat."

Mizumi didn't think Naoya would just let himself be killed. It'd be a stupid way for a Jounin to die, after all. The girl couldn't help but wonder… Test… A bit of water formed into a needle and aimed itself at Naoya's back. It was, overall, an inconsequential needle. Nothing that would do damage, but it didn't /look/ non-threatening as it zoomed its way towards Naoya.

Of all things, Mizumi wouldn't see her bolt evaded in the slightest. Rather Naoya didn't try to avoid the strike at all though no blood would be seen though it did pierce his clothing. Quickly webbing would coil around the water needle, cocooning it before a spider crawls out of it, it's side was faintly wounded, but it was rapidly being treated by a separate spider. "Good. At least one of you attempted it, though it was a half hearted attempt. I expect more from each of you. If I don't even bleed by the end of the week I'll have to increase the standings."

Mizumi blinks. Again. Most people would try to avoid it. Perhaps because that strike wasn't laced with the intent to kill, though… Mizumi resolves that she would try again some other time, though. She wasn't entirely sure what she wanted to do, but there was only so much she could do on her own. A bit of help from others could potentially go a long way… Hmmm… "… Naoya-sensei?" she would ask, words slow as she formulated her question carefully. "If we have other students helping us, can they be from another class? Or not taking this particular lesson?" She wasn't sure if Ren had gotten the same assignment, but she didn't want to enlist the help if nothing would come of it but trouble…

"This is a standing that applies to every student within the academy, from those just enrolling to those about to go through graduation exams." Turning his head to the side, Naoya turns an ear to the voice that had spoken up. Nodding a few times, further affirming his stance before adding on, "Though if one of you strike ahead of the others, then all will be seen as my opponent at that time. If you have further questions, ask them now.. I will be moving to another room looking over the scrolls for each student of the academy soon."

"We can attack you anywhere on the Academy grounds?" Mizumi would ask, "Or it's just the training grounds?" That was something else she felt could be important. If there were any zones that were considered safe. He had said that 'on these grounds', but that didn't really give a solid boundary on anything.

Turning around, he glances towards Mizumi, this time nodding slowly. "Anywhere that is part of the academy, at any time. If I am resting, if I am eating, if I speak to another Jounin, if I am teaching a class, if I am giving a personal lesson. All is permitted." Bringing his fingers together, Naoya brings to make two seals slowly, two seals that he has shown her in particular several weeks before. With a faint flux of his chakra, the air thickens into a thick mist, making it difficult to see one another, let alone the one who created it. 'If you hold other questions.. find me..' is loudly whispered, though those who manage to see through the mist, would notice the Okumo walking away and deeper into the academy.

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