Student Lessons - Trial's come to an End


Naoya, Kitaru, Mizumi, Ren

Date: August 24, 2016


Six students are given their first formal mission, to attend their own quiet graduation from students to Shinobi of the Mist.

"Student Lessons - Trial's come to an End"

Land of Water, Kirigakure

April had yet had a full week pass before several students were not called directly but were given sealed scrolls when they would be given their first meal. The scroll had a similar appearance of a shinobi mission scroll though they were also given orders to read the scroll in private. The scroll itself was a summons but without a given time but the location wasn't within the academy but to the isolated obsidian monument a short distance to the south.
Unlike his usual appearance, Naoya was seen in a traditional Kirigakure uniform, a black long-sleeved shirt without markings with a thickened combat vestment wrapping around his torso and not his hip, which had several compartments along his sides. Formal marching boots were wrapped around his feet though oddest of all, his hitai-ate was wrapped around how forehead rather than around his arm. Standing with his back towards the cliff and his heels threatening to shift back and off them, the Okumo watched the road approaching the site with his arms behind his back, his right hand wrapped around his left wrist.
Despite the spring rain the washed through the village the Okumo didn't support an umbrella, not did he seem to try and stop the rain from soaking him, though his protector did seem to keep the majority of the rain from running close to his eyes.

Ren being one of these students that got a sealed scroll meant he of course had opened and looked at it in private. It not seeming to have secret info in of itself meant that he might've told Mizumi which in return could've caused them both to go together, but for this it isn't certain. Especially if it told him not to tell others. In that case he would at least for sure keep it to himself. He would have made his way quickly towards the assigned meeting location. If he was traveling with Mizumi he would've held up some for her. Besides a rain coat he would not have anything for the rain itself, but that didn't matter too much. He didn't mind it all too much. Anyways it wouldn't take him long to spot Naoya standing at the top. His eyes took him in for a moment, but after a little wait he just spoke up. "I suppose you will tell us why we were brought here once everyone has gathered?" He asked. And with that he waited patiently. Not much else he could do really.

Kitaru got a scroll that was.. different. Finishing his meal, he'd retire to a private location to read it. Frowning at the scroll, he finally nods slightly and would gather his gear to go. The bracer on one arm, an umbrella in hand and the Sphere rolling along behind him, he'd head for that place outlined as the meeting directly. Watching Naoya as he'd approach, he comes up short, far enough away it'd require movement for actual melee, but still well close that someone like Naoya would get to him virtually instantly. The scroll was tucked within the inner pocket of his tux, the small bulge there betraying it's location.
Kitaru glanced at Ren, studying the one whom was a family friend a rival and a friend of his own. It was interesting that he was one of those called forward, this was obviously something special, the question was what? Especially with Naoya being dressed in formal garb. Kitaru bowed to Naoya once he stopped, the Sphere stopping behind him. It was a formal, eastern style bow, a respect to a sensei and Kitaru would wait.

Mizumi woke up, went to breakfast, and she happened to end up with a scroll along with her food. A blink, but she would eat quickly so she could examine the scroll. Funnily, she took it to the bathroom to read it privately, checking the other stalls for occupants before unfurling it and scanning its contents. Unbeknownst to her, Ren and Kitaru had similar scrolls. It was along the path towards the monument that Ren would detect the soft tap against the road that tended to accompany Mizumi where she walks.
"Hmm… Not the only one… Odd…" She would nod to Ren, but she didn't ask him much. After all, he was probably as knowledgeable about this scroll and why they were called out as she was. They approached together, with Kitaru arrive shortly behind, and she would eye Naoya a bit and his appearance. Strange… As for the Shirayuki, her own was fairly standard. The cloak she had on kept the rain at bay, and the hood over her head kept the rain from her eyes. "Naoya-Sensei…" she would greet with a bow. The Doihara gets a nod, and then she awaits instructions.

"Silence.." is the first answer Ren was given though Kitaru and Mizumi wouldn't gain much of a response this time from Naoya. Along with the three there were three more students, a total of six, two of which were also known as exceptional trappers. That reputation was slightly stained as they have 'accidentally' trapped other students and almost caused three fatal accidents since the beginning of the 'challenge' due to other students triggering matters prematurely, though once they triggered each other's traps trying to sabotage them. The third student was silent, there wasn't a single known attempt by them.
Once the six were situated, Naoya sips his head slightly before settling back into his position. "You six are the ones I have found worth in.. No more, no less. Because of this, the challenge has ended, the rules have been undone and reset." Shifting his gaze towards Ren, he seems to focus on the boy when saying "I expect more from each of you now than before. Unlike the others, you are shinobi. Each different from one another, but each are assets to the village, without question." Turning his head to the side, Naoya cuts his eyes tot he side, looking away from those gathered and down towards the water at the bottom of the cliff where several people were being gathered, bound and shackled.
"There may be more with your class that may crawl their way to that status, but I do not hold much faith in their progress beyond the title 'Genin'." Turning to look towards those gathered, Naoya brings his left hand forward, letting it easily be seen. What was shown off were six hitai-ate, each with the markings of the Hidden Mists. "Each of you have earned this, each of you -can- lose what you earned if you forget what you have learned. Is that clear?"

Ren juds gives a quick bow of his head to Naoya. He hadn't said anything to Mizumi and for sure wouldn't now. His eyes drifted over the others here and he pondered for a moment what was going on. He new the two that were good trappers, but the third… Why were they here? His eyes shifted to Naoya again once he began to speak. The challenge has…ended…. Rules undone and reset.. What does that mean? Then when Naoya's gaze sets on Ren in particular he seemed to freeze a bit as the words were spoken. And then he said they were shinobi. Not students. And that sorta clicked in his mind. Were they here..for that?
Ren waited now. Waited to see if what he heard was correct. Waiting to see if everything he did was worth it. Even when he looked away to see what was down below the cliffs, Ren kept his gaze on Naoya. And as it continued a small smile would be seen on his lips. He gave a quick nod of his head when Naoya asked them his question and spoke clearly. "Yes Naoya-san."

Mizumi would not noticeably greet the other three, though she did take note of them. Two trappers. One unknown. The unknown probably did something much like she and Ren - out of the way, and a quiet attempt. Not many students actually knew why she and Ren attempted before the hide and seek strike, if any did at all. Then Naoya would begin to speak, noting their worth and the marking of the end of the challenge. Huh… And Naoya seemed to be focused on Ren, too. Interesting. Noted.
It was then that Naoya displayed the hitai-ate, and her suspicions on this meeting were confirmed. Of course, said suspicions weren't bred until Naoya began his little speech… A part of her wanted to jump for joy, but she chose to just quirk a small smile. "Hai, Naoya-sensei," she says in response to his inquiry. She earned the title of Genin. Now she had to work to keep it, and maybe someday she could work to improve that rank…

Kitaru watched carefully and very attentively. He was still and focused as Naoya spoke, then glanced to the others in turn as they'd agree and accept the Hitai-ate. Kitaru steps forward, leaving the Sphere behind to accept his own. "Hai, Sensei." Stepping back, Kitaru ties the Hitai-ate at his forehead, cinching it and then taking back the umbrella handle he had stowed in Sphere temporarily. He was thrilled, it was brimming within him and yet he'd hold on to it, not showing any outward sign as he'd let the other three give their response as well. No more attempts on Naoya.. he was going to have to cancel a few plans now.

One by one the once students were allowed to approach and accept one of the protectors and were given time to place them correctly. Once his hand held no more, Naoya slips his hand behind himself and returned to his original pose. "Good, good.. Each of you seem to understand your placement within the village now in part, remember this though: You are no longer 'children'. That title was lost the moment you accepted being a Shinobi. You aren't simply a member of the village, you are its walls."
Stepping forward, Naoya takes his time to examine each of the newly appointed Genin and places his hand onto their shoulder, gripping it lightly. Before letting go he would softly and briefly speak to them, though the message never once repeated…
To Mizumi he said, "If you wish to keep the secret, advance your refinement of the water you can control, focus on blending it with the wind in new ways while keeping your secret internal." Once the words were said and shown to of reached her, he would rest a hand onto Ren's shoulder.
"I don't mind of you hate me, or despise me even now. You know what truths there are, keep them close and gain strength. Strength enough to murder -any- who try to interfere, understand?" Shifting back, Naoya would look Ren in the eye, not letting the boy's gaze avoid his for long until he got an answer.
Once he arrives to Kitaru, Naoya shifts his gaze towards the sphere briefly. "Don't let them cause you to follow in 'his' footsteps, nor 'her's'. A clone or a hybrid clone is just that.. an imitation of something, you have a lot more potential than that.
To the pair of trappers, Naoya would compliment their actions before though he admits he will be forcing the pair to work along side one another rather than alone. Even though they seemed partially offended at the idea, their attention snaps to attention when he says 'There is a flak jacket on the line, depending on such a harmony'. To the final student, very few words were offered, 'Don't stay in the shadows and reach outwards, not everything is dance to your strings'.
Walking away from the genin, Naoya turns to face the moment that rested on the cliff-side. "None of you are now my students, though this doesn't mean I will not aid or advise you in time. Use your skills, you will know where and 'when' to find me." Nodding towards the monument, his head lowers, bowing slightly towards it, though it didn't appear to hold much reverence to the man. "In a decade's time, I don't expect to see any of your names here, nor in two decade's time. Do not disappointment.. Dismissed."

Ren looked at Naoya closely after he had his hitai-ate on. Even when he went to Mizumi and began to speak he just watched closely. Not saying anything yet. His thoughts on his words were overall indifferent enough, but he understood what was being said. And then it was his turn to be talked to. He decided not to talk back in this moment. And instead he just replied. "Yes I understand." Even though he didn't know how he truly felt on all that As it continued he listened if he could to everything that was said. And in the end he just nods to Naoya's words. "Alright." And since they were dismissed he just turned to Mizumi and gestured for her to follow him so they could go celebrate together!

Kitaru would listen as Naoya met with each child.. no.. each shinobi in turn. His own turn got him watching Naoya and listening closely. The words were an interesting thought, a concept that he needed to work through. There was a point there. Learning from his parents was good, however, he had his own path that he could branch through. Why shouldn't he move away from what they know and explore what he can do? Kitaru looked very thoughtful but would of course respond appropriately when dismissed. He looks at Ren and Mizumi, who seem to be heading off together, then back to Naoya, indecisive for a moment on which way he should go.

Mizumi stepped forward, second to last before the unknown child, to accept her hitai-ate and tie it around her forehead. It would be moved to wrap around her waist, but today she was a shinobi and she wanted it displayed properly. When offered the words of advice, she would incline her head, mind racing to create new possibilities despite her tainted bloodline. Perhaps she would meet with even greater success despite a certain trait missing… She couldn't help but strain her ears to listen to the advice passed to Ren, but she was content with not knowing. In honesty, she would likely pester him later if she didn't hear it now.
"Heh… Do you mind if I still consider you as 'Sensei'?" she would inquire of the Okumo, though she didn't expect a reply. "Hai," she would say simply upon dismissal, shifting and moving to follow Ren with barely a motion from him. Seems they were on the same page …

"Your 'sensei' has a sensei, even though she did not teach him until after he was already a Genin." Turning back to glance at Mizumi, Naoya turns an ear towards her to ask "Do you see me as a mentor, someone to learn from? If you do, call me Sensei until you no longer see me like that." A light smile spreads across his lips as he watches the collective begin to walk off, though the smile doesn't last for very long. 'I am freed now.. The filth will learn that they are filth and then I will be looking for 'them'.. Even if the Mizukage doesn't approve.' Narrowing his eyes, a glare begins to fill them as he looks away, returning to the cliff's edge and looking down, maintaining his attentive pose before taking another step forward, seemingly to his own demise from the height of the cliff.

Ren turned to Mizumi and smiled lightly. "So what do you plan to do now? We are Genin!" He smiled before looking ahead of him. He didn't see what Naoya did. Probably wouldn't overly care too much really, but still. "Though… I guess the first thing I should do is head over to get a house for myself." He frowned a bit. "Wanna come with me to go get it?" He asked. "At the very least… Akane offered a place until I have the house I think. I doubt I will need it though unless they have to build the home too." He seemed to frown a bit before shrugging. "Well we should at least go look."

"Hai," she would say before she would disappear with Ren. When they were further away, she would stop with Ren and consider. "We could get a house together. Someplace a bit nicer than what we could get just on our own. My parents are nice, but they live in a pretty small place to have me," she suggests. Mizumi would shift a bit, adjust her grip on her staff. "So yeah, let's go and look."

Kitaru watched Ren and Mizumi go, then Naoya, with his usual mutter to himself (something Kitaru suspects is conversation with his brood) goes over the cliff. While Naoya is of course a jounin and capable of many things, Kitaru still reacts innately first, two slots on the Sphere snapping open for a kunai to launch outwards and another to slam into the ground behind the Sphere. Both of them are attached to a rather heavy chain and unless Naoya stops it directly, that kunai would lead the chain to wrap about him and stop any potential fall. Kitaru walks to the edge of the cliff, looking down himself to determine what is going on. "Okumo-san. I apologize if I am simply interrupting a task you are going for. It is a reflex I've become quickly ingrained with by Okumo Meruin kicking me off the cliff." Kitaru muses for a moment. "The potential opens up, but there is much to learn. I would humbly request to continue to call you Sensei as well. A third path.. to assist me in finding my way away from being a clone.. would be appreciated."

The chain launched after him would hardly be something to overlook and while falling, Naoya whips his right arm forward. Sliding from his sleeve was a kunai attached to a cord of webbing, colliding head on with the 'salvation', causing it to divert into the cliff-face while his own blade bounces off towards the open air. Moving his arm downwards quickly, the kunai is forced into the water before his feet are, breaking the water tension to ease him dive into it. It would be several seconds before he surfaces once again, the whip nowhere in sight, likely repositioned where it once was. Looking up towards the cliff's edge, Naoya shouts out "At ease, Kitaru-san. Not just here, but mentally as well. You've already begun you road, even before me telling you to walk it. Don't waver." A mild smirk appears on his lips as his voice quiets some, making it likely harder to hear him say, "Don't fail me" before making his way towards the prisoners being assembled.

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